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  1. mejerik

    Weapon destroy system

    If weapon is on low durability (depends of stage) it can : blow up , jam , bend crosshair and other parts, list can be very long
  2. Samurai_Mac

    Characters with DRY EYES

    Just a humble suggestions from a player of the game. Please make the characters. PMC/Scav blink in the menu and the loading screen. I could careless about in game, because you generally aren't in a position to see your own eyes. Go figure 🤣 Keep in mind that if a character dies he shouldn't blink. I'd be creeped out to see corpses blinking while I loot them. 😂
  3. Im sick of putting 6 rounds in someones chest with BP sks rounds just for them to take under 300 damage because they have a slick vest. This game is turning into call of duty with the amount of damage you can take without dying. Adjust the max hp or nerf the protection of high level gear. Its the start of wipe still everyone shouldnt be running around with t5-6 armor that costs less than the ammo that goes through that armor.
  4. There should be actual punishment for taking damage like dying. You should not be able to take 350 damage losing all four of your limbs and just sit in a corner for 3 minutes and be back too full hp. Losing a limb should be devastating. At the moment losing a limb is barely a problem. Heavy bleeds were meant to make the game harder but they are also barely a problem and you can patch a bleed for less than 5 k which is nothing. This game has gotten out of control with the unrealistic amount of damage a person can take and survive. When you get several limbs blacked out going to extract should
  5. EraZerUnleashed

    Red Buffer Tube having better stats

    Hi, I wanted to ask if there is a reason for why the Red buffer tube is better than the black one, and secondly why it got buffed again? Is this another Warhammer joke like with the red handguard or because its so rare? Or because its anodized? I'm gonna be honest, the fact that the red one changes the Muzzle Velocity (again) annoys me somewhat, cuz it doesnt make much sense, lol. The stats before The stats after I remember that Nikita said on reddit that the Muzzle Velocity was a mistake and that he removed it. But it was readded back later on for whatever re
  6. I would like to start this off simply by introducing myself. I want to give people who read this some context to me as a person.. as well as a gamer. Let me start this off with the following facts about myself. I have been gaming since pong, through arcade, into consoles, and landing in PC master race. I have gone to numerous schools of varying degrees, for various different degrees, that would categorically fall within game development and planning. A lot of this falling under the conceptual development and think tanking if you will. As I always wanted to see how far game development could be
  7. Delicious_Tea

    Isn't this a bit ridiculous?

    I want to begin with that I am not here to talk bad about Dr. Lupo, but when I got home tonight and checked the twitter feed, I saw this: All in all I thought most of his kills at the start were fine. Heck, he even takes a bullet to the head it appears and lives. But I have a major issue with the fact that he can jump out of a second or third-story window, break his bones, and then immediately sprint around and up the stairs, jump and maneuver and kill 2-3 other people all in the span of under 10-15 seconds. If anything, this is just more weight to how painkillers need to
  8. Itz_MAGp13__

    movement restrictions

    this game is supposed to be realistic yet you cant walk through knee high water or climb a chainlink fence. how tf is that realistic? these are supposed to be pmc's. climbing over walls is part of basic military training dont try to tell me i shouldnt be able to climb a 7 ft concrete wall, or a chainlink fence of any height as long as there is no barbed wire.
  9. LightNing442

    "blood and gore"

    thanks to the new graphics engine will it be possible to add a touch of realism on the "gore" like leaving a trainer of blood depending on injuries. have a bullet wound corresponding to the caliber. puddles of blood under the corpses. dismounting coming with big caliber
  10. The community and devs have to come to a consensus soon on where Tarkov stands realism/gameplay wise or the game is going to lose a swath of players on either side of the debate patch to patch. POST TLDR: Tarkov's devs and community need to find a balance between playability and realism and the current/recent direction of the devs is neither. Tarkov can be semi-realisitic and still fun with the addition of certain simple mechanics surrounding gunplay, movement, and healing. For this to happen the community needs to have compromises instead of fighting that muddies the communities voice in
  11. TechoverMana

    Idea grab bag

    This is just a list of ideas I've had and putting out to others while taking a break. 1) I think there should be much more realistic pricing generally speaking. As I've said before elsewhere, I think it's extremely odd, to the point beyond what you could call realistic, for the prices of some items. Some examples are of how much fuel costs, (and using the ingame conversion of 118 rubles/dollar, and 133 rubles/Euro IRL it'd be around 70 for USD, or 80 rubles/Euro) At 89475/ 20L, which is rounded to 4474 rubles a liter for petrol, or translates to ~144 dollars per gallon of gas, or 33.6
  12. Dear BSG, since realism is a huge thing for the game and of course for u developers.. i work in the security sector myself, so i wanna distribute my suggestion with you: if you have to reload while beeing in combat, you wanna remain on target while doing it. Meaning, you are still aiming though the scope, iron sights etc. you want your enemy looking in a barrel all the time.. is such a (realisic) feature planned in the game at some point? or even unlockable when leveling up? best regards, M
  13. BallzDeep69

