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Found 9 results

  1. Xezorion

    Is this game refundable?

    Greetings, I pre-ordered "Escape From Tarkov" today, unfortunately I am very dissapointed with the game optimization and even though I should be able to play on recommended settings according to "Can you run it" and official page information I struggle to load in to the game even on lowest of settings.. My game is very laggy, additionally on my first game I got connection lost and then tried to get back in to a game for an about 30 minutes without any success. Is there a possibility to get a refund of my pre-order? Similar to how it works on Steam where you can refund a game if you haven not played for more than 2 hours. (I played 2 matches)
  2. ihazcarrot

    Bad region, confusing information

    Hello there. I am really disappointed for the lack of information regarding the which region of the game you should purchase. The link below clearly stated that Russian and Ex-soviet countries are able to use the CIS region. Lithuania is an ex-soviet country, yet me and my friend were unable to use due to Bad region error: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/3148-region-lock-and-how-does-it-affect-you/. In my opinion there should have been a list of countries for each region, so you would not make this mistake. I feel this is deliberately scamming people into paying twice. Another misleading part comes due to the fact that "Upgrade" costs 30 or more euros which leads to the question why is it even called an "Upgrade" since you are basically re-buying the game. There is no way to refund the purchase you made, which is against the European Union Law and leaves a bitter taste knowing the fact you had pay twice to use a product that is not even finished. I am note sure why this publisher/company has the authority to not issue refunds when Steam, Epic, Origin and even third-party key websites will issue one when the product is unusable. And yes, some going to say "hurr-durr, you should have done research". What I did find was this misleading thread in a forum.
  3. Das Spiel hat mich - muss ich sagen schon sehr enttäuscht. Zahlreiche bugs und crashes. Mir ist bewusst durch Internet, dass eine Wiedergabe und Erstattung an sich nicht möglich ist. Gilt es für alle User, oder kann man doch versuchen, ein Ticket herzustellen bzw an wen müsst ich mich wenden?
  4. Uniaxxxy


    In any possible way can i get a refund?
  5. jack1uk

    I would like a refund...

    I would like a refund because it wasn't what I was expected at all, In my mind it isn't worth £35 pound. there's a lot of errors and it's impossible to run I know it's a beta but I honestly don't have time to wait for it to be fully realised on steam. So please could I have a refund and respond to this topic. Thank you. Jack1uk
  6. Archer-


    you sold me a 17+ year or older game and I am 16 and bought it without my parents permission so you might want to think of a way to refund me.
  7. Vici0usK1LL

    Refunds ARE Possible

    When a vendor or a company sells a product, they are guaranteeing that you, as the buyer, are getting something accurately described.
  8. BobRoss007

    Refund? Duplicate Products

    Hello Everyone, Just bought the game and am loving it a lot. Although when I went into my PayPal account I went to see how much money I had, I saw the game was purchases twice. Anyway I can get a refund for the extra version? Not to sure how this might have happen.
  9. jwaca12


    Can i get a refund the game is unplayable for me
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