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Found 24 results

  1. Markku

    Talvipyhien Ale!

    Taistelijat! Talvipyhät lähestyvät, joulukuun 23:ntena, lähestyvän uudenvuoden kunniaksi on alennus ennakkotilauksista. Kaikki ennakkotilattavat versiot Escape from Tarkovista ovat -25%! Tämän lisäksi myös Merch-kaupassa on alennus voimassa! Alennukset tulevat voimaan joulukuun 23:ntena kello 23:01 (FI). Alennukset päättyvät tammikuun 5:ntenä kello 22:59 (FI). Kaikille on myös varattu oma pieni uuden vuoden lahja, jonka voit lunastaa EFT profiilisi kautta: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/profile Onnea raideihin, ja hyviä pyhiä! - Markku
  2. venomfrosty


    Will there be a christmas sale? I missed the black friday one. I'd really like to pick up the Edge of Darkness one this time around. Ty for your time
  3. Taistelijat kuulolla! Lokakuun 15. päivä vietetään BattleState Gamesin syntymäpäivää, tämän tapahtuman johdosta on voimassa erikoisjuhla-ale! 25% alennusta KAIKISTA Escape from Tarkov ennakkotilaus versioista, eikä siinä vielä kaikki; Alennus on voimassa KAIKISTA tuotteista myös merch-tuotekaupassamme! Alet tulevat voimaan 15.10 klo 00:01 ja päättyvät 16.10 klo 23:59 suomen aikaa. Oiva tilaisuus päivittää tai ostaa merch-tuotteita!
  4. HappyFeet0

    Next sale when?

    friend is thinking of buying this game when it goes on sale. any idea when that might be?
  5. Markku

    Kesäale ennakkotilauksissa!

    Kesäalet Escape from Tarkov ennakkotilauksista! 3.8 - 5.8 välisenä aikana, kaikissa ennakkotilattavissa versioissa on alennus voimassa virallisilla kotisivuilla seuraavasti: Standard Edition -15% Left Behind Edition -15% Prepare for Escape Edition -15% Edge of Darkness Limited Edition -20% -15% alennus koskee kaikkia versiopäivityksiä. Alennukset tulevat voimaan 3.8 klo 00:01 ja päättyvät 5.8 klo 23:59. Pysyvä alennus useamman kopion ostamisesta, ei ole yhdistettävissä tapahtumasta johtuvan alennuksen kanssa. 2 kopiota - 10% ale 3 kopiota - 15% ale 4 kopiota - 20% ale Nähdään Tarkovissa!
  6. Nyt kun uusi päivitys on lähellä, olemme päättäneet alennuksesta kaikkien Escape from Tarkov pelin ennakkotilausten, sekä uusien että versiopäivitysten osalta. Alennus kestää vain lyhyen aikaa, joten nyt kannattaa vinkata kaverillekin! Alennus on 20% kaikista versioista. Ale alkaa 25.06.2021 00:01 FI Ale päättyy 26.06.2021 23:59 FI https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page Muistutuksena myös, että useamman kuin yhden kopion ostamiseen on pysyvä alennus: 2 kopiota - 10% ale 3 kopiota - 15% ale 4 kopiota - 20% ale Useampien kopioiden alennus ei toimi päällekkäin tämän tapahtumasta johtuvan alennuksen (20%) kanssa.
  7. Markku

