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Found 6 results

  1. Dyllie

    Thermal Scope Discussion

    Hey guys, just gonna prefix this Im only level 11 and new to the game but have been watching and play with vets so here is my opinion. I don't like thermal scopes. Theirs kinda a stink and cheese around them and for a new player like me it feels like some unstoppable force that i cant even go on specific maps cause Im basically giving loot to more geared people. I think this needs to change. Heres a list of thoughts I've had and conversations with my friends and if I think their needed or not good ideas. -Nerf Thermal scopes. I think saying to directly nerf thermals is kinda one sided and its just a salty point of view but I do think a mini nerf would be the range of effectiveness of thermals. So maybe you can only see the highlight of the player within 100 meters but you can still see movement and a more blended character beyond that but the white or black highlight wouldn't be visible. This would mean that camping would be slightly different and only limited to specific lanes on certain maps. -External forces. Maybe instead of "nerfing" the thermal itself they could add in the environmental factors that effect players as well. Maybe rain can make it inherently harder to see through the scope especially during the day, and also lessening the effect of the highlight of the player or the scope look is just faded because of the fog. This would be a nice counter to the scope without actually nerfing it or changing it, all their doing is making whether effects more potent to gear in the game. -(my friends idea) add in gear or an extra slot that cools body temperature. This could come in the form of an ice pack or a slot in armor like a cold pack from kids lunch boxes to preserve food. I don't like this idea because I don't think adding a specific item in the game to directly counter the thermal scope would do anyone any good and thermal scopes aren't to common so it would be pretty useless most of the time. It's kinda like stopwatch in League when you become invincible for a couple of seconds. It doesn't have to much utility outside of not getting hit by a combo or ultimate. - Dive into the rpg elements of Tarkov. I think instead of adding items or direct nerfs it would be interesting if they added in another skill to train that can effect outside forces, one being the thermal scope. (and this is just the ramblings of a salty new player.) But what if they added a new skill called Athleticism. It can work in tandem to endurance and health and others to maybe make your character a more quiet and control other things in their body like temperature. So as it gets naturally trained by playing, the thermal scope will have a little harder time seeing that player. But not invisible cause that would be to much. Then the community would get extra features to the game while as time goes on allowing for faster and competitive play. Please let me know what you think and call out my grammar errors.
  2. Scionti

    Skills are horribly broken...

    I'm sure this has been posted before, but I can't find anything in the search function. Rather than just complain, lets spitball some ideas for replacement skill systems. As the current one is cancer. Maybe something akin to Diablo 2, where you put a point into something each level for some skills? (again spitballing here)
  3. MonoLyth

    Armour mechanics tweak

    Current plate carriers could please use a minimum armour class of 4 and all thorax only plate carriers to be class 7(using current armour system) Basis of my working below: Class 3 ~NIJ IIIA (Soft Armour stops Pistol calibres(9x21 maybe not)minimum of 5 hits 0 penetration Class 4 ~NIJIII (Hard armour stops rifle calibres 7.62x51 M80 5hits 0 penetration Class 5 ~NIJIV (Hard armour stops 7.62x63 AP 1 hit + class 4 test 0 penetration Just thought that adjusting the penetration value used in the armour calculations could use a tweak for easier to understand values for all. My suggestion would be as simple as this: 30pen 0% penetration vs class 3, 35pen 50% penetration vs class 3, 39pen 90% penetration vs class 3, 39pen 0% penetration vs class 4 but does armour durability damage is 50% 39pen vs class 5 does 0.1 durability damage, round literally shatters on the armour plate. 30pen against a class 3 has 0%penetration chance on the first hit but still applies it's armour damage ratio. Now each consecutive hit has a % chance to ignore the armour but it would at least feel like it has done it's job. This would obviously require most ammuntion types to have their pen values edited however it now gives you much more breathing room to move the ballistics around over the current system. Will also mean that when it comes time to do full modular overhaul of armour system the whole unit will be able to be one armour class and then plates can be added with their own armour class.
  4. Shaktimaan

    Health System Rework.

