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  1. The Idea So my idea was adding an option as a player scav when you strip a dead PMC then successfully extract. You can then sort into a different table that is insurance to return pile (similar to how you insure when going into a raid) that way creating another game loop for scaving ( it would be amazing if you could have missions and locations whilst spawning in as a scav.but probably a development step to far.) I like the idea of potentially getting your gear back quicker as PMC. It also matches the Lore in the game for insurance today. Reward ideas Perhaps every 100k of insured gear gets you fence rep Or maybe if you return it to a different trader you get that sort of item for your scav next time or as reward to your PMC? fence you get money and rep Therapist - you get Meds Ragman - A bag Mechanic - a better gun Jaeger - a shotgun or a sniper Fence - Gives you a percentage of the profits if he sells it What do you think? Let me know your thoughts and feelings. or ways to improve the idea.
  2. Scav on Scav killing is too easy to get away with. Every time I open a crate or box or body or door, 7/10 times I'm attacked by a scav, AS A SCAV! and if I am on Factory 9/10 times. Sometimes I'm shot at and they miss so I kill them first for which I'm penalized. Other times I'm wounded kill the attacker and another scav thinking I started it comes and kills me. The benefits don't out way the negative effects when it comes to REP with Fence. Yes you get a discount on certain things, Yes you get a higher chance of better scav loot on spawn. But what does it matter if you are just going to kill the other scavs who don't get a fair chance because if they fire first or retaliate to poor aim because they get penalized. I believe the punishment for this should be higher and go as follows: 1st offense: you lose rep (.05 points) and lowers scav starter loot quality until rep is raised. 2nd offense: you lose rep even more (.05 points) and lowers scav starter loot quality until rep is raised increased scav wait timer. 3rd offense: you lose rep even more (.05 points) and lowers scav starter loot quality until rep is raised increased scav run timer and start with a fractured leg (because fence punished you for killing his scavs). I may be angry, but I have crowd sourced among a few groups of fellow players and this seems adequate. thoughts and opinions?
  3. Some of the poses after a scav gets killed are the best thing about this game in my opinion. I hope BSG never patches this 🤣
  4. So I wasted a lot of my money and ended up needing to do scav runs to make some of it back, as well as upgrade my hideout. Every time I spawn as a scav, it seems like I have a T-bag, or duffle, or no bag at all. I remember playing years ago and even at a low level, I always had at least a scav backpack. Not to mention the rare few times I do spawn with decent gear or even a bigger bag, it's always at the start of the raid or close to it and I get destroyed by sweaty PMCs. Was this something that was changed over the last couple of wipes? It makes it frustrating as a newer player trying to get loot and not waste PMC runs. Maybe it's just bad RNG? I'm just curious if I'm the only one who noticed this.
  5. So I have put in a ticket as of the second of January about this issue. They attempted to brush it away with a simple automated reply and a close which is why I'm posting this here now. Since fence reputation there has been bugs here and there causing people to lose a mass amount of reputation doing nothing wrong. I believe that I may have been hit with this. I know everyone is going to ask if I killed Santa Clause during his roam around tarkov. No. I have shot him a few times as a PMC but I've never actually killed him. Shot him in the dark in customs, rolled me like the casual I am. Opened a door on customs shot a scav with magnum buck. Santa comes barreling down the hall after 5 shots and kills me like I deserve. This loss of Karma happened sometime within the same day that i killed Shturman on my PMC. I'm guessing this has to be what was the cause as I killed him and got his key, but died. Did another two runs and finally opened his Cache. Then I completed a Scav run killing a PMC after getting a decent loadout on it. This sparked me to check my reputation to find that I somehow have -0.72 Fence reputation. When I killed Shturman I even got so excited I sent it to my friend over discord which is why I have the screenshot of it. I have no idea what I've done to deserve this -rep scav hole as since the change in this scav rep I've been a good little scav and attempted to make friends with everyone...usually resulting in me getting shot upon touching the first lootable object. Maybe someone will have a suggestion or know whats wrong. Maybe someone out there will rally behind me as this has happened to them. I'm only bringing this here as BSG already tried to brush it aside once so I'm leaving this here publicly. My copy pasted ticket of information: Added after I realized the picture I pulled was the discord preview and not the full size.
  6. Woundweaver88

    Et Tu, Scav?

