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Found 7 results

  1. MaxT1380

    Player Scav Negative Penalty

    Recently in my scav runs, I've been getting killed by other player scavs very very frequently and I feel as though there needs to be a larger penalty to the people killing fellow player scavs. I get killed by a fellow player scav in approximately 1 out of 6 to 8 scav raids. 1. I think a loss in fence rep and your overall scav karma isn't as big of a penalty. Why try to level up your own scav karma to get better gear on your scav, when you could just kill the other player scavs with good karma and take their loot? 2. Also the penalty of a high scav timer will not make these players stop the scav on scav violence because they don't really care about scav runs in the slightest, they only care about getting into a scav run and taking somebody's loot with no effort or fight back. 3. Another terrible and ineffective penalty is the higher cost for vehicle extracts. You can literally sell a basic piece of junk for the extra cost that it adds onto vehicle extracts. The price either needs to be way higher or the vehicle extract needs to be entirely removed as an extract option once you reach a low enough fence rep. 4. Once you kill a player scav, other scavs will become hostile to you. The only issue here is that scav difficulty is insanely easy and this poses no threat to the hostile player scav. I think that scav difficulty should increase to about raider level but only towards the hostile player scav. On top of this, I feel like the hostile player scav should be tagged and marked to scavs in their surrounding area, similar to if you went into a PMC raid with only your melee weapon and no other gear, but on a slightly smaller scale. This would greatly decrease the amount of hostile player scavs because it would greatly increase the amount of risk involved with killing a fellow player scav.
  2. The Scav option should be changed so it does not go on Cooldown until AFTER you have successfully extracted as a scav. So you can keep trying until you eventually succeed. Which allows new players to have a rapid turn around time on learning from mistakes and prevents people from getting to a point where their pmc is totally out of funds and gear. It also ensures that you will always be able to acquire a kit for your pmc to use in the next raid preventing any point where you actually can't play the game. As a side note, another twitch user (Lemontowel) suggested making a death on your PMC instantly reset your scav Cooldown so you can jump back into a game right away. Though that part of the mechanic may need to be tied to stash value or pmc level for balancing purposes. I'm a casual player personally and almost never get to play right now. I normally just run offline raids to practice killing scav bosses with different kits. If my scav is available I might run that. I would like to see the game have mechanics to prevent completely breaking casual players and to allow new players to have the tools they need to learn the game in a reasonable way. Thank you for your time! -Malafis_Gaming (on twitch)
  3. So I joined the game as I normaly would any other day, get really lucky and find two PMC's that are looting, and 1tap them both with my scavs SA-58. I then start looting them, and is about to be on my merry way, when the server decides to crash. Giving the all to familiar disconected from server message from earlier patches. So i exit the client, and check seeing there is a update. No big worry I'll just quickly install it and jump back into the game. I then re-enter the game and make my way over to the assigned exit (This being the one behind Doorm's on costume.) The exit GUi comes up, counting down for me to exit. And it goes.. No exit.. So i step out of the exit area, and go back in. Same thing happens, it starts counting down, and nothing. So I decided to try and close the client again, open it and try the exit again. Still nothing.. I then decide to move over to the other exit, making my way there at a steady pace. When I arrive, and I try to exit, the exite won't even start then GUi to exit, so I look up on the forums and google, to see if any one has had this problem. Find a couple of "Answers" but most are pretty dated, and had no affect. After trying a couple of the diffrent metods, like Alt + F4 or droping an item and then trying the exit, I decide to make my way back to the original exit, since that's the only one that "works" But nothing, No way of exiting and no way of getting the loot. After that I go into the 3 story doorm, kill a few PMC's and scav's and loot them, before going back to the gate. Still not working. Any one have any thoughs or ideas on this, would love to hear your take on it. (Ps. Picture is from before I went back to the doorms after trying the 2nd exit I had)