    My suggestion is to add new health related mechanics into the game which aren't that hard to implement (for you guys hopefully ) but will realistically mimic most of the wounds/injuries people suffer in real life in a reasonable fashion. Mechanic 1: Exponential Healing : (Relatively Easy to Implement) Right now, whenever the player heals, the health of that bodypart is restored instantly. Which simply isn't the case in real life. Actually in real life, it takes months, or even years for a person to recover from a wound, but this is a game, so it won't be possible to implement this at at such a scale and have fun at the same time. So my suggestion is to have an exponential health restoration system where the health to the bodypart is restored per second (or millisecond) depending on how many wounds/injuries the player has suffered from and also depending on how many bodyparts the player is currently healing. Also movement will have an impact on the health regenerated per second. Example : Player 1 sustains 5 injuries to multiple bodyparts and player 2 only sustains an injury to one bodypart. Player 2 should be able to heal up relatively faster and suffer less post injury effects (which are discussed below) than player 1, thus making player 2 much more mobile compared to player 1. Mechanic 2 : Internal Bleeding : (A bit hard to implement) Right now, internal bleeding does not exist, which allows players to literally do anything they want after their wound is patched up. There is literally no risk involved for the player in general to the player and it doesn't restrict the movement of the player if one of the leg isn't completely blacked out. The internal bleeding system would add bloodloss stacks depending on how many internal injuries the player currently suffers. The bloodloss stacks increase depending on how rashly the player moves when suffering from an internal injury and would be separate from the internal bleeding debuff. The internal bleeding debuff would be more of a "flag: than the usual bloodloss stacks for that specific bodypart and can be combined with additional organs like lungs or gut, etc. The health skill will complement this new mechanic as it might reduce the chance of suffering an internal injury/bloodloss stacks to the player upon reckless movement after being wounded. The stress resistance or health skill would complement this new system by reducing the number of bloodloss stacks inflicted by the specific internal injury stack. An internal injury stack will increase the maximum number of bloodloss stacks which can be affected on the player. The internal bleeding debuff cannot be healed without specialized equipment, and the player is more prone to "reopen" the bloodloss stacks upon movement. Also separate bodyparts will have an individual cap towards how many bloodloss stacks can be affected to the player for that bodypart. This will force the players to be in a stationary position after receiving serious injuries, instead of immediately relocating to another location within a few seconds. Or they can, but then they will have to pay the price later as the amount of injuries/bleeding will increase which might prove fatal afterwards. Example : Player 1 has been shot in 3 bodyparts. 2/3 shots were "through and through" wounds. The player patches them up. But the player also manages to get shot in the gut, and there is an internal injury stack inflicted on the player. The bullet fragments into two parts, therefore 2 stacks are inflicted on the player. The player manages to block the internal bleeding with specialized equipment which they manage to get their hands on. Now, another player is coming to finish the job. Player 1 has a choice, either make a run for it, and succumb to more bloodloss stacks and gamble that way, or to stay put, hide in a concealed location and hope that player 1 doesn't find them. Mechanic 3 : Heart Hitbox : (Very easy to implement) The heart hitbox would be an massive addition into the game, and i'm pretty sure it's already in the works or is already planned for the future. If the player get's shot in the heart, the player receives a lot of stacks of bloodloss, and the health of other bodyparts "decay" at MUCH a higher rate. This will allow the player to pull off some shots before actually dying, which is what happens in real life. If the player's health skill is low, the player will die immediately. Otherwise the player will live enough to finish off his opponent and then die knowing he shot the other dude a couple of times before succumbing to death. The death would be rapid, say within 3-4 seconds after being hit, and other skills such as stress resistance and health skill may enable the player to survive upto 6-8 seconds depending on the level of those skills. Mechanic 4 : Punctured Lung : (Extemely hard and complicated to implement) The lung's could be an hitbox added along with the heart hitbox. After a lung has been punctured, the player will start to wheeze, which cannot be stopped without specialized equipment. The player will suffer from stamina regeneration heavily after getting their lungs punctured also stamina would be used significantly more and at a rapid pace than before(A heavy negative strength and endurance level penalty could mimic this perfectly). The internal bloodloss buff can be added here along with an punctured lung buff, or the punctured lung buff would also inflict the effects of an internal bleeding buff. Upon healing, the stamina effects would be reduced to half, and no additional injuries like bloodloss stacks will occur, healing all the previously incurred stacks along with it. These mechanics would be more synergistic with the current mechanics of the game. And would add an additional depth to the playstyle of a character. Also not all of the mechanics need to implemented, or none at all need to be implemented. This is just some food for thought, and my way to kill off some post exam boredom ) Feel free to comment below Hope you enjoyed the read . Also tag me if there are any corrections to be made in the post. @trainfender @ShiroTenshi
  5. Jennacide

    An idea for Fence or a New trader

    Since fence is useless pretty much, maybe he would collect any uninsured items and sell them when the raid is finished, or something along the lines of that.
  6. Forien

    Rework KIBA keys [Idea]

    Hi there. Right now we have this issue with keys, that a hatchling with keybar in his gamma can have all keys and get to the best loot before anybody else. That's what breaks loot economy, because it's hard for full geared tactical squads to get to Marked Room on Customs, KIBA on Interchange and the best rooms in Shoreline's Resort. And while entirety of keys should be somehow reworked, I came up with IMHO quite nice idea for double-keys like KIBA. For the sake of this post, let's name them: Key A — Key to KIBA stor outlet (KIBA) Key B — Key to KIBA Outlet grate door (KIBA 2) Right now, anybody can loot Key A, especially hatchlings that now location of the key. It's no-brainer. Also, anybody can get Key B, it's just a matter of tasks. Therefore, there is as many Keys A, as people want (loot), but only a fraction of Keys B, depending on how many players did the task. And number of Keys B will always be less than (or at best equal as) total number of players. In the end, any single person can have both keys, and at the same time everybody can have the set. MY IDEA, HOWEVER IS that Key A should not be lootable, and at the same time quest reward should be changed, so that half of the community gets Key A and half of the community gets Key B. This can be achieved with two slightly different approaches: USECs and BEARs gets their own variation of the task. One faction gets Key A, the other gets Key B. Instead of rewarding key, task completion should reward (a working term) sealed key. Think of it as of "Schrödinger's Key". You (and game either) don't know what key is inside, until you open (unseal) the package. Then, game (server-side) decides which key you should be rewarded with. Game should try to be random, but also should try to maintain more or less 1:1 distribution. OKAY, BUT WHAT BENEFIT WOULD THIS SYSTEM HAVE? IMHO, this would ensure, firstly that access to KIBA is really rare and exclusive. There would never be more sets of keys than 50% of playerbase. That's really exclusive. Also, it would ensure that no solo player can open the doors, unless he trades for the key (and I can see that keys would be VERY expensive, if they can't be lootable and only way to get them is through tasks. Most of people would probably trade Key A for Key B and vice-versa), which will most likely cost him a lot. It would benefit towards squad, because it requires two people to work together (either by giving out the key to one person in the squad, or by opening each door by a different player). And no, it would not eliminate "hatchling issue", but it would make it harder. It would actually give squads a chance. Your thoughts? Disclaimer: obviously, changes I propose would require a WIPE, so I'm not saying this should take effect now, but at the next major update.
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