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  1. I've found that someone being in a fight with hacker as frustrating as it is, is just a reality. I don't report that much, but when I do, I'd find it really great if there was some way to figure out if the person reported did get banned. I think this would help players in feeling like cheaters are actually being banned, and help them know they contributed. I think it would also be nice to have a small reward for the fight lost. A piece of armor, some roubles, barter items, etc. Now, I'm far from knowledgeable on development, but implementing a feature like this doesn't seem like something t
  2. One streamer in Bilibili (a chinese video website and this is his live room URL https://live.bilibili.com/11714756?from=search&seid=6015525460468474157) with his teammates are always using the bug in tunnel of storage basement to get intelligence advantages and he killed a pmc with hunter who hided near exit by knowing it from the bug site. And even more he could shoot through the bug site to get kills far away(through walls in game). His game ID is JOJO766. I h eard that using vicious bugs in the game can be also seen as cheater, so I hope you could judge this guy and his teammates behavi
  3. thegoodness4

    Player Harassments

    Not really sure where to report players but this was just rude. [IMAGE REMOVED]
  4. LastDougKun

    Tarkov Broke Must be Fixed

    Hello, recently I opened a report asking for help because for a wierd reason I can't play tarkov anymore, I have 35mb upload and 60 mb download, for a long time I've played without unusual problems, but I don't know what todo, can someone please help me? I have lower ping with a server from another country than mine, and I dont use VPN, how can this be possible? Thank you!
  5. andresto

    ¿Cómo reportar un bug del juego?

    Escape from Tarkov se encuentra aún en constante desarrollo por lo que cada reporte ayuda a visibilizar y cuantificar los problemas que puede tener el juego. La siguiente guía explica como crear un reporte sobre un bug del juego. Abre el launcher, sobre el botón de Jugar podrás encontrar el botón de Reportar bug. Presiona el botón Reportar bug para abrir la ventana de reporte de bugs, la misma tendrá el siguiente aspecto: Selecciona la Categoría (1) que mejor acompañe al tipo de bug que quieres reportar. Ingresa una Descripción detallada (2) del bug que
  6. Eddy25

    Offensive names question.

    With the new addition of the report button, I wondered if names of historical characters with bad reputations can be understood and banned as offensive names.
  7. TastyNapalm

    Cheater reporten

    Hallo zusammen, erstmal vorweg ich spiele EFT wirklich gerne deshalb bin ich auch hier. In meinen letzten 4 Lab Raids wurde ich jedes mal von einem Cheater getötet. Mich ärgert es einfach total auf das es nicht einmal die möglichkeit gibt nach der Runde seinen Killer zu reporten, man fühlt sich einfach kopmplett machtlos und die Leute, auch wenn sie noch so offensichtlich cheaten, können einfach weiter machen. Ich bezichtige Leute eher selten des cheatens und ich habe auch schon einige Stunden in competitiven spielen wie CS verbracht und da auch selten Leute des cheatens be
  8. I was playin' Reserve with two mates. I heard footsteps inside the " Queen building " so we pushed it and killed two player, but the third one got me. When I got back into the main menu, I saw one of 'em added me as a friend, so I accept. He insulted me, called me a cheater with " healthcheat " cause, as he says, he shot me 10 bullets in my head ( But in my visual, he was throwing a grenade and never shoot ). How do I report a " toxic player " ? Do I risk the ban? Got the clip and screenshots.
  9. Carajos


    Buenas Gente, soy Carajos, in-game name Mujahedeen_AFG (nombre totalmente puesto debido a diversas coñas con colegas), la situación es que me encontraba jugando una partida en Customs cuando ambos empezamos a escuchar bastaaaantes disparos en la gasolinera, nosotros, en vez de ir al puente y esperar, decidimos ir a las piedras cercanas a la torre de señal que hay y nos apostamos ambos ahí, hago un one-shot con el mosin a un pibe, looteamos, y nos vamos a los dorms y de seguido a la extracción de crossroads, hasta ahí todo bien, salen los nombres de los pmc asesinados y aparece el nombre de (no
  10. Whalersailor


    Hi, so while playing on labs i was immediately rushed by a group of three. I had made no noise to indicate where i was and yet they still knew where i was. i hid behind a med cabinet with a tiny little peak hole and as soon as the first guy came in he headshot me from that pixel peak. His name is FriendmeforCarry and there is another named Friendme4carry Both are hackers who when i quested them about it they said they run a service that you pay for. I don''t give a poo about my crap i lost, but please ban these people. or at the very least look into who they've been queuing with and them and p
  11. AbramGaunt

    video evidence of a cheater

    Couldn't find a report section so i will place it here, don't really care about the gear just hope he gets banned. sorry about pest in the background forgot to mute em before the raid.
  12. I was in a match on Customs and someone shot through the wall while I was in dorm room 206
  13. brye1007

    Cheater in my game

    was not sure where to put this but this player was aware of where I was at all times and just throwing flashes willy nilly, as well as shooting at walls between me and him. I'm not even mad as an old tarkov player but I have been playing with new players who already find this game pretty hard as it is and would just like to contribute to try and get a cheater banned. luckily was solo this run so they have not been impacted by a cheater thus far. following twitter looks like BSG is doing a great job at banning cheaters daily! keep it up! photo removed for name shaming purposes
  14. bloodnectar

