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Found 8 results

  1. I seem to have run into a problem or something that i am not aware of. It looks like that I have met the requirements to get Fence to level 2 but the game is not making the transition. I have heard of people having this problem with other traders and it resolving itself within 3 days, but this issue has been like this for 5 days now. If anyone has any advice or info it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Last patches, even from last year I didn't need to do any quests to get to peacekeeper LL3 and LL4, only Spend the money and level my PMC, but now it requires 0.3 rep for peacekeeper to be LL3. Is it a bug or an unannounced change? If it is a change, then why it says I need to be level 18, when in fact you finish the skier quest line you will be already level 40 or smth.
  3. IceMat


    Hello! Im not really sure about this, but something happend with my Rep with Skier! I was on level 4 before with Skier and all i did today was to turn in the task ( General Wares) to Theraphist. And after i did that im not abel to buy Skiers lvl 4 stuff since im missing 0.01 in rep with him. ( i was lvl 4 with Skier before turning in the General wares taks to Therapist) I even turnd in the task (Friends from the west part 2 AKA 5000 dollers) to get some rep back (1.2 in rep) For some reason since it DO NOT say in the task (General wares) that i will go minus rep with Skier for
  4. aveleira

    Skier, reputação ruim?

    Eu era iniciante no jogo e comecei a melhorar a therapist primeiro, no entanto, fiz algumas quests dela em que tive uma reputação negativa com o skier. Caso eu faça todas as quests da therapist e todas as quests do Skier, eu vou conseguir maximizar ambos os vendedores? Por exemplo, quando eu terminar todas as quests do Skier e minha reputação for digamos 0.4 (0.6 necessário para o lvl 4 se não me engano), há alguma maneira de subir o lvl dele? ou ele jamais chegará ao lvl 4? Obrigado desde já.
  5. CaptiveHat

    trader reputation/karma

    im very close to lvl 3 skier. but im .02 rep/karma points away and am having a really hard time doing his quest. any way to level them up without doing quests/tasks?
  6. amensch

    Trader reputation

    I bought the EoD Edition and saw that you'll get a good standing with all traders. Now I'm wondering how the reputation system will work for the traders. Will the reputation only go down if you give him like a bad deal, or will it go down continuously if you don't trade often enough. And : Will the reputation only go up if you give him a good deal or just trading with him.
  7. Magor57

    Reputation system

    Hi, I am still waiting on the news on the reputation system. AKA: Q: How will the reputation system work? How do you plan to avoid the game turning into yet another “douchebag simulator”? A: We have prepared an extended separate material on this, please stay tuned for updates. Any nonexact ETA on that material? Can't wait to see it
  8. killjoy445

    Reputation and Towns

    I have a few questions about safezones. 1. Can anyone pull a gun out a fight in a town or safe zones? 2. Will there be AI guards in said towns? 3. Will there be reputation for characters so if they shoot in towns and are mischievous they wont be able to go to certain towns or safe zones? Thanks for reading and I cant wait until this awesome game comes out.
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