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Found 20 results

  1. So ever since Reserve launched I take in around 6-10 minutes to load in and ALL my other Maps load in within 4 minutes so i always spawn in Late and never get to hit loot spots first, First i thought it was cuz my Hard drive was full so i went and Cleared my entire hard disk to half of its storage on every drive and STILL the problem persists, not to mention random crashes and sometimes i Literally desync from the Server after a hard freeze like my teammate stops moving in my screen but he says he is moving in his game and also sees me move... this is really hindering me from playing what i would call an excellent map without these loading issues. Please help me if its a Issue on my Side or is it the map is just poorly optimized. My Game is running on a Western Digital 1TB hard disk, and My Processor is I5-6600 paired with a RX 590 so i really dont think its any of my PC parts acting weird Thanks in advance :)
  2. Hi all! I'm looking for some PMC's to help me learn Reserve. I have never really touched reserve as i usually just run Interchange. But i'm looking to broaden my horizons, and also i need to learn the map so i can complete the quests later down the line. If anyone is interested, drop me a message, and we can discord and give it a go! Cheers
  3. DelightfulHug

    Reserve Almost unplayable

    I play resered a lot last wipe and didnt have this problem. This wipe Reserve is pretty much unplayable its the only map that takes me 15+minutes to spawn into and is a map that my FPS is in the teens. No other map has this issue, and ive tried everything putting my graphics all the way down, closing all applications except tarkov, I even thought it was a problem with my SSD so i put it on a new empty SSD I just recently gotten and still had this problem with reserve. If there is a way to fix this problem please let me know, thank you!
  4. Oforie305

    Cheater auf Reserve

    Guten Abend an alle Ratten, Chats, etc. nach 5 Tagen als Ratte in Reserve muss ich mein Dasein dort bald als beendigt angeben. Ich wurde in ca. 30-40 Runden dort in gut 75% - 80% der Runden dort ohne einen Zweifel weg gecheatet. Egal ob bei Nacht oder am Tag. Immer nach ca. 3-5 min nach dem Start steht ein Spieler vor dir der mit einer Makarov oder Glock dir in die Augen oder Ohren schießt. Egal ob Faceshield oder sonstiger Rüstung. Gerade eben z.B. hatte ich eine Runde in dem 2 Cheater sich einfach in ein Abgeschlossenen Käfig reingecheatet haben und munter vor sich hin gelootet haben. Nach einem Magazin SKS mit PS Munition in den Kopf wurde ich auch wieder weg getappt. Endscreen zeigt 532 Dmg 8 von 10 Schuss getroffen Run versaut und laune gleich mit. Geht es Euch dort draußen genauso oder bin ich einfach nur Unlucky ? MFG ermüdete Ratte P.S: Kann man irgendwas machen damit solche "Personen" bestraft werden können ? Muss ich ab jetzt jedesmal eine Aufnahme starten ?
  5. NebulaPlayz

    Reserve Issues

    Hello! After the recent update, I find that Reserve is basically unplayable. It takes me an upwards of 10 minutes to load in, where it used to take 1-2. I find that my teammates have also desynced when they load in. I reinstalled this game on my SSD, but it doesn't have seem to fixed anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. The radio station (the underground tunnels under weather station and white pawn) dont seem to spawn solar arrays anymore? Just after the wipe you could find aesa's there almost every 2 raids. Now that i go there, i haven't found a single array at all.
  7. Loaded in twice on reserve one raid after another and both times i was killed by invisible players. First time i was in an enclosed space and dropped dead instantly (headshot) no bullet, gun, or impact sounds. second time i was on a roof and i could hear someone running around very close but looked around couldn't see anyone, next thing i know i'm getting knifed in the head and i do a full 360 - no one around me at all- and then drop dead. This isn't the first time i've had this happen, and as far as i can remember its almost always been on reserve. Just want to know how widespread is this problem? Are you all experiencing this? seems like every 10-20 raids i run into some sort of cheater. im thinking of making another thread in the suggestions sub-thread asking the devs to 1. provide more info on the nature of your death other than [this part shot, this part least damaged] and 2. give the players some sort of tool to report players when they have a fishy death, an account gets too many reports==banned or goes through a review process etc. what do y'all think?
  8. YoFatManz

    Reserve Train Extract Bug

    Reserve is up to its old hijinks again! A friend and I ran a duo on Reserve last night and got pushed out the back of the train on extract. I know it's a known bug, just tossing another documented case out there. Also, if you crouch or go prone next to the wall near the tracks at the right time, it will pull you out of the loop of bouncing around on the tracks, just make sure to crawl out of the building before you stand up or you'll start hopping again. Managed to extract at a different locations with 27 seconds to spare. Fun times.
  9. So I wanted to exfil with the train on reserve. Problem was someone was shooting at me from the other side as the train stopped, trough the train. As I got inside the shooting continued even though I wasn't visible. I run around in the train and saw 5 or 6 scavs(pretty sure). I laid down and the shots continued to hit me even though I was moving and not visible. Aside from a scav seeing me trough walls, be it a player hacking or a scav having supernatural sense. How tf is that even possible if it is supposed to be a armored train when a normal gun can penetrate the walls?? Unfortunately I didn't record and realized too late to do so. Really frustrating if you have big loot on you.
  10. Hi everyone, I did a lot a runs on reserve recently and i feel they change or remove raiders on this map. I found this guide (see below) and i think i didnt see lever and train raiders for a very long time. Anyone know something about this?
  11. Hi Guys, I have the problem that on reserve I have long loading times (up to 7 minutes). I have that only on reserve and not always. Sometimes my game loads quickly, but not often. The game rests on my 250 GB Patriot Burst SSD. I have 16 GB RAM and the graphic card 1060 3GB and the processor AMD Ryzen 2600. I already reinstalled the game on the ssd. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  12. I’ve been playing a little over month with over 200 hours now. I feel pretty confident in my game knowledge and combat skills but the one map that still intimidates me (besides labs lol) is reserve. How should I approach this map as a pmc when starting out? I know the map pretty well since I usually do money runs as scav on reserve. So map knowledge isn’t a problem. I feel like there’s just so many scavs and potential snipers on the map that I don’t feel like it’s worth the risk as PMC. Any tips on how to approach this map as PMC?
  13. yungin

