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Found 13 results

  1. Beninsa

    Please end Santa.

    At first.. i was gonna type words of emotion and rage. But I calmed my self down and decided to really get into why this needs to end. First the reason why I'm posting this. I have somehow managed to go all this time without killing Santa. which has been a real challenge. Because he has opened fire on me and my team on multiple occasions for killing boss which I don't agree with at all, and I have literally chose to die rather than kill Santa because I don't want to lose rep. THAT is an issue. Where I have to sacrifice my gameplay because of a broken AI I'm not allowed to kill. Sometimes I can get away but not all the time. I was on factory just trying to clear it and someone RUNS up the stairs at me and I turn and one tap him. Before I could even realize who he was he was dead and I saw that it was Santa and I just wanted to quit. My rep went from .71 (which I know isn't great but I'm trying slowly ok) and now I'm -.25 this was huge for me cause I always pride myself on being a good scav and I like the benefits of not being negative. That is all ruined.. for an event about a fictional character for a holiday that IS LONG PAST. Its not even new years anymore. The reasons why he should be removed immediately? 1. its not Christmas. Take the tree too I don't really mind. 2. Its not even NEW YEARS. It is January 5th for christ sake. Its over. 3. He was broken to begin with, attacking people that cant kill him and no ive never shot at him or even tried to engage him. I usually dont even go up to him for gifts because of all the bad run ins. 4. People are losing scav rep just defending themselves or over accidental kills. Sure I know some people just dont care about their rep, but f or the people who do PLEASE give us a chance to get our rep back. Give us a quest or something for those whove killed him once. MAX TWICE. Give us as the player base a chance to get our rep back. All in all I know this message comes off heated despite me trying not to. But it really does frustrate me and makes me not even want to try for my scav. But I know these messages dont usually lead to anything so I guess my venting session is over. I got ducking tarkov'd.
  2. Like me, many of you must be on the same situation. I killed Santa 2x (of course by mistake). Thing is, getting back rep with fence is way too hard! So.. here´s a suggestion : Many other traders offers quests or ask for a payment to reset your bad rep from quest deliver choices , why not add a quest on Fence (or quests) to do the same? Could be just handing FIR items or paying money depending on your rep status, to the point you become neutral (0 Karma) not going further than this. Hey, just a suggestion. If you don´t like it please don´t reply with nonsense hate comments Happy new year to all!
  3. Dr_DonutPHD

    Rogue Scav penalty and timers

    So i was new to the game at one point and i didn't trust anyone even in scavs, so unfortunately i kos a few times till my buddy told me that was gonna cost me at fence, which it did. i am now painfully trying to get my rep up .1-.4 every time i run my painfully long scav timer, however, it is nearly impossible with the amount of toxic scav players who im friendly to who just backstab me when im not looking, i feel like there should be a higher penalty for killing scavs as a scav, i would also suggest some kind of timer leeway for new scav raids after a peaceful scav is killed by rouges, this happens nearly every time i load into a new scav raid and its making it impossible to make any progress on my fence rep and its making the game quite daunting to play especially when money is a very important thing at the level im at. I get if they're new players or what not just like i was one time, but its getting ridiculous.
  4. Pikasannnnn

