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  1. I am exited for the future of Tarkov especially with the leaks for the upcoming updates but I am also a little worried because currently the game play is not even close to realistic. The only thing that is realistic about tarkov is the guns models. But the damage model, recoil and the movement are anything but realistic and this is especially apparent in Factory, Labs and dorms. People are constantly sprinting and bunny-hopping then hipfire/pointshoot full auto meta guns builds extremely accurately while A D spamming. I hoped that the weight system would make the movement more realistic but all it dose is drain your stamina, plus you can still run full speed with mega thick kits on. The Devs need to revamp the movement system and add inertia so there is no more instantaneous 180 turns and A-D spamming (strafe spamming) corners instead of using the leaning mechanics (The game Squad has really good movement system IMO) . I think that would be a step in the right direction especially for a game that claims to be realistic.
  2. mejerik

    Weapon destroy system

    If weapon is on low durability (depends of stage) it can : blow up , jam , bend crosshair and other parts, list can be very long
  3. Samurai_Mac

    Characters with DRY EYES

    Just a humble suggestions from a player of the game. Please make the characters. PMC/Scav blink in the menu and the loading screen. I could careless about in game, because you generally aren't in a position to see your own eyes. Go figure 🤣 Keep in mind that if a character dies he shouldn't blink. I'd be creeped out to see corpses blinking while I loot them. 😂
  4. TarkovCitizen3998045

    More realistic Damage no more walking tanks

    Im sick of putting 6 rounds in someones chest with BP sks rounds just for them to take under 300 damage because they have a slick vest. This game is turning into call of duty with the amount of damage you can take without dying. Adjust the max hp or nerf the protection of high level gear. Its the start of wipe still everyone shouldnt be running around with t5-6 armor that costs less than the ammo that goes through that armor.
  5. TarkovCitizen3998045

    Reduce the total hp of scavs and pmcs.

    There should be actual punishment for taking damage like dying. You should not be able to take 350 damage losing all four of your limbs and just sit in a corner for 3 minutes and be back too full hp. Losing a limb should be devastating. At the moment losing a limb is barely a problem. Heavy bleeds were meant to make the game harder but they are also barely a problem and you can patch a bleed for less than 5 k which is nothing. This game has gotten out of control with the unrealistic amount of damage a person can take and survive. When you get several limbs blacked out going to extract should be your main goal, not pulling out 20k in meds and fixing it.
  6. EraZerUnleashed

