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Found 10 results

  1. thatguytracy

    RMT Report?

    I'm not sure if there is any way to report other than dying from someone but I found a level 8, account name KayPk with a RR, which leads me to believe that he is using RMT. Unsure how to proceed Thanks
  2. k92001

    What count as RMT?

    Hi Everyone Im just writing here to ask about what counts as RMT becuase I am afraid to get banned I just bought my friend Tarkov and I really want to help him out by giving him bitcoins and quest items such as Usb drives and Salewas (as any friend would) but I am slightly scared to give him the stuff he needs, please advise
  3. Bomtaker01

    A Query about RMT Bans

    Hi all, just wanted to ask about something that has had me paranoid lately as it didn't occur to me earlier in the wipe, Over the past few weeks i've dropped CMS kits for friends to borrow which they use and then give back, after they have fixed what they needed. My question is Am i at risk of being banned for having done this? as the bans (understandably) seem very unforgiving with regards to dropping items for people from what i've read, id be especially grateful if i could get some info from BSG about this.
  4. madrandomize

    RMT "combat" suggestions.

    First off all, what is RMT and how it works. Let's say I want to buy 1 million rubles, I go to a shady website then I proceed to pay with real money and then someone arranges that I get those rubles in a raid that I join with him. We then get in the raid and he drops it on the ground, I then pick it up and then he leaves and I get to keep the money in my secure container. How to combat the transaction. The first step was to set a limit to the amount of money I can bring to the game. But then i saw that you can still put money inside a wallet and bring the wallet to the raid. So my suggestion is, prevent everyone from getting money to a raid, prevent containers that contain money coming to the raid. Make the vehicle extracts use a key with limited uses instead of money. This will force RMT traders to move to selling items via the flea market or bring only specific items to the raid to sell to buyers. If the latter happens , someone brings items to sell specifically for their value in raid , then you must specifically monitor which items can get inside the largest secure container and stop them. P.e. seller wants to sell red pickaxe because you know it is very valuable, you make it so you cannot bring it to the raid anymore as an item(since it doesn't drop anyway when you die, why make it an item that you can remove in game, only when it is found in this specific raid you can equip it in raid) or you can implement some other restriction for specific very high value items in raid. You can also use the secure container to only stash items you only bring to the raid (many EOD players will cry) so you can remove and add only those on the secure container. Next I want to address the flea market selling items for 10 millions instead of 1000 rubles. For this you have to have a market monitoring tool. Let's start with the basics I sell a knife for 100 let's say the fee is 10%. In the end the transaction is 100-10=90 If 1000 knifes sell you may know how the flea market fluctuates and set a limit on how much a knife is sold. If a seller tries to sell for much more you need to implement a number that increases the value exponentially after a certain threshold has passed. Because English is not my first language I will try to explain it with examples. Knifes sold. 1000 has 100 fee 1110 has 110 fee 1500 has 150 fee Let's say the median price is 1500 If someone sets knife to 1500000 Then it's 1500000 +10% +X And X is a variable which increases exponentially by the difference between median price and listed price. This might need some time to set up after a wipe but it will stop most of the RMT trades. If the above happen then the rmt traders will be forced to sell items with high value directly on the battlefield. If it is a huge container then the player will have to risk it and extract with it which (of you are struggling with the game) might prove impossible.
  5. This guy is bragging about how many accounts he has and how it'll take him a month to get banned. Just pathetic.
  6. So I love this game and have been playing for awhile now. Ive recently been grinding for a led x for the hideout upgrade but after about a week ive come up empty handed. My friend who is a god at tarkov has recently been playing rust and doesnt want to play tarkov again till the next wipe and said hed give me an ledx, as well as a bunch of loot cause hes not playing anymore. So heres where it gets super interesting, we bot load into a night factory raid, i have nothing and hes got a full kit and a gamma full of sick case, keys, ledx and whatnot. i load in and he gets stuck on the session start screen. After restarting the game 4 times and a pc restart he is unable to join the raid. I eventually die and as soon as i do he also gets the death message, saying he was killed by a scav. Supper annoying but he hasnt played in awhile and maybe the game is in beta still right? XD So we tried again and the same thing happened. stuck on the awaiting session start screen, as soon as i die he also dies. Ok now im getting confused and frustrated. so we both go in to separate factory raids. we both get in immediately with no problem, except something strange happens. Scavs rush us, as soon as we spawn. I spawned next to the 3 story, opposite gate extract and 3 scaves SPRINTED into my spawn room and gunned me down. I made no noise and didnt shoot to attract them. Ok so that was weird but we both got in so maybe the problem is fixed and i can finally just get my ledx. We tried factory again together and wouldn't you know.... i spawned in right away and he was stuck in the awaiting session start screen. again scavs rushed me and killed me and as soon as i died my buddy also got the you were killed screen. So my question is this, is giving stuff to friends impossible now? does BSG have some shadow ban type system where if you go in to a raid with a poo ton worth of rubles does it flag, and try everything it can to make sure you die?? I know BSG has a hard on for Real money transfers right now, is this part of that? pls help
  7. I'm not native English speaker, so I might choose incorrect words and/or have grammar problems. As we all know, Nikita wants to fxxk up those RMT sellers by changing flea market. Unfortunately, he is making more of them. no found in raid if dead less items at flea market get much higher prices ---- some might be unaffordable some people will have to buy rubles rubles will cost much more money ---- hackers earn more blade runners could only sell high value items in their crotch to merchants and get much less money bit coins is worth ~130k at doc and ~300k at flea market (I don't know the exact price) the merchants seems to buy items from us at lower prices than before, is that true? hackers want found in raid ASAP ---- they will kill characters(including blade runners who have nothing outside their crotch) instead of suck and run blade runners will have a much tougher life, thus buying more rubles You are not punching RMTers. You are raising them.
  8. So this suggestion is to combat 2 things in particular, RMT, and people artificially boosting friends. In both these scenarios, the recipient has to give back the items (Presumably taken from his inventory and then given back to the gifter through messenger) However not only does this harm bad actors, this will also help somewhat to normal players. Players who give teammates gear will be fine, as they simply have to give the gear back after the raid. Also, this allows for easier transfer of gear back to teammates, as usually you'd have to enter another raid. From what I can see this change will only hurt illegitimate players and help normal ones.
  9. YaBoiRoyHF

