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  1. Vearon

    Magazine Stripper clips

    Hey whats up guys this is Vearon aka Mud_Slug and i'm here to suggest some ways to make it possible to reload faster in game. Most guns magazines can be reloaded with stripper clips so it would be a cool idea to implement them into the world of Tarkov since reloading is going to take a lot more time. These would be a 1x1 slot that hold about 10 rounds in each strip and would shave off 1 or 2 seconds of reloading a magazine to help the player get back into the fight faster. Same thing for the sks accept without having to remove its mag just loading from the top with a stripper clip. Let me know if you guys think this would a good tool to have in a firefight.
  2. I think it would be neat if when you inspect a mag you have the option to (after it shows how much ammo is about left) double tap R and throw away that mag and reload a new one if you have one available. I don't think this would be overpowered as it takes longer to inspect the mag then to just reload so this would just be an option if you check say a pistol mag and you have like one bullet left you can toss the mag and reload to a fresh one.
  3. I've never faced this problem before but I did today and I found it very frustrating. I realized after playing this game for 3 wipes that you can't load a gun with a mag you find off the ground without putting it in your inventory first. I had a scav run today where my scav had a scav vest, no backpack and an ak74m with a drum mag. I dropped the mag to see if there was any way to put the BT ammo I found but I realized the mistake I made, there was no feasible way for me to put it back in the gun as you have to go through the inventory system and I had no space for it (no 2x2 slot). So for the remainder of the raid I had to run around to find a backpack with my only weapon being a single shot ak-47m. Here are two pictures where my PMC guy doesn't understand how to put the mag that's in front of him which is compatible with the gun he's holding.
  4. jfelipe123456

    Full chest Rig Reload

    Whe you reload with a full rig in Tarkov, the magazine that was in your weapons in dropped. So we all know that if a chest rig has 6 magazines slots, we only put 5, but what if there was a new reload when your rig is full? An animation like the M4 in COD:MW where instead of taking the magazine out of the weapon e puting other, he first take a new mag and swaps with the old one. This would lead to a new way of reload and play, where if you use a full rig, you would have more magazines/bullets, but the reload time would be longer.
  5. Pongo115

    AK's reload animation

    I think ak's reload animation should be changed. I know that the devs have more important things to worry about now but i belive that this is worth mentioning. So current animation looks like the character would press the button at the side of the gun or something (like AR) to release the magazine. In real AK the release "button" is placed underneath the gun, between magazine and trigger cover. It is designed that way to actually instead of pressing it by your finger, snap it with the another magazine to make the reload faster. This is with fast reload of course.(Animation with tactical reload is fine.) Moreover you should pull the charging handle with your weaker arm, (in game your left arm now) and you should do it by swinging it under the gun. Currently, when reloading, your character supports the front gun grip by he's left arm and charges the handle with his right arm. This is very unproffesional since you should always have your hand on the pistol grip so you can take a shot at any time. *This is based on real military techniques* Hope you'll mind this
  6. patrickvandiek

    reload suggestion for shotgun

    ive got a suggestion for a reload, like when you double tap R you just throw the mag and put a new one in faster right. what about this, if your shotgun has an 4 to 8 capacity [no mag] and you double tap R how about it starts double or quad loading the shotgun cuz you know the reload on shotguns is pretty slow
  7. Dear BSG, since realism is a huge thing for the game and of course for u developers.. i work in the security sector myself, so i wanna distribute my suggestion with you: if you have to reload while beeing in combat, you wanna remain on target while doing it. Meaning, you are still aiming though the scope, iron sights etc. you want your enemy looking in a barrel all the time.. is such a (realisic) feature planned in the game at some point? or even unlockable when leveling up? best regards, M
  8. So today a buddy and I had 3 rounds in a row with our Saiga's dropping mags after every reload even when doing it in a test server. We would be super careful and still it would drop every reload so I am convinced there is a bug or it could have been some type of Desync or lag but doesn't really make sense. I am working on getting it uploaded to Youtube so I can share that video for the Dev's but hoping that it can be acknowledged and looked into if possible! Thank you
  9. Mikazza

