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Found 17 results

  1. There's no real indication anywhere what you have to do if you encounter a possible hacker. My friend got killed by a guy on top of the resort roof, so I sneak up to the roof and I can hear someone moving on metal (So he has to be on the metal staircase right?). So I hide behind the block where the door is to the roof, and I suddenly hear metal movement right behind me and I start taking shots?? How?? Anyway, how to report hackers?
  2. Report Hackers

    i dont know how u can report a player that us hacks maybe there is an option but i dont know how if there no option so plz add it
  3. Wie kann man bitte Spieler reporten, ich wurde gerade von einem ******* getötet mit einem Headshot auf geschätzt 400m und er hat 10 Schüsse oder mehr geschluckt und nimmt anscheind keinerlei Schaden !!
  4. We were on the "Woods" map, and running around the outskirts of it. We heard some shots so we went towards that direction, they were abnormally rapid so we were curious. We had about 200 meters in distance us and as I crested a hill someone else did at the same time. All i could see was their head for not even a full second and instantly both my friend and I were dead, even though he was 200 meters back looting a guy I had killed previously. There were no shots fired, just the death message. Their name was OperatorAlf. Don't expect a refund I just thought I'd bring some attention to an obvious cheater.
  5. Report System

    Me and my friends were all playing together on shoreline, everything was going fine but we started all started laging for around 10 seconds at a time each, that wasnt the bad part. We got to the gas station and my first friend just got randomly injured. He jumped in cover where he couldnt be shot, and just died by a guy named Flik. No shots were heard. Seconds later, my other friend just dropped dead too. Again, no shots were heard and Flik had another kill on his list. I was the only one left and saw a scav and killed him. As im looting him, i just got damaged. My head and both my arms just droped to 0. I finish looting him and my chest just gets heavily injured and started bleeding and my stomach droped to 0. I chose to try to extract but all of a sudden, both my legs droped to 2. Seconds later i drop dead and see that Flik killed me. This was just to say that maybe incorporating a report system might help against hackers. Thank you.
  6. Cheater

    Hello guys, is there any option to report player for cheating ? When i was in raid, someone start running next to me like quicksilver and than i ran to exit he one tapped me with shotgun from 200meters. His name is hidden...
  7. Report system for cheaters?

    Have a cheater caught on my stream. Some sort of god mode. Is there a method to report this? I can give time and date as well as map and twitch clips to verify.
  8. This bug may already be well-known, but in case it isn't, I'm spreading the word, both to help out fellow players for the short term, and make sure the devs are alert to it in the long term. You don't need the Cabinet Key (short name "Key", has a black head) to open the locked door in the gas station in Customs. You can breach it by opening the door across the hall from it so that the open door is between you and the locked office. If done correctly, your character will fail to square himself in front of the locked door properly, turn to his right, and kick the wall by all appearances. The door will behave as if you have kicked it from the opposite side, and open out into the hallway. I discovered this quite by accident. For me, it works every single time. I stop by there in plenty of my custom raids, and typically no one bothers with it because of its dangerous location. So, late in the raid, it's a quick-and-easy loot grab, and i don't even need to spend one of my four valuable alpha container spots on a key.
  9. how to report cheaters .?

    hi today i saw 2 players cheating in shoreline remember ther name but i don't know how to report them ... can you help ?
  10. Reporting Bugs and Hacking.

    2 questions. I was about to report a hacker and post logs for reference, symptoms of the hack and so on but when I searched, there was no where to report them. I found the post a little below this one saying the following: "We do not accept user reports of hacking/cheating at this time. We have an active anticheat measure in place and currently working. All cheaters/hackers will be detected and banned." First question is what kind of response is that!? Why the hell can't I give you a log and a name and speed up the process? I understand the spam you would get from people just whining, but I just got stabbed in the back from 15m away by the guy I was shooting, I got about 6 confirmed hits in him, one in the head I think. Useful information I think. They used a knife from a distance while holding a gun. Hell of an assumption to assume ALL will be detected, good anti hack = bad lag constantly. Im running smooth as butter. (Props on that for the record, I'm not all negative.) Unfortunately I died. He was able to kill me via a hack. Let me repeat that. Your anti-cheat failed to stop the hack, its not that great, don't assume "All cheaters/hackers will be detected and banned." because Mr.Has-No-Name-To-Report got away with my stuff after I got him in the head. Judging by the slight delay between hit and kill, the game uses server-side hit detection. How can my shots connect and not kill if the cheater has no access to data regarding hits? If the game uses client-side hit detection, can't my PC say I killed him? Its a little SNAFU. Mind you its the first and only hacker I have found so thats pretty good. Serious question is: Why can't I report hacking? Second question is where can I report bugs? Surely you take those right? Beta-testing and all that. All I see is general and that is messy as hell, I assume you have something better that I haven't found.
  11. Bonjour étant nul en anglais je me permet de venir vers vous pour report un bug .Soit le traduire ou le report directement Merci . J'était donc à cette emplacement et j'ai interagi avec la caisse dans la camionnette . Au moment de l'action j'ai effectuer un straff à droite et c'est ensuite voir pendant le straff que le menu inventaire à Pop . J'ai donc pu loot la caisse mais en sortant du menu , mon personnage était bloqué dans la porte arrière droite de la petite camionnette. Mon personnage pouvait faire une rotation complète , courir , glisser , mais aucun déplacement ou autre action ne ma permit de me débloquer . J'ai donc du abandonner mon stuff même une reconnexion au serveur après avoir fait un ALT+ F4 n'a pu résoudre le blocage . Je vous remercie d'avance pour votre aide .
  12. Hi, i don't know if there's any kind of ban for glitching a pistol, anyways here we have a glitcher. My friend and I were in factory and one guy with a supressed makarov with a drum mag killed him. He already believed that he was glitching that pistol. I ran to kill him and when i kill him and look for that pistol, his inventory is empty. Video : Name of the glitcher : I hope you do something with this soon, thanks for reading! (If you are going to ban him or something and don't believe us, my friend has the video from his perspective.)
  13. Report Hackers

