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  1. Moin ne kurze Meinung zum Scav Karma. Meiner Meinung nach ist das der absolute Krebs. Ich bin jemand der gerne mal die Raids bis zu den letzten paar mins runter spielt. Jedoch ist dies ja mittlerweile kaum noch möglich. Wenn ab ca t-25 min ein Schuss fällt öffnen sich die Tore zur Hölle und gefühlt jeder Scav auf der Map rusht in deine richtung...... dabei is es egal ob man n schalli spielt oder nicht der gegner schmeißt eine Nade und zack nach nicht mal 3 min stehen mindestens 5 scavs vor der tür die sich alle einig sind das se dich pushen wollen. Ich hab teilweise nu Raids auf customs durch wo ich zwar die pmcs fertig gemacht habe aber sich das ganze fast nich gelohnt hat da ich 20 scavs oder so fighten musste die mir einfach die munition aufgefressen haben. Mein Vorschlag dazu wenn das scav karma schon bleiben muss dann lasst doch bitte weniger scav Spieler auf die Map damit die pmcs vllt noch was anderes zu tun haben außer den ganzen raid auf scavs zu ballern. Da nu sicher wieder einige Leute hier ankommen werden nach dem Motto du pussy sag ich das mal vorweg. JA bin ich und nu ? Wers halt geil findet nen Stacheldraht umwickelten Baseball Schläger in den Arsch gerammt zu bekommen dem kann ich auch nicht mehr helfen.
  2. Almost every scav I spawn with in the past week or two has nothing but a security or scav vest. Every scav I loot that's already been killed is similarly configured. By the time I find a backpack (if I do at all), I've missed half a map's worth of loot. I can't count the amount of raids I've been on that I walk out with 4 or 5 items due to just not having any space to put anything.
  3. Hey all, Idea - I did not directly see this, but has there been any talk of making an adjustment to it, where if you lose rep in a raid (let's say you kill another scav) that you have your next scav timer balloon up? Like instead of 20 mins, excluding any decreases in time, it makes your next scav available after 40 mins? Or some time reasonable enough to function as a deterrent, but not enough to make people hate the game. Like if I where to panic and accidentally kill another scav, lose rep in a raid, I'd be okay with the longer scav cooldown, like my bad. Alternatively, you could shorten the scav cooldown as a reward for earning rep. Like make it if you kill a pmc, that positive karma boost, you can take your next scav run immediately after you finish this one. Or if you just get out with the +.01 for not harming another scav, you would get 1 minute of your cooldown. Thoughts? Maybe somebody suggested this already, but just in case this is novel, figured I would start a post about it (searched a couple of pages and didn't find this idea). Cheers, Datvi
  4. 血压·起 服务器 波兰 森林图 昨晚的事情,第一把Scav我身上摸了一桶油、一个狮雕、好几包糖、两个762的消音器、还有几罐炼乳,跑加油站撤离的时候在坦克下面那个石头那里摸彩蛋出了一个四级黑头,这个时候听到屁股后面有人,转头一看屁股后面有一个玩家Scav冲着我摇头,我就专门的把包里的东西放了四个格子进彩蛋把头摸出来丢给他,我还在那儿摇头呢这个人反手就是给我一枪头眼,我那局四五十万的东西。 第二把,还是森林捡了一堆东西往郊区撤离,在配件小屋里面摸配件的时候听见外面有挂铁丝网的声音,我就按了说话,然后刚准备从门里出来的时候,那个家伙拿个153也是抬手给我一枪,不过没有打中我,这时候我血压上来了反手给丫灭了,撤离一看减好感0.43 。 事情就是这样憋了我一晚,气死我了。操。
  5. Johannes_BH

