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Found 4 results

  1. I tried to join a session. Waited over 30 minutes and tried multiple locations. I was finally able to load into a session. I spawn into the game for 5 seconds then I got shot in the back and died. Great game.
  2. BEFORE YOU COMMENT ANYTHING GOING FOR, OR AGAINST MY OPINION READ ALL OF THE POST. THIS IS COMPLETE BIAS, DON'T TAKE MY REVIEW AS HOW THE GAME IS. SPOILERS AHEAD (And please no flaming or aggressive behavior in the comments, i'd rather not have anyone banned) Now, to what I actually want to say. In short, Tarkov is...different than most games of it's genre. In a survival game it can be silly and fun with adding difficulty, but I see Tarkov falling short with what I can only describe to me as "Fun". However where it shines is how you play it, and how the game works. It's much more tactical than Rust, or DayZ in some situations. It's different, i'll give it that. Instead of the "Oh, this guy is going to kill me and take everything i've worked for! Oh no!" it has a stash to put your weapons and equipment you found in your ventures. It has AI that can, and will surround you, fill you with bullets and laugh at your corpse in their drunken and twisted mind. It's arena based, which I thought was cool. Instead of walking huge distances and finding no one, you can get into a match and cause havoc by yourself, or with friends. Trading is a very vital, and very interesting component of the game. You start with these traders giving you not so amazing weaponry or attachments. However as you do quests, buy their stock, and level, you gain reputation with that trader. As you start to continue along this road, they will open up and sell you new and exciting inventory! Perhaps something you've never seen on the field! And you can play as the AI I was talking about too, you don't choose what you have and where you start though, but you get to keep whatever you get out with. It's great for killing guys with good equipment and gaining a heads up in the world. But it's not so fun when another player becomes an AI and kills you, completely disregarding the purpose of having teammates in that mode. Tarkov is BRUTAL, make a mistake and you can lose that shiny M4 or AK that you've hoarded for days, and modified to your dreams to some person who has a thousand of them already. God forbid someone kills you with a hatchet and loses it to the in-game AI so it gets sucked into the void. In some aspects I love this about the game, you're constantly on your feet hoping you don't get domed from behind, listening to the stomping of boots and thundering booms of firearms all around you as you quiver in fear. Unlike other games that are survival based, Tarkov takes itself too seriously for my tastes. It's what it aims to be, and does it well! I just want something lighthearted and dumb, like a weapon that can one-shot people but only has 1 cartridge (Think of the Eoka or Waterpipe from Rust),or a weapon that does next to no damage but has tons of ammo in its magazine (A BB gun would be hilarious). It can be very tactical and slow, or run and get shot down by everyone in your immediate vicinity. Oh, and how amazing or silly you can make your weapons look and feel. Want a weapon that makes you feel like an ex-military badass? We've got you covered. Put sights, grips, flashlights, laser sights, custom stocks and barrels on your favorite weapon. The stuff you can do with an M4 is unlimited, making it a CQC flesh shredder, or long range DMR isn't difficult at all, be it you have them already, or can pay to buy them. On the other side, you can make your gun look absolutely absurd. Want to make yourself look like the Tacticool Mall Ninja of your dreams? Sure! Put 3 scopes on your weapon, maybe 3 flashlights? Oh! Maybe you want to give your glock a 50 round drum mag? Go ahead and make your desires come true, be it silly, or serious. It's honestly one of the top reasons I bought the game. Overall the game is great for people who love high octane, hardcore, all or nothing gameplay. I just wish I could get better and get used to this game. I literally spawn and get killed instantly sometimes (I'm looking at you Factory). i really like some parts of it, but I really don't like others. If I could blend into this game easier, i'd play it non-stop. I hope you guys keep a healthy playerbase, i'd love to see this game flourish! P.S.: Whoever was in the STALKER dev team, I love you. The STALKER series is one of my favorites, and it's really cool to see you make games again. Here are some examples of modded M4s in the game
  3. Back in September of 2017 when I started my journey on a standard edition account, the game was somewhat a buggy mess. This was expected as I could never perceive a unity game to be anything but a free to play hunk of trash. But this game has been something more for me. In the few years following my purchase of standard edition, the game has completely destroyed stigma of Unity engine made games. These devs have worked very hard to have the product they have today. Despite a majority of the community nagging about issues on the bottom of the list, and people worrying about the many optimization problems that come with this game, the developers have still pushed on to create something I’ve never seen before in gaming. I’m 17, going on 18, and I’ve been playing FPS games since I was too young to have memories of some of them. This FPS however, is something very special that deserves much appreciation. Now I understand that this is a beta currently, and it’s still being worked on tirelessly, but what I have seen so far is very promising. So I just wanted to say thanks to all the developers involved in the creation of this game, and everyone that pours time into making this game so much damn fun. Since my standard edition purchase, I have ascended to the prepare for escape edition, and now I’m at edge of darkness. I wish I could see all the hours I have played in this game, but unfortunately it isn’t like Steam games. If I had to make an estimate, however, I would say that I have over 2000 hours in this game, and intend on putting more into it. As far as a review for this game in its current stage of development, I highly recommend this game. It is an experience like no other, and you’ll find yourself wandering through the Russian wasteland of Tarkov in shear awe. When .12 comes out, and years after that, I plan on playing this game by myself, and with the boys. Thanks for the awesome game Battlestate, this is a real gem in gaming. I am so happy to have spent the past couple of years enjoying this game. Let me know how you guys stand on the development of this game. Send a reply, I’d love to hear your opinions. Thanks!
  4. Breve recensione di EFT Gioco a 3440x1440, il gioco si "beve" 14gb di ram in scioltezza, scatta quando arrivi in certe locazioni, come se caricasse da disco (lo ho installato su ssd). Il suono è veramente da rivedere in toto, livelli audio totalmente random per i passi o quando ti metti a lootare. Netcode praticamente da buttare, matchmaking da 3 minuti per entrare in partita. Entri e credo a causa di possibili desync vieni hittato in tre secondi quando tu hai palesemente shottato l'enermy in fronte. Ho giocato un po prima di esprimermi, so che è una beta closed, so che ci vuole tempo, ma so anche che 40 e passa euro sulla fiducia sono troppi attualmente. Sapevo che il gioco era in fase embrionale, ma mi hanno "fregato" i vari video di streamer su twitch. Dai ragazzi non neghiamo l'evidenza... Il gioco sarà carino graficamente, ma finisce li.. Detto questo a qualcuno piacerà di sicuro e buon per lui, io voglio solo esprimere il mio punto di vista. Credo infatti che il gioco sia cosi come lo vediamo perchè i dev dovevano mostrare qualcosa a tutti quelli dei preorder, se no a questo punto ci sarebbe stata una shitstorm da parte della community.
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