    Cheater Report support

    Sorry I just couldnt find a better place to find support for Cheater Question. I have a storry and need some guidance please! I found a hatchling recently, i Helped him but then he came to me and dropped a docs case, I thought he wants to share, it had bitcoins in it like 12, was unreal so I threw it back at him but he started to spawn the DOCS CASE and then just BITCOINS for me insisting so I would pick up, I refused. Can someone explain, dont you have to have server admin rights to be able to "spawn" items like that ? and should I have taken a video of this person doing this and kill him to
  15. So i have been playing alot of Labs lately. With the comming wipe it seems like a good idea to try and learn the map since i havent played it before. But playing this map feels like a lottery since about 50% of the time there is a hacker on it. he just runs around killing everyone one with obvious wallhack and it feels like there is nothing i can do about it. I feel like there should be a report button, or something like that, to try and find as many hackers as possible. If you die, and you have reason to believe this guy is hacking, there should be a report button. Every game

    Where do I report a player?

    I need to report a player to admins to see about getting this particular player banned. I've already gone through the process of getting him Blacklisted from the Official EFT English speaking discord server. However that's all those moderators seem to be able to do. This particular player was using that discord to join into other discords, lure players into raids with him with good loot, team kill them immediately, and then leave the discord. I know TK'ing isn't typically punishable but this player has done this multiple times to multiple players, this has to be some kind of abusing in-game me
  17. JustinMoretzzz

    Ban this hacker!!

    Last week I was watching one of the dudes in my discord. He was extremely careful in game(in a unusually way). So I started recording and find some really interesting thing while his game bugged. here is the video link that I posted on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXKkLXw4-rc&t=15s He changed his name now as : DntRushMe Evidence around 12:15
  18. GroverThaGreat

    Crash when loading raid

    Hello, not sure if this is the right place to post this but my game is suddenly crashing when a raid is loading. My specs aren't the best but I was able to play pretty much just fine in 0.8 and 0.9 so I don't think this should be happening. Here is my crash report and if anyone can explain and help me out that would be great, thanks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. Did a 4 man squad wipe with a shitty ak on interchange, happily going back to extract with gen 4 and an inventory full of high end gear and backpacks and i see someone running in the distance shooting in every direction, before im one shot by him myself. Lo and behold i look up his name and hes a blatant cheater that brags about his 'acomplishments' (even runs a csgo hackboosting service) and is banned on multiple games with numerous forum posts on other games begging to be unbanned and saying that it wasnt him on the account etc. What i also find hilarious is that he bought the EOD editi
  20. Awpii


    So I was with my PMC in Interchange, I literally had just spawned, didn't move, didn't make a sound. I hear gunshots, somewhat distant but not far enough for me to be confident to make any noise, I crouched and I moved as slowly as possible (which basically makes no noise), I found a dark place and stayed prone. After 2 or somewhat minutes I hear sprinting near me but I see no one (Keep in mind I was in the parking garage right under the stores and right next to a barricade and boxes, there was no way I could be seen). After a minute and out of the blue I take a full auto burst to the head, no
  21. Anttarax

    Factory BUG + REPORT

    The players are intentionally located in one place and cannot be looted.
  22. Didn't really care in the past. People would be fishy but theres no way to 100% proof it anyway. Cheats are always going to be a thing but they should be a rare occasion. Just now had this guy in my Factory Raid. I've heard him shoot almost all the way across the map and i was looking through a small gap in his general direction. I see him turn a courner before he puts 6 bulletholes full auto in a split second across the map into my visor and kills me. Again, i didn't really care, had nothing expensive on me cuz i just tried to finish the 12ga Suppressed shotgun PMC kills task. After Raid
  23. dionvdvelde

    death to a possible hacker

    greetings, i wasnt sure where to post this so i took the most obvious one to my understanding. ok so i was doing a scav run and started walking and looting, i walked for 50 meters just to die by nothing, at the death menu it said that i had suffered damage to my head and ears by a guy named dale_ any idea how this could have hapened and i would gladly read it ❤️
  24. So I've owned this game for quite awhile, but never really played it until the last few weeks. For the most part it's been good, but I've notice some raids where players were getting way to many head shots. This is crappy and it's even worse you can't report anyone. But it's the same in almost any game so I've been dealing with it. But this morning I decided to get on and play a few rounds real quick. First round I was fully hidden and stay quiet in the tunnels on factory. Out of no where a guy sprints across the map jumps down and one taps me in the head with a shot gun. I had armor and
  25. Hey together, for me the maps shoreline and interchange are not playable. The game crashs by joining online games, other maps are fine and working. please help ... because I checked so many drivers, bios and software tools on my PC, but cant fix this PC Specs: - MSI Z77 MPower - i7-3770k - MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4g - G.Skill RipJawsZ 16GB DDR3 2400 - Samsung SSD 960 EVO 500GB error2.log output_log2.txt error1.log output_log1.txt error.log output_log.txt
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