    Rep Loss Scales With Fence Rep

    Any suggestions/feedback is appreciated. This is a lot of text. but there's a lot to say. I am not sure if this same suggestion has been posted before, I tried searching and couldn't find anything similar (unless I'm searching incorrectly). It's clear that there needs to be some kind of reform on Scav Karma. Don't get me wrong, Scav karma is good concept, but the rewards and punishment system doesn't feel significant. Idea What I'm suggesting is: the amount of reputation that a player scav loses when killing another player scav should scale with the more reputable one's rep. The following list explains in detail the numerical portion of my suggestion: < 1.00 Fence Rep (FR) ~= 0.05 rep loss 1.00 - 1.99 FR ~= 0.10 rep loss 2.00 - 2.99 FR ~= 0.15 rep loss 3.00 - 3.99 FR ~= 0.20 rep loss 4.00 - 4.99 FR ~= 0.30 rep loss 5.00 - 5.99 FR ~= 0.35 rep loss > 6.00 FR ~= 0.40 rep loss These are just numbers, but what do they mean? This list doesn't directly mean that the higher your rep, the more you lose per scav kill as a player scav. Rather, when an aggravating player scav kills another player scav, the amount of karma that scav loses depends on the player scav with the higher fence rep. Here are some scenarios and what would happen under this suggestion: Scav 1 (FR: 0.5) kills Scav 2 (FR: 3.4). Scav 1 would lose 0.20 FR Scav 1 (FR: 5.3) kills Scav 2 (FR: 1.3). Scav 1 would lose 0.35 FR This change in scav loss should not apply to AI Scavs and killing an AI Scav should still lose 0.05 rep. Mainly since it would be extremely unfortunate and unfair for a player scav with 6.00 FR to lose 0.4 rep because an AI Scav walked in front of his gun during a fight with a PMC and died. But it's also so that players don't feel suffocated under all the rules they must follow in order to keep their hard earned 6.0 FR. Will this work? From what I see, it will definitely help alleviate the amount of scav on scav kills. The threat of losing an enormous amount of rep is definitely scary. Of course, players with tremendous amount of negative scav karma won't care anymore and will just keep killing other scavs. However, this will most likely keep players who wish to keep a somewhat positive rep from wanting to kill another player scav with visibily decent loot. A player scav with 0.1 FR might think "I have enough FR to kill that one kitted looking player scav and it won't affect me too much". But with this suggestion, they now also have to worry about whether that player scav has high rep or not since killing him may mean a 0.05 rep loss or a 0.4 rep loss. Similarly, this should also reduce the amount of player scavs with good scav karma from thinking "well... it's only going to eat like 1% of my 5 FR". Earning scav karma is somewhat difficult and earning it back is going to be harder with V-extracts and other methods not giving as much at that point. Therefore, with this suggestion, high rep player scavs might be more wary of killing other player scavs. Additionally, allowing player scavs to continue to only lose 0.05 rep killing AI Scavs instead of their respective FR scav loss would still give players who wish to kill them to continue to. It's agreeable that it is pretty easy to recognize the difference between an AI Scav and a player Scav (based on movement). So, although player scavs will need to be more careful when killing scavs, they can still kill AI scavs normally and are less likely to ruin another players day (especially if they got lucky and found 600k worth of loot as a scav..... speaking from experience). Having more security that you won't die as likely is surely a good positive for having good rept. Moreover, knowing that the player scav who killed you will be severely punished accordingly will encourage more players from raising their FR. Does this fit? Most definitely! It already exists with scav bosses, if you kill them as a scav, you lose around 0.5 rep. As we know, higher FR = less hostility from scav bosses/guards and > 6.00 FR means guaranteed standing next to a scav boss, which puts you almost on par with them. Having players lose more by killing other player scavs with > 6.00 FR is similar to them killing a scav boss/guard. Similarly, it only makes sense that if you have high FR, the sudden decision to kill another scav for no reason would surely hurt your trust with the scav bosses and Fence. Conclusion The presented suggestion should hopefully reduce the amount of player scav on player scav kills. This suggestion mainly adjusts the punishment player scavs receives against other player scavs. If a player wishes to continue killing scavs, they can, they just need to be more careful of what scavs they kill, which may deter them from doing so. It definitely won't remove this type of play style completely. There will definitely be people who don't care about the karma system and just want easy loot. But it should hopefully dissuade the player scavs with decent/acceptable scav karma who are thirsty for a single player scav kill, from killing them. Additionally, it should give people the feeling a safety when they do a scav run, or at least they know that if another player scav kills them, they will be greatly punished, which should motivate more grinding for FR.
  5. AlphaPugnator

    How to gain Reputation for Fence?

