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Found 163 results

  1. Sup guys, im loving this game. After 3 weeks of playing it i've managed to get at least 4 kinda good weapons (4 ak74N's) with a lot of mods as silencers, scopes etc. I also have like 500roupies and that's cuz i stupidly spent some at the begining. But i got all that just with luck, only hatchling running and searching dead bodies. As a scav i almost always die except for when i spawn at Factory with 10 minutes left and everyone's gone already. As a Hatchling i get good stuff. But until now i only killed 2 PLAYERS, TWO PLAYERS IN 4 WEEKS OF PLAYING. Those guys are heavily armored and it doesn't matter if i shoot them with an ak, a shotgun or whatever they ducking kill me. I even shot one who was looting from the back like 4 shot with a 133 shotgun and he just turned around and killed me, instantly. Sometimes i wear the PACA and the good helmets (dont remember the name) and it has no effect. Instant death anyways. The only two guys i killed was for luck cuz' i was hiding and they were almost dead already. Of course after looting them someone else killed me so it meant nothing. The question is: how the duck do i kill these guys? or how the duck can i get those armors. Is there something else besides armor that they're doing? I just spawned with an ak47u and a PACA and helmet and two guys saw me there and instantly killed me.
  2. I killed 3 NPC, and cant even loot them because there 25 scav`s and they are not stoping with coming SO STUPID
  3. Karma system for Scavs

    I'm aware of the coming karma system for killing your own faction. Will this be the same if scav players kill other scav ai or scav players? It is quite frustrating being killed by a scav player, and even if you are able to defend yourself all the scavs turn on you anyway, meaning you're being punished for somebody else shooting you who really shouldn't be shooting you. Or maybe I'm just wrong and the line "It's your tarkov and you make the rules!" is supposed to be taken literally.
  4. Scav Exits on Factory

    I've been having some luck with Scav raids on factory lately, resulting in some good gear to carry out. But I'm never able to actually do so because I can't access a single exit. Why is it that I'm assigned just two exits that can only be accessed with the factory key? What happened to the office window exit?
  5. Hello, I have a quick suggestion, that I feel would be OK to implement in the game... Today I've ran into another exploiting Scav player, who has hatcheted me and my friend from ~ 20m away. Now, I understand this is a beta and all, but maybe introducing their PMC Name identifier next to the Scav player (either in kills screen if you kill them, or killed by scream with the name of their account.) For example, say I spawn with a Randomly generated Scav name: "You were killed by ScavFirstName ScavLastName (TheGreatCicero)" This would do two things, one make it easier for reporting either exploiting players, and let's be honest, we've all seen a flying Scav on Shoreline or Woods... and two, make it harder for the exploiting player to hide behind the veil of a randomly generated Scav Name.Now I understand you can easily check who's account belongs to which Scav by sifting through server logs, but that takes time, and it's more tedious, so it would simply accelerate the process of finding the offender. Just my two cents; getting killed by an exploiter isn't enjoyable gameplay, and not accepting reports of offenders is downright wrong. There needs to be a system in place, other than an automated system (that can and eventually is defeated) especially before the game hits Open Beta phase.
  6. Hallo zusammen, erstmal danke dass ich bereits so viel mitlesen und dadurch Infos gewinnen konnte. Meine Frage bezieht sich auf das Leben als scav. Ich stand umgeben von AI scav an der Tankstelle (customs). Mein Bildschirm wurde schlagartig rötlich, einen Augenblick später war ich down. Ich bildete mir ein, ein Messer gehört zu haben. Nun zu der Frage, sofern das ein scav Spieler gewesen ist, sollte er nicht von der AI attackiert werden sobald er Hand an mich legt? Oder gilt das nicht für "sneaky" Messerangriffe? Die scav standen keine zwei Meter von mir entfernt, ich stand wirklich mitten drin. Kann ich als scav die KI unbehelligt mit einem Messer meucheln? Grüße, menz
  7. Super Scav's

    I have been running into a lot more Scavs since 0.7 that shoot at and damage you through objects or that teleport around. Has anyone else been running into this?
  8. Make Player Scavs Names Visible

    I have found out that most hackers play as player scav now because their name is hidden and as a result nobody can report them. Hackers are still roaming EFT in the cover of their scav name. Just got killed by another one, right after posting this. Guess I can't play.
  9. John Wick Scav

    This is legit John Wick!
  10. Best scav run yet?