  4. Lotta text coming. Scroll to the line before the bullet points for TL;DR. Just something I felt like throwing up a topic about and voicing my opinion on. I'm by no means a Tarkov veteran. I've only played for two wipes now and only have maybe a hundred PMC raids and a similar amount of Scav Runs. But this is a topic that I think is abrasive for everyone, new and old. Long story short, I want to address the constant shoot on sight mentality that Player Scavs have in Tarkov. Tarkov is a game where people are both paranoid and greedy. This isn't a negative, however, as the paranoia keeping everyone on edge and greed to snatch and exfiltrate with the best possible loot is what makes the game such a unique experience. This is fine for PMC Raids and Scav Runs, but only to an extent in the latter. In a PMC run at the start things are somewhat contained. Players spawn in at approximately the same time. Scavs typically spawn in shortly after and at an adequate distance from PMCs. Scav Runs however have way more variables. You spawn in at a random location with random gear around whoever my be near by, be it Scavs, Player Scavs, or PMCs. Now it goes without saying, there's not much that can be done to change this, nor should there be. The random nature of it all is required. But such spawns, in tandem with the traits and mentalities I touched on prior, result in the topic I want to address. Player Scav on Scav/Player Scav violence. I know this is an old topic, one that has been talked about in the past and that there may be some systems in the works for. But I still feel this is a topic worth throwing up here so I can voice my thoughts, as well as others if they want. I personally think that Scav on Scav violence at the moment is a sore spot of the game that takes an interesting part of EFT and makes it a bit tiresome. Now, I don't think that Player Scavs shouldn't be able to kill each other. But I do think that, at the moment, it's a bit of an epidemic that negatively impacts the game for some people. That being the case, I think a number of changes can improve the Scav on Scav violence. TL;DR- I think Scav on Scav violence is kinda annoying and abrasive in EFT and it can be sightly modified to make it a more interesting and fun experience. Some thoughts below. Increase the Scav Run timer by 10 minutes per Scav (or Player Scav) killed in the previous Scav Run to a maximum of one hour If no PMCs are left in the Raid, killing other Scavs (or Player Scavs) increases Scav Run timer by 5 minutes Killing X Scavs (or Player Scavs) in a 24 hour span results in your Scav being "marked", thus Scavs aggro upon on sight after entering a Scav run Killing Scavs after X amount within those 24 hours increases the time marked to 24 hours since the last Scav kill, till you kill no Scavs for 24 hours Marked Player Scavs will be denoted by red arm bands they cannot remove while marked (possibly red facemasks or other item of clothing) Those are just some thoughts and recommendations I have on the matter to make Scav gameplay more focused on actual scavenging and focusing on PMC enemies. Given that Scavs are still out for their own interests and cutthroat, you can still kill other Scavs, but at a cost. Want to kill that Player Scav who is trying to extract? Do it. You'll incur a 10 minute penalty as your Scav lays low for killing one of their own. Want to kill more Scavs for better gear? You'll need to lay low for longer, or even lose the trust of the Scavs who will attack you on sight for the time being. As I see it, this is a somewhat lore friendly option that I think could be very interesting if implemented. But yeah, that's what I've got. I'm curious to hear what other people have to say on it and if you think Scav on Scav violence is fine as is, could use some tweaking, or what. Thanks for reading if you somehow read all of it, btw.
  5. Ah, an AFK Bear on shoreline? Don't mind if I do. Hmm I sense a problem. Nothing a shotgun blast can't fix! Well, he isn't going down anytime soon. I'll wait a few minutes to see if it catches up. Ten minutes have passed and he still stands, mocking me, ever taunting me with free loot. Tarkov wins this day, sadly.
  6. DarkSoldier

    Possibly Best Scav Run EVER??

    went into factory, and a dead scav was on the floor infront, with a mp-153 shotgun in his hands, went up stripper pole towards 'sky bridge' and saw two geared guys. killed them both with the shotty and extracted with this buetiful heap of love. screenshot taken whilst in raid. Any one else got better? P.S was before the update 2 weeks ago. little bit old
  7. RealSwitchPlate

    Lucky 4 man as a scav

    So i recently got this nice and rather lucky in my opinion 4 man.
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