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Found 11 results

  1. Hi there! I have a question/suggestion about some new guns. The FAL (SA-58) is interesting assault rifle, but the same named SA-58 from Czech Republic is also legendary weapon similliar like AK-47 in 7,62mm caliber. Do developers at least think about to add this amazing Czech gun? I would appreciate it wery much. I added the file of basic (non-modificated) version to better imagination.
  2. JacksonBarret

    Remington M4A1

    I decided to tease around weapon parts and modifications,and i was wondering,even though it says that the RSASS is a DMR based on AR-15..i thought if the Devs went really that far..and yes,they did,i've made 3 versions of the M4 with Remington configurations.This is the first one. This would be the M4 used for all ranges,but mostly medium to long. Now let's get onto the modifications. Handguard is the JP Enterprises made for the R11 RSASS,but of course i got it to fit on this M4 because it has that ability to fit on AR-15 and M4 based rifles. The grip you see is the Magpul M-LOK AFG Tactical grip. To make the things kinda complete,and get that nice earthy look on this M4 i used the Hogue OverMolded Rubber Grip FDE\ And for the suppressor we used the NT-4 FDE.Looks nice. Hope you enjoy this weapon.I know I am.
  3. Hello, Escapers! It's the moment you've all been waiting for. We would like to present the newest screenshots of the Mosin sniper rifle. Let us know what you think. TRANSLATIONS: German translation can be found here. Thanks to our German Emissary @Cyver French translation can be found here. Thanks to our French Tech Support and Moderator @PIG-Mathieu Spanish translation can be found here. Thanks to our Spanish Emissary @kalurosu Portuguese translation can be found here. Thanks to our Brazilian Emissary @REAPERBR
  4. Hi guys i currently use this weapon (military) and really enjoy the handling hopefully the big boys at BS can make it happen by adding it?? love the look and i hope you will to
  5. It is MTP-76! It is a pretty solid and modable rifle. And as my knowledge; Designers of this rifle stated that the most of the demand came from USA. So in some point some departments of US army would have use this rifle. For Tarkovwise peacekeeper can sell this rifle too! Also too many mods for AR-based rifle also can be mounted to this bad boy. It could be a great alternative to M4's :) I would like to hear your opinions too
  6. I don't know why people think this is the case (I suspect PUBG is at fault), but in reality these helmets are only rated to stop 7.62x25, 9x18 and 5.45x18 cartridges, they are officially rated as GOST level 2. There are very very few real world helmets that can actually stop rifle caliber rounds, and almost none of them were ever in mainstream production or use with military/law enforcement. Here are the only helmets I know of rated to stop rifle caliber rounds from close range. X-shell MK-1, can resist multiple close range 7.62x39 hits with a backface deformation profile similar to those left by 9x19 on regular IIIA helmets. Vulcan-5, rated to resist hits from steel core 7.62x39 and 7.62x54R at 5 meters. Ceradyne ECH, rated to level IIIA+ with the additional ability to resist hits from 7.62x51 M80 ball that is traveling below 2,450 fps. Those are the only helmets I am personally aware of that can resist rifle caliber rounds hitting directly and without extreme angle (which can allow normal IIIA helmets to deflect some rifle rounds, but this is only at range and with sufficient strike angle). As far as I know none of these helmets are being added to the game anytime soon.
  7. There's an awesome gift from the devs, but somehow they didn't tell us: You get 2 full equipped assault rifles, a key chain (stores 16 keys) and a container for free, just follow these steps: Have fun!
  8. Hallo heute muss ich mich als EOD Nutzer und eigentlich Treuer Fan von EFT mal zu Wort melden. Ich habe vor Weihnachten und nach Weihnachten das Spielen genossen aber egal welche Community man fragt es taucht immer ein und dasselbe Wort gegen EFT derzeit auf. Durch das Neue Spawn System ist man zwar nicht gebunden an einen Ort aber man ist z.b in Customs besser geraten erst ab Stufe 1 Stärke dort zu Spawnen denn der Weg über das Dixi ist besser als Weggecamped zu werden. Du spawnst Sniper Halle oder Zirkus auto (Wassertanks) und du wírst von Checkpoint weggecamped als wäre es Weihnachten für die ansonsten einfach Strommasten stellen und beide Eingänge becampen. Spawnst du checkpoint und dein Gegner an Zirkus lädt 2 Sekunden länger kannst du ihn noch im Spawn töten ohne das er etwas machen kann ( ja die Mechanik funktioniert wir haben es als Gruppe getestet und mit einer gemeinsamen Lobby Glück gehabt. Die Ladezeiten derzeit besonders Matchingzeiten sind viel zu Lang. Durch schnelle Runden bist du einfach mal wie ich heute 15 Minuten nur im Loading Screen. Neulinge sind fast ohne Guides ( keine Hinweise in den Mails oder ähnliches ) dem Tot ausgesetzt. Tarkov ist ein sehr sehr Tiefgründiges und Langatmiges spiel aber es schreckt Leute ab die noch nie eine Milsim oder ähnliches gespielt haben ab. Dadurch das Gewisse Dinge einfach zu viel Zeit kosten im Sinn=Nutzen Faktor Stirbt Tarkov. Ich Liebe Tarkov und seine Community genauso die schönen Erlebnisse aber das was derzeit passiert mit dem Spiel lässt in unserer Community sowie 2 Weiteren die Spieler gehen. Ich hoffe das dies in einem Absehbaren Patch geändert wird. Vielen Dank für das Lesen und guten Loot Der Reaper von Tarkov
  9. PachiiAxe

