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Found 1 result

  1. DivinePhantom

    Scav Gameplay

    Hello Battlestate Games; DivinePhantom here, and I would like to express my concern with a experience of mine. This experience comes from one of my gameplays as a Scav. So the one thing that has caught my concern and suggestion for the game in future releases, is the having the fact that rogue scavs have a completely different status than any other scav. And this Allow me to elaborate from my experience. In my latest run playing as a scav at customs at 6 in the morning with the sun not out(in game timer), I was acting like an AI scav myself at the UN Checkpoint at Customs. Mimicking and acting like an AI scav, I stood next to two other AI Scavs at the UN checkpoint Then comes another scav and he is infact a player scav. How did I know this? 1)He was running as a scav and I sneaked past him in one of the factory buildings. (AI Scavs don't run) 2) In the dark he had toggled his weapon tactical light. 3) AI scavs would have been shooting him from at least 15 meters, from my experience. (which in this case is the P226 with the underbarrel flashlight). That is how I knew, but the problem lies when he started shooting me from behind the closest UN vehicle in the ditch next to the UN Checkpoint. He first shot me, perhaps because I had an unfinished assault rifle in my hands (It was dark, but enough to see silhouettes). Then lies the actual problem, the AI Scavs that were standing next to me wasn't shooting him back at all?! Since the AI scavs didn't shoot back, I decided to act like the AI scavs and just not return fire. Instead I stepped behind another AI scav so it could shield me from the incoming P226 fire. Then the Player Scav shoots the AI scav and LOL. The AI Scavs do absolutely nothing! Until he had kill two of the AI scavs, I then return fire and I did not see if I killed him as my legs were fractured and I just shot I'm 3 times. After an immediate 6 seconds two AI scavs approach me and start shooting me?! How do I know they're AI Scavs? 1) They were speaking Russian all the time. 2) There should have been atleast 4 scavs around the UN Checkpoint within a 30 meter distance. My issue is that I shot the Rogue Scav in defense to save my scav life, but in return, since I shot a "SCAV" (Actually a rogue player scav) I became a rogue scav myself. Please help and make this change! So that I can shoot rogue scavs freely without having myself be at risk from the AI scavs! Thank you for reading this suggestion and if you have any constructive advice and suggestions to add on, please do feel free to do so! Over n Out, DivinePhantom
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