    Alennus Merch-kauppaan

    Juhlistaaksemme virallisen Escape from Tarkov merch-kaupan ensimmäistä vuotta, annamme 20% alennuksen kaikille tuotteille alennuskoodilla ANNIVERSARY https://tarkovmerchstore.com/ Alennus alkaa 25.06.2021 00:01 FI Alennus päättyy 26.06.2021 23:59 FI Nyt jos koskaan on hyvä mahdollisuus valita muutamat fanituotteet!
  8. Πολεμιστές! Προς τιμήν της επετείου της Ημέρας της Νίκης στον Μεγάλο Πατριωτικό Πόλεμο (Victory Day), έχουμε ετοιμάσει ειδικές εορταστικές εκπτώσεις για την αγορά προ-παραγγελιών Escape from Tarkov. Εάν σκέφτεστε να αγοράσετε το παιχνίδι εδώ και καιρό, τώρα είναι η τέλεια στιγμή! Standard Edition – 20% Έκπτωση Left Behind Edition – 20% Έκπτωση Prepare for Escape Edition – 20% Έκπτωση Edge of Darkness Limited Edition – 25% Έκπτωση *Αυτές οι εκπτώσεις ισχύουν επίσης και για αναβαθμίσεις πακέτων προπαραγγελίας. Οι εκπτώσεις ξεκινούν στις: 08.05.2021 00:01 Ώρα Αθήνας Οι εκπτώσεις λήγουν στις: 09.05.2021 23:59 Ώρα Αθήνας Η έκπτωση για την αγορά πολλών προπαραγγελιών ως δώρο δεν αθροίζεται με τις εορταστικές εκπτώσεις. https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page Καλή ημέρα νίκης και καλή τύχη με τις επιδρομές σας!
  9. bbot3000

    Upcoming Sales?

    Do any of you know of possible upcoming sales for eft? I'm currently playing standard edition and finding it just very infuriating to play when all my friends have EOD and casually progress significantly faster than me in the hideout. I'm finally looking to upgrade to EOD from standard. I know that around christmas & new years is when they most commonly have sales, but are there any coming soon? I'd rather not pay $95 to upgrade to EOD.
  10. dustyredstone

    christmas sale 2019

    hello, i am thinking of upgrading to EOD but not sure if i should do it now (break my bank account) or if there will be a sale this new year/christmas (as i missed black Friday) would greatly appreciate any info on this subject and sales in general
  11. Black-Friday in Escape from Tarkov! Escape from Tarkovs Rabatt auf Vorbestellungen hat begonnen! Standard Edition - 30% Rabatt Left Behind Edition - 30% Rabatt Prepare for Escape Edition - 30% Rabatt Edge of Darkness Limited Edition - 30% Rabatt Die Rabatte beginnen: 29. November 22:00 Uhr Die Rabatte enden: 30. November 21:59 Uhr Der Rabatt für den Kauf mehrerer Vorbestellungen als Geschenk wird nicht mit den Ermäßigungen für den Black-Friday summiert. 2 Pakete - 10% Rabatt 3 Pakete - 15% Rabatt 4 Pakete - 20% Rabatt Gönnt euch und euren Freunden!
  12. The title says it all , i really want to play ive been waiting since last sale when i was unsure about buying it . I also bought this game 5 times on G2a and got refunded everytime because the key was invalid/revoked after 1 week . i really want to play this game
  13. dionwashisnameo


    I know this last sale just ended, I have been doing research trying to figure out if I want it. Luckily a met a guy on a stream yesterday and he gave me a 14 day trial and I played it today and got my a$$ destroyed but I found out in spite of that I love it and went to buy it and low and behold the sale ended. I was going to buy the most expensive one for the stash size and extra standing with the merchants. But I’m not buying full price now that I know it goes on sale. My question is how often does this go on sale? If it’s once a year then I guess I’ll be waiting a year.
  14. Jacwolf

    Next Pre-order Sale?