    More realistic movements

    Two things i would like to see changed. Number one is a slower transition from prone too a standing position. Right now in the game you can get up from from prone and be standing faster then someone can stop running aim and fire. Number two is Running while reloading should not be a viable alternative until you leveled up your mag drills. Its far too easy too run and gun at full sprint without a strap how can you run with a AK full sprint and reload it properly?
  14. I am exited for the future of Tarkov especially with the leaks for the upcoming updates but I am also a little worried because currently the game play is not even close to realistic. The only thing that is realistic about tarkov is the guns models. But the damage model, recoil and the movement are anything but realistic and this is especially apparent in Factory, Labs and dorms. People are constantly sprinting and bunny-hopping then hipfire/pointshoot full auto meta guns builds extremely accurately while A D spamming. I hoped that the weight system would make the movement more realistic but al
  15. So I got Tarkov a few weeks ago and have been grinding away at the normal Tarkov journey when I hit a pretty hard roadblock in upgrading my stash: Vents 3, and by extension, Strength 3. I did some research and math, and it seems like the most efficient way to level my strength (it’s level 1 right now) would be to throw 553 grenades across 90 raids, which would cost at least 500k rubles. As it stands, the only other options would be tons of melee attacks or 60+ kilometers of walking overweight. I’ve studied exercise physiology since I was 15, and strength training since I was around 2
  16. The NPZ UPO-1 is specifically designed so that the operator can still use the iron sights as an alternative when engaging in CQB. I believe its the reason its mounted so high above weapons body. It would add a bit of realism and utility if one would be able to quickly switch to the iron sights in the middle of a fire fight.
  17. As the title states thermal imaging cannot see through glass in real life and shouldn't be able to in the game either. This would create a drawback to using thermals which currently have basically none. This would give the game a bit more balance, however, to me it's more about realism than balance.
  18. Smile_King

    Hyper Realism and the Games Health

    This is just a quick question, solely based on opinions I wanted to judge how yall felt about the realism in this game. I love how this runs, its very interesting and I cant wait to see where they go with it. But at what point do you think the "hyper realism" of a game like tarkov starts to hurt itself as a game. Where do you all cross the line? Do you all have any boundaries or things in particular you DONT want to see in the game?
  19. Jeffpogany

    Mind your center of gravity

    Take this for what you will meme or legitimate game-play mechanic. It is simple to understand how a backpack potentially shifts our center of gravity in everyday life. When you bag up your canned goods at a grocery store you always put them on the bottom before anything else for good reason. I can already imagine Nikita conjuring up this kind of concept for Tarkov in his wildest dreams. Maybe someday i will be able to give my friend a car battery and watch is character face plant as he tries to sprint stop abruptly. Just a few ideas i have, for example say you have backpack t
  20. aaronzornes

    proximity chat

    Hello, I know you are working on proximity chat and here's my suggestion... For the sake of realism, I suggest that once implemented, the proximity chat be always active with no way to disable it even when using radio comms. I would also suggest that the game not allow any third party voice chat applications to run while in raid. This would ensure that everyone could be heard whether talking to the player next to them or across the map via radio comms. It would also eliminate the ability of players to make call outs after dying. I apologize if these suggestions have already been made and
  21. Before judging by the title, please hear me out! It is an ongoing discussion about how hardcore/realistic Escape from Tarkov should be. BSG has their own plans/vision for that, which they either do not want to share completely or did not think/plan ahead too much. But this topic is not about discussing what BSG will do in the end but rather what would be too much in your opinion? What would still be considered playable and/or reasonable? To give you some context: Many of the first people ever pre-ordering this game (me included) did it because of the promised realism, immersion
  22. While it's "possible" to jump in real life, let's all be honest here... When we think of EFT's gameplay -- take the new 0.12 trailer, for example -- part of what makes it feel so intense and high-stakes is precisely BECAUSE these types of "jumping" antics aren't on display. Maybe it's just me, but when I think realistic and hardcore, my mind never envisions players bunny hopping past doorways/hallways. So in my opinion, once vaulting/clamoring is in play, jumping should be removed entirely. I can't think of any context where seeing a player jump helps "draw me into" EFT's gamewo
  23. One of the things I like most about Tarkov is the cat and mouse kinda gameplay that emerges between combatants when we don't rush at each other guns blazing, but have to mindgame the other player. Exchanging blindfire, assessing the other person's location and trying to predict their next move, flushing them out with grenades if they camp a site, etc. One of, if not the most important part of this is gathering as much information as you can on your enemy and on the fly formulating a plan whether and how to approach the situation. What I propose here would allow us to do some investig
  24. Kubix

    Manual chamber reload

    This thread is made because i was wondering why we have ability to check chamber but that doesnt give us anything in gameplay. My suggestion is to make chamber reload manually without option to choose because everybody would run with automatic and also i was thinking about connecting chamber check with chamber reload like you pull slide half way to see if there is bullet and after you see its empty you pull that slide all the way and gun is ready to shoot. P.S. Chamber is bugged. When you spawn, chamber is empty and you need to change weapons or swing with your melee weapon.
  25. So when people are debating/discussing a lot of features/ planned features in this game, there generally comes a point when people start using either fun or realism as a defense of their argument. A lot of these conversations have fairly good points on both sides, so I wonder if instead of pushing one or the other we could go for melding them. Some very simple instances: You've just had to hide in a bathroom to refill your mags after a fight and can hear more players moving around outside. You pop out and wreck them, which is fun through realism, yes? Or: You're injured, have 200k lo
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