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Found 6 results

  1. Raging_Mik

    Sniper Record

    Hello everyone, Tarkov lovers! ! I am a bolt-action sniper rifle enthusiast and a professional shooter. Although the simulation of Tarkov's long-range shooting can be called "no simulation", it is almost a "counter-terrorism level" sniper operation. Apart from the game, I am also curious how far your sniper records are? ? Let’s use a screenshot to show your farthest shooting record! ! Let me show off my 613.68-meter sniper record first.
  2. Récord de participación en los drops de Escape from Tarkov en Twitch - La campaña ha sido un éxito total. ¡El Evento de Drops de Escape from Tarkov en Twitch ha terminado! Ha sido una semana maravillosa y explosiva, con muchos resultados positivos y logros conseguidos, también grandes streams y el increíble apoyo de la comunidad hacia el juego. Ahora nos quedan muchas otras cosas por hacer y nuevas ideas que ahora se harán realidad. ¡Muchas gracias a todos por participar! Los drops de Twitch volverán, eso seguro, no os perdáis las últimas noticias. ¡Larga vida a los juegos hardcore! Los resultados de este evento todavía están siendo analizados, pero ya hemos empezado a mejorar la infraestructura global de servidores para responder a la gran cantidad de jugadores nuevos, todo un récord. Sentimos mucho los problemas que hayáis sufrido.
  3. tullowitsch

    Post your record XP raids

    I'm starting with mine from today, silenced TT raid on Customs:
  4. Lynnette

    A replay/capture system

    Hello again forums! Gentle please o3o So I was playing around with the game here and there. got back in after the wipe. selling all my stuff. leveling the trader's cash requirements then playing OSP. Cool additions here and there. Accept all quests. the like. So i get into a raid with a scav. And get some alright loot. Stuff that i know that ill need later. Im playing on shoreline, and im almost to my destination, camp tunnel. I get over to the location and stumble across... of course. A camper. camping the exit point. I engage in a small firefight. All was peaking and popping tactics. But at the end is where things got weird. I lost. But how i lost was beyond me. I had full HP. no armor. a bandage left. about 1/3rd left of an IFAK left. And hes using a SAIGA-12 as i can see and hear. After 5 shots, i push up, and hope to flank around him and pop him from behind. as i approach the vehicle, i make sure to keep notice that the tires are blocking the view of my feet, the windows are clear, and im moving at half speed to approach. And then. Pop, i take a chest shot, my stomach destroyed. Pop, i died. 2 shots. Saiga-12 from the direction i was facing... the vehicle infront of me. I didnt see him to the left or the right of the ambulance. and my feet where not damaged by the first shot. He got the kill apparently, death from being shot in the chest. But i have NO IDEA HOW he got the angle to shoot me like that. I wasnt getting the lag symbol in the top right. What id love for this game to have. is some kind of Replay or Playback Capture system built into it. So we can see what happened. pause the play, maybe third person yourself to see what the hell is going on. This can solve alot of rage like i had. It can also help catch hackers. or the like. Some aspects would need to be added to make thing clear, such as adding visible laser pointers to the end of firearms to see where people are aiming and Tracers to see where bullets are flying. This is just to review footage to see what is going on when you really feel that you has been an unfair play in some way. I mean, this is a game with high penalties and losses. At the least that can be done is see what is going on in a gunfight or some bazaar occurrence. An example is to do it like CSGO, and only have the ability to view yourself, or 3rd person yourself to look around at whats going on. another idea is the World of Tanks way and always be third person. ether way you wont be able to currently at this time view the enemy's camera, as the netcode is already bad enough. Personal data should be fine though. Save it to you game files. and reopen it through the launcher or something. Thanks for reading all comments are appreciated... unless its pure hate, because i want to expose you >:3
  5. Whenever I record a video with Escape from Tarkov using OBS I get severe pixel fragmentation. I have a friend with identical settings yet he does not have the same issues. OBS Settings: https://imgur.com/QdI3Qgf In Game Settings: https://imgur.com/WiMZqLl
  6. Whenever I record a video with Escape from Tarkov using OBS I get severe pixel fragmentation. I have a friend with identical settings yet he does not have the same issues. OBS Settings: https://imgur.com/QdI3Qgf In Game Settings: https://imgur.com/WiMZqLl
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