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Found 4 results

  1. SPIC3_B01

    Did they RUIN TARKOV?

    Fix it please...
  2. Sabotaaki

    Pistol glitch is back

    So it seems that pistol glitch is back in the game. No idea how to do it would report it if i knew. Have countered several glitchers today at factory while doing punisher pt6.
  3. BiodecayYT

    I did the Unforgiveable...

    I am so sorry. (True Story) We met in a Scav run... We... We were the best of friends as soon as we both upon sight of each other. We were destined to leave Factory and escape from Norvinsk.... The Light shining away, We Both shone horror on Factory, Shooting all we see... We Gained so much... I mean So so Much... As light nearly tinier than a spark... The Evils got into my mind. We were ready to leave/Escape Factory... I did... The Most unforgivable ever... I... I shot my own.. F... Friend... I felt the most regret, Why did it have to happen... I shot him at Extraction. And I then there too Shot myself. #NeverShootTheFriendlyScavs ======= The time of writing this, Its been 20 minutes. I feel so much regret. I have been playing for about a year now. And Have treated all friendly people with kindness. I dont really know what got into my head. But I shall never be forgiven for the sins I have done. They should add a Suicide feature like DayZ... Mabye even... The Deadly game of Russian Roulette. Im so sorry for whoever u are that died to me.
  4. I've had a great time lately in Tarkov. For example, rushing for the Scav kill quest on customs saw me wipe a 5man squad in around construction with hit n run tactics(solo obviously) only to die to a Scav laser guided grenade through a wall. I've died on my PMC in factory because Comtacs really mess me up. I killed a bear with a silenced weapon, but his buddy got me even though I heard him. Damn you Comtacs, why are you TOO good? So, I decide instead of rebuying I'll go Scav for equipment, maybe get some quest items. I load up, sit tight and listen. Seems clear. I found a Vepr in a weapon box as well as a Blackrock and MBSS. Nothing special but I know when the Tarkov gods want blood. I'll put on my Paca and assume the role of speedy Doomslayer PMC. I go woods and camp my usual spot. I hear silenced shots but cant decide if its one or 2 taking out scavs near me, so I have a quick look. Woah...t here's a scav dead right next to me! I go round the corner and decide maybe not the best idea to poke my head out. A few minutes later Greed shows itself and he comes for the loot. I walk crawl out of my spot and bam, enemy down. I wait a bit longer for his possible buddy but nothing. Always best to assume, right? So I approach, scan and see nothing. My spidey sense is tingling though, so I throw an F1 where I'd be if I was covering and start to loot. BOOM. Full Comtac/Kiver/Fort/MOE AK PMC. Not bad for having died and using the gear I got on my Scav life. Tarkov Gods be praised. I loot as fast as my Guerilla hands let me and as I get up, silenced shots rip into the ground next to me. The F1 had been on point and disoriented him just long enough for me to loot! Tarkov Gods have had their blood though, I won't be adding mine. I defy them and bug out. I get a much needed spark plug on the way. After this I thought that I'll Scav again to make the most of the free life, the luck of the Tarkov Gods and hopefully find some quest items and make some roubles. I spawn in and realise my spawn has another spawn very close by, sure enough there's a Scav player. I'm so bored of the cycle of killing for a Makarov. Sure if you need 2k roubles that bad go ahead. I friendly wiggle and spam my torch... he wiggles back. I look at the sky, offering myself to the Tarkov gods and there is no darkness. We're buddies. I take give him my meds as a sign of goodwill and take lead, sherpa-ing us to loot and glory. I coordinate us both to kill AI's simultaneously. Now we're geared. He gets badluck and an add but he handles it. Ofcourse he does, hes one of mine! We move together with torches and hand gestures and effectively kill ai's and Scavenge the land while avoiding PMC firefights. We're not ready and we have business to attend to. After a while of giving him gear and pointing out corpses, I notice he's found himself an MPX, probably off the PMC I signaled at the tent. The Tarkov Gods don't need to whisper malign influences in my ears for this, there's no honour among thieves. And my Scav is an excellent thief. I carry on and we find another dead PMC. I check him and signal to carry on with my torch. He's very perceptive, good for teamwork... but also greedy. They always are. He stops to check the PMC and the Tarkov Gods bless me with an opportunity. Not that I needed their help. I betray his trust on the shore of the woods lake, in the grey rain a flash of lightning and the roar of thunder mask my shot. He had no idea it was coming. For a moment I feel sorry for him, then I realise I was lucky. If he was a true Scav like me, he'd have done me in as soon as he grabbed that MPX. I live to serve the Gods another day, and he's hopefully reading this realizing what a mistake he made. TL;DR - This game is amazing. Play it like it's meant to be played and it'll reward you more so than any game I've played in my decades as a gamer.
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