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Found 35 results

  1. CodeXd

    Crash report

    hope it helps crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  2. RooZvonBooZ

    Hvordan Man Anmelder En Fejl

    Escapers, vi er bevidste omkring problemerne med mange spil crashes lige pt., men vi har brug for din hjælp. Vær venlig, hvis du har oplevet diverse problemer, fejl, crashes eller bugs i spillet, at anmelde det til teknisk support. Det er meget vigtigt! Tak på forhånd. Husk også at skrive hvad du var igang med i spillet, da det f.eks. crashede, i kommentarfeltet. Dette gøres via spil launcheren, og herunder kan du se nogle screenshots, hvis du skulle være i tvivl om hvordan man anmelder fejlene. Husk, hver en rapport tæller og kan være den der hjælper udviklerne med at finde fejlen, især hvis du får tilføjet logfilerne. Vi takker endnu en gang på forhånd, og håber i alle vil være med til at gøre spillet bedre for alle!
  3. Sminstes

    Bug Report August 2018

    -Items starts blinking when discarded/moved and takes seconds to - eternity to fix so you finally can move it from your inventory (in raid) -Bugged backpacks. - You can't deposit anything in em even tho bag looks empty. The hidden items can't be discarded or moved until raid is over. -Extreme desync between server and game making people without armor eat full mags sometimes. -Super small stash in normal edition making everything counterproductive. -Scavs glitching stuck in walls making them invulnerable unless you shot them once in the stomach and they glitch free. (atleast w shotgun) -Corpses gun/hatchet glitching thrue bodys/floors -Weapon spawns sticking thrue walls/interior - also hard to find in this state. -Customs whole trailerpark side of the river seems pointless. Bad loot - alot of terrain. Annoying spawns. (personal) -If you put a gun to full auto, let it stay on that. Maybe otherwise add a safety to make it more realistic. -Keys/locks are unrealistic in their behaviour when used. Not synced - lock/key -Lvl 1 with no progress in gear or stats will face fully kitted lvl 40s which makes everything except shotguns kinda viable. Just look at ammo types available too. I see the raw aspect but --also it makes to me no sense to have these lvl gaps. Every odd is against you as lower lvl. -Add a option to add items directly from scavrun to PMC character. -Not being able to press escape (close down) a storage/rig after a scavrun. Possible elsewhere. -Money/ammo refuses to stack 50% of the time. -Not being able to use hatchet in certain extraction areas. -Quick moving knife from knife slot to bag does not work! It says "not enough space". So I have to drag it. -Uppon extraction moment (0.0sec left) your gun moves unrealistic just before loading onto menu again. -Raid times are confusing around 06:00/18:00. Should be great with a icon showing day or night for less confusion. Spawning in on a dark map without vision is extremely frustrating. -Consumed IFAK does not mean icon in hotbar goes away (UI) -same goes for every other item. -Game will always stop responding during map loading if game is tabbed down. (1070, i5,16gb ram, 100fps) -Not being able to open bags to sell items inside the bags while at trader menu. -Can not move unexamined items (attachments/mods) from scavrun to inventory. for example. taking off the pistol grip. -There are two different pictures for OKP-7 Reflex sight. One has a mount on it. Doesn't say so and you can't remove the mount from the OKP-7. -Can't unload mags from gun to inventory if gun is also in inventory unless you inspect it and drag it out. (only if you don't have backpack or rig) -Dead bodies does not have a hitbox. Have in mind that I have around 100 hours in raid time this wipe so i'm not a complete noob x)
  4. Escapers! Der Grund warum Escape From Tarkov so beliebt ist und sich ständig erweitert seid Ihr, die Community. BSG setzt sehr viel Wert auf die Zusammenarbeit mit der Community und benötigt euer Feedback und sogar Ideen. Aus diesem Grund konnten wir bei BSG ein Pilotprojekt mit der Deutschen Community zusammen herauskitzeln was folgendes sein wird: Monatlicher Report bezüglich Feedback und Ideen. Wie wird das ablaufen? Zum Ende eines jeden Monats wird solch ein Thread erstellt und steht euch zur Verfügung. Dieser Schließt dann immer am 01. jedes Monats um 0 Uhr. Diesmal werde ich NICHT das Forum durchsuchen, wenn hier nichts gepostet wird, wird auch nichts reported Was können unsere Posts enthalten? Nun, sowohl Feedback (positiv & negativ) als auch Ideen zu Waffen, Waffenteilen, Anpassungen an Karten, Gear, Bewegungen usw. (keine Grenzen) Wie muss das aussehen? Feedback klar sachlich und konstruktiv (kein Hate) Ideen einfach beschreiben Denk bitte daran keine großen Romane zu schreiben und sachlich zu bleiben. Wir müssen eure posts dann nämlich aufbereiten und auch noch übersetzen Da dies nun jeden Monat passieren soll, müsst ihr uns auch nicht gleich überladen mit Ideen. Schaut auch bitte nach, bevor ihr postet ob das nicht schon jemand erfasst hat. Wenn es schon jemand gepostet hat, dann macht eine Spoiler Nachricht und schreibt +1 darunter. Auch bereits gepostete Ideen aus einem älteren Monat sollen nicht im nächsten Monat nochmals gepostet werden. Ideen aus dem letzten Monat die ich weitergeleitet hatte: Ich habe mich dazu entschlossen das Zeitfenster diesmal größer zu halten, damit ihr auch genug Zeit habt
  5. matze214