    Red Buffer Tube having better stats

    Hi, I wanted to ask if there is a reason for why the Red buffer tube is better than the black one, and secondly why it got buffed again? Is this another Warhammer joke like with the red handguard or because its so rare? Or because its anodized? I'm gonna be honest, the fact that the red one changes the Muzzle Velocity (again) annoys me somewhat, cuz it doesnt make much sense, lol. The stats before The stats after I remember that Nikita said on reddit that the Muzzle Velocity was a mistake and that he removed it. But it was readded back later on for whatever reason?
  7. I would like to start this off simply by introducing myself. I want to give people who read this some context to me as a person.. as well as a gamer. Let me start this off with the following facts about myself. I have been gaming since pong, through arcade, into consoles, and landing in PC master race. I have gone to numerous schools of varying degrees, for various different degrees, that would categorically fall within game development and planning. A lot of this falling under the conceptual development and think tanking if you will. As I always wanted to see how far game development could be pushed via game and simulation programming through current/future tech advancements. I have also played in my fair share of competitive games, and so on. With this being said. I absolutely LOVE the game. In my younger years, I had always wanted to setup a game that was as realistic as possible, down to even manufacturing your own bullets real time by hand, and having a chance to over pack a round with gunpowder and more. I have been hooked since I first started, and I don't know everything about the game. I won't attempt to even claim I even know a majority of it. I do however, see the exponential potential that lies within the realism and the base of what you have built. I have to congratulate the team on a job already so well done, and very well executed considering what is needed to make this work. The 20 Thoughts of a Bearded Q Ball 1. Something I would love to see possible, is the ability to do real world survival tactics in a bush warfare or even urban warfare situation. A good example of this would be say picking up a rock near your foot and tossing it to hit something away from you as a distraction. This could make for a getaway or a quick ambush. I could see this being VERY interesting if used by players, let alone say... scav players? POSSIBLE even scavs? With it possible to pick up a rock or an item to potentially throw, this could open the ability to say even throw your melee weapon. Which could open the door for potential expansions within the melee sector. Say throwing knives ect. Which again pure concept of course. 2. A base font change. I'd love to see a cleaner to read font used within the game. I find there are times where the names run a little together. This could be based on of course the output device you would be using. That, coupled with settings for the display as well as the game. This would also give a nicer look to the stashes and descriptions as well. Having something a little easier to read, can make sorting/trading a bit easier. Especially for new players still learning items. 3. I'd love to see the experience you get on your scav actually equate to something of value. Currently it has no real use that I can tell, which is a lost opportunity. Could say even 10% if you make it out towards PMC. That, or potentially say experience equates to rubles even. May not be much but, however gives the experience a use until a further system can be adapted for the use of the experience to expand on the scav play. 4. I'd like to see a little more from the scavs as far as unpredictability. Making it a little harder to tell scav AI from scav players. This would be interesting to see coupled with the karma system. Say... if you have bad karma, the "friendly scavs" when you play as a scav be more apt to shooting you. Out of "fear for life" scenario. Anybody who has a bad reputation for killing friends are bound to get shot sooner or later. Also, AI controlled scavs, I could see a "fight or flight" scenario being implemented for the scav AI when aiming at them or looking at them as a fellow scav. Even more so depending on what you current karma may be. Better karma could mean more trust and support from a scav in the vicinity? 5. As we are able to "Turn In" quest items to open up inventory space. The ability to take items that we already posses for current hideout upgrades, and put them in toward the current upgrade to open free space would be really nice. I find myself selling quite a few things needed for upgrades, simply due to the lack of stash space. This would also make it easier for keeping track of what you have left to obtain for said upgrade. Maybe with the possibility of tracking? 6. I know this one may be a long shot however. An update to the database for barter items to show in the description who they barter to. This could help out some newer players, as well as even those moments where you can't remember for the life of you. This could also make it a little easier trying to decide whether or not it's a barter item you may be grinding for a particular trader. 7. Ability to map the middle mouse button for searching and identifying to another key within the actual key binds. I'd rather use one of my side mouse buttons for these tasks, freeing up the middle mouse for other binds. A good example of this? I would change over my current bind for a side mouse button on checking ammo for example. This allows me a little more keyboard control, and not having to spread finger to check, or bind to other keys in general. Comes in VERY handy with a mouse that has multiple side buttons. 8. While I love being able to hold a mouse button and look left and right while running. Realistically a person can turn their head at least 90 degrees to either side WITHOUT moving a shoulder. Being able to see to my right and left a bit more can make those field runs a little more comfortable. I don't know about anyone else. I personally can look behind me fairly easily while running. Which is another thing I wouldn't mind seeing maybe implemented. Being able to (depending on helmet) look back real quick for any creepers or bush wookies. Would be great especially if you happen to look back and see a flash if they have no flash hider. 9. I personally wouldn't mind seeing scope reflectivity due to sun angle. As we do know that scopes due to lenses will reflect life giving away ones position. This would be a rather big game changer for those who use snipers. This would mean they would have to manage how they are carrying themselves within game. As a wrong peek down a scope could mean your position was compromised. 10. I am pretty sure I am not the only one on this. Being able to heal a friendly would be GREAT, and quicker as well. While also bringing a chance of danger due to close proximity. This would relieve having to throw down supplies for a friend, and lessen the amount of objects on the ground going back and forth as well. Decreasing overall usage of resources for the game itself. 11. Instead of letting people in groups who have insured their items grab friendly items and hide them in a bush or hiding spot. Have a specific set of spots to take the items to "deposit them" for maybe even an "early return" and maybe a cost cut or no cost return with insurance still intact. This could create more points of interest on a given map, fix these issues, give solo players a chance at high value targets, and tie into karma systems later as well. This could have a MAJOR expansion rate. (originally someone in the forum named "HermanJnr" brought up the containers. Absolutely great idea for more points of interest, and a little more PvP and risk versus reward. 