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Found 219 results

  1. Anju

    Scav Language

    So, My friends and I find it hilarious when the Scavs talk, shout, scream in pain, but we don't know what they are actually saying? Is anyone able to translate some of the scav dialog for me, is it just mumbo jumbo or the Russian Language???
  2. NoMercyyy

    Neue Scav waffen?

    Hi ich hätte ne frage an die Jenigen die eventuell sich sehr gut auskennen mit den Scav Waffen. Ich hab heute nur eine runde als Scav gespielt und habe gemerkt das ich auf einmal eine SA 58 AUS in der Hand gehalten habe ist das von Patch 0.11.5 neu? hatte bis jetzt nämlich nur AKMS AK 74N und so nen zeug wie TOZ oder Mosin deswegen meine frage ob es als Scav neue Waffen gibt?
  3. LordDefiance

    Scav extraction issues in customs

    A scav run, my exfil was at crossroads or old gas station (both did not have question marks). I loot some pmcs and reach old gas station and cant extract. Is there something I don't understand? why would I not be able to extract since the extract, in this case, was not conditional? Can someone please explain. This is frustrating.
  4. ldtorroc

    Scav on scav violance.

    Ok... so this is something i have been having an issue with. if im playing my scav with the npc scavs helping to protect them and use them as cannon fodder, only for a player scav come up and start shooting me. I turn and kill him after he scores hits on me, only for the npc scavs to turn and start unloading on me. We need to see a fix to this some how to keep it fair so players who are protecting them self from a player scav dosnt have to worry about the other scavs turning and wrecking them.
  5. JoeRowland

    How do I spawn as this scav?

    I was just playing and I ran into this guy... seems like he's lv 50 boss or something...
  6. I don't know if this has been confirmed or not by the devs. I personally want players to know who I am when I kill them as a scav. I've had a lot of moments when I've wiped a squad of PMCs or 1 tapped a fully geared PMC with a pistol. The ability to turn off your anonymity while playing as a scav and display your PMC's name instead of a random scav name would be a great feature. I get that the characters are meant to be separate. Perhaps another solution would be you could give players the ability to name their scav character, that way I could name it "Omoz(scav)".
  7. neverhood69

    Scav'd in as KILLA

    So.... Let me explain how this happened because yes, there is a story behind it. Scav'd into Interchange. Killed the "KILLA" w/ a shotgun. Disconnected while trying to extract (twice). Immediately started talking poo to the Tarkov gods as i assumed i lost all the gear. Come to find out I hadn't. I simply scav'd into factory and presumed to extract. I then transferred all the gear over to my stash. What the duck. Enjoy.
  8. Thormato

    Scav behavior

    I just wanted to state that you Guys are doing a great Job at making the Scavs more realistic, Artificial intelligence in general is still in its Baby Years and People just have to understand that you cant create a perfectly Behaving AI, which is not distinguishable from a human, overnight (or at all at this time). Of course Scavs have an Aimbot, how else should they be able to shoot at a Target? They are PC-Programs and not controlled Characters. Therefore keep up the great work, you are a small Studio and have better AI then most Game developers. Today for example i couldn't tell if the person i killed was a Scav or a PMC until i looted it, because of its movement and behavior. For sure you have to keep working on them, but you are surely on the right way.
  9. GhostSpartan117

    PVE Endgame?

    We need some kind of endgame for those who like killing scavs and avoiding players, Tarkov is more or less an MMO and the most important part of most MMOs is what you do once you have hit max level. Tarkov is really lacking any endgame past level 40 and I have come up with a decent solution. First off I think most locations should be locked by level. For example you can't do Labs until level 40 or you can't do interchange until level 25 or something just so that you have more to look forward to while leveling in Tarkov. I also think that there should be unique end game raids that are strictly PvE similar to other MMOs such as World of Warcraft where you go in with a minimum of 5 PMCs or something and you go through a linear location killing scavs and a few scav bosses which drop unique loot that you can't get anywhere else in the game. These locations would be locked behind a cool-down of a day or maybe a week so after you have finished killing all the bosses you have to wait a period of time before you can go through that location again. I really hope there is some more adjustments in the near future to how level affects your character and some improvements on how the game is played once you have gone through the whole leveling process.
  10. The_Grape_king

    Makesift attachments

    So peapole are creative and especially when in a war zone. So i thinkig of mekeshift attachments thet scavs could make like nailing a rail to an sks or oather wooden handguards These would only be found on scavs
  11. Himmuguegeli

    Neue Spezies endteckt.