    Scav countdown

    Guten Abend, Ich spiele jetzt seit ein paar Wochen EFT. Uns ist des Öfteren aufgefallen, dass bei mir die Scav Countdown Zeit deutlich geringer ist, als bei meinem Kollegen. bei mir ist meistens 15 - 20 Minuten und bei meinem Kollegen meistens eine Halbe Stunde. Wovon wird das Abhängig gemacht? danke für die Hilfe Mit freundlichen Grüßen Johannes.
  6. every raid if i meet other scav player it ends up on him following me and killing me where no other scav can see this garbage leading to only losing some rep in fance for him.... make it that all scavs even when they dont see the crime are tagged at him and try to get him otherwise scav rep = nothing more than garbage that nobody care about
  7. JimBOB23245

    Scav Karma

    I don't think scav Karma is a good idea or at least it should be introduced and explained somewhere when you join the game. As a beginner who sucks and keeps dying while trying to learn the ropes killing scav seems like a risk free good idea to get loot which is what I did as a beginner. Then I realised my timer was going up and searched it up and learnt about karma. I now have a long timer and whenever I go into a game there is always one dickhead scav who pretends to be friendly and just destroys me not allowing me to extract and lower my timer meaning I couldn't defend myself and I also didn't get a shorter timer. So yeah, idk it just seems poo how you can really get stuck in a rut as a beginner I think either the karma shouldn't be a thing or just having a proper explanation would be a game changer.
  8. TheBromax

    Scav Language

    So, My friends and I find it hilarious when the Scavs talk, shout, scream in pain, but we don't know what they are actually saying? Is anyone able to translate some of the scav dialog for me, is it just mumbo jumbo or the Russian Language???
  9. Papa-Boris

    Scav AI problems

    I have a bit of an issue as a scav. My reputation is -0.37 because I didnt know about this new mechanic in time. I've been down to -0.60 and then recovering from it, but around -0.40 on my way back to positive red AI scavs suddenly started attacking me every single round in EVERY map, even without raiders or bosses around. Surely its not meant to work like this?!
  10. from my perspective the scav karma system is doing more harm than it is good, it seems like every single scav raid i end up losing karma for defending myself or die and waist my time due to not shooting back and dying. i think what would fix the issue or at least make it better is if they added rep for you dying assuming you didnt shoot first.
  11. Quentin_Mbc

    Message à tout les Scav Player

    Bon, je sais pas ce que vous avez à fumer vos coéquipier, après le fameux signe de "paix" mais bon vous êtes des gros chien. a cause de vous j'ai du changer 3 fois de clavier + domicile, ca sert a rien de faire ca pour compenser ce que vous avez dans le froc la bise
  12. Pikasannnnn

