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Found 14 results

  1. On the german newsticker they said: Morgen um 18Uhr (unserer Zeit) kommt der Trailer zu 0.12 online! Translate: Tomorrow at 18h (our time) the trailer comes to 0.12
  2. I basicly just want to know when Wipes will occour and will there be Frequent Wipes after the full release? For me i dont want to keep grinding for stuff when i know in 2 Months it will all be gone. For me it defeats the purpouse. Im not a try harder or play the game for 5 Hours a Day so getting the good stuff is taking me some time. Im in no means a horder of Items but i dont want to waste Hours and Hours trying to grind for a Goshan key when its all for nothing. I know Wipes are important in the current Development Stage but having a rought time estimate would be nice. Also of course the Question is will we still experience Wipes once the Game is in a full Release? Id hope not...
  3. Hello I am currently curious once this game fully releases will the wipes stop? I understand why there needed to reset the cheaters in hopes they aren’t allowed to cheat right back to the top with a patch or wtevr but some of us don’t get a lot of time to play we have busy lives. Not your fault I know but just curious if they’ll ever stop? Thanks for your time
  4. Natalino

    Patch Released!

    The update has added the new Interchange map and new game mechanics to Escape from Tarkov Please Note: At the "Interchange" location, there are no Scav NPCs and Scav players also cannot enter it yet. This is a temporary measure. We are happy to announce the release of a major update, 0.8.0.***, for the closed beta version of multiplayer online FPS Escape from Tarkov. This game update introduces the new Interchange map, modern and somewhat atypical compared to the rest of Tarkov locations so far. The Interchange, besides obvious highways, features a huge shopping mall with shops and restaurants. The new location provides conditions for honing new confined space combat tactics. It should be noted that for some time after the update there will not be any AI adversaries on the location, they will be added in the following patches. Also, traditionally, along with a new location, we have introduced a new trader - Ragman, who sells everything related to garments and equipment. We also would like to announce that the current update applied new, experimental methods for optimizing the handling of game physics on client and server, as well as new means to reduce network latency. In addition, specifically for the new Interchange map, new object rendering optimization technology was applied. Over the course of the upcoming testing, these methods will be applied to other locations as well, resulting in an additional performance gain. We admit that in the process of testing the new game update, you may experience various problems associated with new methods of optimization and new game features. All the emerging problems will be processed through the system of bug reports and promptly fixed. Moreover, the launcher was updated as well, along with numerous other fixes and changes. The new EFT update has also introduced a basic training that is going to help new players to understand and master the basic mechanics of the game faster and better. "As promised, we are gradually and continuously introducing new features and realistic mechanics," said Nikita Buyanov, the head of Battlestate Games. "So, after this update, players will have to spend more time on loading and unloading of the magazines, check the number of cartridges in the magazine and chamber. Note that different magazines affect the loading/unloading rate differently, and there is now a new specialized character skill - Mag Drills." Other additions to the game content include new weapons, among them, the Springfield Armory M1A, Remington 870, AAR, APB and new models of AK including 100-series as well as numerous items for weapon modification. Overall, more than 60 new gear and equipment items were added to the game, including bags and vests, body armors and helmets, weapon modifications, ammunition and medicine cases, hats, glasses, and balaclavas. A detailed list of the new equipment was previously posted on our official website of the game and in the social network communities. You can find it here! Finally, the update has been combined with the long-anticipated profile reset (wipe). The following updates, among other improvements and changes, are going to further improve the project performance, network quality, bug fixes, and add new game combat mechanics. Soon, Escape from Tarkov is scheduled to feature the advanced armor system, flea market, Hideout and other features that were mentioned in the plans for 2018. Development and testing of the future innovations are already underway. Also, the test results of this update will have a crucial influence on deciding the Open Beta launch date. We are sure you are excited for all this as much as we are. Thank you! Turkish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Turkish emissary @Dimitri468 French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to French Emissary @LePatrick Italian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Italian Emissary @gianluzzz German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to German Emissary @Cyver Portuguese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Brazilian Emissary @REAPERBR Bulgarian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Bulgaria @Shibby Czech translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Czech Emissary @PugMonk
  5. gianluzzz

