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Found 5 results

  1. I keep scaving into the wrong games after dying as a pmc. I responded back in as a scav to get my own loot and could not find my body or any of the other bodies that were near my body when I died.
  2. sparky0451

    general idea's for the casuals

    ill start off by saying i am a casual PC gamer ( i do intend to get better), i have not a great amount of time logged in the game and i understand that this game is intended to be hardcore and difficult, it is a large reason i enjoy it. I think there could be a room to grow in the game for my kind of player type or the players that are just starting out. THIS IS GOOD BECAUSE IT DRAWS MORE PLAYERS, WHICH MEANS MORE REVENUE, WHICH MEANS MORE CONTENT OR SEQUAL IN THE FUTURE. (PROBLEM) the learning curve for this game is extremely hard because there is nothing in way of tutorial within the game, i had to search for 3rd party things to understand everything. some people just cant be bothered spending the hours learning a game or the added time just trying to find the external videos to explain things. (fix) more of an infoview during load screens ( thats about 3-4 minutes that could be used learning) or simply a tab that explains game mechanics. like that keys open certain doors within the game, better explanation/navigation of what attachments go on weapons. things that cut that time down so players aren't just googling a gun setup and constantly using the same things. that makes more of the content utilised within the game IMO. (PROBLEM) I think the offline idea is very good and should stay within the game, it helps me get the hang of the game and learn maps and i think thats invaluable with no risk. but i do admit that it is frustrating to spend that time and get nothing out of it. also dying in the offline mode and having to reload another whole game to practice again. (FIX) i dont want weapons or armor because that defeats the purpose of a game but a severely reduced exp or once a skill hits lvl 2 nothing is gained for example. this way those that are learning the game feel a sense of progression and cant farm this offline method because again that would ruin the game. after death in offline mode it would be nice to stay in the same loaded game and just click a respawn button... maybe it wipes loot and scavs off the map so its a restart to learn again but something in that regard to cut the 5-10 minutes it takes to just get back into another game to practice again. i know the sweaty's might get a bit worked up that some casual PC gamer has an opinion but they will just have to get over it, if they dont want to play with casual players they can start a topic and suggest something that keeps them away, im sure thats already implemented in the level system probably though. Lastly the product is sound and very fun to play, i think if it can market to some of the casual players in the ways i mention and maybe more, it could give more even more finance for DLC or a sequal in the later years. its worth looking into IMO.
  3. DieselCZ

    Loot Respawn

    Is it possible for lot in crates and on shelves to respawn?
  4. TrasherGER

    Respawn Zeiten Items

    Ist schon bekannt, wass die jeweiligen Respawn Zeiten für die Items sind. Habe im Forum keinen passenden Eintrag gefunden. Finds sonst immer blöd, bei 1:10 in Customs zu starten wenn ich genau weiß, dass alle Value Items bereits abgegriffen sind.
  5. LordTyrellz

    How will the respawn loot work?

    So I've seen games like H1Z1 and Rust, and DayZ where if you die you'd respawn without anything which i think is really good. I'm just curious, when you are killed in this game will you keep certain items or lose them all(which i think is best). Also when it comes to finding friends and such will there be a compass you could use to find them? Maybe things like flares, in-game radio stations? This would be very interesting to tune into a station and hear people on it.
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