    To the player Scav I helped on Interchange tonight as a PMC, who I let loot the 14 (yes 14!) AI scavs I'd managed to kill with just a friggin' VPO outside Brutal - who then asked for a Scav extract, and as we headed that way, shot me in the back of the head - and laughed on VOIP about it. Joke's on you! I was carrying a VPO & poo ammo, plus a Paca 😝 You'd have got more from Fence by extracting with me you Cheeki Breeki! Would happily chat to you on VOIP for 10 mins again, but next time maybe you can walk in front. GG, man ❤
  7. I have a suggestion for implementation of some mechanics in relation to the scav case, scav raids, scav karma, fence; and the gear he sells. My thoughts are potentially giving scavs an incentive to remove some loot from raids and the flea market side and allow scavs to collect certain items like a daily and weekly list of items or even pmc dogtags/traitor scav kills. or possible allow scavs to leave raid at some kind of fence extract where instead of leaving raid to work with a pmc. give an option to "donate" the loot to fence to be put on his market and create a scav style flea market system. Would help reduce the overall loot bloat and how easily entire maps are cleaned out and players can easily make massive fortunes and lose interest quickly post wipe. I know a lot of us want more epic firefights and with the scav karma things can turn into a loot fest late in raids with 0 firefights to be found. I think scavs could spawn earlier with a particular goal in mind, and minimal rewards for collecting things outside of that area. I think the incentive of the scav would be to trade whatever he can find that is deemed "valuable" to the connection that can get him what he needs to survive. Scav should be their own person each time and able to decide to extract with fence(+karma, loadout bonuses for consecutive survivals) or your pmc. (Transfer scav loot to pmc stash) but I think you should have to build the scav case in the hideout before you can choose pmc extracts. Maybe the amount of money you pay for the scav run becomes his gear budget at fence? something like that. Some thought I wanted to share. Hopefully these ideas give you some inspiration. Love the progress so far!
  8. xgent3

    Player Scav Names

    When getting killed by a player scav it was very confusing for me when the player's name was not listed. The Scav name was displayed instead and I was incredibly confused for a long time. If we could use player names when playing as a scav, there would be less confusion. This is just a small quality of life suggestion. Perhaps even keep the scav name and have the player name in parentheses. E.g. Anatoly Zaitsev (BoldFacedJoke)
  9. Luketowers1

    Flashing inventory items.

    I have just made a huge Scav run and want to keep my loot however this one thermometer keeps flashing and won’t stop. Anyone know how to fix this? I’ve been sat here for 30 minutes waiting for flashing to stop. Don’t want to lose my scav raid as I made a massive come up. Any help pls pls
  10. As a new player as of this prior week to Christmas I find this game fun and enjoyable except for SCAV and FENCE. This dude just randomly has -rep with the only indication is a 2 second pop up at the bottom right that you lost rep for killing a dude who was shooting at YOU?! I understand the whole oh be friendly thing, but none of my friends can spot a PMC from a SCAV, this idea of this being a good thing in the game is just ridiculous to me. Also considering that we lose reputation with a SCAV trader for killing a SCAV boss as a PMC?? Considering the developers want the game to be finished by the end of 2022 I'd highly recommend you developers do a lot of changes for Fence, new players will not understand why their Scav timer is going up. I've heard some old players dislike this SCAV reputation too so its not just one sided. At least add a way to get +0.1 points not +0.01 points constantly, killing someone that is shooting at you for it to then take away something that you can't get back unless you do 100 scav runs? Doesn't make sense to me and I'd like to think to anyone else. Cheers.
  11. TheBromax

    Scav Language

    So, My friends and I find it hilarious when the Scavs talk, shout, scream in pain, but we don't know what they are actually saying? Is anyone able to translate some of the scav dialog for me, is it just mumbo jumbo or the Russian Language???
  12. Jeffpogany

