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Found 8 results

  1. love this game. amazing idea being realized. but i was wondering when running will actually make the characters act tired in the effects? For example, shortness of breath, wheezing, unstable aiming from increased muscle fatigue due to low oxygen until you have caught your breath again. And especially if you have run and then try to hold your breath. right now it is run and gun game. because running is so much more effective and uses desync/netcode problems to advantage. And there is no penalty for running until red, wiaitng a few seconds then doing it again. in fact it is all advantage becuase yo uincrease running skill. Be good to have authentic things happen when getting low stamina. Especially because as any shooter know, it is working with your natural breathing rhythms (even when not fatigued) that really helps to get shots on target.
  2. buger430

    Bash doors while running

    I was thinking, in cases were you know someone is aiming at you, and you wanna extract/take cover/hide in a room. Maybe you even take damage on one arm from bashing the door, this would punish hatchlings for trying to use it for their greedy med-less tactics.
  3. UCFBaron88

    Turn Head Mechanic

    Are there any plans to add a mechanic which allows you to turn your head while running? That way you can check your sides without rotating and having to strafe. Thanks,
  4. TheMojaveViper

    Running with a Grenade

    This maybe more of a bug report however its an issue ive noticed in a few gameplay session when throwing a grenade while running (to give it more moment) the grenade just drops at your feet
  5. Can you please make an option so that when you right click to aim down the site while running, the character immdiately stops running and aims down the site. I personally think that it makes makes it much quicker to lock on to a target. Many Thanks.
  7. InfiniteRival

    Stamina System.

    Will there be a stamina system implemented into the game? What i mean by that is, will players be able to sprint/run indefinitely without rest? If a stamina system is implemented. Will it be affected by player weight, health and general well being? I looked through the FAQ's and saw no mention of a stamina system. Some other people on this forum mentioned they thought they saw something on it, but cannot find it again.
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