    Spawn in as a scav > see 2 geared players > kill 1 of them > reposition 9999 times to kill the 2nd one > get 2 forts, a fast mt, 3 m4's > extract. Solid scav run I'd say haha
  11. Thoughts on Scav runs

    Just a personal opinion on scav runs. I usually play peacefully with other scavs because its how i feel it should be right? Although, I get really mad when some other knee-shaking player scav starts shooting at me, because I know ill have to kill him or hell get me for sure. The worst part is if you kill that shitbag playerscav all other scavs now see you as an enemy and i dont think thats right... My suggestion would be, if a player-scav starts shooting at you he should turn ''rogue'' and be seen as a threat by other ai scav, although when you, as a player scav, kill that rogue dude, you shouldnt be seen as an enemy by the other ai cause you just save their asses. LMK what you think.
  12. I know there's probably a ton of posts on this topic already, but here's another one. (I'm more than likely just writing this to vent as most people already know very well what I'm talking about) I like to play as a scav every now and then to mix things up, as I'm sure most others do, and I am aware that as a Scav you are not "supposed" to kill other scavs, especially other Scav players - but then again, this is also the sort of game where you're not really "supposed" to do anything. It's too often that I'm trying to be "not a shitty person" and notice that another player scav is near me, so I make myself obvious and do the friendly dance and sometimes they even do the friendly dance in return only to be quickly dispatched the moment I turn my back. I know the karma system is suppose remedy and/or reduce the amount of scav on scav killing, but until that happens I've learned two things in my time in this game 1) Never trust a player scav, 2) Never trust a hatchling Apology in advance if I kill you without remorse the moment I see that you're a player scav. Cheers
  13. Scav concept Idea

    I get frustrated a lot when i spawn in for the fourth time in a row with a toz. Thats just me. But heres an idea that could potentially make things interesting. Scav leveling. Of course you can level the stats but what about scav gear. Say you start out with a toz and kill a few players or gtab a lot of gear, level up the backpack you get and maybe start with a better gun. I think the cap for the scav level ends with lvl 1 armor, scav backpack and an ak. But thats a lot of killing. Scav levels reset after 3 weeks so its not just super strong scavs every where. Add on to whatever you guys think might help
  14. Scav Language

    So, My friends and I find it hilarious when the Scavs talk, shout, scream in pain, but we don't know what they are actually saying? Is anyone able to translate some of the scav dialog for me, is it just mumbo jumbo or the Russian Language???
  15. Fort Armour Scavs?

    Hello. New player here. I just wanted to know if late game scavs still have a chance of having fort armour equipped. I need to find fort armour for the first Skier task. The last video guide on the topic is like 1+ months old so I'm not sure if scavs were changed since then. I already have a Kiver helmet I found in one of my raids. While I'm at it, is it possible to find the armour first, then start the task and complete it right off the bat, or do I need to find the armour in the time frame the task gives me once I start it? Thanks in advance!
  16. Scav mode/Killing scavs as scav etc