    Create your go to ideal rifle!

    Ok guys.. We have seen plenty of posts about posting your "ultimate loadout" and I have found a great website where you can create your custom LMG - SMG - AR - Sniper Rifle. I created my own Battle Rifle and it goes as follow: My rifle: - Knight Armaments SR-25 -16 inch barrel -M80 Ball 165 grain 7.62x51mm cartridge -Generic true 1x6x24mm scope with a Larue Optics Mount -Flash Hider My brothers rifle: Some SBR ish setup in 5.56x45mm This are not ultimate weapon loadouts but just something we had fun with and created rifles and configurations from the many we currently like. Please go ahead and share your configs! The link to where we created such beauties: http://pimpmygun.doctornoob.com/app.php P.D: Keep in mind this models could be able to be recreated in-game because such attachments have appeared in the recent EFT public game trailers. Props to @ivantherussian @Natalino @kwahamoT @Stalk1988 @BlackBird_ @dev-george @CleanCharley @Ozymandias @KleanupGuy @Kleanuppguy
  10. Sam_

    Weapon Collections

    Hey guys, I began collecting combloc weapons in November and so far have amassed a collection of SKS' and a Tokarev. The SKS is my favorite rifle by far, so I'm collecting as many variants as possible, even ones with small nuances that make them different than others, even if not much, such as my Liskie refurb 1953 Tula SKS. I would love to get an AK, but unfortunately, I live in the Peoples Republic of Maryland (USA) so I'm unable to. I can however get a PAP m85/ak pistol and turn it into an SBR, so I'll be doing that eventually; but right now the SKS has a tight hold on me and my interest. I'm enveloped in it's history and just everything about it! So, without further adieu, here is my collection of combloc weapons: It mostly consists of SKS' and one pistol thus far - from top to bottom: Sino-Soviet Paratrooper (w/long barrel lug), Yugo M59/66A1 (that's a grenade launcher at the end ), Russian 1953 Tula Liskie refurb, Albanian SKS (notice the longer handguard, and different style bolt carrier handle), and Chinese Type 56 (I finally got an original wood handguard on it; it came with the black polymer one pictured). Then to the left in the middle is my Romanian Tokarev TTC. I still have much collecting to do! I plan on getting some Chinese variants next, the ones that were designed to accept AK magazines, SKS-D, SKS-M, SKS-S, sporter, etc.. Also want to get a Romanian, NVA, North Korean, East German, etc.. (out of these 4 the Romanian will be the least expensive and easiest to find) So there's what I got so far; I want to see everyone elses! Show me your collections and what you're proud of, I love combloc/cold war era weapons. I live in the USA, and don't have an AR and don't plan on getting one any time soon either Maybe someday, but I am too enamored with the beautiful designs of Russians at the moment. Wood & steel, baby! Show me whatcha got guys!
  11. Skemba

    Military Arms Channel

    Cheers! For those of you who like weaponry and a decent Youtube channel I suggest you check out MAC, They do pretty sweet reviews on weaponry and the following industry. Currently I'm watching this:
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