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Found 191 results

  1. Hey guys, I found the real terminator scav! It's not a rumor nor fake news, he is really alive... Oh, well... he was alive. No more terminator scavs though.
  2. TheHatCatYT

    I just found the best scav name ever?

  3. Yungkozz

    Scav ideas

    As an Escaper of Tarkov I think scavs need to have movement around the map. I think right now the raids lack one thing PMC's staying in lobby as long as possible for good loot. I understand that you kill a looted guy and you want the gear or you are a hachtling trying to make quick money. However, there are times when I scav into a raid and most PMC's, if not all have extracted already. There are also times I do not see any PMC's and would just like to brawl something other than the usual scavs. I believe Tarkov could solve this issue by implementing an idea I have. I think around mid raid the server should spawn in two Hostile groups of scavs that do not like each other and battle it out for a "scav stash" or some rare item in the raid. They would meet and have a full battle I would suggest a 3 scavs against another 3 scav group. However, if you are a player scav, the scavs are hostile and will kill anything so player scavs might have to avoid the conflict. What are the positives of this change/ idea: 1) it adds more chaos to the raids. 2) more rare loot in raids. 3) Incentives for PMC's to stick around longer to try and fight remaining scavs or all the scavs for the loot. The negatives are : 1) Taking on the scavs as a solo player is tough (However, allows you to better yourself as a player). 2) Sometimes the loot could be mid level gear so sometimes not worth the risk. 3) Could get ambushed by other PMC's I believe this could add some really cool battle with scavs and PMC's (and possilbe player scavs fighting scavs). It would give players who haven't seen any other PMC's to obtain good loot and a chance to use their gear. There are both good and bad incentives which I believe makes it balanced. Let me know what you guys think about the topic!
  4. Shacalboltx

    Scav evaluation (POLL)

    Thought I'd throw this up so we can get a good perception of how the community feels about the current scav AI. As a guy that plays a lot and is on the fence about this one, I'd like to know how others feel about it.
  5. Hello all. My first post here. As a fairly new player a few things erk me currently. 1) Campers at exit of Factory 2) Scav Killing. I know nothing will be done about (1) but I am finding the Scav on Scav killing to be really frustrating, people come in as a scav kill the other scavs and extract immediately. This ruins the experience, will the devs please put in massive penalties for people doing this. It shows the childish mentality of some of the community. It's bad enough dealing with campers who don't want to move till last min and extract. Playing as a scav should be a new and different experience. Please add in penalties its almost the same as team killing. #Thanks
  6. Misha_Krinkov

    Scav Elite

    i think Scav should have Scav Elite(that can be AI or very lucky player) like some dude who survive a lot and got very good equipment-armour plus have elite skill-more hp and be scav ai leader (can place beacon to be spawn point and call in scav to his location) if he get killed scav reinforcement will stop spawn (except those already in the area) *** give some high lvl+equip player some good ai to fight with
  7. 90% of the time when I play as a Scav I get attacked by other Scav players, and honestly, it's just so annoying and lame, it totally takes the fun out of playing as a Scav. Like we're on the same team, and I get that some people may kill friendly Scavs by accident because they panic or can't distinguish, but most of the time I just get shot on purpose and it's just boring as hell. And you not only take away the fun of other people, but you also make yourself get attacked by AI Scavs, what's the point?
  8. Anju

    What's He saying

    When I get spotted by a scav They tend to shout the same thing before i melt them or get one tapped, I apologise in advance if it's explicit, I've looked at some threads with listed sayings that scavs have but Can't find this particular one. It's when they say something like this "Vonansuka!" or "Vonan Cyka!" i do know what"Cyka" means but not the other word(s). Any one know what they are saying?
  9. goimo

    Problem in game

    les scav sont plus forts que certains joueurs et bug quand nous sommes côte à côte avec un joueur que nous entraînons avec nous, corrigez le code net
  10. Benator97