12. Something else I was thinking about. I'm sure it has been brought up before. As far as when items are returned via insurance. It would be amazing if we had an overall "collection stash" for items that are waiting to be picked up from vendors. A place that holds from all vendors ect for up X amount of days. 13. I did see that some barter items look as though they have a green boarder when it comes to the person you can barter it to, as far as a barter that you may actively complete, or almost complete. I think it would be great to see a little more of that boarder for the different dealers as far as outlining, a little bit of quality of life improvement. Say outlining quest items that are needed at that time for a vendor in say light blue, or another color to signify that it is an ACTIVE quest item. I know there are the little check marks in the corner. However, a color boarder around current say MP-133 shotgun so you know that shotgun is the one you need. (As sometimes 133/153 can look very similar.) Also, this could help with locating the correct items. A good example of this is the white armor and TOZ turn in for skier. Having these two items outlined in blue or another color, would make it a little easier identifying questing items. 14. Something I wouldn't mind seeing in the game sooner rather than later?.. LOCK PICKS! I think it would be interesting to see with a low lock picking skill attempt to pick a lock, all while making noise trying to pick it. I could see this being rather interesting. However, I would also ensure that high value points of interests like marked room, remain pretty much untouchable without a key. The reason for this is to keep as much balance and value to the keys that are used for high value points of interest already. It would also be interesting to see the results of being able to lock a door you close behind yourself. Forcing an incoming player to have no choice BUT to breach the door to get in. This could also open up a few more areas. A good example of this would be say maps that have sheds that have locks on the handles. Being able to pick those locks for say a chance at some decent loot? This could allow for some inner building expansion, as well as interesting additions later. The skill base is already apparently there, and is planned for the future. 15. I wouldn't mind some leader boards! Would be a REALLY great addition. Say for different stats, survival rates, accuracy, kills, ect. This could also help in the fight against any cheaters as their statistics would end up reflecting any "not so natural" gameplay. Not to say that people can not maintain high records. However, it does provide another tool for the location of those who would destroy a beautiful work of art. (smh when you have to download skills) A good example of this would be the cross reference of say accuracy for example. If a player statistically has close to a 100% accuracy. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say they may be cheating. Especially if it is a newer account. 16. Now I am sure this has been mentioned before. When looting a scav or another pmc. It would be great if the alt or ctrl and clicking system would work in reverse as it does for the player. What I mean by this is as follows. You can alt + click say a bag or helmet and equip it to your open slot. However, you can not do this in reverse for player scavs. Same applies with picking up items off the bodies. If you were able to ctrl + click and move items quicker than dragging them back over. Just a quality of life improvement idea. 17. I will admit that I wouldn't mind seeing matchmaking choose groups based upon their level. Now, the reason I say this is for the following. A lot of new players are going to have an extreme learning curve to adapt to. Giving them a raid with say others 1-9 until you hit 10, then moving that bracket to say 10-30, and moving the next bracket to 30+. Something along these lines could help create a much more stable and more enjoyable matchmaking. This would also help new players try and accomplish tasks against others who are in the same boat. Creating a more dynamic and natural fight situation. A fight for a needed resource. The reason I say this is due to the limitations on what level 10 players can buy versus those who have yet to hit that level. Then higher levels with the traders allows for barters and more with a much higher survival rate in raid. 18. I would say as a new player. You should HAVE to go through at LEAST 1 OFFLINE RAID to get used to controls and gun play with the scavs. This could be an opportunity as well to use that first raid as a time to throw up a couple windows with information on controlling your character. This is more to help those who jump into raids then complain about being killed. This would also help get some good information for starters to their eyes as soon as they start. Again, this is more of one of those personal opinions. I personally enjoyed being tossed right into the fray. 19. I did hear something about vaulting, which would be a great thing to have. I can't count how many times I said "Damn outta stam!" or not had enough height to make it over a fence about stomach height. However, I don't recall hearing anything about a bracing system or "mounting" system if you will. What I mean by this is the following. Stabilizing the weapon on a crate, wall corner, window sill, ect. 20. Seeing as the community is extremely active in map creation. I wouldn't mind seeing the old maps traded out for perhaps some of the community made maps. Would definitely bring use to the map system in the game again. I wouldn't mind seeing a map in my inventory I can actively pull out to say mark where I have been ect. This could in turn, turn into intel on where players have been and what they have looted. In the stream, there were mentions of a GPS system possibility? Maybe this could help tie into it for say bigger map like streets later for voice communications and working with others. While I have many many other ideas, as well as things I could see really changing the game in ways the could be ground breaking and never heard of in games that have been put out thus far. While some of the ideas may be great, not all are great in every ones eyes. People still must understand too, this game is based on trying to maintain that sense of realism and immersion. On a side note pertaining to the market. I personally think if it were to be taken out. Fence could be turned essentially into the market. As items sold to him would be sold to others for what they sold it to him for. That, or turning Jaeger into the guy for the job. This could leave room for possible a specific vendor for that as well. Just an idea on it. Feel free to leave feedback, ideas, ect. Just remember, these are just thoughts and ideas from one person's perspective. It only reflects what I THINK not what everyone thinks or what should be law. So don't be that person if you know what I mean. Aside from that? Keep your socks dry and bags full! = This is a repost of the original. I wanted to put it all together as one, and make it easier to read. Rather than reading through comments a plenty. My apologies for any grammatical errors. Doing this on very little sleep, and while engaged in quite a bit at one time.
  8. Delicious_Tea

