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Found 4 results

  1. GingerCyclops


    I am done this this game. I have put 10 shells into naked hatching's and have them still run at me untouched, then kill me. I have snuck up behind someone and put 20+ rounds into the back of their naked head and have them turn around and kill me. I have snuck up behind full geared to have them Whip around and insta headshot me. I have been walking through a feild then go to a black screen saying I killed my self. I have survived raids as both pmcs and scavs and had a authentication error which looses all the gear I got/brought into the raid. I have been one tapped headshot by makorovs with a fast Mt visor on. I have been insta head shot by someone who was facing the opposite direction. I have been killed by my own grenade that I threw 50+ feet away on the other side of cover. I have been killed by a hacker COUNTLESS times. I have lost connection to a match COUNTLESS times. I have been killed due to massive server delay COUNTLESS times. I have tried to shoot someone behind cover a dozen times due to the Horrendous pop in. I have been killed by Invincible scavs a dozen times. I have had my friend shoot me in the head 20+ times in a raid to prove that their is a invincibility bug. There is massive fps drops Constantly. My game almost always freezes from 1-3s when opening new inventories. the pop on objects is impressively bad. The fps is extremely inconsistent. the hit reg is more based on luck due to how bad it is. Sometimes you just can't hear gunshots right next to you (Same goes with footsteps, voice lines, etc). The inventory is Extremely glitchy and usually ends up breaking the game and making weapons entirely useless. I was lied to about this game. I saw all this cool content but nobody mentioned how UNPLAYABLE THIS GAME IS. I rather have play ability then these shitty content updates.
  2. Spent £130 1-Takes ages to appear in pre-orders and after 1 hr and 20 mins finally appears 2-installs game loads it up,exciting as new game I've always wanted, doesn't work as can't login and something about some backend message etc 3-try to open task manager to close down game and attempt to launch it again bugs out that so I shutdown my pc 4- go back into escape from tarkov need to reinstall game, reinstall game and repeat step 2 5- Doesnt work so I repeat step 3 6-goes on in cycle around 3 to 4 times, still not working 7-goes on forum sees no fix for this issue and hundreds of people complaining about it gg 8-cpmplains on forum and attempts to refund this pile of crap
  3. Is this famous AntiCheat program in working state already or it`s just a moderator excuse to lock threads about cheaters and hackers in this game? Few minutes ago me and two other my teammates was killed through concrete walls in factory map, i wa about 5 seconds, i was moving from powerliftres spawn on ground level to offline spawn, my friend was in tunnels close to offline tunnel spawn, third guy was at Z spawn in tunnels. We were killed by the same guy, in 5 seconds, fracture of time needed to sprint to all those locations. He did not only see us through walls, he shoot through them with ease. Nick of that guy is "OhdeBanger"., was today anyway. I know that moderator will lock this thread, possibly even delete it. I hope that after that he will fell completed and satisfied. However no one can say this about this game, being ruined by cheaters. Sadly you can`t even report them on website, there is no such topic on "bugs" report screen. Clearly that means that devs know about this but do not do anything, apart from nonexisting "anticheat" to solve this problem. Like locking threads could solve this.
  4. I collected an amount of 115 AI-2 Medkits. sold them to the medical lady for just over 1k each. sold her 58k worth to begin with. and then an additional 78k after. only to see that i never got any of the money. check to see if she was glitched by buying 1 bandage. and selling it to her. and it worked . idk what the hell. but if its a bug. now you know. careful selling large quantities of items
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