    Anti- Cheater/Anti- RMT suggestion

    SUGGESTION: Putting a playtime Limit of about 50h - 100h on the Labs queue, so that your Account has to have played for example 75 hours so you can enter the Labs queue, no matter if you have the Keycard. BACKGROUND / EXPLANATION: I heared from alot of people in the community how frustrated they are with labs, and how much they used to run it for fun. main reason for that are apparently cheaters. i personally do not play labs but i have witnessed onstream how much of a cheater paradise it i in EFT's current state. i've heared some real good suggestions regarding Cheaters in general, but nothing specific to labs and i think this simple "fix" could make it harder for cheaters, more specificly RMT-Cheaters . so it's very clear that labs is a popular map for "RMT Cheaters" because of the high loot potential. From other posts i also heared, that the accounts of cheaters don't really have a long livespan. I thought that putting a playtime limit on labs might be one way to limit cheaters. Simply because i think most ACTUAL new players won't try to get onto labs too soon after they started their tarkov career. i think a limit of about 50h - 100 hours playtime would be reasonable, since most cheater's accounts won't last as long, so they won't be able to get onto labs to make alot of profit, which would raise the price of roubles on cheater-driven sites, which would lower the demand etc, etc. in general i think it would be an easy option. ADVANTAGES : -Not too much profit for RMT Cheaters -> Rubles will become more expensive on RMT sites -Labs will become enjoyable for normal players again DISADVANTAGES -other High Profit maps like Interchange, Shoreline or Reserve will be new Targets for Cheaters -the possible demand for used Accounts will be there, maybe creating a new "market" for accounts with playtime over the nessecary limit ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I still want to point out my deep appreciation for the game and it's creators,i by no means consider myself competent enough to properly consider all the aspects of this idea, i simply think it might be worth thinking about. This post is an altered Version of a post from my Account on Reddit (u/ItzYaBoiRoy), so please do not accuse me of violating the Copyright (just in case a link to my original post on reddit) :
  10. This is a letter from a Chinese player who enjoy and love this game. I have played OW, PUBG, then i get into this escape from Tarkov, and i really enjoyed this game. But after the Chinese version came out, more and more CHEATER ruined this game, they CHEATed in the GAME, and sold our equipment to the market for the rub, and other new GAMER buy this rub from real money platform, like TAOBAO. Normally the CHEATER and the BUYER get a team into this game, and the cheater give out the stuff to the buyer, and buyer get things into the safe,and after the game, the buyer sold the stuff to the market, then the team of the CHEATER buy the stuff from the custom, even they pay the tax for the custom, i have sceenshot for this dirty trade, they even post on the platform to show how they succeed in this real money trade. so the CHEATER hunt us ,sold our equipment, get the rub, sold this to their customer, 10 million rub is for 130 RMB,which is 20 dollar, and they even sell the key,any kind, a set of the lab key is 450RMB, which is 60 dollar, and they even help the flesh kill us to getting into the game. so i highly recommend, the team of the escape from tarkov,cancel the market, just like the DIABLO 3, cut the circle of RMT, and make the stuff for BOP(binds on pickup), and limit the number of the trade between the friends, like 3 friends can be trade without limits, but limited to 3,and change time limit to 6 month.i really like the game, i hope this game will not follow the path of the other,like OW, PUBG, APEX, please, dont let the cheater ruined this game.
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