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Found 1 result

  1. vekongmaster

    Please Fix SKS Reload Animation!

    Dear BSG Devs (especially weapon department) & EFT Community, I just found out that SKS reload animation is totally wrong (especially the Tactical Reloading animation when we reload non-empty mag). When reloading non-empty mag, our PMC character will pull back the bolt carrier and magically the bolt carrier stays locked to the rear, then he'll insert the new magazine (or rounds) and he'll pull the bolt carrier further back to let it go forward chambering new round. It seems like somehow the bolt catch inside SKS magically hold open the bolt carrier. You can see SKS goofy reload animation here in this video (starts at 1:01:06). Afaik we can't lock the bolt carrier to the rear when the magazine is still loaded with bullets (coz the bolt catch won't hold the bolt open until the magazine follower pushes it up when all the rounds are out). SKS bolt carrier will get locked to the rear only when the mag is out of rounds (when magazine follower pushes the bolt catch up locking the bolt carrier to the rear). So what's the correct animation for SKS Tactical Reloading? Our PMC character should HOLD the bolt carrier back with his hand while reloading new mag or rounds. You can't just pull it back and "it'll magically stay that way". The bolt catch won't hold the bolt open while you still have rounds in the magazine. I know most of the players here won't even understand a word I'm saying So here's a video demonstrating how the SKS works (what's inside an SKS): I really hope BSG Devs will fix the animation! Well, they have to! Coz realism should be number one priority in EFT! Apparently this SKS goofy reload animation has been mentioned by @Sam_ (an SKS owner in real life) since 2 years ago. And BSG Devs haven't fixed it till now! >_< Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
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