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Found 8 results

  1. As the title states, there is a bug that causes the server to think that it has been up for a shorter period of time than it has. For me this happens on interchange. In this example I extracted at less than 30 minutes of server time remaining, meaning the raid had lasted for over 15 minutes. However at the screenshot I will post below, it states that the raid lasted for 9m45s and gave me the run through status. Here is a screencap with the raid ID if you want to look into it: https://imgur.com/a/Dx5AdSb This bug just cost me 5m roubles so it has taken a lot out of me,
  2. Viking3250

    Run through status

    Hi. why are people so afraid of getting that run through status.? as i see it its just a number one your "Papers"... i don't see any punishment for it.. if i get a lot of awesome gear then i acually don't care about the exp or the "survived status" so just wanna know. What does the Run through status do ?
  3. Hey Leute, ich habe mir mal die Mühe gemacht und ein Tutorial darüber erstellt, wie man 5+ Millionen Rouble Hatchet Runs macht. Hoffe Ihr nehmt das ganze mit ein wenig Humor ;D Viel Spaß beim ansehen und selbst ausprobieren :> XOXO StokieMokie
  4. So when I was doing the Bad rep evidence quest for Prapor i went throught Customs fast and carefull not to bump into others. And when I extracted at the Gas Station Exit it counted as "Run Through" and the last part of the quest was not completed which says: "Survive and exit Customs location" So when I reported it as a bug with the Report Tool i got the reply that this was no error: I don't get it why you have to spend 20 min and or kill someone to complete a quest. The quest says "survive and exit" not "survive for 20 minutes and kill everything you see". And I think th
  5. orion310591

    Your best run? (Screenshots)

    Tried to find similar thread but it looks like there isn't one if there is, please merge this one to that one. As new player, I don't really know what are the best extractions in terms of gear, so I wanna ask you what are your best runs and on what map? What you had when u started, and what u had when u extracted? I started with ak-74, 1 spare mag, and empty bag, some smaller one... and few first aids... I was hearing some shots here and there but was sneaking successfully I think... in total, i found this: - purple bag (had to dump smaller one, with vest and some amm
  6. dark47killer

    Factory Run Tutorial

    I know this video is not the best but I just wanted to make this video to a few friends of my that always said that. It's almost impossible to go from noting to guns doing factory runs. Hope you guys enjoy the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8i4S7z3q6I&feature=youtu.be
  7. FlarmBlarg

    Scav runs

    Please for the love of wasted hours.. Can you make it so players that are farming don't accidentally spam "next" and lose all of their loot from their scav runs? like a pop up on the character screen to ask if you're sure you want to discard all items or something? so frustrating after farming and having muscle memory spam the mouse 1 key thinking I'm going to go to the character screen after the menu and move all the loot.
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