    Punishing Scav on Scav Violence

    Hi ive been playing EFT for 5 months and i have maybe 10 hours of pmc action to show for it most of which was in offline mode for practice and map knowledge the other half of my time as pmc was spent trying to find interesting encounters with fellow pmc's of which half the encounters were met with unsure peace of mind. This has been impossible for me to manage as a player scav on any of the maps every single player scav i encounter attacks me on site most of the time i dont even feel the need to immediately return fire instead i run almost everytime because i know that player doesnt has jack in his crap sack worth killing for so why even waste the bullets when im almost guaranteed a standard Aks74u just from peacefully looting weapon crates often times i find two Assault carbines by the end of my scav run all i am asking for is to play my scav the way i would want to play without accomplishing the same exact result everytime being my immanent death from a lurking player scav and not by a PMC who are intended to be my true threat. In my personal opinion simply tallying time penalties toward scav on scav violence is the sufficient incentive to mitigate the temptation of murdering a fellow scav. I think the player should be penalized for injuring or killing both ai and player scavs most severely against other players, so maybe like 2.5 minutes for injuring AI 5 minutes for killing plus the 2.50 minutes and scav on scav should be doubled in penalties 5 minutes for injuring and 10 for murder. I think playing as the player scav who is receiving fire from another player scav there should be a good incentive for that player to retreat and not engage just for the kill but only to save there own life in exchange for a small five minute penalty so i figure maybe if you are injured first and return fire and it gets you the kill you could receive only half the full time penalty while player who injured you can receive the full penalty for the simple intent of killing one of your own. I figure if this is made a stack-able penalty for player scavs only it could reduce the amount of both ai and players scavs being killed by other player scavs. Personally i enjoy this game the way it is but its obvious to me that scavs are not able to do what they are intended for and it saddens me to know that no scav experience counts toward my progression in a meaningful way not even metaphorically as i learn from each death, death as a scav means nothing yet i feel like it should be more then just a free loot run. I would love it if BSG redeseined scavs as a collectable survivor of some kind that you can play as so long as he lives with his own stats and inventory. I could not care less about having my own separate scav stash maybe as a unique storage system so it would not be overpowered and if that scav dies you lose access to his small stash forever. Escape from tarkov is the most difficult tactical shooter to master as well as almost being equally as hard to truly love inside and out i just want tarkov to be as hard as possible while maintaining some level of being approachable for its intended audience. Scavs are a beloved part of the game for me i love the concept of defending my homeland from invaders who wish me and my comrades harm it adds a nice level of complexity to combat and i feel that only makes the game that more unique. Right now i feel like its balanced well enough to function as intended for supplying your pmc but i honestly want more interesting engagements and adventures as a scavenger and i want to feel like the good guy when ever possible because at the moment i feel like all scavs are inherently evil and just want to steal my tuna fish and toz. I would like to hear others opinions and ideas. KEEP UP THE HARD WORK TARKOV IS LIFE!!!!
  13. Hazel