    Salty player

    imagine getting sniped in the head because you were loot hungry and didnt clear it out
  14. Rekonsile

    Scav nades are now 400 IQ

    prone to nade throw gotta love it lolol Still having fun but how many of you have had this happen?
  15. Moin, ich habe ein Problem und hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen.... unzwar geht es um die neue Map reserve, jedes mal wenn ich sie spielen möchte stürzt das gesamte spiel ab immer bei Loading Loot.. Ich habe das spiel schon einmal komplett neu runtergeladen hat aber nichts gebracht. Zu meinem Pc: Prozessor i7-9700K Ram: 16GB Grafikkarte: Geforce RTX 2080Ti also am pc sollte es in keinem fall liegen....
  16. Jefxd

    Bunker Hermetic Door

    I've finally started to play reserve and i've been wondering if Bunker Hermetic Door has a time and player limit, since every time i've heard the alarm go off and i made my way into the bunker the light was still red and i had to bring the power back up.
  17. Olá a todos, Primeiramente, digo que busquei essa solução com o relato de jogadores tendo problemas para entrar no mapa RESERVE exclusivamente, do qual se queixavam da lentidão no mapa em si, mesmo com o patch atual (neste momento, a versão em jogo é a BETA), além de problemas que podemos chamar de desync, tela preta, o que tornava o game injogável no meu ver, isso sem contar os travamentos no mapa. Busquei tentar juntar informações frente a hardware relacionado, mas já vi relatos de players com hardware melhor que o meu atual e tendo problemas pra jogar RESERVE, sendo que pra mim em si, o mapa apesar de parecer ser um pouco mais pesado que os demais, roda sem os problemas que foram citados no início. Então, para quem está meio sem esperança do que fazer só pelo fato de não conseguir jogar no mapa da Reserva, segue um pequeno tutorial do que pode ser uma tentativa que solucione temporariamente a possibilidade de jogar no mapa em si. Supondo que o sistema operacional utilizado seja o Windows 10, as telas a serem feitas as configurações/menu, são as seguintes: Clicar com o botão direito do mouse no canto inferior esquerdo da tela e, no menu que aparece, clique em “Sistema”; Na lateral esquerda da janela, clique em “Configurações avançadas do sistema”; Na guia “Avançado”, clique em “Configurações…” no quadro “Desempenho” – o primeiro botão; Novamente na guia “Avançado”, clique em “Alterar…”; Desmarque a opção “Gerenciar automaticamente o tamanho do arquivo de paginação de todas as unidades”, pois provavelmente se nada foi alterado, essa opção deve estar selecionada; Defina o “Tamanho inicial” e um “Tamanho máximo” (ambos em MB) para o arquivo de paginação e clique em “Definir”; Nesse caso, o valor pode ser setado de acordo com a necessidade. Mas para efeito de testes, colocar em Tamanho inicial o valor de 4096 e o Tamanho máximo o valor de 8192. Logicamente esse valor pode ser alterado, mas também não faz muito sentido colocar um valor muito alto nesses dois campos. Lembre-se que o valor colocado será automaticamente "subtraído" do seu espaço do HD/SSD que você estiver utilizando. Após a alteração do valor e clicar em "OK", a máquina irá solicitar a reinicialização: Reinicie a máquina. Assim que concluída a reinicialização, a máquina estará pronta pra uso. Este pequeno tutorial ajudou o sherpa Gabriel Bertolini, vulgo thoxicprotocol ao menos conseguir jogar de maneira mais satisfatória no mapa Reserve. Certamente, devido a infinidade de hardwares existentes, pode ser que este tutorial não ajude muito quem tenha pouca quantidade de memória RAM no PC, ou tenha um processador que necessite ser melhorado, ou até uma placa de vídeo que necessite de mais potência, para que jogo rode de maneira mais adequada. Fiquem a vontade para maiores dúvidas e/ou sugestões, além da possibilidade de compartilhar a experiência de jogo, após essa mudança efetuada no Windows. Abraço a todos.
  18. neur0tix

    Thermal Is NASTY!

    It is getting dark and you cannot see s*it anymore. Map time limit is closing in fast! Train is honking in distance and will definitely leave soon with or without you! Could it possibly even get worse than that?! ... Here comes the Raiders Ambush! Without Thermal scope, we would possibly be all dead long time ago! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MDlkoEhnjU
  19. CmbatWmbat

    Reserve map

    Hi, I would like to suggest turning around the map of reserve that is shown on many sites, as the north is not at the top but actually at the bottom. If you go to the radar station, you can see the shoreline resort buildings and its northern building. Therefore the radar station must be in the South of the map however it is shown at the top which led to some confusion between me and mates because we often use cardinal directions for call outs. ^^ Thank you.
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