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Found 4 results

  1. 6G15U Unavailable

    The rubber recoil pad for the AK began disappearing as of today (1/13/18). Not sure if players are just hoarding an insane amount of them or if the quantity went down. Please increase the quantity of the recoil pads at reset, because they're a really good item that shouldn't be so restrictive to get.
  2. Hey guys, Since the new 0.5.xx patch we have noticed that the recoil on M4s are ridiculously high now. For comparison you can better control an AKM (in 7.62 caliber) than you can an M4 (in 5.56). An AK74 has far better recoil. Highly anoying and unrealistic. The way recoil on M4 in the old patch worked was awesome and real. The fully automatic spray would start uncontrolably and then your character would get back on target after 5-6-7 shots. Now, its all over the place. Its like I am shooting an HMG handheld like rambo. Just putting our opinion out there, Cheers Rain
  3. I was surprised to find that you can mount an M4 suppressor on top of a compensator. That per se wasn't as surprising as the fact that the recoil reduction of the two is summed, instead of replaced. Let me explain why this is an error. A compensator reduces vertical recoil by forcing gases exiting the barrel upwards, causing a downward force on the barrel. When a suppressor is mounted on top of a compensator, the gasses have nowhere to go, but inside the silencer. Thus, the recoil reduction created by the compensator is negated by the suppressor. That is the expected outcome in real-life physics and should be matched with in-game mechanics. No wonder the M4 has exceptionally low recoil coupled with silenced fire: it defies physics. I consider this a glitch, because stats-wise the two components should not stack with each other, but instead the benefits of a silencer should replace those of a compensator. Otherwise, there is no tradeoff in performance. It's equivalent to adding more ergonomics for multiple tactical grips; it makes no sense.
  4. Im playing EFT since Alpha and im playing a lot. I had always a feeling that there is no big difference in terms of recoil between stock weapons and fully modded ones. So I did some test to check it out. But first overall look on recoil in different weapons. Link with all the pictures from test: Pic. 1 - you can see recoil test shooting from a distance about 80 meters (so most common in EFT battles) - the weapons are stock models: PP 19 (left) and MP 5 (right). PP 19 has a quite big initial kick when MP 5 has actually all the bullets in the same area. Pic 2 - Same distance (80m) - fully modded weapoons: AKM (left) vs. AK 74N (right). Simillar situation as with SMGs. AKM has bigger spread with the initial kick to the top and AK 74 is more focused. So AK74 looks better. Pic. 3 - AK74 comparison: weapon with no mods (on the left) and fully modded one (on the right), distance 100 meters. You can see there is no actual difference between them which is a big surprise. Pic. 4 - same weapons (AK74) but bigger distance. The difference between fully modded weapon and unmodded is almost unnoticeable. Pic. 5 - time for American beauty - M4 Distance 80 meters, one weapon is fully modded (left) and another one is with no mods (right). Results? - slightly bigger horizontal spread with unmodded weapon. Pic. 6 - M4 on bigger distance (160 meters) - you can see the difference between fully modded and unmodded weapon when shooting from far distance but still - its not that big. Is it worth spending couple of hundreds dollars more on it? Dont think so... Pic. 7-10 you can see how I modded those weapons in tests. TL;DR IMHO there is only very little difference (or none) between fully modded weapon and a stock weapon in terms of recoil. I dont know how is IRL but I think it should be bigger difference in that matter when you spent few hundreds of game dollars more to make your weapon looking nice.