    Hacker Report?

    Hey Leute, da ich recht neu in diesem Forum bin, wollte ich fragen ob man hier irgendwo Hacker reporten kann? Ich hätte nämlich einen zu melden. [Playername removed]. Hat eine EOD edition und hat mich und mein 5er Team weggeschossen. Alle aufgeteilt versteckt gelegen. Er hat einen nach dem anderen weg geschossen. Und dass in Kurzer Zeit. Ist um eine Mauer gekommen hat den ersten wegenommen dann direkt durch ein Loch (Mauer) den zweiten. Und die letzten 3 haben sich dann auch so ergeben. Wir sind auf keinen Fall schlecht und gewinnen jedes Teamfight gegen andere 5er Teams. Aber ich kann mir nicht vorstellen das 1 Person einen 5 Mann Squad ausschaltet ohne sich viel zu bewegen wenn alle ausseinander liegen, so das alle Spots abgedeckt sind. Grüße
  6. Explane why there is no way to manualy report hackers? Every serious multiplayers game that I know of has it. We are not manually accepting hacker reports due to the fact that there are many other factors, including desync, netcode, etc. that may seem like he is hacking, but he is really not. (DaBombgamer - moderator) Ok, I can have a desync, you can have a desync, but not every single game right ? If there is someone constantly cheating, he is going to get a lot of reports. Than your anticheat system can focus primarily on people with most reports. Our anti-cheat is working well, and if he is actually hacking, he will be banned. Please, next time, use the search function. You will see every hacker thread has been locked. Have faith in the project, hackers will be banned and they are not tolerated. (DaBombgamer - moderator) You are locking every single threat about cheaters, not accepting reports, saying your anticheat system works well, but reality in the game seems opposite ( just for last couple of days to be fair). Even if it works well, what if it works slow. In future after game release, and if its going to be popular, cheaters will farm money and gear and sell it for real money. By the time you ban them, they can afford new account. So again, whats wrong about focusing on players that got most reports, why not give it a try, I know a lot of legit players are going to be reported too, but probably wont get more reports than cheaters. And you said it is working fine, right, so legit players wont get banned. I cant report, I cant accuse someone on forums. What about bringing some "democracy" into the process and let us have the voice too. Right now, whole BSG is basicaly repeating : Shut up and play. We dont care what you say ... (about cheaters) Do you think people are crying about cheaters because they dont like the game ? These are the people who like the game most and care about it. All we want is to help and be heard.
  7. likailinwow