    I'm new, My question is any general idea when the next sale will be? I just purchased the game not too long ago, and enjoy it a lot. I then noticed that it went on sale shortly after and thought it was a good time to upgrade my edition since i find it's really fun. But waiting for this week's payday to come around, the sale ended the day before I got paid on May 10th. I want to upgrade to the upgrade for the EoD edition, but will have to wait for the next sales event to do so...
  15. Hello, Escapers! Today is the day, the Victory Day! The discount has started, so now is the time to get 25% off your preorder or upgrade of Escape From Tarkov. The discount does combine with multiple key purchases, so invite your friends and let them join in the fun! As a reminder, if you're planning an upgrade you will need to manually wipe your profile in order for the upgrade to take effect. Thank you for your support, dedication, and let's make Tarkov great! Starts: May 9th, 00:01 MSK Ends: May 10th, 23:50 MSK Time conversions
  16. Hello, Dear Escapers! In honor of Victory Day, we will be hosting a 25% discount off of Escape From Tarkov, which includes all preorders and does stack with the multiple preorder discounts. This will be the perfect time to invite your friends or get that upgrade you want! So don't miss out, and remember, all upgrades will require a profile reset! Starts: May 9th, 00:01 MSK Ends: May 10th, 23:50 MSK Time conversions
  17. Will the price of the game reduced like on christmas? Maybe 8.May?
  18. In celebration of Defender of the Motherland Day, the Battlestate Games company offers 20% discount for all kinds of Escape from Tarkov preorders from February 23 to February 25, 2018! The discount is available within these two days only: from 00:10 MSK of February 23, 2018, till 23:50 MSK of February 25, 2018. TRANSLATIONS Polish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Poland @NuclearMessiah French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Moderator of forum of France @NoDG Finnish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Finland @sp3edie Spanish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Spain @MrXavito Japan translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Japan @giraffy German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Germany @ramjid Bulgarian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Bulgaria @Shibby Czech/Slovakian translation can be found here. Thanks to Community Representative for CZ/SK @HajDEO Turkish translation of the news can be found here! Thanks for Emissary of Turkey @Dimitri468
  19. PMCs, it is now the 11th hour for the ticket to Tarkov sale to end. The sale will be going for another 24 hours and make its final closing on January 4th at 15:00 MSK (UTC+3). After this period, all pre-order packages will be back to their normal prices. You can get your game packages from our website using the link below: www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page Time to start 2018 with an attempt to Escape from Tarkov. See you in the Interchange!
  20. Dear EFT Team, unluckly i missed that sale date for tomorrow 28.12.2017 and baught the game today 27.12.2017. Is there a way to upgrate my standard purchase for free? I really would like to support you, but now i´m a bit frustrated. Keep the good work up!
  21. bradleytwin01


    So I'm planning on upgrading to the EOD edition during the sale after the wipe. But now the wipe is here and the sale isn't for another few days. I guess I could just start exploring the new shoreline map and extraction system. Just hate that I'm progressing towards an account that I will be resetting in a few days. O well!!
  22. TheColdVein

    Black Friday Sale is BACK!

    Attention Tarkov Shoppers! BLACK FRIDAY is almost here again and for a limited time, you can receive a 25% discount on the hottest pre-order of the season! We will be providing a 25% discount on everything for 3 days - 23, 24, 25 November 2017. GREAT NEWS! the 25% Black Friday discount will stack with the multiple copy discounts!! Discounts begin: November 23 at 19:00 MSK Discounts End: 25 November at 23:59 MSK So don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to support and test Escape From Tarkov...The Scavs will surely appreciate it! Translations: Portuguese translation of the news here. Thanks to Emissary @dimittri4gc Italian translation of the news here. Thanks to Emissary @funboy Chinese translation of the news here. Thanks to Emissary @Hazel Greek translation of the news is here. Thanks to Emissary @VinceVega Spanish translation of the news is here. Thanks to Emissary @hidden_citizen Dutch translation of the news is here. Thanks to Emissary @iGoodLifeNL
  23. ckyjack

    black friday sale

    hi guys has the sale started or how many hours left
  24. Black Friday एक सीमित समय के लिए जल्द ही आ रहा है, आप मौसम के सबसे पूर्व आदेश पर 25% छूट प्राप्त कर सकते हैं! हम 3 दिनों के लिए सब कुछ पर 25% छूट प्रदान करेंगे - 23, 24, 25 नवंबर 2017। बढ़िया खबर! 25% ब्लैक फ्राइडे डिस्काउंट कई कॉपी डिस्काउंट से ढेर होगा !! छूट शुरू होती है: 23 नवंबर को 1 9 00 एमएसके छूट समाप्त: 25 नवंबर को 23:59 एमएसके तो समर्थन और Tarkov से बचने के लिए इस भयानक अवसर पर याद नहीं है ... Scavs निश्चित रूप से इसकी सराहना करेंगे!
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