    Rep Loss Scales With Fence Rep

    Any suggestions/feedback is appreciated. This is a lot of text. but there's a lot to say. I am not sure if this same suggestion has been posted before, I tried searching and couldn't find anything similar (unless I'm searching incorrectly). It's clear that there needs to be some kind of reform on Scav Karma. Don't get me wrong, Scav karma is good concept, but the rewards and punishment system doesn't feel significant. Idea What I'm suggesting is: the amount of reputation that a player scav loses when killing another player scav should scale with the more reputable one's rep. The following list explains in detail the numerical portion of my suggestion: < 1.00 Fence Rep (FR) ~= 0.05 rep loss 1.00 - 1.99 FR ~= 0.10 rep loss 2.00 - 2.99 FR ~= 0.15 rep loss 3.00 - 3.99 FR ~= 0.20 rep loss 4.00 - 4.99 FR ~= 0.30 rep loss 5.00 - 5.99 FR ~= 0.35 rep loss > 6.00 FR ~= 0.40 rep loss These are just numbers, but what do they mean? This list doesn't directly mean that the higher your rep, the more you lose per scav kill as a player scav. Rather, when an aggravating player scav kills another player scav, the amount of karma that scav loses depends on the player scav with the higher fence rep. Here are some scenarios and what would happen under this suggestion: Scav 1 (FR: 0.5) kills Scav 2 (FR: 3.4). Scav 1 would lose 0.20 FR Scav 1 (FR: 5.3) kills Scav 2 (FR: 1.3). Scav 1 would lose 0.35 FR This change in scav loss should not apply to AI Scavs and killing an AI Scav should still lose 0.05 rep. Mainly since it would be extremely unfortunate and unfair for a player scav with 6.00 FR to lose 0.4 rep because an AI Scav walked in front of his gun during a fight with a PMC and died. But it's also so that players don't feel suffocated under all the rules they must follow in order to keep their hard earned 6.0 FR. Will this work? From what I see, it will definitely help alleviate the amount of scav on scav kills. The threat of losing an enormous amount of rep is definitely scary. Of course, players with tremendous amount of negative scav karma won't care anymore and will just keep killing other scavs. However, this will most likely keep players who wish to keep a somewhat positive rep from wanting to kill another player scav with visibily decent loot. A player scav with 0.1 FR might think "I have enough FR to kill that one kitted looking player scav and it won't affect me too much". But with this suggestion, they now also have to worry about whether that player scav has high rep or not since killing him may mean a 0.05 rep loss or a 0.4 rep loss. Similarly, this should also reduce the amount of player scavs with good scav karma from thinking "well... it's only going to eat like 1% of my 5 FR". Earning scav karma is somewhat difficult and earning it back is going to be harder with V-extracts and other methods not giving as much at that point. Therefore, with this suggestion, high rep player scavs might be more wary of killing other player scavs. Additionally, allowing player scavs to continue to only lose 0.05 rep killing AI Scavs instead of their respective FR scav loss would still give players who wish to kill them to continue to. It's agreeable that it is pretty easy to recognize the difference between an AI Scav and a player Scav (based on movement). So, although player scavs will need to be more careful when killing scavs, they can still kill AI scavs normally and are less likely to ruin another players day (especially if they got lucky and found 600k worth of loot as a scav..... speaking from experience). Having more security that you won't die as likely is surely a good positive for having good rept. Moreover, knowing that the player scav who killed you will be severely punished accordingly will encourage more players from raising their FR. Does this fit? Most definitely! It already exists with scav bosses, if you kill them as a scav, you lose around 0.5 rep. As we know, higher FR = less hostility from scav bosses/guards and > 6.00 FR means guaranteed standing next to a scav boss, which puts you almost on par with them. Having players lose more by killing other player scavs with > 6.00 FR is similar to them killing a scav boss/guard. Similarly, it only makes sense that if you have high FR, the sudden decision to kill another scav for no reason would surely hurt your trust with the scav bosses and Fence. Conclusion The presented suggestion should hopefully reduce the amount of player scav on player scav kills. This suggestion mainly adjusts the punishment player scavs receives against other player scavs. If a player wishes to continue killing scavs, they can, they just need to be more careful of what scavs they kill, which may deter them from doing so. It definitely won't remove this type of play style completely. There will definitely be people who don't care about the karma system and just want easy loot. But it should hopefully dissuade the player scavs with decent/acceptable scav karma who are thirsty for a single player scav kill, from killing them. Additionally, it should give people the feeling a safety when they do a scav run, or at least they know that if another player scav kills them, they will be greatly punished, which should motivate more grinding for FR.
  13. Gasparovisk