    Isn't this a bit ridiculous?

    I want to begin with that I am not here to talk bad about Dr. Lupo, but when I got home tonight and checked the twitter feed, I saw this: All in all I thought most of his kills at the start were fine. Heck, he even takes a bullet to the head it appears and lives. But I have a major issue with the fact that he can jump out of a second or third-story window, break his bones, and then immediately sprint around and up the stairs, jump and maneuver and kill 2-3 other people all in the span of under 10-15 seconds. If anything, this is just more weight to how painkillers need to be revisited and remedied. At no point did that seem tactical within any scope of realism. I know that the realism part is pretty much non-existent now, but this move would make me cringe even in CoD. Does this not bother anyone else?
  9. Itz_MAGp13__

    movement restrictions

    this game is supposed to be realistic yet you cant walk through knee high water or climb a chainlink fence. how tf is that realistic? these are supposed to be pmc's. climbing over walls is part of basic military training dont try to tell me i shouldnt be able to climb a 7 ft concrete wall, or a chainlink fence of any height as long as there is no barbed wire.
  10. LightNing442

    "blood and gore"

    thanks to the new graphics engine will it be possible to add a touch of realism on the "gore" like leaving a trainer of blood depending on injuries. have a bullet wound corresponding to the caliber. puddles of blood under the corpses. dismounting coming with big caliber
  11. The community and devs have to come to a consensus soon on where Tarkov stands realism/gameplay wise or the game is going to lose a swath of players on either side of the debate patch to patch. POST TLDR: Tarkov's devs and community need to find a balance between playability and realism and the current/recent direction of the devs is neither. Tarkov can be semi-realisitic and still fun with the addition of certain simple mechanics surrounding gunplay, movement, and healing. For this to happen the community needs to have compromises instead of fighting that muddies the communities voice in the eyes of the devs. LIST BELOW OF RECOMMENDED IDEAS It seems that as of recent (since the Twitch Drop event) the Tarkov community has seen a widening divide between those players who want the game to be realistic and those who want it to be "more" casual. Those who despise the mosin those who see it as a firearm of the common man. I personally stand more towards the realistic/mosin man side of the divide but understand the limitation surrounding a video game, fun, and realism. That being said, we can have compromises on "realism"... right? I hope so. Tarkov will never be realistic. As realistic as playable sure, but one part of our community has to understand that Tarkov cannot go as far as Arma/Squad in gunplay and thrive/survive. The game needs some arcadesc features to make it enjoyable. On the contrary, the limitations surrounding stims, painkillers, surgery kits, etc. are just not there for the game to fulfil the semi-realistic position I think it should hold. No matter what the state of the traders, market, tasks, hideout, etc. the combat/in-raid gameplay is what all those things feed into. Without a good combat system the game is left lacking and I will add that Tarkov has one of the most robust healing/combat systems as it stands but it needs to be refined in a direction not currently being taken by the devs. Most people I know, including myself, look back to the heydays of gear fear and look back fondly. A time when your gear really mattered regardless of the state of combat you were fearful of losing it and played a certain way because of it. Not like a rat but usually smarter or more “realistic” than what has become of the game’s meta. You should be penalized for making dumb decisions in a fight and a surgery kit, stim, or painkiller should be your endless in-raid savior. Here's a list of changes I think could be made to make the game more “realistic” while not jeopardizing the fun. Body parts can only be repaired (CMS/Surv) “X” number of times a raid and or make using them take much longer where you will need to find good cover to use them. Make it so that painkillers, morphine, etc. will still allow you to run but at reduced speed (half or so of normal) and or should take a little bit after consumption to fully take effect to get to that point. Re? - Implement inertial movement to stop ADAD spam (devs have been notified by forum staff) Increase point fire recoil and general recoil and remove the full auto recoil plateau Make advantage of lasers visual only For stomach wounds, surgery will stop external blood loss but the player will still lose hydration at a slightly faster rate (decrease overall hydration/energy loss and make it so that they don’t kill you, should hinder a lot instead) Implement a system where hits to body armory decrease stam somewhat (heavy breathing for a period) Implement an adrenaline system under which you get a slight stam boost in a fight when it starts to either fight or run (harder to implement well) For every repair of blacked legs your max run speed decreases For every repair of blacked lungs your max stamina decreases Not all of these are necessary to get gameplay to a playable yet more “realistic” point. If anything if gameplay is slowed even slightly and firefights become more drawn out the game will be more enjoyable than what becomes of many firefights where the first shooter wins quickly. Players should be more fearful of losing their gear but not to the point of a Tarkonian rat infestation. To get to a good point, Tarkov's devs and its community to be able to compromise on what is best for the game regardless of our deeply held passions. If not, there is going to be a never ending battle on the issue till release and then a good portion of the playerbase may just bounce. One “Quick” Point on Quests The game's quest system is an absolute disaster for all but the original traders and their original tasks (for the most part). The addition of an abundance of FIND tasks with Mechanic/Ragman makes the grind unenjoyable. Atop that, Jaeger & other's "Kill em' from xyz with abc and mno up your a**" are just poor excuses for what could be a robust quest system that sees players interacting with the environment more often. Even as place holders, many of the current tasks or boring, tedious, or stupid. TLDR Quests don't have to be realistic but should instead be enjoyable to some extent and not have players doing outrageous acts of marksmanship or self inflicted pain, dehydration, etc. Viva la Tarkov
  12. TechoverMana

