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Found 5 results

  1. saibot0

    Level Rewarding system.

    Alright so i think we need to have something with every level up you get a little bit of roubles. lvl 1-5 you get 1000 RUB's per level, 5-10 2000 RUB's per level, 10-15 3500 RUB'S per level, 15-20 4000 RUB'S per level, 20-30 7000 RUB's per level - 30-40 10000 RUB's per level, 40-50 15000 RUB's per level, 50-60 25000 per level and so on. Would be nice to have something for lvl 40+ players
  2. I am new to tarkov, and I am saying this for the better of this game itself, not for myself, I can go play another fps in my library! the offline loot was needed because even games as hard and annoying as dark souls and PUBG does not believe in demotion! , even if I dont win in PUBG I get coins to buy cosmetics! , here if they have removed offline loot and will completely remove offline mode , they should at least add a system so that we can get some money { maybe 1000 rubles per kill and 100 rubles per loot even if we don't succeed in escaping, because after all real people with real work is going to play this, no one is going to buy it if they get to know they are going to be stuck with a bad gun and tomahawk for a couple of days.. or weeks if they are noob. at least we should have some reward after the raid that would make us want to loot, no one wants to spend time and energy and get nothing, infact lose insted. again, i am saying this for the better of this game so that more people buy after all this game is PVP based and it needs players.
  3. Aries593

    Quick Question

    If I reset my character/profile am I able to reclaim my rewards after doing so?
  4. From what I've gathered there will be quest givers in the game, who gives you missions in Tarkov. It seems strange to me that you can kill other members of your faction, sent to Tarkov with similar orders, and suffer no consequences. My suggestion is a Trust System, which is how much the quest givers trust you, based on your actions (maybe traders as well, but quest givers makes most sense) Traders become suspicious of you if other BEARS/USEC end by dying in your proximity, and this affects their rewards to you (or maybe the quality of quests themselves). In practice this could be a counter that ticks in the plus side when completing a mission (+2 f.ex) and drops when killing a teammate (-1). The money you receive from missions will be scaled with this trust-counter (1000 rubles on 0, 800 on -2, 1200 on +2). TLDR: A renowned, clean and reliable mercenary should be more highly priced than a shady one.
  5. PoeticSinner

    Reward survival rate

    Currently there are a lot of people who do axe runs because of the sheer amount of profit verses risk, which is a valid tactic, but once health becomes persistent(health and food/hydration levels not automatically refreshing between raids) I imagine suicide runs will become even more prevalent in order to avoid the need to get supplies to fix yourself up between raids. In order to encourage people to value their survival my suggestion would be possibly rewarding people based on their survival percent. Offering shop discounts at higher values for the higher ranges like 20% off for 90-100% survival, 15% off for 75-90%, and 10% for above 50%. It's not a huge reward since most people who have a high survival rate usually get most of their gear from raids but would still help with staying stocked up on higher end gear. I do realize you can farm more profit from ace runs but this is about adding incentive for those who choose to value their survival. Another option would be decreasing the amount of time it takes to receive your insured gear after a raid gone bad by a considerable amount or lowering the scav timer for those who extract more then die so they can get more gear from more frequent scav runs as well as giving them more options to be more reckless and just have fun as a scav since they play more careful with their PMC to keep survival rate up. The point I'm getting at is offering some sort of encouragement that reward's people who play the survival aspect of the game instead of treating their lives as expendable. Nothing game breaking, but rewarding enough to be enticing. Thanks for reading! Keep up the great work devs!
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