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Found 1 result

  1. Time_X

    A Dream for the future of Woods

    Why are the Tarkov outdoors so boring? You que up onto woods ready to scramble through underbrush in a densely wooded area, trees and brush so thick you can't move quickly without becoming entangled in thorns, scavs and other PMCs could be hiding anywhere waiting for you to blunder through the bushes into their trap. Of course, instead you spawn on a map with a few lightly wooded patches and several places where you can almost guarantee that you will find other players based on the cluster of spawns everybody knows as well as where the loot and the scavs will be. I have several suggestions that amount to a rework of the woods map that I hope the community will add to and that the devs will take into consideration. Number one is definitely just some dramatic changes in the landscape. The whole map, despite being called woods, is ironically very lightly wooded. It's easy to go through the entire map without barely going into the woods with the use of the lumber roads and clearings. Even when going through the woods it's widely scattered trees that offer little cover. This sums up my first idea which is the introduction of a bramble, shrubs, and thorns that slows your pace and makes noise. This would provide cover that isn't rocks. I have never been to Russia, and have no clue if shrubbery is common, but this additional soft cover could be awesome. Deeper gullies and stream beds would offer better cover as opposed to the occasional rise and dips in the terrain you see now. Additionally, fallen trees, a frequent sight in any forest, should block your movement and provide limited cover. A fantastic landscape with stream beds, ditches, stumps, fallen trees, and brambles only adds to immersion. My second focus is the current layout that makes PVP interesting. As it currently stands, the survivors of the spawn areas make there way towards the other side of the map and towards the central scav and loot spawn known as Lumber Mill. There are multiple ways to get around two sectors of map surrounding this location, but the Lumber Mill itself is a central plain looked upon by a large rock. Aside from the cabin spawn, this location that all surviving players must travel through is undoubtedly the most dangerous place on the map. The sniper rock overlooking Lumber Mill is easily climbed with the map border behind it. Not only does this make it a great location to snipe from, but there is rarely resistance from behind. I suggest a map addition that adds a third side to this map and is conveniently located behind this tall rock overlooking Lumber Mill. Combined with further logging equipment, this location could include a stream and crawl-throughable drain pipes. A further addition to the map would reduce cramped spawns and open up areas for further looting. My third idea is a scav boss for woods. I understand there will be many of these to come, but positioning a scav boss either in the lumberyard or along one of the lumber roads would encourage players to head towards these locations, and most importantly camp them, which sounds bad in some light but I think further encouraging slow gameplay is something that would be great in Tarkov. Without proper AI, the boss would be immensely powerful as all scavs on woods are, able to shoot through the soft cover that completely blinds you, but the future addition of improved AI with more unique scavs and perhaps scav boss movement from one side of the mill to another would only improve the map. I would be very surprised if our current maps don't get reworks before release with the current quality of spawns and layout, there are so many ways they could make the maps go from okay to amazing. I hope that together we can achieve this goal. P.S. the Woodsman and his posse of angry lumberjacks would be great. P.P.S Thanks so much Emmettdogg (Okay honestly how do I change my username) for helping me edit and make this post and for all the fantastic input!
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