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Found 19 results

  1. Oucimi

    Pls ban GamePP

    As we know, third party game filters, like ReShade and NV freestyle, are not allowed now in game plays. However, I found a game assistance and optimization software called GamePP(developed in China, www.gamepp.com) which inserted ReShade modes in it. And this software now is undetectable. In my communication with the developers(pls do not disclose this source), I learned that this software is on BE's anti-cheating white list, so it will not be considered as cheating software. A few years ago, it has banned by BE in PUBG, but soon it recovered(There may be a behind-the-scenes deal between BE and GamePP). This is a comparison of the filter on and off: There is no denying that it is an excellent software for its varieties of useful function like hardware monitoring and game optimization, but it does provide features that affect the balance of the game. What is more, some filters for EFT are charged(VIP features). All in all, considering that this software has a huge number of users in China, I feel that ReShade Modes that GamePP provides will greatly influence game balance, so it should be banned.
  2. NoisyCosmos

    Se ha bloqueado el uso de ReShade

    Estimada Comunidad de Escape from Tarkov, Se ha bloqueado oficialmente el uso de ReShade debido a la posibilidad de utilizar los muchos filtros que dispone el programa para obtener ventajas de forma ilegítima sobre otros jugadores. Más adelante proporcionaremos ciertas opciones de personalización visual y filtros para suplir las funciones legítimas que realizaba este programa para algunos jugadores. Si tienes problemas para arrancar el juego, por favor, desisntala ReShade y todos los archivos relacionados con este programa del directorio de Escape from Tarkov. No se va a banear a nadie que utilizara ReShade hasta el momento, no os preocupéis. Tan solo se bloquea el uso del programa. Las personas daltónicas y con otros problemas de visión pueden consultar el siguiente enlace para obtener una solución temporal para disfrutar del juego sin inconvenientes: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4344736/windows-10-use-color-filters. Lamentamos cualquier inconveniente que os hayamos podido causar.
  3. There are a lot of people using R E S H A D E INCLUDING STREAMERS! My question is : Is there any problem between reshade and BattlEye ???** RESHADE can no longer be used?
  4. Nightshade87

    Reshade not working

    Ok so recently tarkov forced me to re-install the game. which i was like ok fine i can do that but then reshade wasn't there anymore so then i re-intsalled that but it the notification of reshade loading never pops up when i launch the game. and i cant find anything on whats going on. i look in the files and it says the files are there so why when is it not working anyone think they can help me?
  5. guilhermino_g


    We can use reshade in the game? thank for all.
  6. So I have noticed, that there has been some back and forth on sweetfx and reshade and some people saying it can now be bannable and other saying it is not because it just changes the color palette and tweaks visual settings. I used to run reshade a few patches back and it made the game very beautiful as I've a higher-end system and really made the game more immersive. Could a moderator or somebody just tell me if it is against the terms of service, and if it is what is the purpose for it being against the TOS? Just wondering before I reinstall it... EDIT:I have seen that some people state it is ban-able because you can change FOV if you mess with it, however I don't see this option anywhere and don't believe it is in my preset? anyone that can comment?
  7. PG_Steini_666