    Idea grab bag

    This is just a list of ideas I've had and putting out to others while taking a break. 1) I think there should be much more realistic pricing generally speaking. As I've said before elsewhere, I think it's extremely odd, to the point beyond what you could call realistic, for the prices of some items. Some examples are of how much fuel costs, (and using the ingame conversion of 118 rubles/dollar, and 133 rubles/Euro IRL it'd be around 70 for USD, or 80 rubles/Euro) At 89475/ 20L, which is rounded to 4474 rubles a liter for petrol, or translates to ~144 dollars per gallon of gas, or 33.64 Euros/Liter. Zimbabwe which has the worst gas prices on Earth, still clocks in at around 12 dollars per gallon by comparison. Water is even worse, .6 L of water costs 12066, 20110 per liter, which is about 151 Euros per liter, or 645 dollars per gallon. Crackers, from a combat ration somehow cost 18160 rubles, which is 153 dollars or 136 euros for what look like anywhere from 6-8 crackers. Now, this is minor, but its part of it, since it wasn't too long ago when a box of pineapple juice only was like 500 rubles rubles, or 4.23 dollars or 3.75 Euros, which seems much more realistic, and its because it is relatively inconsequential which makes it more perplexing why to set prices like this. But I think this obviously also extends to weapons, armor and ammo. Easiest example is the Mosin, which originally when it came out seemed relatively realistically priced in the 15-20k region, but now costs more than an SV98, which that weapon costs well over 2000 dollars. I know some issues can be brought up about how it is, but I can't see how a weapon in massive surplus costing in many bad areas under 100 bucks, ends up more expensive than a weapon that costs thousands of dollars, and somehow can be considered realistic. Again, it's just to illustrate, and I know there's going to be some arguments about balance and such, but I'd still say it should strive to be as real as possible (and note that many cheap, surplus Mosins have MOAs well above 2, while the SV98 is under 1, so I'd say reflect a realistic performance, and it'll help reflect the realistic pricing.) But I'd say this across the board, even if it's un-intuitive, or even counter-intuitive, such as how they've handled pistol and SMG prices to make it more viable, which I disagree with. If an MP5 IRL is on average ~30% more expensive than an M4, despite the advantages of an M4 over an MP5, I'd say that's just reflecting the harshness and reality of the world and how things are manufactured, the same way having no tags and arrows above heads, or a minimap, ect because it's not realistic. 2) Strength. I know the skill rework is coming in the next few weeks, so I won't be extensive on this since for all I know, the rework could fix all the issues with it right now. Generally speaking, strength skill makes very little sense for how it gains, and is overly restrictive, and currently, for extremely little benefit, since I think even realistically, going from say a person of intermediate strength of an average soldier to what is supposed to be elite should be significant, although not overpowering as early elite I think was something like double speed and jumping height. I'm thinking more like going from 20% now to more like 35-50% depending on category. With that, lots of suggestions abound for a home gym in the hideout. Keeping in with the Russian spirit, I'd suggest the creation of the item the Kettlebell, a large one at 2 pood , and a smaller one at 1.5 or 1 pood. Along with that, some more regular stuff for a proper home gym, a few varieties of dumb bells, and perhaps at Level 3 Home gym, stuff to make a treadmill and/or power rack with olympic bar to do strength and endurance training. Again, keeping it short, and moving on. 3)Item availability and locations I'm not sure why it is, but I don't think I've ever come across an SSD naturally, and especially not an SAS drive outside of the ones needed for Peacekeepers quest. And I have no idea why this is the case. Especially if Tarkov is in the future, you would think SSDs would be even more common. I'm not asking for them to be in every computer, but I think its weird that it's not even in the loot table for a computer, even if it was only like a 1% super rare item spawn. Same with the tech stores, shouldn't an SSD in fact be even more common than a graphics card as far as what's randomly left behind on shelves? Right now, I don't think the SSD can even be found outside of the areas where literally any item has a chance to spawn such as behind old gas, which just seems absurd to me. Especially for things like Techlight, or the White Queen on Reserve. Sort of lead me to the idea of other areas being able to have things in them. There's lots of abandoned cars around, I don't see why we shouldn't be able to pop the hood and get things like batteries, spark plugs, hoses, wires, and motors out of there, at reasonable rates, as well as be able to siphon off fuel. Currently, we can't take a fuel tank and try to refill it, but I don't see why we shouldn't from cars, the abandoned fuel trucks, the gas stations, ect. And perhaps BSG has this planned eventually, but I'd at least like to make the suggestion then. 4) Crafting times, parallel processing or making more than one and using items, additional Hideout ideas. I think some of the wait times for crafting are sort of absurd or don't make sense, and need to be adjusted. For example, it takes a pair of t-plugs, 2 wires, and a roll of tape to create a powercord in 35 minutes, but somehow taking a pair of powercord apart to get wires takes almost 2 hours when it's just stripping it down? And some items I don't think should be consumed during the crafting process depending on the items. Namely, using 4 working LCDs and a screwdriver to make 4 broken LCDs, it consumes the screwdriver. But why? How hard was the character smashing these that it shattered or bent a screwdriver? This goes for many things that consume some tools in their creation when you'd just be able to use that screwdriver for years with no problem. Same with the metal scissors, or nippers for magazine boxes or scav box. They should be usable again and again because tools just don't disappear after you're done with them, no one realistically just goes through like 5 screw drivers in a day or something. They're meant to be used for years, decades even. Perhaps this will be a skill on its own, but I also think you should be able to process more than one set at a time, or make more than one at a time. Perhaps it could be limited to x amount per station, or linked to level. So level 1 workbench, can only make 1 thing at a time. Level 2, can make more things, but also work on more than 1 item at a time, and so on. Also, I think water collector level 2 should allow you to craft .6 L bottles of water, and then you can take bottles of water over to the Nutrition area, and perhaps it'd need additional items in the game, but I think you should be able to craft a lot more drinks, such as the vita juice, pineapple juice, ect, and be able to use the Coffee Majaica to create a cup of coffee that could be similar to the Hot Rod or Max Energy in effect, or create a thermos, 1 Aquamari and one Coffee to have a Coffee thermos. Anyway, that's it for random thoughts and idea springing to mind. Understandably, the game is in beta, so for all I know all these issues and ideas get put in next patch, but it's just stuff on my mind I felt worth sharing between the rounds.
  13. Dear BSG, since realism is a huge thing for the game and of course for u developers.. i work in the security sector myself, so i wanna distribute my suggestion with you: if you have to reload while beeing in combat, you wanna remain on target while doing it. Meaning, you are still aiming though the scope, iron sights etc. you want your enemy looking in a barrel all the time.. is such a (realisic) feature planned in the game at some point? or even unlockable when leveling up? best regards, M
  14. TarkovCitizen3998045