    Hier präsentiere ich euch meine neuste Entdeckung. Seine Bewegungsart deutet auf seine enge Verwandtschaft zu Tetrapoden hin. Durch meine Beobachtungen konnte ich feststellen dass es völlig immun gegen Blei der Kategorie 7,62x39 mm PS ist. Selbst mehrere Kopfschüsse ließen es nicht zu Boden gehen, es störte sich kaum daran, auch wenn es das Bedürfnis verspürte in Deckung zu gehen. Ich kann euch jedoch beruhigen, es sieht sehr schlecht im Dunkeln. Dennoch ist es durchaus nachtaktiv. Ich taufe es hiermit Indoscavtor und rate jedem Spieler zu abstand. Dieses Gerät scheint nämlich nicht von- oder durch Desync zu entstehen, da ich normale Scav´s davor und danach noch einmal getestet habe. Und wie seine nahen Verwandten die Scav´s wird es sich vermutlich bei Kontakt zu wehren wissen.
  12. A great addition to the game and it's story would be an ability to start as a scav instead of an PMC. Right now we can only truly play and progress as a PMC, with traders, quests and stash. Playing as a scav has no means of real progression and is just an extra. But what if... Start as a scav. You get some starting gear, some makarovs your dad kept and a trusty mosin your grandfather fought off nazis with. Lots of tushonka, cigs etc, as other scavs like them. In fact, there are some that will even buy them from you in exchange for some ammo. You heard there are some nice shops in old customs area. You go and venture out there but very soon your friend Dimitri stops you and tells you only scavs that belong to Rashala's group can loot the area AND on top of that recently some ex-PMCs got interested in construction site. But if you want, Dimitrii can get you ticket inside the faction as long as you do couple errands for Dima, local chad. Overall you can play with different factions, make some choices on who to help, meet different bosses and do lots of fun quests while doing slav things. And you get to kill some amerikans. With time you gain recognition, find better guns, customize your looks and gain access to better areas, like gas station which customs Boss, Rashala, occupies. If you betray your faction they will attack you, in the beginning rather hesitantly but over time you can start entire wars by bringing up to 4 friends from another faction. Your stash will be small and you'll have to think of what to keep. Money will be used to buy off bounties on your head if you anger certain groups and buy better weaponry. This will be the ultimate Tarkov experience.
  13. skybellrock

    Shotgun Sniper Scavs Return!

    So, the phenomenon is back. Ive had multiple shotgun scavs shoot me and hitting with a ridiculous accuracy although theyre multiple hundred meters away. Lately scavs has also got insane aim at you. When i lay down and a scav is about 100 meters away they will somehow still hit me with a 100% accuracy. This is completely broken. Something has to happen. Its in all honesty game ruining.
  14. ForkyForklift

    Scav on Scav violence

    Please, please punish these players. Its been too often now. I join as a Scav, hoping to team up with some AI and over Scav players to massacre the bear and usec players. What happens? You turn your back once and get shot in the backhead. This is not how it should be! 8 out of 10 Games other Scav players run Amok. A punishment could be to loose all stuff from the raid, or at least make them pay a toll to keep the items. please. Im so frustrated at the moment
  15. I have about 70 hours of game time and am level 32 currently. I tend to play the game with bare-bones load outs going in with pistols or low-tier weapons and building up through the raid. I think the 45 round 1x3 ak mags that you often find in the game map would be must more useful and worth picking up if there was a lower-tier chest rig capable of reloading a set of them. I think if there was something like a long scav vest with a pocket layout like 1x1,1x3,1x3.1x1. If a vest like this was somewhat available to be looted off scavs/in the marketplace you would see players more interested in trying various 1x3 mags in their load-outs before they have access buying the ANA chest rig, the only rig you can use effectively with 1x3 mags. Even though I have access to this rig now I have never used the 45 ak mags as access to 60rnd mags with better rigs outclasses them. I have used the ANA with the Saiga 10rnd mags a few times but I found the upgrade to the Saiga generally not be worth the investment of the Ana rig. I enjoy the way playing as a scav works right now, but I think even greater randomness in terms of what load-outs and attachments your weapons have/don't have would make scav runs even better. Such as weapons occasionally spawning with less used or uncommon optics or attachments to give players game play options they might not have considered. I would also like to say I am enjoying the addition of the Mosin very much, keep up the good work!
  16. Would it be possible to make the scav groups larger in size and increase the patrol range and randomize the spawn locations? I think this should be utilized mostly on night runs. It would be great to run into random groups at night in places you wouldn't normally expect to see them!
  17. Am i the only one who finds these completely useless? you couldn't kill a mouse with this amount of ammunition in a magazine let alone any player whether they are armored or not. I think if you are going to give a scav an AK or anything they need to have the big 30 round magazines. Atleast one and then the rest are 10 round magazines, but to have every single one be only 10 rounds is a hassle and trying to get gear is just impossible with only 10 rounds. What are your thoughts? let me know in the comments below
  18. Hello all. My first post here. As a fairly new player a few things erk me currently. 1) Campers at exit of Factory 2) Scav Killing. I know nothing will be done about (1) but I am finding the Scav on Scav killing to be really frustrating, people come in as a scav kill the other scavs and extract immediately. This ruins the experience, will the devs please put in massive penalties for people doing this. It shows the childish mentality of some of the community. It's bad enough dealing with campers who don't want to move till last min and extract. Playing as a scav should be a new and different experience. Please add in penalties its almost the same as team killing. #Thanks
  19. DJudic

    Ninja SCAVs and ghost damage?