    SCAVATAR - The Science of Scavs

    Did you ever ask yourself why people are able to take over he bodies of the natives in Tarkov? I made a short "movie" about it. I did not upload videos for a long time now, so if someone wants me to do more of this i will give my best to improve the quality ^^ I hope someone likes my humor guys :=) cya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aTWQf2Zpm0&feature=youtu.be
  11. deanmrd

    Current issues

    Hey Guys The issues I am having. 3 monitor setup 1.I have a 3 monitor setup. When I use full screen and try to use another screen, I get a black screen then sometimes I am unable to get the game to open back up. 2. When I use window mode my mouse when I turn or shooting at other players jumps to one of the other monitors this mean that it doesn't respond to the game when shooting or using axe elc.... My question is when are we going to get full support for multi-monitors? 3. Scavs has not become auto lock on pre-aim through walls, trees and anything else they can. 4. Axe only seem to work when it wants too, even when a few feet away. 5. Scavs also have turned back into pre-aiming through walls. The next one is a suggestion, Why are scav allowed to kill scavs? NPC scavs don't shoot each other, also, why are the two playable factions allowed to shoot each other?
  12. So I'm already in love with the optimization with this patch, and a new gear drop is good too, but I've noticed a problem with the scavs. How exactly is someone who's supposed to be just some civilian who picked up a gun able to pop into a room and instantly headshot you, when you've got your gun trained on the door? This has happened a few times to me already. I'm not expecting super easy AI that just sits there and takes it, but to have AI walk into a room and instantly snap onto your forehead and fire a single killing shot is ridiculous. Frankly, if they can't get the AI tuned right, they should either dumb it down and let us enjoy a brief respite of easy kills until they get em fixed, or remove ai scavs entirely temporarily. I haven't played for a while; I took a hiatus for a bit to let some updates come out so I didn't get burned out on an inferior version of the game, so I don't know if they messed with scavs in the past ~2 months. I am currently actually able to enjoy the game again on my potato computer, and I'm doing FAR better now with the higher fps than I used to. Salty fanboys who think criticism and discussion is just whining do not interact.
  13. Jansu89

    Scav's true nature pictured

    agent from the matrix movie
  14. Mahlzeit Erster Beitrag^^ Zocke jetzt seit gut 4-6 Wochen (eher) intensiv Tarkov und bin eigentlich sehr begeistert. Wollte nur mal loswerden das ich es schade finde das sich Spieler-Scavs anwiggeln und dann bei der ersten Gelegenheit über den Haufen schießen. Ich spielte (gerade zu anfangs) viele Scav-Runden und in den gefühlt 1000 Partien gab es genau 3 Situationen in denen ich mit einem anderen Spieler-Scav rumgelaufen bin oder wir einfach unserer Wege gegangen sind, die meisten sehen deine Knarre oder deinen Rucksack und schießen dir in den Hinterkopf. Ja klar, jeder kann spielen wie er will, ist ja auch gut so, aber macht man sich da nicht gegenseitig das Leben schwer? Wenn ich was über habe würde ich sogar mit anderen Scavs Waffen/Mags/Muni/Meds teilen. Warum ist jeder so gierig auf ne dumme Vepr, Saiga oder sonstwas?
  15. Hi all, First post on here. Just wanted to say I'd like to see some player names for scavs if we're killed by one. I was killed by someone who represented a scav perfectly but turned out to be a player (or so I thought) would just like confirmation at the death screen to see if it was indeed a player. Also the fatigue in this game is a bit broke. I chased someone down with a hatchet and he had a mak, I ran out of stamina first despite him running before I did then when I was close enough I couldn't swing my axe. (how does running fatigue your arms in such a short distance?) Thanks.
  16. Peerun

    Scav aiming speed

    Suggestion: The more hitboxes the AI can see the faster it'll aim and shoot. If the AI is moving when it spots the player, a multiplier that increases with movement and affects aim time.
  17. HeliosTm