    Scavs : Grizzle 灰熊集團

    別名:灰熊 真名不明。 我們曾經追查過灰熊領導者的的身份可是尚未成功。 此外,長期觀察所得,相信有兩個不同的Scavs組織領導者擁有同一個別名。 最初,我能推斷出在5月份海關地區的食品倉庫遭到某集團襲擊,他們把這些貨物分配給平民,並稱自己為灰熊集團。 同時,6月份在郊區水塔附近屠殺當地居民的群體也自稱自己為灰熊集團。 這個誤解經過了一段時間,直至對該組織的其中一個成員的審問證實,這兩次活動是由一個團體發起,兩次襲擊都是由灰熊集團發起的。 因此,我們正在面對一群心理不穩定的個體,甚至是殘酷的狂躁症精神病患者,這是由於他們施行酷刑和處決的證據所證實的。 例如,在攻擊USEC護送隊的之後,士兵的屍體被掛在電線塔架上,有次BEAR車輪遭到襲擊後,四名死亡士兵的頭被放置在汽車車頂上被縱火焚燒。 就像Stoporenko小組一樣,灰熊組織成員是不穩定的,主要是因為有罪不罰的誘惑吸引平民加入。 在精神上不再適合這些殘酷行為的成員,就會被適應的或者仍未清楚領導者的興趣的新成員取代。 然而,在多次集團活動期間,灰熊首腦集合了一些願意傳承他的團員成為核心成員,灰熊波動的精神狀態令這個群體的行動不可預測,對平民和軍人來說特別危險。
  14. 血压·起 服务器 波兰 森林图 昨晚的事情,第一把Scav我身上摸了一桶油、一个狮雕、好几包糖、两个762的消音器、还有几罐炼乳,跑加油站撤离的时候在坦克下面那个石头那里摸彩蛋出了一个四级黑头,这个时候听到屁股后面有人,转头一看屁股后面有一个玩家Scav冲着我摇头,我就专门的把包里的东西放了四个格子进彩蛋把头摸出来丢给他,我还在那儿摇头呢这个人反手就是给我一枪头眼,我那局四五十万的东西。 第二把,还是森林捡了一堆东西往郊区撤离,在配件小屋里面摸配件的时候听见外面有挂铁丝网的声音,我就按了说话,然后刚准备从门里出来的时候,那个家伙拿个153也是抬手给我一枪,不过没有打中我,这时候我血压上来了反手给丫灭了,撤离一看减好感0.43 。 事情就是这样憋了我一晚,气死我了。操。
  15. I have an idea to the scav agro system in tarkov, suppose there are 2 player scavs. Player Scav A wants to kill player Scav B, but Scav A keeps missing his shots. In the current system scav b would have to wait to get shot to then be able to defend himself. Otherwise he is risking a penalty with fence. In theory if a scav shoots at you but keeps missing one should be allowed to shoot without penalty since it is a threat to survival. I propose that PlayerScavs have an always active raycast going out of their weapon, and if that raycast hits another scav's hitbox it activates a momentary trigger, lasting half a second or less, that if given scav fires a bullet during the half second timer, the "rayhit" scav is allowed to shoot back. Bringing this back to the first example, Scav A keeps missing, BUT since he was aiming at Scav B and shot withing the given time, scav b is allowed to shoot back, and not suffer a consequence for defending himself. Since Scav B life is threatened, Scav B should not have to wait unitl a bullet hits him to be able to shoot back. Ai scavs, if not agro, won't shoot at a player scav, and rarely aim in to a player for no reason ,so it cant be abused by players. I believe that this would help the karma system, because I personally come across alot of scavs who have bad aim, and i would rather shoot them then wait for them to hit me, for me to defend myself
  16. Moin ne kurze Meinung zum Scav Karma. Meiner Meinung nach ist das der absolute Krebs. Ich bin jemand der gerne mal die Raids bis zu den letzten paar mins runter spielt. Jedoch ist dies ja mittlerweile kaum noch möglich. Wenn ab ca t-25 min ein Schuss fällt öffnen sich die Tore zur Hölle und gefühlt jeder Scav auf der Map rusht in deine richtung...... dabei is es egal ob man n schalli spielt oder nicht der gegner schmeißt eine Nade und zack nach nicht mal 3 min stehen mindestens 5 scavs vor der tür die sich alle einig sind das se dich pushen wollen. Ich hab teilweise nu Raids auf customs durch wo ich zwar die pmcs fertig gemacht habe aber sich das ganze fast nich gelohnt hat da ich 20 scavs oder so fighten musste die mir einfach die munition aufgefressen haben. Mein Vorschlag dazu wenn das scav karma schon bleiben muss dann lasst doch bitte weniger scav Spieler auf die Map damit die pmcs vllt noch was anderes zu tun haben außer den ganzen raid auf scavs zu ballern. Da nu sicher wieder einige Leute hier ankommen werden nach dem Motto du pussy sag ich das mal vorweg. JA bin ich und nu ? Wers halt geil findet nen Stacheldraht umwickelten Baseball Schläger in den Arsch gerammt zu bekommen dem kann ich auch nicht mehr helfen.
  17. Almost every scav I spawn with in the past week or two has nothing but a security or scav vest. Every scav I loot that's already been killed is similarly configured. By the time I find a backpack (if I do at all), I've missed half a map's worth of loot. I can't count the amount of raids I've been on that I walk out with 4 or 5 items due to just not having any space to put anything.
  18. Hey all, Idea - I did not directly see this, but has there been any talk of making an adjustment to it, where if you lose rep in a raid (let's say you kill another scav) that you have your next scav timer balloon up? Like instead of 20 mins, excluding any decreases in time, it makes your next scav available after 40 mins? Or some time reasonable enough to function as a deterrent, but not enough to make people hate the game. Like if I where to panic and accidentally kill another scav, lose rep in a raid, I'd be okay with the longer scav cooldown, like my bad. Alternatively, you could shorten the scav cooldown as a reward for earning rep. Like make it if you kill a pmc, that positive karma boost, you can take your next scav run immediately after you finish this one. Or if you just get out with the +.01 for not harming another scav, you would get 1 minute of your cooldown. Thoughts? Maybe somebody suggested this already, but just in case this is novel, figured I would start a post about it (searched a couple of pages and didn't find this idea). Cheers, Datvi
  19. Johannes_BH