    卡在term page

    刚买了 黑边版 无法点击ACCEPT 怎么点都进不去游戏 有人知道为什么吗
  8. Z1on3in

    The cheater

    Cheater ID: tiankong Cheat: ESP AIMBOT
  9. Salut tutturor! Asa cum v-am promis va facem raportul anului 2017 stiind ca ati asteptat cu nerabdare acest lucru. Din pacate, da la inceputul anului pana in acest moment, am fost concentrati in exclusiv sa dezvoltam acest proiect. Creatia unui video anual necesita miscarea unui numar mare de dezvoltatori(developers) si de sarcinile pe care le au in curs; Din aceasta cauza am decis sa va prezentam planurile noastre cel putin in forma textuala, incat sa puteti intelege care va fi viitorul proiectului Escape from Tarkov in 2018. Mai intai ne preparam lansarii Open Beta. Ca sa ne asiguram ca totul va functiona bine cand va fi lansat Open Beta, acum ne ocupam de lustruirea tuturor aspectelor tehnice ca de exemplu: Repararea tuturor erorilor care blocheaza gameplay-ul sau jocul: Erori care cauzeaza incetinirea performantei Erori care cauzeaza crash-ul jocului Erori care nu va mai permit continuarea jocului(oricefel de blocare a inventarului si blocare relativa a armelor ori congelari de orice tip) Alte erori tehnice care apar, rar, dar nu lasa jocul sa functioneze. Lucram pentru optimizarea si repararea net-codului, in asa fel incat sa eliminam cazurile de desincronizare, reducerea intarzieliror si eliminarea erorilor de deconectare. O parte a lucrarii a fost deja realizata, reducand intarzierile in maniera considerabila, dar procesul este inca in curs de stabilizare. Este in curs si reglarea match-makingului,marind precizia acestuia ca sa asiguram latente minime. Sunt in curs reparatiile erorilor din partea serverului, care duc la incetinirea performantei aplicatiei serverului, care poate duce ca rezultat diverse probleme de desincronizare si deconectare Optimizarea performantei jocului Cautam sa cercetam si sa reparam toate cauzele posibile a unei incarcari exagerate a procesorului. EFT din pacate ingreuneaza foarte mult CPU-rile, iar cauzele principale a performantei reduse sunt urmatoarele: fizica, sistemul de animatie, logica in joc, grafica bazata pe procesor. Primele doua din pacate iau mai mult de jumatate din porformanta totala a jocului, din acest motiv ne ocupam de repararea si optimizarea acestor componente. Optimizam codul fizicii si al sistemului de animatii. Am introdus noi moduri de optimizare a hartilor. De exemplu, noua harta Interchange a fost creata cu aceste noi instrumente. Dupa lansarea acestei noi harti, vom optimiza toate vechile harti cu aceleasi instrumente. Suntem siguri ca mai este foarte mult de lucru pentru a optimiza jocul. Pe langa preparativele pentru beta officiala, lucram la balansarea fiecarui element se gaseste deja in joc, adaugarea elementelor noi si caracteristicilor importante. Open beta va avea o noua harta Interchange, noi missiuni, arme, echipamente si alte obiecte. Toate acestea for fi incarcate sub forma noilor patch care vor ajunge inaintea bete-i deschise pentru a fi testate. Va rugam sa notati ca am inceput deja preparativele preliminare pentru tranzatia spre noul Unity 2018, iar specialistii motorului grafic ai companiei ne dau foarte mult ajutor in acest sens. Iar acum hai sa vorbim un pic despre noile caracteristici pe care planuim sa le aducem in joc in acest an. Pentru noi este important sa subliniem ca EFT va continua sa fie un joc hardcore, vom imbunatati constant realismul. In alte cuvinte jocul va deveni mai realistic si dificil. Introducurea diverselor noi caracteristici care vor complementa sistemul prezent vor aduce un inalt grad de imersiune si realism.Si acum sa vedem unele dintre cele mai importante caracteiristici din lista pe care vrem sa o aplicam in viitor. Incarcatoare care vor cere mai mult timp pentru a fi incarcate Aceasta caracteristica este in curs de implementare. Cand sunteti in raid, nu veti putea sa incarcati incarcatorul instantaneu cu gloante. O sa treaca mai mult timp pana cand veti incarca un glont si veti putea face aceasta operatie numai in inventar. Acelas lucru se aplica extractiei gloantelor dinauntrul incarcatorului(chiar daca descarcarea va dura mai putin timp decat incarcarea acestuia). Mai tarziu vom aplica animatii speciale pentru incarcarea si descarcarea gloatelor. Aceasta caracteristica este conectata la o alta noutate: Vom elimina numarul exact al gloantelor din inventar(numarul care se gaseste sub armele voastre echipate in cele doua sloturi dedicate acestora). Va trebui sa uzati optiunea de a va uita in incarcator sau in camera de explozie pentru a vedea cate gloante v-au ramas, Cat de rapid veti putea incarca sau descarca va depinde de sanatatea, de abilitatile si de stapanirea armelor personajului vostru. In afara unui raid, munitiile vor fi incarcate sau descarcate imediat, iar cantitatea acestora va fi imediat determinata. Animatiile obiectelor medicale, mancarii, si a altor obiecte de consum. In acest moment obiectele sunt uzate “in background”, deci si in timp ce impuscati, lucru care in mod normal nu este deloc realistic. In viitor nu vom putea uza armele in timp ce ne vom trata ranile sau vom manca. Tratamentul si recuperarea off-raid a personajului O noutate foarte importanta este eliminarea recuperarii magice a sanatatii si a altor parametri(vitali) daca vom supravietui unui raid.In