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  1. Hello basically, i have uninstalled tarkov off my D drive to re-install on my C-Drive & have forgotten my password the email is correct but. When i hit Re-set password i did not receive the email to reset my password please help.. Regards Goliath
  2. I've been playing Escape from Tarkov for about 20 hrs now, but recently stopped playing it. I came back to the game a couple weeks later to find there has been a game update. As I normally would with most games, I updated it. However, when loading the game it prompted me to selected a PMC character as if I hadn't played the game before. Obviously, I thought this was just supposed to happen of course, so I went along with it and selected a PMC character, only to find out that everything I had earned was removed from my profile. Why is this and why does this happen? Is this a glitch? Because now I can't be bothered to play the game unless I know for sure that the next update is not going to do the same thing. Do you know if there is a fix for this?
  3. Hallo, nach installieren des neuen Updates wurde mein Charakter komplett zurückgesetzt. Ich musste einen neuen Charakter erstellen, bin wieder Level 1 und hab all mein Gear verloren. Ist das normal oder nicht? Im Internet habe ich nichts dazu gefunden, nur wie man sein Profil zurücksetzt, was ich aber nicht gemacht habe. Weiss jemand warum? Hello, after installing the new Update my character got completely resetted and lost all my gear, money, level, ... Somebody knows why or is this normal?
  4. ÖÖÖhm mal ne Frage, habe aufgrund einer fälschlichen Annahme nen Account reset gemacht und habe eine Sperre bis zum 4. April. Jetzt habe ich mir aber die EoD Limited geholt und kann meinen Account nicht zurück setzen um dieses zu Aktivieren. Was ich persönlich sehr Schade finde. Würde es mal ein klassisches Eigentor nennen, hoffe aber trotzdem das man mir hier weiter helfen kann, da der Support ja mal 10 Tage brauchen kann bis zur Antwort MfG
  5. fiftyfootant

    Skill change/full reset?

    So i was workin on my hideout, got to 2.9/3 strength the other day and was gonna finish it off today so i can finally build the level 3 vents. I come back on today and find myself at 0 strength. Seeing as its one of the SLOWEST skills to level, i hope its a bug that will be fixed - and i find that rather a large piss off if it isnt a bug. I understand adding in stamina, but i see no need for the strength reset. Now i gotta spend another stupid long time grinding to get that stupid skill up, instead of enjoying the game the way im supposed to. if its intentional, it seems like a bad way to alienate players who dont wanna grind for 80 more hours against a bunch of tryhard no lifers. Just my two cents.
  6. BlackCowboy

    EOD reset

    Scenario: If I had the EOD edition and I decided to reset everything will I lose everything that came with EOD or will it reset to EOD items?
  7. o0OstormwolfO0o

    reset youre account

    i want to reset my account because i want to buy the darkness edition. do i need to wait or can i reset it when i purchased it? ( i need to wait till 25 febuary ) can i reset it then when i purchased the new edition ?
  8. 닉네임을 변경하려다가 공식 홈페이지 보면 프로필 수정이랑 게임 프로필 수정이 있길래 당연히 게임 프로필 수정이겠구나 싶어 누르고 이메일로 온 코드까지 친절하게 입력한 후 인게임 로그인을 해보니 EOD 처음 구매했을때 상태로 초기화가 되었습니다.. 게임 프로필 수정이 초기화인지 전혀 알고 있지 못한 상태였고 어떠한 경고 문구 조차 보지 못했습니다. 복구가 가능한지 알고 싶습니다...
  9. Hi, so i just purchased EOD and after a few min got all of the stuff with it, decided i wanted to start again with this stuff extra space etc, so i reset my game profile but after that i lost all of my EOD stuff and gamma i assumed i would of started with it again but nothing is there a way to activate it or is it a mistake in the system i dont know, anyone got any ideas?
  10. Sniper22

