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Found 38 results

  1. Armin

    Edition Upgrade Change?

    how i understood it you need to upgrade your edition and reset your account to get bigger stash and the weapons. will it get changed in the near future? so you can upgrade without starting from scratch?
  2. RivenDawn

    Huge bug with dealers

    No timer on vendors! I pressed reset vendor but doesnt help ,its like this all the time. Help please
  3. qq528302134

    strength skill

    hello,can you tell me why the strength skill will be reset? our game never reset before a big patch we paid our times paid our wisdom to find that how to develop our strength skill and you never said we could not develop our skills by doing this so why our game will reset the skill in the twitch hours before by Nikita when we are watching? I hope our game will have a good development but never use this method if do so we will not know what thing can we do and be nervous about everything will be reset all the guys they prefer for reset only that they do not put all their enthusiasm in the game and do not know how to make their character stronger we have enthusiasm in the game so we find the ways to develop ourselves you know that we can not make everything that cant finish by this ways so everything is that I hope the game wont reset in the beta test time best wishes for Takov a honest player and hope for the Chinese not good ability for English thank you
  4. i think you probably know about the bug where the money spend for ragmen resets, just wanted to know when you think that it will be fixed ps. keep up the good work
  5. Weiss jmd, ob BST einen Reset des Acc's zum Wipe automatisch durchführt, wenn ich auf die EOD aktualisiert habe? Oder muss man trotz des Wipe's sein Profil zurücksetzen um auf die EOD zu aktualisieren? Peace
  6. lopilop43


    when is the wipe going to happen
  7. Hello forum. Eventually there will be another wipe some time in the future, and I was just wondering if all my trader levels and quests will be reset along with my inventory? By the way, keep up the good work, I'm really enjoying the game
  8. Hello! I just upgraded from standard to Edge of Darkness edition. I didn't realize my account reset timer was not up. Anything I can do to bypass this? Can I make a support ticket to get it reset by a moderator or something? Just want to get working on my traders again and getting my stuff back. Thank you for your responses.
  9. Murdockj61

    Profile Reset

    So quick question. I am going to upgrade to EOD since I have standard edition, is there anyway to keep my stuff besides taking it in game and trading it? I've thought about insuring it and dropping it in game but I figure with the reset it would reset your insurance also. I've had the standard edition for about a year now. Its time for an upgrade.
  10. frkr

    Reset de Profile

    Pessoal, blz? Gostaria de saber se o reset de perfil volta com os itens iniciais do stash. Acabei de comprar o jogo e tô com medo ate de perder a pistolinha inicial.... https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/reset-game-profile
  11. Aries593

    Quick Question

    If I reset my character/profile am I able to reclaim my rewards after doing so?
  12. a2sigma

    Game Version Reset

    So, on December 29th, I made a ticket with the devs because my game version was reset. I had the Edge of Darkness edition, it was purchased as a gift code - I logged in on the 28th or 29th and my game was reset to the standard version. That's just about $100 of real life money that was removed from my account. I'm not sure what to do, the only response was from the devs on the 29th of December, all it said was "I see no editions on this account" - which is really annoying, considering I was reporting exactly that fact. Ever since, I've supplied receipts, asked questions on how I can prove I had it, et cetera. Two tickets later, a few bumps, and staff have yet to reply. Almost two weeks and someone who paid $140 still has not had their problem even remotely addressed.
  13. I was playing with a 7-day trial pass and recently upgraded to EOD last night. I know that I need to reset my profile in order to receive all of the perks that come with EOD so I did that right after. I reset my profile but nothing happened other than my reset timer being set two weeks out. There is no claim button for EOD items or anything on my profile other than the holiday gift. Is it possible for Devs to either reset my profile manually or reset my reset date? Thanks for your help.
  14. RivenDawn

    Huge bug with dealers

    No timer on vendors! I pressed reset vendor but doesnt help ,its like this all the time. Help please! I bought this game a week ago and its like this from the start.
  15. Tricksour

    Problem with in-game Profile reset

    I bought the EOD edition of the game after playing the standard and then I reset my profile (after buying it) but I still have all my old stuff. Stash size, guns etc. I cannot reset for another 2 weeks or so, Is there anything I can do? because there is not much point in playing until i reset my stuff.
  16. Ok so I was playing the other day. No issues (probably 2 days ago now.) I go to get on yesterday and the game asks me for my profile/character name. Weird, I didnt have much time so I figured I would come back today. Same thing, My profile has reset its self and now I lost all my items, All my tasks completed and all my levels on traders etc. Its fully reset. Can the Dev team be of any help here in restoring my account with data from a few days ago?
  17. 13621083065


    hello gays ,devs and moderators. If I upgrade my game to EOD edition and reset my account after I received the new year gifts (the M4, AKM and case), can I receive those gifts again?
  18. gabiboy99

    Profile Reset HELP !!!!

    Hello I recently (10 min ago) reseted my Profile and It´s not working. I got the advice that my Profile was reseted and I can reset it again on 09.01.2018 but nothing happend. I have the same stash like before the Reset. Now I can´t Reset my Profile and I have nothing left. Please help and sorry for my bad english
  19. bradleytwin01


    So I'm planning on upgrading to the EOD edition during the sale after the wipe. But now the wipe is here and the sale isn't for another few days. I guess I could just start exploring the new shoreline map and extraction system. Just hate that I'm progressing towards an account that I will be resetting in a few days. O well!!
  20. Is that the last time reset game profile? Cause everyone spend time to rising level and in game money, suddenly everything is just go back to day 1. I don't wanna experience it again several month later.....
  21. bradleytwin01

    The Coming Wipe

    I had a few questions about the upcoming wipe. I know it's going to reset my account and I'll lose all of my CURRENT items. However, does my PMC level also go back down to 1? And do I get back all the items that I got for buying my version of the game? Or am I just at nothing?
  22. DatFantasmaxD


    Hey guys, support never got back to me about my upgrade of the EOD edition from the standard edition that got charged onto my card and I never got it. I am too tired of waiting and was just going to buy it again hoping it will work this time. I was wondering if I can get a reset.
  23. Neph

    Game Reset

    I just reset my profile last night, is there any way to know if you can reset again after purchasing a better Edition? Or if a dev can do it for you manually?
  24. Hi developers, I was wondering if you guys let us know in advance when the profile wipe is? Any estimated time? Because there are some guns and gear that im holding onto and dont use as much and if the wipe is coming Id like to use all my gear and weapons before the wipe occurs. Would you let us know please?
  25. Hello everybody I just bought the game and I'm really enjoying it, do you know if there are planned wipes during the closed beta? I'm asking because I'm putting efforts doing tasks and careful raids like as my stash and progresses will remain untouched but if the devs are planning to wipe everything then I can play more easily not caring if I die and lose stuff Thank you for any info