    As each kill of a Scav as Scav-Player will decrease reputation for Fence by 0.02, one have to find out, how to increase the reputation. Quests and what else?
  6. Last patches, even from last year I didn't need to do any quests to get to peacekeeper LL3 and LL4, only Spend the money and level my PMC, but now it requires 0.3 rep for peacekeeper to be LL3. Is it a bug or an unannounced change? If it is a change, then why it says I need to be level 18, when in fact you finish the skier quest line you will be already level 40 or smth.
  7. IceMat


    Hello! Im not really sure about this, but something happend with my Rep with Skier! I was on level 4 before with Skier and all i did today was to turn in the task ( General Wares) to Theraphist. And after i did that im not abel to buy Skiers lvl 4 stuff since im missing 0.01 in rep with him. ( i was lvl 4 with Skier before turning in the General wares taks to Therapist) I even turnd in the task (Friends from the west part 2 AKA 5000 dollers) to get some rep back (1.2 in rep) For some reason since it DO NOT say in the task (General wares) that i will go minus rep with Skier for doing this, then it makes no sense what so ever that im now missing 0.01 in rep with Skier! I know i have some faild tasks that happend in lower levels, but that dont matter cuz i had level 4 with skier and all the others exept Theraphist and the only task i did today was turning in the (General wares and Friends from the west part 2) So plz tell me how im able to lose rep with skier when i havent done anything to lose it?!?! I also know that the patch 0.74.974 came out not so long ago today, and i dont know if it got anything to do with that since this makes no sense (The tasks was turned in after the game came live again) And i have checkt if ther is any task im able to do to get some rep back with Skier and there is none, cuz all i got left is Theraphists tasks and she dont give any rep with Skier. I have screenshots of the 2 traders where you can see what im talking about. Plz help me!
  8. aveleira

    Skier, reputação ruim?

    Eu era iniciante no jogo e comecei a melhorar a therapist primeiro, no entanto, fiz algumas quests dela em que tive uma reputação negativa com o skier. Caso eu faça todas as quests da therapist e todas as quests do Skier, eu vou conseguir maximizar ambos os vendedores? Por exemplo, quando eu terminar todas as quests do Skier e minha reputação for digamos 0.4 (0.6 necessário para o lvl 4 se não me engano), há alguma maneira de subir o lvl dele? ou ele jamais chegará ao lvl 4? Obrigado desde já.
  9. I seem to have run into a problem or something that i am not aware of. It looks like that I have met the requirements to get Fence to level 2 but the game is not making the transition. I have heard of people having this problem with other traders and it resolving itself within 3 days, but this issue has been like this for 5 days now. If anyone has any advice or info it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. CaptiveHat

    trader reputation/karma

    im very close to lvl 3 skier. but im .02 rep/karma points away and am having a really hard time doing his quest. any way to level them up without doing quests/tasks?
  11. amensch

    Trader reputation

    I bought the EoD Edition and saw that you'll get a good standing with all traders. Now I'm wondering how the reputation system will work for the traders. Will the reputation only go down if you give him like a bad deal, or will it go down continuously if you don't trade often enough. And : Will the reputation only go up if you give him a good deal or just trading with him.
  12. Magor57

    Reputation system

    Hi, I am still waiting on the news on the reputation system. AKA: Q: How will the reputation system work? How do you plan to avoid the game turning into yet another “douchebag simulator”? A: We have prepared an extended separate material on this, please stay tuned for updates. Any nonexact ETA on that material? Can't wait to see it
  13. killjoy445

    Reputation and Towns

    I have a few questions about safezones. 1. Can anyone pull a gun out a fight in a town or safe zones? 2. Will there be AI guards in said towns? 3. Will there be reputation for characters so if they shoot in towns and are mischievous they wont be able to go to certain towns or safe zones? Thanks for reading and I cant wait until this awesome game comes out.
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