    Account reset not working

    I reset my account and it did not actually reset. My level and trader progress is all still the same and I have a completely empty inventory. Don't have any of my EOD starting stuff or gamma container. So I'm just curious if this is broken right now or why its not resetting. Does anyone know what is happening or having this problem too.
  11. hallo Zusammen, ich das Spiel heute mal wieder gestartet und musste feststellen dass nicht nur mein charakter resettet wurde (wie es ja häufiger vorkommt) sonder auch meine Reputaion bei den Händlern weg ist und ich wieder bei den ersten Quests feststecke .... Bitte um Erklärung ! vielen Dank vorab!
  12. ChickenDuckMan

    Spielerprofil zurücksetzen

    Hey! Es gibt mittlerweile die Funktion über das Profil das Spielerprofil zurücksetzen zu lassen. http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/profile Man kann sich das Profil alle 14 Tage 1x zurücksetzen lassen um wieder an die Startausrüstung zu gelangen. Dies funktioniert über den Link oben. Hier noch der Post zum Originalthread: Lg
  13. Pozer57

    Upgrade to EoD mid wipe?

    I'm a somewhat new player and didn''t want to drop $150 before even playing, but I've come to love the game and haven't had this much fun playing anything in a long time. I have a full stash and most of my traders are high level. My friend said he upgraded to EoD and received some of the items without having to reset his account. Is this true or do I have to restart if I want to upgrade?
  14. jediritta

    Edition Upgrade

    Hey, i just uograded to the Edge of darkness edition while its on Sale and i got the Bigger Stash inclusive Items Gamma Container... Do i still need to reset, well i already have everything i think, but my m8 dosnt get it that fast so ist it a Bug that i got it that fast? Or should he just wait?
  15. Armin

    Edition Upgrade Change?

    how i understood it you need to upgrade your edition and reset your account to get bigger stash and the weapons. will it get changed in the near future? so you can upgrade without starting from scratch?
  16. priekaba16

    Huge bug with dealers

    No timer on vendors! I pressed reset vendor but doesnt help ,its like this all the time. Help please
  17. qq528302134

    strength skill

    hello,can you tell me why the strength skill will be reset? our game never reset before a big patch we paid our times paid our wisdom to find that how to develop our strength skill and you never said we could not develop our skills by doing this so why our game will reset the skill in the twitch hours before by Nikita when we are watching? I hope our game will have a good development but never use this method if do so we will not know what thing can we do and be nervous about everything will be reset all the guys they prefer for reset only that they do not put all their enthusiasm in the game and do not know how to make their character stronger we have enthusiasm in the game so we find the ways to develop ourselves you know that we can not make everything that cant finish by this ways so everything is that I hope the game wont reset in the beta test time best wishes for Takov a honest player and hope for the Chinese not good ability for English thank you
  18. i think you probably know about the bug where the money spend for ragmen resets, just wanted to know when you think that it will be fixed ps. keep up the good work
  19. Weiss jmd, ob BST einen Reset des Acc's zum Wipe automatisch durchführt, wenn ich auf die EOD aktualisiert habe? Oder muss man trotz des Wipe's sein Profil zurücksetzen um auf die EOD zu aktualisieren? Peace
  20. lopilop43


    when is the wipe going to happen
  21. Hello forum. Eventually there will be another wipe some time in the future, and I was just wondering if all my trader levels and quests will be reset along with my inventory? By the way, keep up the good work, I'm really enjoying the game
  22. Hello! I just upgraded from standard to Edge of Darkness edition. I didn't realize my account reset timer was not up. Anything I can do to bypass this? Can I make a support ticket to get it reset by a moderator or something? Just want to get working on my traders again and getting my stuff back. Thank you for your responses.
  23. Murdockj61

    Profile Reset

    So quick question. I am going to upgrade to EOD since I have standard edition, is there anyway to keep my stuff besides taking it in game and trading it? I've thought about insuring it and dropping it in game but I figure with the reset it would reset your insurance also. I've had the standard edition for about a year now. Its time for an upgrade.
  24. frkr

    Reset de Profile

    Pessoal, blz? Gostaria de saber se o reset de perfil volta com os itens iniciais do stash. Acabei de comprar o jogo e tô com medo ate de perder a pistolinha inicial.... https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/reset-game-profile
  25. Aries593

    Quick Question

    If I reset my character/profile am I able to reclaim my rewards after doing so?
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