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Found 7 results

  1. Name: RSASS Type: DMR Country of origin: United States Produced: 2010-current Variants: - Caliber: 7.62×51mm Feed system: box magazine Customization: magazine, scopes, barrels and suppressors The Remington RSASS is a DMR based on a stoner AR-10 system that has been adapted for 7.62x51mm cartridges. Multiple barrels are available for short/long usages, as well as scopes that can be mounted on top by the Picatinny rail. The in-game version at the date of the 28/12/17 includes a magpull stock and 20 rounds magazines. Only the Tan (Desert) color is currently available.
  2. ZRocK

    Unavailable RSASS Gas Block

    Hi Devs, I was trying to Mod an RSASS yesterday, changing the 22'' barrel to 18'' and by mistake i sold the 22'' barrel without taking off the gas block, now i have a nonfunctional RSASS since there is no trader currently sells that JP Enterprises Gas System-6. would you please add this to Peacekeeper or the new trader the Mechanic.
  3. Wulfyk


    So,does anyone know how to buy a rsass from a peacekeeper,i completed almost half of his quests and i still can't buy it.Does it unlock from quests,and what quest,or you cant buy it now?
  4. flofizier

    RSASS glitching

    Just killed a guy on factory rafters. I went up to him and saw an RSASS in his hands but he didnt have it in his inventory. He is streaming on twitch and admits that he is glitching. Could someone tell me if this is legal and if not i hope that the devs will ban this gameexperiance ruining dude.
  5. khaotic

    100 Rsass Mega Giveway

    Hey, guys, I'm back again with another giveaway, the last giveaway I did was the 100 m4 giveaway. Well, I'm back with something even better, 100 rsasses. The giveaway will last 48 hrs just like before, just like this post and comment why you should win to enter the giveaway, I decided to help the community out once again. Each winner will also win 20 rsasses, so 5 winners will be chosen, good luck.
  6. Snorf

    RSASS Glitchers

    I have played a couple of games lately and I have come across a couple of people using a glitch where they have a RSASS rifle in their secure container (Pouch) and somehow glitch it out, so they can use it. This glitch they are using to me seems worse then the pistol glitch because of the killing capability of the RSASS. Me and my friends were playing on shoreline and we got shot up by this one guy called Adore. If any one else comes across someone they think is glitching but are not sure whether it is a bug where the player was looted or a glitcher just check the gun stock and if the is not buttstock and just the Colt buffer tube, then they are a glitcher. This needs to be addressed by the Devs before it gets out of hand like the pistol glitch. This is a video showing me looting the guy, as you can see the tell-tale sign of no buttstock. I have seen people speak about this glitch on reddit, but did a quick look to see if anyone else has posted about this on the EFT forum and I didn’t see anything. So I just wanted to put this out there to let people know what is going on.
  7. Pladn

    RSASS Glitcher

    Hey guys, I ran into this guy who was glitching his RSASS. He accepted my friend request and was happy to report that the devs will do nothing about his cheating ways and that the devs are ok with it. I didnt dedicate a whole video to him so check out the rest of the highlights and let me know what you think. Thanks in advance
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