viitor. Dupa un raid va trebui sa va ocupati de sanatatea voastra. Va trebui sa asteptati pentru un timp, sau in caz de necesitate sa uzati kiturile medicale, sa va hraniti sau sa va idratati. Rapiditatea cu care va veti reabilita va depinde de o alta noutate importanta - Ascunzatoarea. Grenade Fumogene Am preparat deja modelele 3D. animatiile si efectele grenadelor fumogene Occidentale si Sovietice/Ruse. Acestea vor fi foarte utile in situatii periculoase in care fumul va va putea ascunde si ajuta. Fumul este realistic din punct de vedere fizic si este foarte eficient pentru umplerea camerelor sau a altor locuri inchise. Lansator de grenade montabil sub teava armei Aceasta este o caracteristica care a fost anuntata cu mult timp in urma, dar care a cauzat foarte multe dificultati cand a fost introdusa in joc, mai les cand s-a tratat de logica retelelor. Lansatorul de grenade montabil va fi adaugat in joc in curand. Depanarea - rezolvarea blocajului, problemelor de aliniere si ratarilor. Calitatea munitiilor. Dupa introducerea acestei caracteristici, jucatorii vor fi mai atenti de conditia armelor si calitatea munitiilor. Cine stie, poate, Kalashnikovul vostru prea vechi sau defectos se va bloca si nu va mai functiona. Poate chiar sa va explodeze in fata, terminand raidul vostru prematur. Aceasta caracteristica este asociata si supraincalzirii armei. Imbunatatirea obiectelor medicale. Excitanti. Dependenta, supradoza si efectele colaterale din partea medicamentelor. Excitantii vor fi de vanzare din partea Terapistei, si vor imbunatati abilitatile voastre(chiar peste nivelul maxim) pentru un timp limitat. Insa stati atenti, la efectele colaterale! Introducerea continua a noilor abilitati Se vor introduce abilitati specifice unei factiuni CMP(companie militara privata). Leaderi Scav In acest moment lucram activ pentru adaugarea oponentilor PvE -- Bosilor Scav, iar fiecare dintre acestia au un aspect unic: au echipaj divers si se comporta in maniera unica. Fiecare dintre acesti boss va fi escortat si inconjurat de criminali caliti care vor apara bossul cu orice pret. Quest personale Vom conduce investigatii in lumea jocului care vor duce la descoperirea povestii acestuia. Cine sunt “Necunoscutii”? Ce fel de cult au? Ce este “Biletul”? Din ce motiv orasul Tarkov a decazut si care va fi viitorul acestuia? Targul In targ puteti sa vindeti bunurile voastre. Acesta are relatie cu caietul(toate obiectele examinate vor fi scrise acolo), sistemul de cautare(care va va ajuta sa gasiti toate obiectele asociate ca de exemplu un AK-74N) si kiturile( arhivarea kit-urilor de arme modificate, impartirea si cumpararea acestora). VoIP Abilitatea de a comunica prin apeluri audio in raid, cu audio pozitional si raza de actiune(audio 3D). Radiourile vor respecta aceleasi caracteristici. Schimbul infatisarii personajului Traficantii va vor furniza un serviciu special de schimb al infatisarii partilor corpului(superioare si inferioare) ale personajului vostru. In acest moment avem 5 tipuri de imbracaminte pentru fiecare factiune. Asa veti putea alege camuflajul cel mai adecvat unei misiuni, tinand cont de teren si de momentul zilei. Harti cu noi puncte de scapare Vor fi harti cu puncte de scapare care nu vor fi permanente, veti avea nevoie de o racheta verde ca sa va puteti abilita extragerea, dar aceasta actiune va putea atrage atentia tuturor inamicilor. Puteti sa cumparati puncte de scapare speciale inainte ca un raid sa inceapa. Ascunzatoarea O mare noutate este adaugarea ascunzatorii, acesta poate fi construita si gestionata de voi. Daca imbunatatiti conditille ascunzatorii, veti putea depozita mai multe obiecte. Puteti face reabilitarea personajului vostru mai rapida si puteti crea prin crafting obiecte, ca de exemplu tuica facuta in casa si omniprezenta ferma de bitcoin. Toata partea grafica pentru acestea este deja pregatita. Acum trebuie numai sa programam logica si interfata. Arena Este o noua modalitate de joc, plina de inovatii interesante. Este competitiva si palpitanta.Mai tarziu vom publica mai multe informatii despre Arena. Cum v-am explicat mai inainte, aceasta este numai o parte a listei tuturor caracteristicilor care vor fi prezente in joc. Vrem sa stiti ca anul acesta vom imbunatati grafica, fara a afecta performanta -- vom actualiza iluminarea, vegetatia, shaders, post-efectele. Este deja in curs testarea animatiilor noi a personajelor. Vor fi noi arme, multe accessorii si piese pentru acestea, ca de exemplu: shotgunul cu doua tevi si revolvere. In noile echipamente vor incluse: peste zece casti, veste antiglont, veste tactice, echipament pentru cap, ochelari, balaclava, casti pentru urechi. Bineinteles, vom adauga si noi harti -- Dupa adaugarea hartii Interchange vom continua cu Strazile din Tarkov. In paralel vom incepe o noua harta cu acelasi spirit de gameplay CQB ca Factory-- Laboratoarele TerraGroup. Vrem ca in acest an sa terminam toate hartile necesare pentru lansare. Pentru anul 2018, asa cum ati constatat, avem planuri extraordinare. Multumind sprijinului si incurajarilor voastre, proiectul nostru se contureaza in mod rapid. Va multumim ca sunteti impreuna cu noi! Escape from Tarkov pentru toata viata! CU CAT MAI MULTA FRICA -- CU ATAT MAI MULT ECHIPAJ! Textul original din limba engleza
  10. WhiteRabbit617