    Scav countdown

    Guten Abend, Ich spiele jetzt seit ein paar Wochen EFT. Uns ist des Öfteren aufgefallen, dass bei mir die Scav Countdown Zeit deutlich geringer ist, als bei meinem Kollegen. bei mir ist meistens 15 - 20 Minuten und bei meinem Kollegen meistens eine Halbe Stunde. Wovon wird das Abhängig gemacht? danke für die Hilfe Mit freundlichen Grüßen Johannes.
  20. every raid if i meet other scav player it ends up on him following me and killing me where no other scav can see this garbage leading to only losing some rep in fance for him.... make it that all scavs even when they dont see the crime are tagged at him and try to get him otherwise scav rep = nothing more than garbage that nobody care about
  21. JimBOB23245

    Scav Karma

    I don't think scav Karma is a good idea or at least it should be introduced and explained somewhere when you join the game. As a beginner who sucks and keeps dying while trying to learn the ropes killing scav seems like a risk free good idea to get loot which is what I did as a beginner. Then I realised my timer was going up and searched it up and learnt about karma. I now have a long timer and whenever I go into a game there is always one dickhead scav who pretends to be friendly and just destroys me not allowing me to extract and lower my timer meaning I couldn't defend myself and I also didn't get a shorter timer. So yeah, idk it just seems poo how you can really get stuck in a rut as a beginner I think either the karma shouldn't be a thing or just having a proper explanation would be a game changer.
  22. Papa-Boris

    Scav AI problems

    I have a bit of an issue as a scav. My reputation is -0.37 because I didnt know about this new mechanic in time. I've been down to -0.60 and then recovering from it, but around -0.40 on my way back to positive red AI scavs suddenly started attacking me every single round in EVERY map, even without raiders or bosses around. Surely its not meant to work like this?!
  23. from my perspective the scav karma system is doing more harm than it is good, it seems like every single scav raid i end up losing karma for defending myself or die and waist my time due to not shooting back and dying. i think what would fix the issue or at least make it better is if they added rep for you dying assuming you didnt shoot first.
  24. Quentin_Mbc

    Message à tout les Scav Player

    Bon, je sais pas ce que vous avez à fumer vos coéquipier, après le fameux signe de "paix" mais bon vous êtes des gros chien. a cause de vous j'ai du changer 3 fois de clavier + domicile, ca sert a rien de faire ca pour compenser ce que vous avez dans le froc la bise
  25. Pikasannnnn

