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Found 6 results

  1. Cthulhu4Prez

    Eye Tracking Software

    Is eye tracking software allowed during games? I have hardware and software that allows me to use eye tracking software to see where I am looking, but it also gives me the ability to move my cursor to the location that I am looking? Will this get me banned, also do you plan to add any feature that use this in a better way?
  2. So I was trying to do the quest, delivery from the past, I think is what its called. Am still new and read that if I die I have to start all over again, considering that i nearly died twice trying to get the case in the first place I was really nervous and decided to group up, I got into a group with 3 other players, the one guy i guess backed out because when I spawned in it was only the one other guy, and I rushed to where i needed to go, considering the other guy had nothing in his invo, no gun no vest no bag, just a knife, he followed me, I got right to the spot and started to hide the ite
  3. DeadlySimba

    قوانين المنتدى

    مرحبا بكم في منتديات إسكيب فروم تاركوف قوانين المنتدى ملزمة لجميع المستخدمين. من خلال إنشاء حساب يوافق المستخدمين على جميع البنود والشروط المذكورة فيه بالكامل دون أي استثناءات. لا يمكن استخدام المنتدى لأي أغراض بخلاف المحدد في هذه الصفحة. أي معلومات منشورة في المنتدى ليست ملزمة، باستثناء إشعارات إدارة المنتدى. لا يمكن تحميل إدارة المنتدى مسؤولية محتويات أي رسائل منشورة بواسطة المستخدمين. تقع المسؤولية الكاملة عن أي محتوى من الرسائل المنشورة على عاتق كاتبها. توفر إدارة المنتدى تسهيلات فنية للمستخدمين لنشر الرسائل وتبادلها فقط.ـ المصطلحات المستخدمة في هذه الصفحة
  4. Shibby

    Форум Правила

    Добре дошли в форумите Escape From Tarkov! Моля, не забравяйте да следвате правилата на форума, за да избегнете проблеми! 1. Общи разпоредби Тренировъчният форум Escape from Tarkov е свободно достъпен за всеки, който се интересува от посещение и / или регистрация за по-нататъшна употреба. Като се регистрирате в форума "Escape from Tarkov", автоматично приемате правилата по-долу и се съгласявате да ги спазвате; в противен случай, Escape from Tarkov forum Администрацията и Модерации си запазва правото да ограничава правата ви във форума или да блокира профила ви за постоянно. Основни
  5. Why in gods name.... would any developer ever... make it so if a player scav shoots you... while your playing as a player scav... you cannot kill that player scav without aggro'ing all AI Scavs after killing the player that attacked you. This is absolutely terrible for gameplay. I cannot defend myself from a player scav that is attacking me without garunteeing getting attacked by all other AI Scavs. I'm starting to come to the conclusions that the dev's are toying with me. What logic are you using here. If the AI scavs attack any player scav that kills or shoots a scav... why wouldn
  6. TheAssaultClass

    Topic Limitations?

    Alright. After being on the forum for some time I've really started to notice a bit of an issue in how old topics are dealt with. Everyday it seems a large portion of answered or mostly dead posts are revived due to one rogue poster that decided to grave dig. Now this isn't entirely a bad thing but hear me out. Grave digging (while not the end of the world) is not punished on this forum. How is that bad, you might ask? Well the issue is that these old posts tend to offer almost no relevant comments or information that hasn't already been mentioned in official developer comments or in sticky th
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