    More realistic movements

    Two things i would like to see changed. Number one is a slower transition from prone too a standing position. Right now in the game you can get up from from prone and be standing faster then someone can stop running aim and fire. Number two is Running while reloading should not be a viable alternative until you leveled up your mag drills. Its far too easy too run and gun at full sprint without a strap how can you run with a AK full sprint and reload it properly?
  15. So I got Tarkov a few weeks ago and have been grinding away at the normal Tarkov journey when I hit a pretty hard roadblock in upgrading my stash: Vents 3, and by extension, Strength 3. I did some research and math, and it seems like the most efficient way to level my strength (it’s level 1 right now) would be to throw 553 grenades across 90 raids, which would cost at least 500k rubles. As it stands, the only other options would be tons of melee attacks or 60+ kilometers of walking overweight. I’ve studied exercise physiology since I was 15, and strength training since I was around 20, so I thought I might be uniquely qualified to share some thoughts on how Tarkov could implement a solution that is simultaneously fun, realistic, and balanced. (I’ll add a TLDR at the bottom as well) Measuring Strength The first problem we need to solve to link Tarkov to the real world is to quantify how we measure strength, and how that measurement ties into physical performance. Fortunately, that’s relatively simple. In the real world, tons of studies show that exercises like squat, deadlift, and clean and jerk are heavily correlated with both jump height, load carrying, and sprint speed. A couple links to scientific studies if interested: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/8551766_Strong_Correlation_of_Maximal_Squat_Strength_With_Sprint_Performance_and_Vertical_Jump_Height_in_Elite_Soccer_Players http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= This is pretty much what Tarkov does: more strength = faster sprinting, higher jumping, farther throws, bigger loads carried. Strength is Tarkov would probably correspond to deadlift, squat, bench, and possibly overhead press (also likely relative to bodyweight) in a real world PMC. Pretty straightforward. Increasing Strength So Tarkov has a fairly realistic set of outputs for strength: great! How do we model growing it? I’d suggest we start by looking at the Westside Barbell method, a training method which has resulted in numerous record breaking lifts, helped me personally hit a 400lb deadlift, and fittingly enough, is HEAVILY inspired by Soviet weightlifting methodology (clearly a fit for Tarkov ;). Link to a summary of the ideas: https://www.westside-barbell.com/blogs/2007-articles/strength-training-methods Basically, strength can be trained in 3 ways (2 of which most lifters don’t know or think about). Maximal force, maximum velocity, and repitition (usually to failure). Repitition is the classic 8-12 reps to failure, maximal force is 90-105% of 1 rep max in 1-3 rep sets, maximum velocity is 40% of 1 rep max in 1-3 rep sets (cleans, jumps, and other explosive movements can do this too). What does this look like in tarkov? Strength should increase when you -Sprint or jump (anything that decreases lower body stamina) with more experience gained when going to failure. If you’re overweight or critically overweight, the experience should go up even more to a point. -Hit or aim a weapon, more experience again gained when going to failure. Grenades should drain upper body stamina if they don’t already -Walk while overweight, with a significant increase in experience gained while critical overweight (see further balancing below) A quick note that extremely explosive movement (jumps/throws/sprints) from full stamina should be significantly more powerful than movement at low stamina since force output is at maximum, AND should also generate more strength experience than movement in the mid-range because the velocity is higher. A cue might be required to help players be consistent with grenade throws. Balancing this in Tarkov So how do you balance this in Tarkov? From what I’ve heard (before my time), streamers found ways to quickly level strength to max using sprinting/jumping and other means. It sounds like the response was removing some ways of gaining strength experience (not good) and the addition of diminishing returns on skill experience in raid (very good). I’d propose the answer to this problem is really simple: why can’t someone become super strong super fast in real life? The answer is pretty simple: they get tired and burnt out. Westside’s training methods (and Russian training methods) tend to pretty sharply limit the amount of intense workouts that happen in a week (or at least regiment them heavily with large volum). In fact, if you workout enough, you can actually stunt the progress you’ve made. What this would look like in Tarkov: make the skill progression speed reduction MUCH more aggressive… and in some cases even going negative. I’d advocate a higher starting progression speed… possibly as much as 200% because limited workouts/training consistently can have a huge effect. Then drop down to 100%, but then drop progressively to 25%, 0%, or even -25%. Potentially make the time penalties larger if you want too. Realistically (thought maybe not practically) those penalties would extend across raids if you did a lot back to back. That might be implemented however. You might tie the penalties to energy and hydration at some level as well. This would incentivize players to consistently train their skills during normal play because the initial skill leveling is so high, BUT heavily punish grinding. This makes sense in real life: consistency wins in strength development, and overtraining has serious consequences and diminishing returns vs simple consistent work over time. Further balancing while making the game more interesting Let’s be honest though, there are MUCH more interesting and immediate consequences to the activities leading to strength growth though. Anyone who’s every done a squat workout that leaves them barely able to walk can attest to this. I’d suggest part of the approach balancing grinding is actually around the gameplay mechanics here. Sprinting/jumping/running has serious consequences and has the opportunity to make Tarkov more interesting… and even more hardcore. The guiding principle is to turn the physiology stats (health, energy, hydration, arm stamina, leg stamina) into a dynamic system that works together. Change list -Stamina regen is proportional to current health (which represents the cardiovascular system). This allows for gameplay like wounding an enemy player in the woods so they’re slower and easier to track down and catch, and adds more tension to taking damage in combat. -Blacked limbs significantly reduce total stamina in the appropriate area. You might even be able to replace the normal limb penalty here since you’re effectively getting locked in the red part of the stamina bar if this happens, or at very least have basically a few milimeters of green before you go to red. (See below) -Add the fatigue effect for low leg stamina, and the tremor effect for low arm stamina, which can go through painkillers (though stims might be able to take this away). Make the tremor effect reduce melee damage. -If you zero arm or leg stamina, add a pain effect that persists until the stamina isn’t red anymore. -Increase energy and hydration drain when moving, any time stamina is below max, and significantly when in the red. -Optional: increase jump height/move and sprint speed/aim steadiness and other forms of physical output near the top of the stamina bar -Optional: make the stamina bar regen faster at the bottom, slower at the top to balance the above. It takes longer to recover peak strength than to recover basic strength. -Optional: any time stamina is drained, and ESPECIALLY when drained in the red, temporarily reduce the total size of the stamina bar. Somewhat covered by energy, but there should be some long term cost in a raid. Might be better to just make stamina regen proportional to energy and hydration in addition to health in some way though. (Easiest way to model this IMO is to create a differential equation where stamina regen amount is proportional to energy and hydration loss, and make it so stamina regens faster in the red, slower at the top. This would create a smoother system with fewer thresholds, but would be harder to understand). TLDR Summary -Strength goes up when sprinting, aiming, jumping, throwing, melee attacks, walking while overweight (more experience while critical overweight). -Health damage reduces stamina regen, blacked limbs reduce total arm and leg stamina -Actions with a full stamina bar are more powerful/faster/stronger and generate more XP (while the bar is close to full) since the speed is higher. -Actions with a low stamina bar generate more XP, but also trigger a tremor/fatigue affect in the red (tremor for arms, fatigue for legs) and pain if they zero out, and increase energy and hydration loss. -Skill progression speed starts at 200%, but goes down to 25%, 0%, or potentially even -25% over the course of a raid (to simulate overtraining vs consistent training) I hope this was interesting, and hopefully Nikita sees this :) Please share any comments, questions, or suggestions below.
  16. The NPZ UPO-1 is specifically designed so that the operator can still use the iron sights as an alternative when engaging in CQB. I believe its the reason its mounted so high above weapons body. It would add a bit of realism and utility if one would be able to quickly switch to the iron sights in the middle of a fire fight.
  17. As the title states thermal imaging cannot see through glass in real life and shouldn't be able to in the game either. This would create a drawback to using thermals which currently have basically none. This would give the game a bit more balance, however, to me it's more about realism than balance.
  18. Smile_King