    Magazine Check + Reload

    Hi! It happens all the time that I checked my mag and it is "almost empty", I guess that is quite common. What is bothering me, and I'm sure many other people as well, that you have to wait out the "Magazine Check" animation, where the mag is put back into your gun. My suggestion would be: As soon as you see, in the middle of the "mag check" animation, that you need to reload you can press "R" and instead of putting the depleted mag back into the gun, the reload (animation) is started immediately. That might give you the second(s) needed to survive the ongoing firefight! Much love :)
  10. Hi there and 1000 thanks for this fantastic game! With the Mosin , if can shoot without recycling the bolt by holding left click mouse. During this hold down, why not giving the possibility to reload so the ejecting bullet is empty one? No more ammunition wasted with this simple trick What do yo guys think?
  11. Very simple, you should be allowed to change your stance, while reloading. As of now if you are prone and start to reload your weapon, you are stuck in prone and can't move until you are done reloading. This is very frustrating as I've been killed multiple times while reloading in prone, because I'm not able to get up to quickly and change position. And for the people who will say "it's not realistic to do both at the same time".....it IS actually possible to do both, at the same time. Even if movement speed is reduced that's fine, but to have my character stuck in prone not able to move for the entire duration of a reload...during an ambush...is not very fun. Thoughts?
  12. Hello everyone, sorry for the text but i'm using Google translator. It would be nice to be able to recharge the magazine in the gun, keeping the "R" key pressed. You would avoid entering the menu to reload 4-5 rounds. For a more immersive realism. Thank you
  13. Well, I think that a weapon with high ergonomics makes it easier to manipulate, therefore it should be easier and faster to reload, check ammo and check weapon chamber, however, with low ergonomics, it should be the opposite, since the weapon is more difficult to manipulate. I'm not talking about a reload buff of: SKS full reload in half sec CoD style, just an adjustment on reload speed, making ergonomics a little deeper than just the ADS time. What do you think?
  14. Hi zusammen. Ich bin noch recht neu, vllt mache ich auch einfach was falsch. Ich war im Spiel, hatte ein MPX Maschinengewehr, 2 Magazine und zusätzliche Kugel dabei. Das erste Magazin habe ich leer geschossen und habe in einem günstigen Moment das Magazin (9x19 MPX) mit den zusätzlichen Kugeln (PSO gzh 9x19) nachladen wollen. Die Animation (Ladekreis) läuft, Anzahl zählt langsam hoch. Kaum ist diese beim Maximum (30) angekommen geht der Counter zurück auf 0. Ist das normal? Ich entnehme den Daten dass das die richtige Munition ist (würde sonst auch nicht hochzählen nehme ich an?). Ich habe übrigens auch mein zweites Magazin leer geschossen und wollte es damit nochmal versuchen, kein Erfolg. Noch dazu: Ich hatte im ersten Magazin noch 2 Kugeln übrig, die konnte ich ebenfalls nicht entladen! Rechtsklick -> Entladen (Unload) -> nichts passiert. Platz war natürlich noch über im Inventar. Danke schonmal für jede hilfreiche Antwort. Gerade Munitions-Probleme sind gravierend. (Im Anhang ein Screenshot von den Komponenten)
  15. saibot0

    Mag position afte reload

    So since there will be the reload changes then some people might start to bring a sidearm like a pistol and the mags in the pocket slots. So when i reload atm. the pistol mag would go up to my vest instead of my next pocket slots which is super annoying, i feel like it should go for pocket slots and if none are available go for the vest. So yeah just a suggestion for the next patch
  16. Given that reloading round into mags will take time next patch, i`m imagining the scenario where you shot all your mags empty and you`re still in the middle of the battle. Instead of going into inventory and fill a mag, it would be nice to push something like CTRL+"reload" and the character would chamber a round, given that you have rounds in your vest or pockets. Right now you have to open inventory, drag a round onto your weapon and even that is a big weird since the character won`t always chamber immediately. It would be nice to have a shortcut for chambering.
  17. zpwarrior