    I have this for a second time now, but can definitely say the symptoms. I tried googling it, but can't find anything. Only similar example is of some German video. I have this happen to me twice now for the past week. The first was when running to the Tunnels exit from Shoreline, I was going by the cars, but then all of a sudden I took two quick hits *from something*, no gun shots, no bullet hits around me due to inaccurate fire. Just two quick taps and I died. I got my full gear back in the next days and it was a decent one, so I doubt a player wouldn't take ANYTHING. The "summary" window was saying one of the Russian Scav names dropped me from the chest. The second was just now on Interchange, I was looting one dead Scav and heard my guy grunt in pain. For a second I thought that if it was a player, I would be either dead or I would hear at least some missed shots land near me. Just stayed down to listen for Anything, but no. I thought it was just again random audio bugs. But then after a couple of seconds saw my chest area blimp in red and I was wondering if I didn't lie on something :? So I healed up, thought it is some bug. Grabbed quickly a few more things and while running away I just got hit again and dropped dead. The "summary" window showed again a Scav name with death from chest. Anyone else getting these random deaths? No sound, no bullets cracking/popping/whizzing, nothing, just damage instances and dropping down dead. Or is this some new cheat?
  20. Anju

    What's He saying

    When I get spotted by a scav They tend to shout the same thing before i melt them or get one tapped, I apologise in advance if it's explicit, I've looked at some threads with listed sayings that scavs have but Can't find this particular one. It's when they say something like this "Vonansuka!" or "Vonan Cyka!" i do know what"Cyka" means but not the other word(s). Any one know what they are saying?
  21. I came across an interesting idea and hope it finds some fans out there. The idea is a sort of SCAV REPUTATION SYSTEM. Currently most Player Scavs kills other Scavs to get gear and when you kill the rogue player scav you get punished, because the scavs get aggressive against you. There could be a persistent scav reputation to get rid of this. + more fun playing as scav + more teaming as scav + more scavs against players Point System: - when you kill a scav or player scav your get minus - 0.10 rep - when you kill a rogue player scav (rep below 0) you gain + 0.10 rep and other scavs dont get aggressive against you - when you kill a usec or bear you gain + 0.20 rep Benefits: Based on different REP levels < 0.00 REP = you spawn with a red mask, so other people and scavs see that you are shooting scavs and gone rogue, you're the bounty to hunt now 0 - 5 REP = you spawn as usual like now with random low-middle tier gear > 5 REP = you have the chance to spawn with better scav gear and also wear a green mask, so other scavs see that you are friendly, as long as you're above 5 rep This idea does include a sort of bounty hunting for rogue scavs and would give a better team experience, scavs vs. usec/bears
  22. ReDhorde

    Scav trophy and toz mini replica

    Hello beautiful city of Tarkov! Scavs are roaming the cold streets, let them in your home to get some warmth. Preferably in your trophy room. Just above your cute mini toz-106 replica. You could say I got really bored during summer brake. I used some basic modelling skills and a 3D printer to make that. If you want to see more pictures and/or new projects I'm on facebook at /ReDHordeStudio
  23. Albondiga

    Missing in Action Bug

    Hello, so I was playing a customs run as a scav and managed to get some sweet loot, I often wait a but until things quiet down in customs and the mostly geared players exit, so it was just me and a few other players/scavs. Ok back on topic, I was leaving and there was still time left on the clock, but I got "Missing in Action" and all my good loot vanished :C I had a fort ;u; Is this common? Adding that this also happened to me a few weeks ago with two other friends as PMC's, lost everything too.
  24. nsternon19

    List your best random scav gear

    Today my scav loadout consisted of a motherfucking ak-105 with 2 mags. Whats the best gear that you've gotten from playing scav?
  25. Cardboard231

    Player Scav killing Player Scav fix

    So you spawn in as a scav and after about 10 seconds you die because another player scav shot you in the back. Everyone hates this and it's completely unfair. So an easy fix i think if you go into a raid don't loot anything or shoot. if your killed by another player scav which hasn't been aggressive around you then you simply get your scav option back without the cooldown. What do you guys think?
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