    Como farmar $ e Itens

    Bom galera devido ao crescimento absurdo do número de jogadores decidi fazer um tópico buscando ajudar a galera que está iniciando a como fazer uma grana e aproveitar a experiência do game ao máximo. Tarkov é um dos jogos mais complicados que já joguei e por diversos fatores ele pode ser frustrante as vezes. No entanto buscando conhecimento a respeito do game podemos reduzir muito essas frustrações. O guia que postarei abaixo não é específico de nenhum mapa e pode ser aplicado para qualquer raid principalmente as de pmc, as raids de scav tem algumas restrições que eu citarei que a deixa em desvantagem ao longo do tempo, mas nem por isso deve ser desprezada. 1. Primeira dica antes de entrar em qualquer raid é, de uma boa olhada no mapa da raid em que você vai se aventurar, de nada adianta você conseguir entrar, matar, fazer um bom loot se não conseguir extrair, no https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Map_of_Tarkov contém ótimos mapas e bem detalhados, esse tópico dos mapas deve ser sua prioridade no começo do game. Com esses mapas você deve aprender a se localizar desde o momento do seu spawn buscando pontos de referência para traçar seu trajeto e o que você pretende naquela missão, a sua estratégia será baseada no que você está utilizando como equipamento e no seu spawn. Conhecendo as extrações e os spawns a suas chances de sobrevivência já aumentarão muito. 2. No mesmo link dos mapas acima você pode acessar os drops que tal mapa possui, como muitos spots de loot são os mesmos como bolsas, armários e caixas, o loot segue um padrão para todos os mapas, exceto quartos e salas especiais que tem o pré-requisito de chaves para serem abertas. Sabendo disso, busque conhecer o preço dos itens no FLEA, infelizmente ele só é liberado no nível 5, no entanto desde o começo alguns itens que são vendidos no FLEA você pode vender nos comerciantes pelo mesmo valor. Como todo jogador já começa com uma certa quantia de $ eu aconselho a guardar o máximo de itens possíveis até o nível 5 e só então vende-los, venda antes aos NPC'S apenas caso necessário. Após o nível 5 as coisas facilitarão muito, você poderá através do Market conhecer melhor a respeito do valor de cada item, dessa forma durante as raids você vai conseguir guardar o que for de maior valor nos seus slots. 3. Para maximizar ainda mais seu farm no inicio do game eu aconselharia que você escolhesse um mapa e buscasse aprender tudo sobre ele, com um conhecimento avançado sobre um determinado mapa garanto que você ira conseguir fazer um bom loot até caso morra na raid, pois terá conseguido coisas de valor e guardadas no seu Beta/Gamma que pagarão o seu loadout dependendo de qual ele for. Cada mapa possui spawns especifico de drops raros como chaves, eletrônicos (graphic card, g.phone, tetriz e outros) conhecendo esses spawns o seu profit dentro de uma raid pode aumentar absurdamente, e aqui entra o conhecimento de spawns e extrações, pois de acordo com seu Spawn você vai saber dizer se é uma boa rushar até esses pontos ou não, se é arriscado ou não, se tem possibilidade de outro player chegar antes de você ou não, essas variáveis importam muito na hora de se tomar uma decisão, outro ponto que você tem que levar em consideração é que próximo a esses lugares as vezes tem o Spawn de bosses, como por exemplo o prédio da macumba na reserva, ou a sala do Kiba. Enfim, adquirir o máximo de conhecimento de um mapa logo no início da sua experiência do game te garantira uma vida financeira mais tranquila e bem-sucedida por assim dizer. 4. PMC ou Scav? Bom tenha em mente que ambas são boas mas com propósitos diferentes, de PMC se você morrer perdera todo seu loot, no entanto você possui um container que pode salvar itens que não irão ser perdidos caso você morra, você não ira pegar partidas já começadas e é onde você desenvolvera a maior parte da sua gameplay então quanto mais você upar melhor, é através do pmc que você vai liberar missões, nível dos npc e etc. Já de Scav apesar de ele também possuir habilidades que são aptas a serem upadas, você não vai fazer suas missões através dele, entrara em raids já começadas e caso morra você vai perder tudo que achou durante a raid, no entanto não sofrera nenhuma perca do seu stash. Então vai de cada jogador mesmo, os scavs tem uma maior função no começo quando você não possui muita grana ou gear, as vezes você pode simplesmente entrar no scav e ir direto pra extração pra pegar os itens de utilizar no seu PMC, você pode também tentar utilizar o scav pra entrar em uma raid que você morreu com seu PMC pra recuperar seus itens, porem pra isso acontecer você tem que ter apenas 1 server selecionado do contrario é quase impossível, e mesmo com apenas 1 server selecionado você estará à mercê da sorte, no entanto não custa nada tentar não é mesmo? Enfim, há diversas formas de se utilizar o Scav, mas no geral você acabara utilizando mais o PMC. Abraço, Deixem dicas ou criticas para os próximos guias.
  14. So with the Scav system whereas if you kill a Scav as a Scav yourself, you lose rep with Fence(Unless it's a player scav and they have already killed other scavs). So I've been trying to avoid shooting on site as a scav, even for players. I can tell the difference between AI and Players, but the tricky thing is that I can't tell if they are a Scav or a PMC. I get I can tell if they are dead and have dog tags or not, but I'm talking about before I engage them. So lately I've been getting shot left and right by guys because I didn't shoot first and hesitated. Any tips?