    Rep Loss Scales With Fence Rep

    Any suggestions/feedback is appreciated. This is a lot of text. but there's a lot to say. I am not sure if this same suggestion has been posted before, I tried searching and couldn't find anything similar (unless I'm searching incorrectly). It's clear that there needs to be some kind of reform on Scav Karma. Don't get me wrong, Scav karma is good concept, but the rewards and punishment system doesn't feel significant. Idea What I'm suggesting is: the amount of reputation that a player scav loses when killing another player scav should scale with the more reputable one's rep. The following list explains in detail the numerical portion of my suggestion: < 1.00 Fence Rep (FR) ~= 0.05 rep loss 1.00 - 1.99 FR ~= 0.10 rep loss 2.00 - 2.99 FR ~= 0.15 rep loss 3.00 - 3.99 FR ~= 0.20 rep loss 4.00 - 4.99 FR ~= 0.30 rep loss 5.00 - 5.99 FR ~= 0.35 rep loss > 6.00 FR ~= 0.40 rep loss These are just numbers, but what do they mean? This list doesn't directly mean that the higher your rep, the more you lose per scav kill as a player scav. Rather, when an aggravating player scav kills another player scav, the amount of karma that scav loses depends on the player scav with the higher fence rep. Here are some scenarios and what would happen under this suggestion: Scav 1 (FR: 0.5) kills Scav 2 (FR: 3.4). Scav 1 would lose 0.20 FR Scav 1 (FR: 5.3) kills Scav 2 (FR: 1.3). Scav 1 would lose 0.35 FR This change in scav loss should not apply to AI Scavs and killing an AI Scav should still lose 0.05 rep. Mainly since it would be extremely unfortunate and unfair for a player scav with 6.00 FR to lose 0.4 rep because an AI Scav walked in front of his gun during a fight with a PMC and died. But it's also so that players don't feel suffocated under all the rules they must follow in order to keep their hard earned 6.0 FR. Will this work? From what I see, it will definitely help alleviate the amount of scav on scav kills. The threat of losing an enormous amount of rep is definitely scary. Of course, players with tremendous amount of negative scav karma won't care anymore and will just keep killing other scavs. However, this will most likely keep players who wish to keep a somewhat positive rep from wanting to kill another player scav with visibily decent loot. A player scav with 0.1 FR might think "I have enough FR to kill that one kitted looking player scav and it won't affect me too much". But with this suggestion, they now also have to worry about whether that player scav has high rep or not since killing him may mean a 0.05 rep loss or a 0.4 rep loss. Similarly, this should also reduce the amount of player scavs with good scav karma from thinking "well... it's only going to eat like 1% of my 5 FR". Earning scav karma is somewhat difficult and earning it back is going to be harder with V-extracts and other methods not giving as much at that point. Therefore, with this suggestion, high rep player scavs might be more wary of killing other player scavs. Additionally, allowing player scavs to continue to only lose 0.05 rep killing AI Scavs instead of their respective FR scav loss would still give players who wish to kill them to continue to. It's agreeable that it is pretty easy to recognize the difference between an AI Scav and a player Scav (based on movement). So, although player scavs will need to be more careful when killing scavs, they can still kill AI scavs normally and are less likely to ruin another players day (especially if they got lucky and found 600k worth of loot as a scav..... speaking from experience). Having more security that you won't die as likely is surely a good positive for having good rept. Moreover, knowing that the player scav who killed you will be severely punished accordingly will encourage more players from raising their FR. Does this fit? Most definitely! It already exists with scav bosses, if you kill them as a scav, you lose around 0.5 rep. As we know, higher FR = less hostility from scav bosses/guards and > 6.00 FR means guaranteed standing next to a scav boss, which puts you almost on par with them. Having players lose more by killing other player scavs with > 6.00 FR is similar to them killing a scav boss/guard. Similarly, it only makes sense that if you have high FR, the sudden decision to kill another scav for no reason would surely hurt your trust with the scav bosses and Fence. Conclusion The presented suggestion should hopefully reduce the amount of player scav on player scav kills. This suggestion mainly adjusts the punishment player scavs receives against other player scavs. If a player wishes to continue killing scavs, they can, they just need to be more careful of what scavs they kill, which may deter them from doing so. It definitely won't remove this type of play style completely. There will definitely be people who don't care about the karma system and just want easy loot. But it should hopefully dissuade the player scavs with decent/acceptable scav karma who are thirsty for a single player scav kill, from killing them. Additionally, it should give people the feeling a safety when they do a scav run, or at least they know that if another player scav kills them, they will be greatly punished, which should motivate more grinding for FR.
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