    Hyper Realism and the Games Health

    This is just a quick question, solely based on opinions I wanted to judge how yall felt about the realism in this game. I love how this runs, its very interesting and I cant wait to see where they go with it. But at what point do you think the "hyper realism" of a game like tarkov starts to hurt itself as a game. Where do you all cross the line? Do you all have any boundaries or things in particular you DONT want to see in the game?
  19. Jeffpogany

    Mind your center of gravity

    Take this for what you will meme or legitimate game-play mechanic. It is simple to understand how a backpack potentially shifts our center of gravity in everyday life. When you bag up your canned goods at a grocery store you always put them on the bottom before anything else for good reason. I can already imagine Nikita conjuring up this kind of concept for Tarkov in his wildest dreams. Maybe someday i will be able to give my friend a car battery and watch is character face plant as he tries to sprint stop abruptly. Just a few ideas i have, for example say you have backpack that is Half full with enough space toward the top for a tank battery and say you find a tank battery and pick it up not only will the weight cripple your speed and stance but also damage anything below it in your backpack. I imagine canned foods like tushonka being mostly immune to crushing but others like computer parts and croutons simply do not stand a chance. Just another level of depth to game mechanics. Trying to seed ideas here to be honest. Clearly i am happy about the weight changes and i want more like this.
  20. aaronzornes

