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Found 3 results

  1. To start off, I know you can load an individual round when there is not a mag in the rifle. But I am suggesting the ability to choose a round to load within the magazine selection when you hold the reload key. Similar to an SKS with a detachable magazine, where you can choose to change mags or top load rounds from pockets from a UI menu. When I bring a rifle I plan on using at range, I will usually bring two different types of ammunition for it. One for full-auto gunfights, and one for long range - high velocity/tracer. As it is now, to switch between the two, you either have to swap mags and deal with the chambered round or unload the individual round while the mag is out and feed a fresh one from the next mag. (Or dump the round after the new mag is in, but some ammo is expensive and worth picking back up... such as .338 AP) Its more relevant with bolt guns with small magazines, where you may use a round to clean up scavs, then switch to something else for more penetration. Or even if you decide to go without a mag and load singles, you are unable to choose which rounds to load from pockets. (You also full cycle the bolt before loading another round by opening it again.) I am sure its completely irrelevant to most people, as I have noticed that many don't use the advanced animations already. I appreciate the detail in the animations though, seems like it would just need a UI change since the animation is already there. I'm no dev 🤷‍♂️ Just an idea, not anything game changing. Not even sure if anyone else would use this feature. Opinions?
  2. AH_BateryFlacid

    Faster, uninterruptible reloads?

    While loading guns with internal magazines (SKS, Mosin, MP-133/53) its nice to be able to interrupt a reload at any point, but grabbing one round at a time form your rig looks weird, and takes much longer, my suggestion is that by double tapping the reload key, the player can grab 3/5 rounds/shells at once, and reduce the reload time, but, doing so forces you be unable to interrupt the reload until you load all the rounds in your hand, It'll also give shotguns a faster loading option once stripper clips are added for the rifles
  3. Hi all. I have 2 suggested changes to the reloading system in EFT. Before I continue, I want to define the two types of reloads you need to do, which are simulated in EFT. Tactical Reload - replacing a part-used mag for a full one. - This is done when you want to top off your ammo and you have the time and cover to do so. This is the reload you will do 99% of the time. Speed/Fast Reload - getting a fresh mag in the gun as quickly as possible - This is performed when you are still engaging and need to keep your weapon system firing. This is a life-or-death matter; you are out of ammo when you need it most. Whilst both of these are included in EFT, the speed difference is useless and does not accurately simulate the speed in which trained operators can perform these reloads. Also, the way you swap mags is not accurate. SUGGESTION 1 Increase the speed of fast reloads dramatically to make them a viable option in the middle of an engagement. It is supposed to be the most efficient method of reloading requiring the least amount of 'steps' to complete. Currently the character only does a marginally faster action than a standard (tactical) reload. He dumps the existing mag THEN he reaches and grabs a fresh one and inserts it. This is terribly inefficient. For example: If you watch any trained operator perform a speed reload on an AR, they grab the fresh mag AT THE SAME TIME that they release/dump the old one, so that as soon as the old has left the magwell the fresh is practically straight in. The AK platform has various approaches due to the style of mag release and the offside charging handle. However, one thing that is popular is to grab the fresh mag first and use that hand/mag to release the old. I prefer the method of grabbing the fresh mag THEN using the thumb of that hand (with the mag in it) to release and push away the old mag, leaving my hand right in position to insert the fresh mag and charge. A pistol reload is typically the same steps as an AR reload. Watch these 3 videos of Travis Haley perform speed reloads on the AR and AK platforms and then his speed reload of a pistol (the full-speed reload is at the end of that video!). With this suggested change speed reloads will be a viable action to perform mid-combat, as the method is intended, and provide a far more realistic representation of weapon system handling that trained operators are capable of in the real world. SUGGESTION 2 There is no reason to keep a mag pouch free with regards to reloads. No operators in the real world would keep a mag pouch free for empty mags. This suggestion does not apply to speed reloads, as you are dumping the existing mag, but with standard, or tactical reloads. A tactical reload still starts with grabbing the fresh mag THEN you take out the old mag with the same hand holding the fresh, switch them over and PLACE THE EMPTY IN THE POUCH THE FRESH CAME FROM. Fast forward to the 9:00 mark to see a tac reload on an AR You can see a tac reload performed on an AK in the AK speed reload video above. Travis Haley performs a tac reload between speed reload drills. This is the correct method and allows the operator to carry the full complement of mags, rather than have a wasted empty pouch, which is the case in EFT. I suggest that the standard reload action be changed for the more efficient options above and remove the necessity for leaving an empty space for magazines in a rig. SIDE NOTE This may be something that the developers have already considered or implemented, and may be features that are available once achieving certain mastery with the weapon systems. I still believe that ANY PMC operator would adopt these techniques, regardless of mastery, though further competency in the weapon system could allow for faster reload times. In any case, the 'empty pouch' mechanic is totally and annoyingly incorrect and should be corrected too and preferably before the animations for stocking mags etc are added, as we will need to carry all the mags we can! What are your thoughts guys?
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