  15. So playing as player scavs[pscavs] right now, you are given an option to play friendly, without murdering AI scavs or other pscavs, or as a rogue pscav, killing any scavs as they please. Here's my point: If you are a friendly pscav, you are on the defensive side from the rogue pscavs. You will always get shot at first, resulting in very high chance of you dying prematurely. This is especially true if the two of you are alone, since currently there is no way of telling which is a rogue pscav without having other scavs shooting at them. Which is a rare sight in itself considering how short scav gunfights can be, due to AI scav incompetancy and unlikeliness of having a good armor etc. However, lets pretend you did come across one. Basically, you are witnessing a scav fighting another scav. How can you tell which is which? With the things AI scavs do nowadays, sometimes it can be very convincing, especially in the short time span of a scav gunfight. Obviously it isn't THAT bad, you will eventually figure out which is which, but regardless, it can be a very frustrating experience. Also, the scav karma system as of currently doesn't really stand to prevent pscavs from killing other pscavs. Currently, you lose 0.02 for killing one, and gain 0.1 for killing a rogue scav. So basically, if you shoot any pscavs on sight, and if any one out of five of them were rogue, you've broke even! Plus any gear they've farmed for how long they've been in the match! So here's my suggestion: 1. If pscavs exfil without killing any scavs, they should get karma(fence rep). 2. This should scale, the more you exfil without scav aggression, the more karma you gain. 3. If you've gone rogue, you shouldn't get karma for killing other rogues. 4. If your karma is low, you shouldn't get as much karma for killing rogues (i.e. if you've crossed the line too much, your best option of redemption is to be peaceful; not aggression). I think this way, it gives some real consequences to rogue pscavs, and encourages pscavs to play as the way its intended, as a scav and NOT a pmc in scav disguise.
  16. Just an idea to help with scav on scav violence by more easily differentiating between good and bad scavs.. Maybe loyal scavs spawn in with some sort of non removeable marker from fence ( Possibly in the form of a visible shoulder patch? Front chest patches? Similar to common military decorations , maybe with different tiers? ) .. This way, good scavs can easily recognize each other and team up. Bad scavs do not receive the marker and have no access to the marker, making it easier for good scavs to work together, and hunt both pmcs and bad scavs without having to worry too much about hitting the wrong target. Also a viable option for people who do not like VOIP. Essentially, we have a ranking system for Fence to develop his own PMS operation / business ( Private Military Scav operation). Similar to what they currently have implemented, Scavs would move up and down the ranks, and receive better benefits, loadouts, and surprise loot as they progress. Maybe even new specific clothing / fatigues for high ranking scavs.. After all, Fence would probably want his top ranked scav soldiers out there working for him with higher teir kits, so his Private Military Scavs can be more effective while out on their missions. ( Missions being to hunt bad scavs, PMCs, and get juicy loot .. Maybe random Fence quests eventually.) --- Additional thought --- Maybe we can gain rep by buying and selling direct with Fence (only with Fence), as a scav, post raid .. Essentially we are provided two options at the end of our scav raid before returning to the main menu .. ( 1. ) As a scav we can sell to, and buy from fence (Only Fence) using profits from the current transaction / scav raid ( The scav's money only, not your pmc's stash ) ... ( 2. ) Transfer items to stash as usual... Rep is only gained when items are sold to Fence by his scavs. As our rank / rep increases, we should receive better prices. Eventually reaching a point where its a viable option to sell to Fence often. This profit increase only applies to scavs, post raid, based on rep / rank. We should gain rep for transacting with fence, as it helps his Private Military Scav business flourish. Any comments / thoughts / something to add ? Thanks!
  17. I'd like to start this off by saying i started playing as we got the final .10 wipe and i've been mostly actively playing since then (Last patch i stopped at 38 because honestly why play when i get kicked for trying to play with friends). I say this not as some weird flex because there are defs people that have played longer then I have and might have different opinions, im just saying i've stuck around a while and im used to the wipe experience. My first thing to grumble about is bosses. Its a weird thing. I get the idea of it, as a scav you lose karma for killing a scav boss because they are a SCAV BOSS. Fair. My issue though, which feeds into the next grumble, is that you can't defend yourself with them. Sanitar and his boys are friendly which is great, saniboi even heals you if ya damaged which is awesome. The thing though, is that he won't aggro on you for sitting in a corner where one of his guards can just see ya ass hanging out in the open. This means, i don't have to try and kill him to loot the area (His loot is a different matter which i'll touch on in suggestions). I