    proximity chat

    Hello, I know you are working on proximity chat and here's my suggestion... For the sake of realism, I suggest that once implemented, the proximity chat be always active with no way to disable it even when using radio comms. I would also suggest that the game not allow any third party voice chat applications to run while in raid. This would ensure that everyone could be heard whether talking to the player next to them or across the map via radio comms. It would also eliminate the ability of players to make call outs after dying. I apologize if these suggestions have already been made and thank you for your time.
  21. Before judging by the title, please hear me out! It is an ongoing discussion about how hardcore/realistic Escape from Tarkov should be. BSG has their own plans/vision for that, which they either do not want to share completely or did not think/plan ahead too much. But this topic is not about discussing what BSG will do in the end but rather what would be too much in your opinion? What would still be considered playable and/or reasonable? To give you some context: Many of the first people ever pre-ordering this game (me included) did it because of the promised realism, immersion, high level of detail and love/passion for the project. Also for me because it reminds me so much of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Yes, even the many bugs/problems it had. 😅 In many instances we do not get or do not have the promised realism/immersion yet. Best example would be the over tuned helmets and missing armor zones/plates. As said by BSG, helmets are this way, because they would not get bought otherwise. Makes sense, as every shooter has a very distinct head shot "meta". Be it because of it being too easy to land head shots or because people are "bullet sponges" thanks to armor covering every nook and cranny of the body. Then there are things like missing (or hardly reduced) blunt damage, painkiller side effects, state of unconsciousness, etc. etc. One of the biggest topics the last few month, if not even forever, is unrealistic movement. Weight, volume and distribution of gear has no effect on the PMC besides increased stamina use while sprinting. People jumping from buildings, running on thin fences, running with broken legs etc. etc. The list is long but what do you think? Which features would be too much? Is it a combination of many or is it a single one which could "ruin" everything? The only thing which I am personally not sure about are blacked limbs to be honest. On the one hand, I think it should have way more downsides or be deadlier having blacked out limbs as right now, thanks to painkillers, it is like we do not have blacked out limbs to begin with. Everyone pops a pill and continues with 100% functionality, besides the little damage ticks while running. Aiming becomes quite impaired. Many will agree though, that using a rifle effectively would be impossible with just one hand. But on the other hand, if you would go full realism it could become worse than when we had the true leg meta. Especially considering server/netcode performance and our lovely Scavs. For me there is rarely a raid, where I do not lose a limb or two. Be it because scavs decided to roll their dice that way, cover did not work or because my arms are always in front of me. tl;dr Because of the inconsistency in terms of game and netcode performance I think too heavy penalties for blacked out limbs would make Tarkov unplayable (maybe).
  22. While it's "possible" to jump in real life, let's all be honest here... When we think of EFT's gameplay -- take the new 0.12 trailer, for example -- part of what makes it feel so intense and high-stakes is precisely BECAUSE these types of "jumping" antics aren't on display. Maybe it's just me, but when I think realistic and hardcore, my mind never envisions players bunny hopping past doorways/hallways. So in my opinion, once vaulting/clamoring is in play, jumping should be removed entirely. I can't think of any context where seeing a player jump helps "draw me into" EFT's gameworld. But it often detracts from it and cheapen the experience. Thoughts?
  23. One of the things I like most about Tarkov is the cat and mouse kinda gameplay that emerges between combatants when we don't rush at each other guns blazing, but have to mindgame the other player. Exchanging blindfire, assessing the other person's location and trying to predict their next move, flushing them out with grenades if they camp a site, etc. One of, if not the most important part of this is gathering as much information as you can on your enemy and on the fly formulating a plan whether and how to approach the situation. What I propose here would allow us to do some investigating and get more info from corpses to determine how to act. One option could be persistent blood spatter, showing entry and exit wounds that help determine the direction and maybe caliber (small spatter = small caliber, big spatter = big caliber, fubar = grenade) of the shooter. Or a new skill/alternatively tied into one of the existing skills like Perception or First Aid/Field Medicine that shows the cause of death on a corpse after inspection (e.g. damaged body parts, maybe with higher skill level direction and distance of the shot, etc.) For a practical example: Today, I ran Customs as Scav and came across four dead bodies right out in the open on the rocks behind Gas Station. Thing is, that was it. All I could glean from the corpses, even on closer inspection was that they were dead and partially looted. No wounds, no blood, no bullet holes or spent ammunition. Could have been a sniper, could have been a player rushing them, could have been a lucky AI Scav taking all of them out or it could have been a firefight between two small squads. In this case I got lucky and looted undisturbed, but I recall many, many, many times when I encountered a similar situation and a patient player hiding somewhere shot me to poo, even after surveying the area for what felt like ages. I'm not complaining about these situations, they are part of what makes Tarkov such a great and thrilling game. However, crafty players can turn areas into absolute killing fields while laying somewhere in the underbrush or sniping from a distance with little to no risk to themselves. Persistent/directional blood spatter or any other way of examining the aftermath of a battle could give an approaching player another tool to help figure out what the best course of action could be going forward. Thoughts?
  24. Kubix

    Manual chamber reload

    This thread is made because i was wondering why we have ability to check chamber but that doesnt give us anything in gameplay. My suggestion is to make chamber reload manually without option to choose because everybody would run with automatic and also i was thinking about connecting chamber check with chamber reload like you pull slide half way to see if there is bullet and after you see its empty you pull that slide all the way and gun is ready to shoot. P.S. Chamber is bugged. When you spawn, chamber is empty and you need to change weapons or swing with your melee weapon.
  25. So when people are debating/discussing a lot of features/ planned features in this game, there generally comes a point when people start using either fun or realism as a defense of their argument. A lot of these conversations have fairly good points on both sides, so I wonder if instead of pushing one or the other we could go for melding them. Some very simple instances: You've just had to hide in a bathroom to refill your mags after a fight and can hear more players moving around outside. You pop out and wreck them, which is fun through realism, yes? Or: You're injured, have 200k loot/ whatever quest item in your bag, no ammo and you've just been driven up to the Resort roof by a very well kitted squad. You jump off the roof and manage to escape and extract with your Mcguffin as a result. Also fun/rewarding yes, if not very realistic? The generic arguments go something like this: Fun = Healthy player base, ease of use, soften the learning curve, generally amusing gameplay Realism = tension, difficulty, pricing, length of the game's life post release
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