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Found 13 results

  1. Gwynbleeidd

    Middle East Servers

    I have a question/suggestion/request to the devs. Is there a plan to add another server for the Middle East? a proper one. A server in UAE (Dubai) will be good for the region. Currently there are two servers, Turkey and Tel-Aviv which are both for me 150+ ping. EU servers are 120+ ping. Adding a server there will be good for the entire region for all players. and I believe there is a minimum of 300 players so I am not the only one. This will reduce lag, disconnects and it will most likely increase the player base too. To my understanding server support already exists in UAE (Dubai) and also Bahrain. Ping is critical to FPS games like this one especially when it comes to PvP so please add a server in the region as soon as possible. If you reached this point thank you for reading this and please let me know what YOU think.
  2. We should get solid dates for things once they are complete for when they will be implemented rather than "soon" when it is nearly complete or in testing. The game gets frustratingly boring when a wipe is announced to be close but then it isn't and it completely ruins the game imo. Thanks!
  3. Good day EFT Forum. Today I would like to create this thread to hopefully find out from EFT Development team if South Africa has enough players for us to get our own servers? I would like to ask all South African players to please comment below so we can let EFT Dev team know we are here, we are many and we support them! We love your game but find it very difficult to play sometimes due to our poor internet connection to EU servers we average 200ms to 250ms and we have to deal with alot of desync and lag. We would love to hear from you. EFT South Africa Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1903773619853151/
  4. I know VOIP is coming but can we please have ingame party chat / gesture and voice commands so we can communicate with random or friends that doesn't have mic. I know u want the game to be realistic as possible but i think the communication between premades/party member either it's with random people or friends should be easy and fun. These are my suggestions. Party Text Chat -Self explanatory Gesture / Hand Sign -The hand gesture icon should popped up on teammate screen Voice Commands -Have a party only version so we can use it more because the voice commands is awesome for immersion but i find it's hard to use because everyone can hear it so it makes people hardly using them which is a shame Extra suggestion -Add a ping system where u can ping a location of your cursor
  5. ssNightShadow

    Developers Needed

    Hello, Is there a way I can speak with the developers? I have some important information I would like to discuss with someone from Battle State Games! (Not a bot or troll) kind regards, Bryan (ssNightShadow)
  6. heliodoros


    PLEASE! Stop messing with the M995! You are not hurting the "Meta" players as they will always be able to buy it no matter what. You are only messing with the more casual players who won't be able to take down the meta players! M4 was my favorite weapon and now I can't play it because its so expensive! Nikita Please!!!!!!
  7. i really love to snipe in this game ,but for me its pretty hard to guess the Distance of my Spot and the Spot where the enemy is. So i´d like to ask if someone knows where to find a Map where i can see the Distance (like in Arma 3 as example)? A map where 1 square is 100 m² as example
  8. Is there any kind soul out there that so happens to have an EU Standard Edition key (full game) that they don't need? (Full game keys don't have an expiry date afaik) I've been trying to play this game with a friend for so long (i was gifted the game by a family member) but unfortunately for him buying the game isn't really a possibility. I'm perfectly aware that the full game is 40$ and that i'm asking a lot, but if i don't ask this i won't really know if there is actually someone out there that has one and doesn't need it. Thanks and have a great year guys
  9. DesertAvenger

    South American servers

    Is there any chance that after full release we can get a South American server? I'm playing from SA and the closest server I've got is the Miami server, which gives me 150ms ping on a good day, though it's generally around 180-200 ms. I don't know how big the playerbase is in SA, so I wouldn't know if it would be cost-effective.
  10. My game looks stretched because i have a LG Ultrawide 21:9 Aspect Ratio monitor, support for that aspect ratio would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, ~Crimed
  11. Your_Moms_Gyno

    minimum time alive

    Hey, few times now i've gotten wrecked as a scav literally on spawn-in because someone is camping the spawns, or it puts me dead out in the open near the double green boxes. Any chance we could have some code injected where if you're alive for t<20sec you get a free respawn? Or its just hatchet runs for the next 30mins because salty AF
  12. Jaymorg2471

    Requesting upload rights

    hey guys didn't know who to talk to directly just wondering if i would be able to get permission to upload videos to YouTube please i am a small youtuber but trying to achieve my goal by making it big and i want EFT to help me achieve my goal i always had plans to start recording videos on it straight away then found out it was against the rules please allow me to upload it would help me reach my goals please and thank you, my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAce8gLkdC13Q-a28TVLP5g
  13. Please stream the vidya game devs! It'll be Friday and that's 5 days away from my exams! It'd be amazing! I would stay up as long as possible to watch!))))))))) Well regards from Canada! -Thomas H.
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