brought up sanitar as a reason though, he won't try to fight you for existing, every other boss though? Killa with nade the duck out of you, glukar and his boys will become a firing line, reshala is the same deal as glukar and shturman... well he's normally dead and i don't scav on woods so eh. Something that bugs me is that if you have to defend yourself, you lose karma. To sum up my suggestion, either treat bosses like raiders if you don't plan on changing them or make it so bosses won't aggro on you for clearing bodies and loot spots and possibly act friendly to player scavs with high karma (i haven't reached LL2 with fence so i have no idea how they act atm). Next grumble, player scavs and karma. At the moment it's tense. I've tried being friendly with other scavs, while not just removing my armor and handing them my weapon to shoot me with, i wiggle from far away if they see me or just sprint around the area they are looting, however, people used to the old system would just see me as they see normal scavs, as walking lootboxes because we ducking are right? random generated loot, maybe we found/spawned with a key, maybe we have those annoying ducking BMP shells, maybe we have hideout loot, honestly, the only time its not worth it to shoot a scav is when you have a quest like bullshit or a annoying quest done and you just want to extract. My suggestion here is treat player scavs like raiders in regards to karma and make it so killing them doesn't remove karma and make it so that killing scav killing scavs give extra karma. This just removes the pretences of being friendly, outright ducking shoot me if ya gonna be a scav killer or don't if ya friendly. another grumble on player scavs with the current system is getting shot at. If someone has a mosin or any weapon really and they shoot at you, they are most likely doing it with the purpose of taking your loot and your life. Issue is, if they suck ass and miss every shot and if i somehow kill them, i'm the one that loses karma, you punish players for defending themselves because the other guy sucks ass. my suggestion here, make it so that if someone shoots another player scav and the bullet hits or flies by within a.. I don't know, 3 meter radius? 2? of another player scav, the shooter is regarded as both a raider regarding karma (no penalty for shooting at) and for AI scavs, treated as a scav killer. for real though, imagine clearing a fallen city for loot and some baby goes to shoot another guy because he found a working phone or something, would other scavengers just go "Oh that has nothing to do with me, its probably a joke right?" or should they go "that guy is ducking mental, shoot the baby". Thats my current grumbles about scav karma as it is now. Next i have some suggestions. This suggestion relates to boss killing as a scav. I joked above about scavs being portable lootboxes and honestly, they are. Bosses are more extreme versions of this, the boss scav might have a keycard or a valuable labs keycard, resort key or reserve key. They also have a chance of spawning with something valuable in their pocket. They also, have ducking amazing weapons and gear, 6B43 is something reshala and glukars guards may spawn with, reshala has a chance to have mags of M995 or 366 AP, a lot of guards have 7.62 BP and their weapons are normally high grade with lots of valuable parts on them that you might need for gunsmith. Not to mention with hunter boy, you need certain items from scav bosses for quests (Killa helmet, reshala's pistol that doesn't always spawn aaaaa, shturman key, you get me). As it stands, you lose 0.02 karma from killing bosses and 0.02 for each guard (I think, i haven't actually checked this, it could be more, could be less), if you scav in and you see a boss, regardless of karma, they have a chance of having amazing loot either on them or in their pocket like red keycards, keys and bitcoins, when is it not worth it to killa reshala to get his bitcoin? to kill his guards for meds and ammo and possibly 1000 USD in their bags? So my suggestion is to make it valuable not to kill bosses, i do want to say this ties into the idea of making bosses at least not aggro as much or at all to player scavs. My suggestion is this. Players with LL2 or just high karma that DON'T kill the boss, if it spawned, a random boss item from fence as a token of appreciation from the boss. My suggestion is this be ANY item the boss or his guards hold onto to make the pool diluted. maybe you'll get a grenade, maybe a guard AK with a mag of BP, maybe you'll get a golden TT or even a bitcoin, maybe you might get a killa helmet, maybe a labs keycard or a random map key, maybe you might get that ducking 6B43 that you need 2 of for a quest, who knows. Another suggestion, regarding karma. I'd like to suggest rewarding high karma players with a chance for better loot in their bags at the start. Thats it. Maybe a hideout item like some bolts and screws, maybe a light, who knows. My final suggestion, for both scavs and karma, is a few more outfits for scavs. I'd like to suggest that high karma players and Kill On Sight scavs (i'm talking negative karma scavs with like -20.00 karma or something crazy) have some different outfits and models. A example of a high karma scav looking like a family man put into a situation that he does not want to be in but has to, while a negative karma scav looking like someone the cultists would reject for being too extreme.
  18. _Magnum_Dong_