    I'm not sure where to do this so starting a thread here. A player by the name of 'FKiller' is using flying hacks. Please ban!
  14. 스태쉬에서 아이템이 사라지는 버그가 있습니다. 이는 in game에서 사라지는 현상이 아니라, 게임 중이 아닌데도 아이템이 사라지는 버그입니다.****** 유저들의 추측으로는, 스탠다드 패키지 유저들의 알파 컨테이너에서 주로 이 현상이 일어나는 것으로 미루어보아, '컨테이너의 레벨(알파,베타,감마)에 따라서 보안성의 차이를 둔 것 같다.'라는 의견이 있었습니다. 그러나, 저를 포함한 몇 명의 유저들이 겪은 바는 서버 상태가 불안정 할 때, 스태쉬가 롤백되는 경험입니다. (어떠한 때는, 컨테이너 자체가 텅텅 비어버립니다.) 아래에서 아이템이 사라지는 몇 가지 예를 들겠습니다. 1) 스태쉬에서의 디싱크로 인해 보험창에서 ok를 눌러도 반응이 없고 그 상태에서는 어떠한 맵으로도 접속할 수 없습니다. 이 상태에서 아이템을 옮기면 반짝반짝하는 효과가 생기고 옮겨지지 않고, 클릭 할 수도 없는 상태가 됩니다(이동 대기 중인 아이템이 반짝반짝할 때 처럼). 이 때 재접속을 하면 해당 아이템은 사라집니다. 2) 서버가 overflow되는 특정 시간대에 게임을 하여 습득한 아이템이, 다음 날 아침에 접속하면 사라져 있습니다. 3) 매우 빠르게 인벤토리 정리를 하고 나서(CTRL키를 활용하여 마우스 클릭으로 매각하는 방법), 게임 맵에 접속하고 나오면 불특정 아이템들이 사라집니다. 4) 서버가 불안정 할 때에, 오프라인 모드로 PVE를 돌고 나오면 장비 창과 컨테이너가 싹 비어버립니다. 한국 및 접속상태가 불안정한 국가의 이용자들께서는 상기 내용을 잘 읽어보시고 주의하면서 플레이 하시길 바랍니다. 해당 내용을 영문으로 작성하여 버그 리포트를하고, 스태쉬 롤백을 요청했으나 돌아 오는 것은 하나도 없었습니다^^. TO. dev team. 제 스태쉬를 건들지 말아주시기 바랍니다. 수 차례의 리포팅에 불구하고, 당신들이 아무런 조치를 취해주지 않아서 새롭게(같은 아이템을 여러번 ^^) 루팅한 레어 아이템들이 많이 있습니다.
  15. Not sure where to Report Bugs

    So I'm not too sure where to post bugs. I did send it to support but not sure if that's the proper place so I will post my report here as well. Died to a guy I shot 11 times to the chest point blank when he hit me 3 times with a knife after the first 6 shots. Possibly when he was so close to me my gun was through his body and I was shooting the wall, not sure but just a little frustrating that it happened. Also would be nice to allow backpacks and vests and other items to be swapped by dragging the same type of item to replace the other item e.g swapping backpacks, you can see me attempt this in the video.
  16. This just happened: Was this person cheating, or was it something else? If he was cheating, where can I report? Didn't find a specific area in the Forums. Thanks!
  17. Guten Tag, Ich habe bereits zweimal einen extrem störenden Bug gehabt, der sich wahrscheinlich aufgrund der zu großen log-Datei nicht normal melden lässt. Ich hatte ihn bereits zweimal, jedoch ist es bereits ein paar Tage her. Zum Bug: Wenn Ich mich auf der Map Factory zwischen zwei Objekten (zb Schutt, Container) die nah beieinaderstehen sofort nach dem Sprint hinlege und währenddessen mich umdrehe, passiert es, dass Ich rückwärts über/durch meinen eigenen Rücken schauen kann, und dabei meine Waffe gezogen habe. Bewegungen sind kaum möglich danach. Wenn Ich nun in diesem Zustand schiesse, töte Ich mich selbst. Daraufhin wird mir jedoch nicht der Deathscreen angezeigt, stattdessen kann Ich mich weiterhin bewegen und bin unsterblich. Im Reiter Health werde Ich als Tod angezeigt ( Kopf, Oberkörper bei 0% und Grau). Es ist mir dann nicht mehr möglich, meine Schusswaffen zu verwenden, aber die Nahkapfwaffe steht weiterhin zur Verfügung. Die Feinde können mich nicht mehr umbringen. Bitte leiten Sie dies an das entsprechende Team weiter und gegebenenfalls löschen Sie diesen Beitrag. LG Alex