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Found 9 results

  1. WastedM

    Armor repair kit.

    I think it would be nice to be able to bring some sort of armor repair kit into raid. Of course it would have to be balanced as in, costly, a bit heavy, take up maybe 4-6 spots and take a long time to use, but yes still a solid idea. Why add it? - Imagine having a costly load out, been in a firefight, won it and there's all this loot, but all the armors are at 0, what do you do? Get one or two tapped by a scav/player in the chest on the way out? It has happened to me many times. EFT is all about different scenarios and how you overcome them, a armor repair kit in those kinds of scenarios would be crucial.
  2. As you can see in the picture, I cannot play the game since the error message keep popping up, tried repair buttons and repatch several times but it do me no good, tried restarting still no good. Please help
  3. Seeing as Nikita has said the the flea market will be for found-in-raid items only, maybe there should be an ability to break down player's gear for repair resources. There was a mention of dogtags possibly being a type of currency (a sum of all the lvls of the dogtags you have in stash) so maybe player's gear that you stole in raid could break down into a type of repair resource (or currency). These points could be dependent on the health of the gear you stole and a 'Repair' skill that allows you to extract more repair resources out of the items. Those resources could then be applied to existing gear within your stash to repair them, allowing an addition repair option so you don't have to spend Rubles every time. The 'Repair' skill could also be leveled up so that it could take less repair resources to repair gear. Just a thought I would like some discussion around seeing as it seems like the gear I would exit the raid with will now only be able to be sold to vendors.
  4. Played the game after a week of not playing and noticed that the price for repairing armored rigs skyrocketed. For example, a TV-110 costs 1k per hp with Prapor. Before it would only cost me around 200 rubles per hp to repair. Is this an official change???
  5. denizk53

    Repairing Armor

    If i buy a armor from the market lets just say a gen 4 full protection and it has 0/40 hp - is it worth it to buy and repair it? I think i heard somewhere that when you repair armor it has less quality of protection then before so i dont know if repairing is worth it. And if its worth, does prapor repairs the armor good enough or should i repair with skier?
  6. MK_FlicK

    Game needs constant repair

    i noticed a pattern. one day the game is working fine, a small update comes out. and the game never launches and after each repair im greeted to more repairs. after giving up and seeing a small random update. the game out of nowhere starts to work i have verified the game reinstalled the launcher and game itself cleared cache downloaded the file directly off the site and through support ticket link moved it to an SSD done countless repairs submitted multiple tickets asked the reddit community (still no fix) i have tried everything and the game still is not working and i dont have to wait until an update comes up just to play. its literally broken if there is any fix i really need it
  7. Hello. Today i got an small update on my game, after launching the game and clicking "Play" it opened the game normaly, had 1 game and after that tried to get to 2nd i got "Trying to synchronize with other players 90%". I was stuck there for good 5-7 minutes and then i realised it wont get me to into the game. I re-lauched the game, and it said my files are corrupted and wont start, so i repaired, finished the repair, opened game, crashed, told me i needed a repair again, wont launch again ECT ECT.
  8. fobbakuoriainen

    Game unistalled itself

    Game uninstalled itself when I was launching the game. Is there anything I can do other than just install the game again and waste one day doing that? There was some kind of repair message before it but it didnt mention anything about reinstallation or corrupt files.
  9. keyciraptor

    Repairing full broken item

    Hello guys I have a fully broken helmet (0/25) and when i want to repair it it says it is fully broken and i need to fully repair it... but how? when i press to repair it nothing happens.... so how can i repair it? :-s
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