    Patch Rilasciata

    L'aggiornamento include la nuova mappa "Interchange" e alcune nuove meccaniche di gioco di Escape From Tarkov Siamo lieti di annunciare il rilascio di un importante aggiornamento, 0.8.0. ***, per la versione multiplayer online - Closed Beta del FPS Escape from Tarkov. Questo aggiornamento del gioco introduce la nuova mappa Interchange, moderna e alquanto atipica rispetto al resto delle località finora conosciute. Interchange, oltre alle ovvie autostrade, presenta un enorme centro commerciale con negozi e ristoranti. La nuova posizione offre le condizioni per affinare le nuove tattiche di combattimento nello spazio confinato. Va reso noto che, per qualche tempo, dopo questo aggiornamento non ci saranno avversari AI nella suddetta mappa. Verranno aggiunti nelle prossime patch. Inoltre, tradizionalmente, insieme a una nuova mappa, abbiamo introdotto un nuovo operatore: Ragman, che vende tutto ciò che riguarda gli indumenti e le attrezzature. Vorremmo anche annunciare che l'aggiornamento corrente ha applicato nuovi metodi sperimentali per ottimizzare la gestione della fisica del gioco lato client e server, nonché nuove tecniche per ridurre la latenza di rete. In particolare, per la nuova mappa di Interchange, è stata applicata la nuova tecnologia di ottimizzazione di rendering degli oggetti. Nel corso dei prossimi test, questi metodi verranno applicati anche ad altre località, con un conseguente aumento delle prestazioni. Ammettiamo che durante il processo di test del nuovo aggiornamento del gioco, potresti riscontrare vari problemi associati a nuovi metodi di ottimizzazione e nuove funzionalità di gioco. Tutti i problemi emergenti verranno elaborati attraverso il sistema di segnalazioni di bug e tempestivamente risolti. Inoltre, il launcher è stato aggiornato, insieme a numerose altre correzioni e modifiche. Il nuovo aggiornamento di EFT ha anche introdotto una formazione di base che aiuterà i nuovi giocatori a comprendere e padroneggiare le meccaniche di base del gioco più velocemente e nel modo più corretto. "Come promesso, introduciamo gradualmente e continuamente nuove funzionalità e meccanismi realistici", ha dichiarato Nikita Buyanov, responsabile di Battlestate Games. "Quindi, dopo questo aggiornamento, i giocatori dovranno dedicare più tempo al caricamento e allo scarico dei caricatori, controllare il numero di proiettili nel caricatore e nella camera, notare che i diversi caricatori influiscono in modo diverso sulla velocità di carico / scarico, e ora c'è un nuova abilità di carattere specializzato - Mag Drills. " Altre aggiunte al contenuto del gioco includono nuove armi, tra cui: Springfield Armory M1A, Remington 870, AAR, APB e nuovi modelli di AK tra cui 100 serie e numerosi oggetti per la modifica delle armi. Complessivamente, sono stati aggiunti al gioco oltre 60 nuovi equipaggiamenti e gear, tra cui borse e gilet, armature e caschi, modifiche alle armi, munizioni e medicine case, cappelli, occhiali e passamontagna. Un elenco dettagliato delle nuove attrezzature è stato precedentemente pubblicato sul nostro sito web ufficiale del gioco e nei social network delle community. Potete trovarle qui! Infine, l'aggiornamento è stato combinato con il reset del profilo, atteso da molto tempo (wipe). I seguenti aggiornamenti, tra gli altri miglioramenti e modifiche, miglioreranno ulteriormente le prestazioni del progetto, la qualità della rete, le correzioni dei bug e aggiungeranno nuove meccaniche di combattimento. Presto uscirà Escape From Tarkov con il sistema di armature avanzato, il mercatino delle pulci, il nascondiglio e altre funzionalità menzionate nei piani per il 2018. Lo sviluppo e il collaudo delle future innovazioni sono già in corso. Inoltre, i risultati del test di questo aggiornamento avranno un'influenza decisiva sulla decisione della data di lancio della Open Beta. Siamo sicuri che tu sia entusiasta di tutto questo, tanto quanto noi. GRAZIE!
  6. Hi all. The purpose of this topic is to provide an opportunity for critical thinking within the community and remind ourselves of what Escape from Tarkov currently is, but more importantly what it will be, based on information we already have. I'll post info from the devs, then write a little about my interpretation of what it means (or will mean, soon(tm))... What we know - BSG's Vision "Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough." We can break this down into chunks, and explore these terms by themselves; Action RPG - action-orientated Role Playing Game. Makes me think of The Witcher or FF15 Simulator - simulating real-world effects and physics. Reminds me of Arma, Op Flashpoint etc MMO - Massively Multiplayer. Wiki definition (edited for space): "large numbers of players on the same server. MMOs usually