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  1. The Art of Warfare [TAW] The Art of Warfare [TAW] is a highly organized international gaming community that has been established since 2001 with 2800+ current active members in 40+ games including Escape from Tarkov. We currently have an active player base in Escape from Tarkov stretched around the world including EU, NA, OC, etc, consisting of both seasoned and new players. What we offer you in TAW What we offer you in Escape from Tarkov Division: Requirements to join: If you are either a
  2. Larkir

    Escape from Tarkov - Danmark

    ''Escape From Tarkov - Danmark'' Er den største danske EFT discord, og vi søger altid flere danskere at spille med! Uanset din alder, er du velkommen, men publikummet består primært af ældre danske spillere (20)+. Discorden har flere tusinde medlemmer, med spillere på stort set døgnet rundt. Der er plads til den hardcore, såvel den nye spiller. Hvis dette lyder som noget for dig, så kig endelig ind forbi! Vi håber på at se så mange af jer danskere derinde som overhovedet muligt! Discord invite: https://discord.gg/rApXuVNh Hvis inviten udløber af den ene eller anden årsag, så send
  3. hibNeiwih

    ** FLDH open for RECRUITMENT **

    Hello Tarkovians! We are a close community where everybody knows eachother. After almost a year after launch we gathered a nice group of tarkovians whom support eachother trough thicc and thin. The level of our members varies from beginner to THICC Kappa boys so there is always a place for you. Besides that, we have volunteer sherpa's whom are pleased to help with all things in Tarkov. What we offer you: - A close community; - Help with all Escape from Tarkov subjects and more; - Loads of giveaways; - Lots of suprises with anniversaries. Ou
  4. hibNeiwih

    ** FLDH open voor RECRUITMENT **

    Hallo Tarkovians! Wij zijn een hechte gemeenschap waar iedereen elkaar goed kent. Na bijna een jaar na launch hebben we een mooie groep tarkovians bij elkaar geraapt die elkaar steunt door dik en dun. Het niveau van onze leden gaat van beginner tot THICC Kappa boys dus er is altijd wel ergens waar jij je op je plek voelt. Daarnaast hebben wij vrijwillige sherpa's die graag helpen met alle punten in Tarkov. Wat wij je kunnen bieden: - Een hechte gemeenschap; - Hulp bij alles over Escape from Tarkov en meer; - Zeeën van giveaways; - Bij jubileums vee
  5. Welcome to the Official Escape From Tarkov Division from Tactical Gaming. Are you looking for consistency? A Team to play with? Tournaments and community challenges? Look no further than right here. This is the one-stop shop you have been looking for. We are a community that has been around for over 15 years and prides itself on making our members happy and helping them attain any end game goal they could possibly dream of. We will work with you both during practice, and out of practice to help teach you what you need to know, and set you up for success. Are you a pro
  6. genovesed23

    Recruiting Chads

    Chad Central is recruiting looking for experienced gamers who aren't afraid to die for the cause. Requirements for joining. 1. 23 years or older 2. Must have experience with all maps. 3. Not afraid to die (no gear fear) 4. Be active ( we play most nights) 5. Rush and play aggressive when needed 6. North America only If interested join the discord and message one of the admins. https://discord.gg/naJm6Js
  7. The Fighting 13th is an established community with currently 190 active members. We have several divisions depending on the games you prefer to play and each division has a captain. We're a relaxed, laid back community with a very competent leadership hierarchy. We routinely organize events and welcome new members with open arms and our Discord is a carnival you don't want to miss. Our members are found across the globe as pictured here. As far as Escape From Tarkov goes, we'll help you get equipped. Most of our EFT players are very skilled, but they're mostly holed up US timezone. That's why
  8. Uramnar

    Alpha Team [Polish clan]

    Jesteśmy Polskim klanem grającym w FPSy i nie tylko. Jedną z sekcji jest EFT. Szukamy graczy chętnych do raidowania! Twój staż nie jest ważny! Zapraszamy nowych graczy (chętnie was nauczę, mamy kilku bardzo doświadczonych graczy )jak i z weteranami Grywamy dla przyjemności z dozą tryhardu. Chętnych zapraszam na Discord : https://discord.gg/KnHFjr (trzeba zaakceptować regulamin i dodać sobie rolę "escape from tarkov") Forum: http://alpha-team.eu/forumdisplay.php?fid=112 Zainteresowanych zapraszam do nas i ewentualny kontakt ze mną poprzez discord: Uram#2336 English
  9. Uramnar

