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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, I've recently purchased tarkov, even bought extra RAM for the game. SPECs: i7 8700k GeForce 7600 GTX 6 GB 16gb 3200 mhz RAM I'm getting around 120fps constant fps on factory, and only playing customs outside of that because I don't know these maps and learning 1by1. On customs I can get drops to 60 fps but running 70-90 mostly on low settings. I've watched countless videos, read through many guides about optimizing, toyed with gsync, ticked/unticked the VSYNC, downloaded process lasso, did everything I could find online (approx 10h research now!) and I just can't get it right. I managed to increase my overall fps count but this is still far from playable. Unfortunately with COVID I can't just visit a friend to see how the game runs for him, but this is literally just a choppy mess? Is this game designed to be as choppy? Complete lack of smoothness, a raw feeling if you wish? Quake 2 ran better! I can't aim, I can't move around, because it just doesn't feel right. I used to play games like cs:go where before purchasing 144hz monitor I used to have better experience on overclocked 75hz monitor with 75fps cap. Could anyone for the love of god just tell me if this game is designed to run like this? Extremaly laggy/delayed/cumberstone? I dont have massive drops nor stutters. It's just that I am about to puke by playing. Stable 60+ fps should warrant atleast somehow enjoable experience but I am just not getting that. When I am watching streamers (specifically bad ones!) they just can move and aim and I am not getting that, not saying to be tarkov pro (on the contrary) but I am about to give up as I spend more time tweaking my pc in order to squeeze more frames (and I start to believe it's just not framerate issue..) I know this is very generic and would be best tested with someone just showing me how his game runs to compare but on the other hand... Would I get stable 100fps+ on this RIG if I bought let's say RTX 3070 8gb?
  2. shroomhead599

    120 FPS nicht möglich

    Hallo, bin neu in Tarkov. Seit ein paar Tagen ist es mir und meinen freunden nicht mehr möglich Tarkov mit 120 FPS zu spielen. Es sind maximal 60 FPS möglich. Ich lasse mir die FPS mit "FPS 1" anzeigen. Einstellungen sind auf 120 Limit im Spiel, V-Sync aus, sonstige Einstellungen in Windows bzw. Treiber passen. wenn ich mir die .ini anschaue ändert diese bei jedem Start den Wert "refreshrate" auf 60, egal was ich ändere, und dann auch noch, wenn die Datei schreibgeschützt ist. Passiert auf AMD+AMD, Intel+AMD und Intel+Nvidia, daher schiebe ich die Schuld auf das Spiel selbst oder k.A.. Vielen dank für eure Hilfe. Sollte ich hier falsch sein, verschiebt das Thema. cheerz
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