    found obvious cheater

    Found an obvious as hell cheater on customs by name of [username deleted]. took 3 full magazines from an ak with ap ammo and turned to me and one shot me through kiver and paca with a tt.
  11. Can we make a thread where we can report these assholes who are weapon glitching? If you don't know what weapon glitching, watch this video: All content removed by Mr_Sheep.
  12. So I came across someone who prefired three shots into the wall predicting my head. I had gotten into a call with him and asked why he cheats. He said that he doesn't cheat and doesn't want to waste 40 dollars on a cheat. Yet! He has multiple game bans on steam and on reddit has said that he's been banned before on tarkov. Funny thing is, I did some research and found some cheats that are 40 dollars! (He had mentioned 40 dollars before) The cheating website had a discord and thought maybe I can join and @ his discord to see if he was in there. And what a surprise, he was in there. I tried to contact him multiple times and simply blocked me and covered his tracks. He had left the discord and blocked my friend and I. Video removed by Mr_Sheep.
  13. johnieboi55

    Reeeeeporting hackers

    Just a suggestion. i wish there was a way to report players. i understand that this game is still in development and that a lot of reason we die in tarkov is just bad luck. But. some deaths are just too fishy to take at face value. all im saying is i wish i could report players like in pubg. also if you team up with someone in the lobby and they instantly kill you on spawn for easy loot they should be marked as a team killing dirtbag. make them wear a clown suit or something idk. but VOIP would be awsome. just saying. let me know what yall think.
  14. Elder-Drake

    Reporting a Plater

    I see that discussion of reporting players gets shut down and locked fast but it would be nice to have something in place, anything at all. I just was killed by a flying guy namedSmelly_Nigger. Not only do I not know how that name is not blocked from creation but can we at least have a report a name function (unless that name is cool with the devs to have)? I also have a video of the guy literally flying around me, immune to bullets, then one shots me during his Peter Pan impression. Not de-sync, not lag, actually flying around and not rubber banding. I get the game is in beta, wipes are going to happen so I am not bent about losing items on that raid at all. I am bent that I can not report that name nor do I have an avenue to upload a video to beyond youtube. Thank you for your time and please take a look at your character registry, maybe implement a common filter of names that are not allowed? Seeing as I was streaming that to some friends that happen to be black, it did not go over well.
  15. Tommygun628

