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Found 3 results

  1. NotACopGaming

    Getting gear back from a cheater

    Is there any way to add an aspect to the game where if a cheater is banned that any gear he looted is returned to its owner. Kind of like a Prapor insurance return. Or even a system that shows this account was banned for cheating, any players that they killed will get a message returning whatever items they had been killed with. I suck at this game and I know it but when I finally get to go to labs I bring my best gear just to lose it to a headshot through a closed door. I think this might be an option?
  2. countryboytx100

    Found key

    So recently I was playing on factory trying to complete stirrup and as I was going through the map I found some dead bodies and since nobody was around I decided to see what was left behind well I searched a PMC and he had a key for a quest so I'm trying to find this person or someone who knows him to tell him to add me back his name is RavidWarrior and if you know him tell him to add me so I can return it BrutalD00dle is mine
  3. While this may just be me, but I feel the time that the Traders hold the items received from raid is too short. While this wouldn't be an issue if I actually had time to come to my computer the day or two after I die but that's not the case sadly I have been using Prapor because I know his time to return takes longer, but I still usually miss the time by just a small amount and end up losing everything. So my suggestion would be to possibly add the option to get stuff insured by a third trader who takes even LONGER than Prapor to get your stuff back, then people like me who can't be at their computer for a couple days have a better chance to get their stuff back when they return. Either that or increase the time in which traders hold items by another 24 hours. Thank you and I would welcome any other feedback! Keep it up!
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