    Alpha Team

    Jesteśmy Polskim klanem grającym w FPSy i nie tylko. Jedną z sekcji jest EFT. Szukamy graczy chętnych do raidowania! Twój staż nie jest ważny! Zapraszamy nowych graczy (chętnie was nauczę, mamy kilku bardzo doświadczonych graczy :) )jak i z weteranami Grywamy dla przyjemności z dozą tryhardu. Chętnych zapraszam na Discord : https://discord.gg/KnHFjr (trzeba zaakceptować regulamin i dodać sobie rolę "escape from tarkov") Forum: http://alpha-team.eu/forumdisplay.php?fid=112 Zainteresowanych zapraszam do nas i ewentualny kontakt ze mną poprzez discord: Uram#2336
  10. Looking for both casual and hard-core players to make money, level up, help each other out, goof off, and have fun. We have a discord and play many other games.
  11. CKS-GAMING TAKING PC GAMING TO THE NEXT LEVEL ABOUT US CKS-Gaming has been around since 2004 and we strive to provide a fun, fair and friendly environment for all our members to play in and enjoy. So if you're fed up of playing alone and want a regular group of people to team up with, look no further we have over 1000 discord members and counting! Whether you're a casual player or looking for competitive play we do both as we're involved in scrims for BFV ESB season 1. We are a very diverse community with members from all over the world with a stable member b
  12. BoNo_13


    bonjour, je recherche une team pour effectuer des mission de groupe, et de prendre de l’expérience. Je ne suis pas novice mais on en apprend tous les jours. cordialement.
  13. Bonjour à tous, Merci de prendre le temps de lire ce message 😎. Un peu d'histoires : Squale Gaming France est une structure communautaire récemment remise à jour et au goût du jour mais créée en 2014 sur la base du jeu World of Tanks. De nombreuses années se sont écoulées, de nombreux membres nous ont rejoints et ont fait également évoluer cette dernière vers d'autres jeux mais également Escape From Tarkov. Visible sur le BR Creative Destruction, COD: MW+Warzone, Sea of Thieves ainsi que Escape From Tarkov. Nous sommes à la recherche de joueurs sérieux et motivés afin de participer
  14. Hello Tarkov Fans, It has been a while since we had a massive moderation team recruitment campaign, and the community has been growing in the forums exponentially. That said, we are now opening up the recruitment of the next batch of moderators to improve the flow of the forums as well as communication. We are looking for those who enjoy being active on the forums, love helping people, and want to get more involved with Escape from Tarkov. This is your shot to be part of the community staff of EFT and furthermore. If you have applied before, it will NOT be considered for this application
  15. derholzer

    The Psychward is looking fou YOU!

    Dear gaming community, „the Psychward“ is looking for active players. We are a multi-game community. Currently most played games: -MW -Apex Legends -Escape from Tarkov -Rainbow Six Siege -CS:GO -Overwatch -World of Warships etc. Didn't find your game yet? No problem. Come tell us about it! About us: -Friendly (most of the time) -Keep raging to a minimum -Most of us are 18+, the rest behaves like it -Members from many countries: US, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, Austria -Don
  16. Welcome to out recruitment thread! We here at XCM salute you soldier! We are a fairly new clan existing of some very oldschool players. The core of us date back to the launch of the game and have mostly seen it all. As a community we focus mainly on Escape from Tarkov but we try other shooters on occasion. As a clan itself we are based in Europe, but we will accept anyone in our community! We accept anyone and everyone as long as they are willing to act mature and follow some basic guidelines explained in our Discord. English is the main langauge we use, however
  17. Vintax

    UNITARKOV - Zaprasza!