feature a huge, persistent open world. ...enable players to cooperate and compete with each other on a large scale, and interact meaningfully with people around the world." Story - well, we all know what a story is don't we My interpretation BSG are aiming to fulfil a number of 'styles' within EFT, which will eventually combine to create the overall experience. What we've seen already, are some parts of the ARPG (skills), some parts of the Simulator (game mechanics, character movement, ballistics etc), a very limited portion of MMO (player co-operation) and almost no Story (within the game, at least. Some info can be gathered via the current placeholder tasks). The main focus of EFT's main mode on release will essentially be RPG/Sim Co-Op PvE, with the ability to seamlessly engage in PvP at your discretion (and at the mercy of Karma). The point of this mode will be to Escape from Tarkov i.e. get the heck out, explore the maps and find out the secrets of the story along the way. There will be 'personal' quests too, which will help us learn about ourselves and the world we are quite literally trapped in. EFT will be a story-heavy game which will encourage players to work together (VOIP) in order to complete objectives, kill Scavs and Scav Bosses, gain access to different rooms/safes/areas of the maps by trading keys, surviving by applying first aid to each other and sharing supplies etc. As well as trading weapon parts we've managed to scavenge for other useful items, things like that. BSG want us to work together in order to complete their game. It's everywhere you look, right from the reveal trailer. The very nature of the game - ex-enemies trapped together in a hostile environment, who must now work together to survive - is almost poetic. They are attempting to bring together players from around the world, from all different backgrounds and put us through numerous challenges with the goal of building a strong, loyal and connected playerbase. This tactic is used by armies all around the world during training - friendships are forged in mutual hardship. The devs are essentially trying to build their own small army of ex-PMC hardcore survivors and Sherpas. The main bulk of EFT will not be a fair, competitive PvP FPS. EFT will be a living, breathing world with an intense story and strong emphasis on working together. Tarkov is not 'fair' and it never will be, which is why we need to team up to even the odds. And no, I don't mean 5 man squads, I'm talking a server-full of PMCs vs Scavs. What does this mean for us as Beta Testers/future players of the full game? As testers, it means exactly that i.e. testing of the game mechanics, weapons, items, tasks, traders, skills etc. We are here to test the core mechanics of the game - we are essentially playing Skyrim without the main questline. Think about this analogy, and apply it to EFT; imagine you are a tester for Skyrim but actually have the knowledge of how the full game will eventually be, this is how we should be thinking as testers. Remember why you are here - to test the game and provide mechanical feedback to the developers. We are not here to report that we are bored, or that we dislike hatchlings, or we need matchmaking, items are too easy to get, money is too easy to get, or any of these current non-issues... I am confident these issues will become obsolete as the game is fleshed out, because we will playing for a much different reason and have a way harder time while doing so. Try to think more about the end product, rather than the testing phase. I look forward to your thoughts, please if you feel like I am way off the mark here, say so. You will not hurt my feelings and unlike many members of this forum I welcome a good discussion/debate. Cheers!
  7. I don't know what the status of wipes post-Beta are going to be, but thinking about it, once a player reaches a certain level or unlocks everything, gameplay might become a bit dull in the future... So they might honestly be a good thing. With that said, losing everything post-beta would be awful, so maybe players could get to 'bookmark', say, a certain number of items, that might allow for a sustainable always-work-your-way-back-up aspect to the game? Or alternatively, whatever items you "Escape from Tarkov" with are the ones that will be kept (and this can be done multiple times or something). Maybe even have a purchasable container for very high prices to store things in that will never be removed from your inventory? As far as these bookmarks/containers go, the option could apply "permanently" to the item until it is "unticked", or lost in the field or something, so that if the player leaves the game for 6+ months, they can retrieve their gear the next time they sign-up or play. Thoughts?
  8. BigDan818