    Mag Change

    What would everyone think about a piece of gear for dropping magazines into. I can't stand that I drop a Magazine even though I have room in my vest when the new one goes in.
  18. play_4_skill

    48 hour rain??? really? it sucks

    It can not be that it is raining permanently for 48 hours! That makes all the fun gone! In addition, even this fog, that annoys! Times rain for 15 mins no problem, but now I'm in my vacation for 2 days and play and have 48h only rain? So developers, there must be some adjustments, otherwise the players will be lost! The game is not beginner friendly, has no totorials and then you also wanted to provide the reload with individual balls? This is not good. Players will stop playing!
  19. KingJamesIII

    Loading Ammo in Mag - Animations

    Straight forward idea, I think some simple magazine reloading animations would be amazing for packing your mag full of ammunition again (the New 2018 reload system).... after a firefight, be crouched in a bush popping more 7.62 rounds into your magazine.. If it's interrupted, you simply drop your mag and swing your rifle up again. This would certainly add to the beauty and imersiveness of Tarkov!
  20. Elemetsup

    Discharging while reloading

    Suggesting that you should have the ability to fire you gun while reloading as in real life PMC & Military Personnel usually leave a round in the chamber of their gun to shoot at someone midst of an reload to keep them safe & etc.
  21. Protodead

    Reloading mags

    When you are in a raid, you shouldn't just be able to drag and drop rounds into a magazine. There should be a character animation showing you packing your magazine with rounds. You do this on the M133 and M153 shotgun, it should be the same here. You should lower your weapon, and start refilling the magazine, this takes time , and if you need to interrupt the animation, you drop the items to the ground and quickly raise your gun. This would make bringing in extra full mags more practical, as dragging and dropping rounds into mags currently is too fast and unrealistic.
  22. p4miki

    Mag Loading

    I think, for realism purposes, magazine repacking should be changed. Maybe add a timer when in a raid and repacking a mag, or add an animation that takes 20-25 sec, because now when your mags are empty you just drag and drop your bullets and it magically reappears in your mag. Even 20-25 sec is unrealistic (it takes generaly about a minute when trained to repack a 30 rounds mag). I think it would force players to bring more mags to a fight (2-3 at least) instead of only 2 or even one. This way you would have to think about food, water, your health and refill your mag after a fight. Also, adding some kind of GUI for magazine repack (or a list of compatible ammunition) would be amazing. Having some kind of saved preset for filling a mag (I usually put 3 tracers, 6 reg, 1 tracer, 9 reg, another tracer and 10 reg) would be so awesome. Just click one button to fill your mag. Thanks you for taking time to read my suggestion. I really enjoy your game, it's amazing.
  23. Hey i had a quick search and couldn't find anything on this topic. I find it unrealistic how you just drop a magazine if you reload with a full vest. What i propose is when doing a normal "keep your magazine reload" with a full vest that the character does a special type of reload I.E takes the mag out of his pouch then does a reload with both magazines in his hand then re pouches the old magazine into the vest. Maybe to balance this out it could be slower? Obviously if you double tap reload it will do a tactical reload still. This is what i usually do when i am airsofting when its not a critical reload and it works for both m4 and ak style platforms. I assume it will work with most magazine types. Perhaps a dump pouch attachment could be in order for vests? 4 x 4 Attachment that can hold 2 magazines and cannot be reloaded from?
  24. D4rkK9th

    Shotgun Reload animation break

    I noticed that when reloading a shotgun, you can't stop and start shooting until finish loading all the rounds, I think you should be able to stop mid way to keep shooting. I did a quick search and couldn't find any info about it. if so please disregard. Thanks for this great game btw.
  25. Awoken91

    Fast ammo reload

    Hello I have a request for this game, In guerilla warfare it is verry often used to have a "Dual ammo reloading techniqe" it is 2 magazines taped together and a piece of stick between them to fast reload. Would be so cool if you could animate this thanks Also a camel pack is verry often used if running/ traveling a far way on foot to replenish hydronation. Can´t wait to play this game Take care & cheers from Sweden
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