    hallo, ich nutze Reshade... Habe jetzt aber schon mehrfach gelesen dass es Überlegungen gibt Reshade zu verbieten. BZW. Reshade als Cheating anerkannt wird etc. Meine Frage nun wie bekomme ich es mit dass Reshade vl. irgendwann mal verboten wird. Ich lese nicht häufig in Foren und hab keine Lust gebannt zu werden. Gibt es dann sowas wie eine Meldung bzw. einen 1 Wöchigen Bann und erst beim 2ten vergehen passiert dies Dauerhaft? Hat hier jemand vorstellungen?
  8. Obviously hacks are not allowed or any program that changes the way the game functions. is reshade allowed? crosshairs? what is the final word on macros in this instance? "not ok but not bannable"??? or is that just an in-the-moment statement not the official BSG position? I'm most concerned about reshade, i'd love to install and bring some vibrance to tarkov, and make it better for content creation. However i do not want to get turned around on and banned.
  9. вопрос к разработчикам в теме ^^^
  10. So Gamma tricks & reshaders are ruining night missions. These people are breaking the game, and making it pointless to run at night. The re-shaders should land on the banned software list, and the gamma trick needs a nerf (I'm guessing eliminating or reducing ambient light would work).
  11. Hello Brothers, I'd like to share my Reshade preset for Escape from Tarkov with you. The goal was to create a warm, cinematic look for the game without draining FPS. First of all: Q: Does the use of Sweetfx / Reshade get a player banned? A: No, SweetFX will not be detected and flagged as a cheat by our anti-cheat system. We are constantly making improvements to help catch and ban any player who wishes to gain an unfair advantage over other players. (Source: http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/23678-hideout-feature-questions-and-developer-answers/) ______________________________________________________________________________ Download Preset: https://www.dropbox.com/s/irx9wvebhz7gzjt/⚔ Vikings Cinematic Tarkov ⚔.ini?dl=0 NOTE: You can deactivate the letterbox (black borders on top and bottom) with 1 click in the Reshade menu. Simply deselect the "Border.fx" option. ______________________________________________________________________________ Screenshot comparisons: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/116891/picture:0 [Click through the screenshots in the top left corner] ______________________________________________________________________________ How to install Reshade: * Install ReShade (Download: https://reshade.me/) * Navigate to the EscapefromTarkov.exe (NOT the Launcher) * Click on OpenGL and then press "yes" * Start the game and open up the ReShade menu with Shift + F2 * OPTIONAL: To speed up the loading of the shaders by like 90%, open the ReShade menu (Shift + F2) and under Settings activate "Performance mode". After loading the "Vikings Cinematic Tarkov" Preset into your game, close Escape from Tarkov and go to your installation folder. Go into "C:\Battlestate Games\Escape from Tarkov - Edge of Darkness Limited Edition\EFT\reshade-shaders\Shaders" and create a folder called "inactive" and drag ALL .fx Shader-files in there EXCEPT "AmbientLight.fx", "Colourfulness.fx", "AdaptiveSharpen", "Levels.fx", "ReShade.fxh", "Border.fx", "Bloom.fx", "Vignette.fx". This will make sure that the game only loads the shaders we need which speeds up the process enourmously. ______________________________________________________________________________ How to install a preset: * Drag & Drop "⚔ Vikings Cinematic Tarkov ⚔.ini" into your Escape from Tarkov folder ("C:\Battlestate Games\Escape from Tarkov - Edge of Darkness Limited Edition\EFT") and simply start the game with ReShade installed. Now bring up the menu with Shift + F2 and click on "home" and in the small dropdown menu there will automatically be a preset called "⚔ Vikings Cinematic Tarkov ⚔.ini" which you just click and you're done! Easy peasy. * Other Presets can be found at https://reshade.me/presets if you search for "Escape from Tarkov" ______________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for reading and good luck out there!
  12. I have been wanted to rid myself of the bland grays ingame for a while but i cant use the nvidia vibrancy thing like most people do cause im on a laptop, I wanna use Re Shade but it causes my game to crash into a state that i have to re install can anyone help me with this?
  13. i have been Reshading the game for 2 weeks now its not finish yet still need some tweaks here is some screenshots on offline mode Depth of Field only works on Offline mode BTW
  14. pulser20

    Ist Reshade noch erlaubt?

    Wollte nur einmal nachfragen ob reshade zum jetzigen Stand noch erlaubt ist?
  15. I currently have Reshade on my game and have done for the last few months now. It does not give me an advantage in any way that I have noticed but as gamer who likes to respect rules I am asking if it is an offense to use Reshade? If so I can remove it immediately before getting the ban D: -Here is a beautiful screenshot I got with Reshade
  16. Wollie35


    Since i did not find a clear answer from any dev or moderator around the internet i decided to ask it here. Is reshade bannable in EFT, aka are we allowed to use this, if a moderator/dev can confirm this that would be great
  17. AssassinsDecree

    Bleak and Cinematic ReShade WIP

    I absolutely love the visuals in EFT, it's one of the game's strongest elements and it may be the best looking game I've ever seen in many respects. I just wanted to put my own slant on it and mostly just wanted to add DoF. While I was doing that, I thought I'd make the atmosphere feel even more gloomier and hopeless and make the lighting effects even more pronounced. So, this a WIP (Work in Progress ReShade for EFT. As you can see I added even more bloom and new lens effects, added DoF (depth of field), changed the color palette and tonemapping to something even more gloomier and hopeless. I'll probably have to do separate presets that keep the same visual style but are tweaked for each map. Almost done with Factory. No other maps tackled yet. DoF and the new bloom effects will be optional and can be toggled off/on with literally the click of a button while in game. Should have a video or multiple videos up tonight showing how everything looks in motion. Hope you like it! I plan to release these for everyone when I'm done. Please click on the first pic so you can view them in the larger size with the arrows. Much easier to compare that way and they you can see more of the details. Cheers, Merc
  18. I added Reshade on EFT (It is a tool that unlock advanced graphic settings) because i wanted the graphics that i originally see in the past trailers. Do you like that? (I think that the photos are compress ) Is this a good settings? How does graphic rendering look to you? There are something that you delete/add/change?? Please tell me. Sorry For my english
  19. Ho aggiunto il Reshade a EFT (Per chi non lo sapesse è un tool che permette di aggiungere effetti grafici avanzati alla maggior parte dei giochi) e ho smanettato un po con i settings,è la prima volta che lo uso quindi non sono molto esperto. Come vi sembra la resa grafica? Secondo voi c'è qualcosa da migliorare/aggiungere/rimuovere? Ho già risolto il problema delle scritte poco visibili nell'HUD.
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