    Estimated RELEASE DATE???

    Hi devs. I'e been playing your beta and loving every moment of it. I got 2 questions. (1.) I was wondering around when is the estimated date of the full release game? Because the beta just got too repetitive. (2.) And when is the date of the wipe? Thank you..
  9. BladeBorn246

    inventory Wipe on release?

    So, recently as I've been playing this absolutely amazing game (buggy, but I understand it's beta so I don't mind). I have been hording items and keeping a lot of things in my inventory lile guns, ammo, meds, etc... However, I'm wondering if on release or open beta will our inventories and stashes be wiped to make it a bit more fair and equal playing field for new players. Or will we be able to keep our stashes upon release. Thank you! Great game!
  10. Inameolol

    Beta Release 2016!?

    Yo Guys, beta this year is confirmed...so you guys have 30 days left I think its time to let us know the date... Cheeers!
  11. Kind Regards Escape From Tarkov Team. I am pleased to suggest or/and ask a question about a simple thing about the beta release. I know that all or most of the players (I am included) are aware of the launch of Beta this year. I would humbly suggest that the launch be in advance of at least a week or two, with no specific day. In this way all future participants who have commitments and those who do not, we can organize to enjoy the Beta from its beginnings. This will also favor with all those who have not yet preordered the game. Of course not only will players be aware of the long awaited Beta. Thank you.
  12. Your Should downloading prefer to share a few days earlier because of Downloead is determined big? Not everyone has a 20mb / s internet connection. For example, I have a 16mb / s but there are determined people with less so we need but also the chance to download it in time if the download server is overloaded. 3 days ago'd already be ok I suppose at times because it manages to really be any time ready and not overloaded because too much.
  13. Arranleehale

    When can we play?

    Hi, I hope everyone is well, developers and future players. My main question would be, when do we get to experience this game?. I'm sure we are all waiting in great anticipation for this release. On the website we see a pre-order page. Now I was about to purchase the most expensive pack.. this pack is something I will be purchasing. What stopped me though?.. well the main thing that stopped me was the release.. when would I get to experience the game I've just paid over one hundred euros for?. Also I see in this pack a lot of additional add on's. When do player who buy this pack get access?. For other people who pre-order the other packs. What information is available to them and are you willing to open up and share any information you may have?. Will the alpha/beta be released in waves?. In light of all of this, the game looks amazing and the graphics are beautiful so fantastic work devs!. Do you have any leading information into the main objectives of the game, the story, the purpose?. Will we get a choice of hardcore servers to stop those wall peaking players for third person?. As you can see there are some burning questions here which we would all love to read your replies!. I think what nerves most of us is a delayed release. We see this happening so often nowadays with games and it becomes ever so frustrating. The division for example being one of the games which seemed forever to come out since the announcement. Community, feel free to share your thoughts. Devs we would love to get further information. Best Regards, Arran-Lee
  14. joeltech

    Release Date

    Hello Escape from tarkov I just joined and I was wandering when will this game be released Thanks and this game is in a stage of good to be true and i am looking forward to it
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