    Witajcie Drodzy Gracze, Nowi jak i Starzy wyjadacze! Jak dobrze, wiemy patch 0.12 zbliża się wielkimi krokami a my przez ten czas przygotowujemy dla Was coś specjalnego, aby po aktualizacji 0.12 ruszyć z jeszcze większą Siłą na Tarkovskie przedmieścia! Posiadamy własną (profesjonalną) stronę internetową, na której znajdziecie więcej informacji o Naszym klanie oraz skromnej społeczności. Ponad to przygotowaliśmy serwer Discord, na którym możecie znaleźć dużo informacji, porad na temat gry Escape from Tarkov. Oficjalna strona: https://unitarkov.com/ Discord: https://discor
  18. KrimeWwWwW

    ALPHA recruitment [ON] Polska

    Welcome. I want to show you survivors a polish clan [Alpha] We are a group of friends who have known each other from very long time and play many hours together. We play most of the games based on survival, (Rust,ARK,Survarium,Stalker,Metro, and other) so easily we find also in the escape from tarkov We are a clan that prefers most PvP/PvE, we act strategically, carefully and confidently. We looking for polish players but if you want to play with us, write here we have our own teamspeak. Details about the ip address of Teamspeak I will personally send to you i
  19. Join us on Discord JAG is a Military Style structured community full of active/retired military players as well as civilians from all over the world. We were founded back in 1998, formerly an exclusive military member only community after 9/11 most of our members were deployed and the group was put on hold. Two years ago, we opened up to all players, and currently have over 1,100 members on our discord. We Host an Open Discord for everyone to Join, but ranked users are handpicked. You do not have to be a member of JAG to play with us, we use a "Guest" system to filter officia
  20. Leo Fenice

    We Want You!!

    Come check out REAPERS OF WAR (RoW), a newly built place for EFT and other mil-sim games. 18 and up please. And if you wish for more details, don't be shy to PM me. https://discord.gg/r2XzWBJ
  21. The Forsaken Community About Us We originally started as a small casual group back in early 2017. Just recently we decided to expand our community to other fellow players to help offer them the BEST gaming experience and to feel at ease playing with a solid group. Whilst in the Forsaken, you will be called upon to put forth effort into making smart plays and coordinating with your team. With our passion and diversity, we’re expecting to increase our community's size vastly as we continue to expand the Forsaken. This community is based upon giving the average player a
  22. Handsomejack99

    The Defiant Few - Recruiting

    The Defiant Few Description The Defiant Few is a clan that plays Escape From Tarkov for fun, we usually don't take it too seriously and joke around whilst playing the game. We come from Indonesia (but we speak fluent english) and we are online almost everyday during the day (West Indonesian Time). We are mostly squeakers so if you're one of us feel free to join. Rules/Qualifications Be active in the clan, Don't take the game too seriously, Preferably be from Southeast Asia but anywhere else is fine, Don't be toxic, Respect others Don't steal gear (unless allowe
  23. aj021498

    [DoD] Death On Demand Recruiting

    Death On Demand About Us We are a group of experienced players of EFT that formed a community to help players learn and enjoy the game Requirements -Don't be a D*** -Be a respectable member of the community How to Apply -Join doscord https://discord.gg/NJN4Ex - State "Interested in joining" in discord Recruitment Rules - Be mature in chat and discord -Don't be a D*** -Enjoy and have fun Events / benefits -Squad Raids -Trade hub -Give aways Find us on discord https://discord.gg/NJN4Ex Hope to see you soon! Death On Demand
  24. Good morning fellow citizens of Tarkov, I represent a community called JAG. We have users from all around the world, and always have a team/squad going. JAG is an invite only community, but we recruit from our discord which is open to everyone. Once you play with a JAG member and deemed good, you will be given access to more team channels (this is to weed out people randomly coming in and disrupting raids) Everyone is welcome to join our discord and play with us, you do not need to join the community to be able to play with us. What we offer: More then 10 channels for teams
  25. Brickleful

    Other Guys PC Discord Community

    What is OG?The Other Guys is a gaming community for the masses. A hub for players around the world to connect with friends and play video games together. A tight-knit community, that takes everyone’s opinion very seriously, founded on the basis of drama-free, casual fun. We currently have over 350 members, most of which are quite active, playing a variety of different games. We aim to offer a mature, helpful, and friendly environment to all members. How was OG Founded?OG was founded by two members (NrGy and Satic_Rounds) who could not seem to find a leisurely gaming community where they c
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