    Way to Report Hackers

    I would like to address something that has been beaten like a dead horse. We need a way to report hackers at death screen. I know there is a way to do it, which takes preparing for such an event but not everyone is prepared. We need a report function and we need a way for the devs to confirm cheating, maybe something like Overwatch in CSGO. I'm tired of the ridiculous deaths, one shot kills to the chest from someone my whole squad has shot multiple times and still has not died. I understand the devs are busy and are addressing the topic the best they can, but this is becoming more and more common.
  16. MasterOfPain

    Cheaters in EFT

    Cheaters are being so blatant in this game, ******, for example just ran around the mental hospital shooting 3 different people including me through different doors... As an admin or mod, you guys need to take on the responsibility of creating some way to report players. And the players with a certain amount of reports should be overwatched by an admin/mod to view if they are cheating. Is there any way for you to look at the logs to see how they are doing in the game, ex- 30 bullets being shot through a door or another object and leading to 4 kills in a single match. Stuff like that would help you easily notice who is cheating and who is not. It is very frustrating to play and have fun when a cheater runs along and runs to the exact spot I am at and just kills me through a door. I know you can not find all the hacks and prevent them, but there are ways of checking logs to see who is cheating and who is not based on stats. In loot based games like EFT, cheaters take all fun out of it for any player.
  17. Doing a hatchet run, pretty simple, holding up in office and this happened, I apparently can't post videos, but I'll just take screenshots as the door gets gunned down and me through it, not the first time it's happened either. Is this some gear that I am just unaware of? This has occurred to me before but only rarely. I tried uploading them in the order that it occurred, any time I'm pausing looking at a door I thought I heard something outside, I paused at the two to figure out which door the intruder would be breaching from. ( I have the video clip if someone needs to see it or whatever )
  18. Xenome-111

    How do I report?

    I am 100%certain a guy is cheating how do I report him.
  19. There's no real indication anywhere what you have to do if you encounter a possible hacker. My friend got killed by a guy on top of the resort roof, so I sneak up to the roof and I can hear someone moving on metal (So he has to be on the metal staircase right?). So I hide behind the block where the door is to the roof, and I suddenly hear metal movement right behind me and I start taking shots?? How?? Anyway, how to report hackers?
  20. rayansoul

    Report Hackers

    i dont know how u can report a player that us hacks maybe there is an option but i dont know how if there no option so plz add it https://plays.tv/video/5a524c92deec0c5ab3/faking-cheaters-?from=user
  21. Wie kann man bitte Spieler reporten, ich wurde gerade von einem ******* getötet mit einem Headshot auf geschätzt 400m und er hat 10 Schüsse oder mehr geschluckt und nimmt anscheind keinerlei Schaden !!
  22. We were on the "Woods" map, and running around the outskirts of it. We heard some shots so we went towards that direction, they were abnormally rapid so we were curious. We had about 200 meters in distance us and as I crested a hill someone else did at the same time. All i could see was their head for not even a full second and instantly both my friend and I were dead, even though he was 200 meters back looting a guy I had killed previously. There were no shots fired, just the death message. Their name was <snip>. Don't expect a refund I just thought I'd bring some attention to an obvious cheater.
  23. RavioliPastaoli

    Report System

    Me and my friends were all playing together on shoreline, everything was going fine but we started all started laging for around 10 seconds at a time each, that wasnt the bad part. We got to the gas station and my first friend just got randomly injured. He jumped in cover where he couldnt be shot, and just died by a guy named Flik. No shots were heard. Seconds later, my other friend just dropped dead too. Again, no shots were heard and Flik had another kill on his list. I was the only one left and saw a scav and killed him. As im looting him, i just got damaged. My head and both my arms just droped to 0. I finish looting him and my chest just gets heavily injured and started bleeding and my stomach droped to 0. I chose to try to extract but all of a sudden, both my legs droped to 2. Seconds later i drop dead and see that Flik killed me. This was just to say that maybe incorporating a report system might help against hackers. Thank you.
  24. pcgamercz


    Hello guys, is there any option to report player for cheating ? When i was in raid, someone start running next to me like quicksilver and than i ran to exit he one tapped me with shotgun from 200meters. His name is hidden...
  25. OKOrangeKiwi

    Report system for cheaters?

    Have a cheater caught on my stream. Some sort of god mode. Is there a method to report this? I can give time and date as well as map and twitch clips to verify.