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Found 3 results

  1. TheWendigo

    Armor--Proper Armor

    So right now we have fort armor, soft armor and so on, I would like to suggest bringing in AR500 and AR550, AR650. Things like level I, II, III, IIIA, IIIA+, IV and ect. I feel the current armor system is kind of lackluster, usually armor is a plate or set of plates that go into the PC.
  2. indyjons

    Body Armor

    I understand that EFT is striving for real world realism through ballistics and "human dynamics." Well if you're nerdy enough to get into physics/ballistics and body armor, then please, make yourself at home. As a friend of mine once said, "Let us study the laws of physics and the effects on ceramics." However he was referring to gravity and how it would effect china as we walked down the aisle stocked with plates and dishes, and not SAPI plates. Anyways, enough ranting, lets get down to business. I am sure we've all heard of body armor and are more or less familiar with the different levels (see attached photo for more details on the levels of Body Armor). This thread is merely for the discussion of body armor and its presence in EFT. Example: Ceramic plates, steel plates, soft armor, combining both soft armor and hard plates? Durability of different types of inserts. Trauma inflicted upon being hit. The list goes on..... As an example of discussion, I understand that Level 3 plates can stop most, common rifle rounds. However, I have seen .223 XM193 penetrate level 3+ (not 4) armor out of a 20 to 22 inch barrel (traveling in excess of 3300 FPS) rifle while being fired out of an 16 or 18 inch, would defeat the round.
  3. Hello. I have decided to make this post because of something that has been bothering me about "realism" games. I come from an infantry background, 4 years. Everything I have seen from this game so far is as realistic as I could imagine a game could get. But having all this realism in certain areas is nothing if you can't bring the realism into the shooting aspect of the game. I want my real life training to count for something when I breach a door. In other games stacking up and breaching dose not work like it should. Because the ether the players character has HP and AP (basic heath system) or because the game is just unbalanced. When breaching a room with body armor on, believe it or not, the best way to enter is to face the enemy square on. So if you do get hit, you take it in you armor, not your side. All body armor has its weak points such as under the arm pit, neck line and sometimes crotch and lower back/kidney. So when I shoot a player in any of those spots they should be down or vary vary hurt. It should not count as armor damage or an HP portion. Also the US 7.62 Sapi Plates that go inside body armor are useless after getting shot 1-2 times and require replacement before the next patrol (idk about other plates). This way players wont feel or be invisible with some basic body armor. Last thing. An individual with body armor is just as unprotected as without if the individual dose not know what he/she is doing. I respect what you guys at Battlestate Games are doing. Thank you for working on this ground breaking project. And stay true to the realism.
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