    Joueurs SCAV

    Bonjour, Alors voilà mon problème avec ce jeu, Quand on joue scav, et qu'un autre joueur scav nous tire dessus et qu'on le tue pour ce défendre, pourquoi tous les scav nous attaquent immédiatement? Je trouve que c'est une très mauvaise chose dans le jeu. On ce défend, donc par logique les autres scav IA devraient nous défendre et pas nous abattre! Ils voient déjà à travers les arbres et les buissons et on un aim bot plus qu'efficace puisque à très longue distance, ils peuvent nous casser les jambes sans aucun soucis avec un fusil pompe comme si il s'agissait d'un fusil d’assaut... Il serait temps de trouver des solutions à ces problèmes.
  18. Hi guys, How is it that I already played two raids as scav and got around 2200exp and 1800exp respectively, but it only counted as 682exp? I'm still level 1. Is this normal? Thanks
  19. katkatman

    Scavenger rogue status

    Currently, Scav players who attacks other scav get the "rogue status" on the scab bots. This status should be usable by scav players as well. (ie : if we kill a "rogue scav" we shouldn't be classified as rogue by ai). Like that scavplayers can defend themselves against aggressive players without penalty.
  20. So as of right now I have seen no scavs on interchange, and you cannot scav into interchange. So was just wondering if this is going to be permanent or if they are going to be added in later.
  21. triko

    New Users pls read

    Hi to everyone! This is a 100 times that I got killed by scav mate that doesnt know how scav works! When you play scav, all scavs in the game are your ally (NPC/BOT and Player scav too, at least they should) and never shot at you If you dont betray them! The good point of being a scav is that you can gather all scavs player and not and destroy player in the match! Please use a scav Visely!!! Thank you
  22. _Doger_

    Scav verhalten

    Hallo zusammen, ist das eigentlich so gewünscht vom Spiel? Wenn ein Player Scav andere Scavs tötet. Und ich diesen Playerscav als Scav töte. WARUM zum teufel schießen dann die anderen Scavs auch auf mich? Wir das gefixt oder bleibt das so?
  23. Hey Guys what do u think of my idear to play as a scav when ever u want this will reduce the amount of hatchlings in the raid and will increase the scav players. So everyone who goes in the raid as a PMC has some gear beacause if u have gearfear u play as a scav. I think it will help new players aswell so they can better learn the mechanics and there is alot to learn I hope u like my idear greetings Stonii and sry for the bad englisch
  24. LoneWingman

    Scav Aggression Flag

    I think there needs to be a slight tweak to the behaviour of the AI Scavs to balance the "Scav on Scav Violence". The Karma system that has been hinted would work fine for PMCs as they are persistent, however for the random nature of Scavs it would make little sense. To be honest I believe the problem could be solved quite easily. If a Scav shoots another Scav they receive a 'hostile' flag. This causes the current AI behaviour with the slight difference being that other player Scavs can kill them without consequence. Think of it as being similar to going Rogue in The Division. In my opinion this makes a better risk/reward balance, as well as applying AI aggression consistently. You don't see AI Scavs killing each other after killing a hostile player Scav, right?
  25. MustangGT

    Player Scav Betrayal

    I'm going to put this as a scenario so it's easily understood, also a TL;DR at the bottom. So you join a factory raid as a player scav. It's surprisingly quiet, you walk around and see some AI scavs, as they are allied with you, you walk past them and their robotic behaviors. It's nice to have them on your side if a PMC/Bear attacks. But then you take a round to your left leg, another player scav has shot at you, and your boys start shooting at him with you. You brutally murder him with your Saiga 12's devastating firepower spammed all over him. Then you instantly get shotgunned in the head by an AI scav. Yes, even though you were defending yourself from an actual player scav shooting you, all the AI scavs are now against you and will sometimes instantly kill you. TL;DR What I'm asking for is possibly a system in the future where say you're a player scav and you get shot at by another player scav, the system can detect if a player scav has shot you first say within 30 seconds, and you can wound/kill him without causing AI scavs to instantly all turn on you for defending yourself.