    This ideas will be mostly about scav mode and for future "Hideouts" if it still gonna appear. 1. Scav mode should be made more for scav vs pmc, cause now it's like scav vs everything else. Players who play Scavs and kill other non hostile scavs/scavs players should get a punishment. Like "if you kill x scavs/non hostile scav players, in next x scav raids all scavs will be hostile to you/deal more dmg to you/you can start with knife. Maybe there would be something better for that, but definitely there should be anything, cause it's rather annoying when other scav player is killing you with no reason. There are many posibilites what to do with that, like any counter that after x raids everythihng will be back to normal, after x runs "reputation" would be on - (so starting with knife still possible/longer time to play scav mod again) 2. Hostile scav players. If any scav player killed other scav, we shouldn't get agro from other scavs by killing him. It's also annoying when you joined a raid as scav and there is a wild scav killer. You see how other scav try to fight with him, but once you help them, they all focus you now. Also if scav player hit you, you can kill him with no agression from other scavs. It's annoying when you play as scav 3. No idea how it looks right now, but i often joined to Factory run with no PMC, in my opinion scavs should always join with at least 1/2 remaining PMC on map, cause joining to empty map is kinda pointless. Or just add 2 options instead. 1. Raid as scav with PMC 2. Raid as scav with possible PMC So 1 always have that % of PMC on map, where 2 might have or might have not any PMC on map. 4. Add reputation with scav (when you play as scav), you could rise it by killing PMC as scav, i.e. up to certain lvl, build a special part of hideout (or upgrade something, dunno how it gonna looks like). ANd having such reputation on specific % would allow ppl to interact with scavs more (like having 2 followers)/ have % to start with better gear. "Better gear" i don't mean like full modded ak/m4, just i.e. helmet/vest, 30 ammo magazine in ak. About 1 and 4, maybe not exactly as i said, but u get the idea, there are x posibilities what you can do with it, but i think that more interaction with scavs (in a scav mode) would be nice tho.
  17. During my last factory game I ended up in a weird situation. After killing all the players and securing the top floor, I heard many scavs spawning. At that point I knew the entire map was against me. I mean, this is quite normal except I wasn't expecting *this*. I killed 25 scavs all coming at me at the same time from all the locations. Not sure if that is a bug or intentional but aren't 25 scavs spawning all together on factory a bit too much :P?
  18. Hello all. My first post here. As a fairly new player a few things erk me currently. 1) Campers at exit of Factory 2) Scav Killing. I know nothing will be done about (1) but I am finding the Scav on Scav killing to be really frustrating, people come in as a scav kill the other scavs and extract immediately. This ruins the experience, will the devs please put in massive penalties for people doing this. It shows the childish mentality of some of the community. It's bad enough dealing with campers who don't want to move till last min and extract. Playing as a scav should be a new and different experience. Please add in penalties its almost the same as team killing. #Thanks
  19. Lfg squads

    are u looking for players to play with come and finds us for pmc and scav mission we do low to high end raids all are welcomed
  20. Hi everybody! In my last game I was full life with 1 leg 0 HP. Scav see me and he kill me with 1 hit in the leg with 0 HP Someone can tell me how is that possible that 1 hit kill me? I got 300+ hp left
  21. Scavs'(AI) aim is way too good

    In 10 or so of my last 15ish games I have been killed by scavs by one shot to the head. It isn't a death of them seeing me and lining the shot up it is literally like they see me and get a one tap on me after 0.1 seconds. I don't know if they changed the AI in the recent update but it just seems a bit ridiculous.
  22. Spielveränderung

    3 Punkte warum ich ein 150€ Spiel nach einem Monat deinstalliere und nicht mehr Gut heiße! 1. und 2. Durch die übertriebene Eine Stunde die man nun mehr zum Campen nutzt als zum Raiden ist definitiv zuviel für das Spiel und vermasselt somit den Sinn an sich! 3. Scav Spieler die andere Scav KI und Scav Spieler erschießen ergibt für mich überhaupt keinen Sinn mehr als mit deren zu Spielen! Auch wenn man dann alle Scavs gegen sich hat ist das doch komplett wurscht!!! Fazit wer unter dem Niveau Spielen mag, bitte, gerne aber ich bin da anspruchsvoller und muss mir das Kindergehabe nicht mehr antun weils einfach nur mehr lächerlich ist! Greetings, M1ck3y Auf Wiedersehen!
  23. Scavs randomly shooting others

    I've been playing as a scav recently and I've been getting shot by others for no reason. And yes NPC Scavs not PMC Scavs. I know this because after I get shot nobody shoots them. Also no PMC would betray another scav while surrounded by like 5 others. In Developer Answers there is a Answer to a question stating that NPC Scavs can attack any Scav for some reason. They may kill their comrade for taking all the loot alone. This is translated from Russian so it doesn't have proper grammar I'm guessing it's meant to say NPC Scavs can attack any Scav for ANY reason That is my interpretation of that Which makes it sound like getting shot at by a "friendly NPC" is a feature. Why would anyone want this. It's like how the make creators but barbed wire near the exits so that if you have a dead leg and step on it after slow walking all the way to the exit then you die. There is no reason for this "feature".
  24. Missing in Action Bug

    Hello, so I was playing a customs run as a scav and managed to get some sweet loot, I often wait a but until things quiet down in customs and the mostly geared players exit, so it was just me and a few other players/scavs. Ok back on topic, I was leaving and there was still time left on the clock, but I got "Missing in Action" and all my good loot vanished :C I had a fort ;u; Is this common? Adding that this also happened to me a few weeks ago with two other friends as PMC's, lost everything too.
  25. That look he gives you...

    ...when he knows he's about to one tap you. Original photo courtesy of @RainDiax