    Is Scav Violence Truly Solved?

    While the new karma system is nice for allowing teamwork among player scavs, there are some caveats. More times than not, I have found myself practically given an execution by another player scav the moment they realize I have high-priority items. Because the -0.05 penalty for the first kill on another scav is not all that bad if it is by itself when you find yourself alone with another player scav and you have some beefy gear from a dead PMC, a large portion of the time the player scav will take the opportunity to kill you unless they themselves have a decent amount of gear themselves. This is also the case with looting raiders. About half the scav raids I have done on reserve have resulted in my death purely because another player scav has noticed that I am looting or have looted a raider or two. What's frustrating about this is that I am discouraged from shooting them first because then I'm the one losing karma and usually these greedy hostile scavs appear to be friendly at first. Anyways, my only idea to try to solve this problem, if it is as significant as I make it to be, is to increase the penalty for killing other player scavs. Perhaps adding some better communication. If anyone has any ideas on how I should deal with these situations let me know.
  19. Humble_Avenger

    Idea for expansion of Player Scav System

    After playing alot of this wipe I've particularly enjoyed the scav karma system and I am looking forward to this system being tweaked/expanded over time when possible. Today my friends and I discussed this topic and I'd like to get the community and developers in on this train of thought. The idea is creating a unlockable feature within the scav karma system. Allow players to play as raiders HOWEVER you cannot loot or extract from the map. This is meant for scav karma farming for those who get to this point to progress further AND a method for players to play/fight PMCs with no need to focus on other storage, crafting or gear systems. While adding more life to this hardcore world that has attracted so many of us. As an example at 2.0 or higher fence rep (as long as you kill no fellow scavs and use car extracts when possible we believe this is not a overly hard challenge nor is it too easy to access early in a wipe) If you unlock the system you are allowed to spawn as a raider on the maps that have raiders at the beginning of the game. Potentially slowly spawned when a raider could spawn (similar to current scav system). You are assigned a goal. As an example as Gluhars guard you are assigned to protect your VIP. If you and he stay alive you get X fence rep (should be a good bonus). Preventing the power switch from turning on in the command center or preventing access to the exit train could be player raider goals on reserve and similar goals could be assigned to raiders on other maps. prevent PMC exit at X location, protect VIP X. If you kill a PMC you should get more fence rep than you would killing a PMC as a scav and can kill non raiders with no penalty (scavs would learn to avoid raider locations like a plague and developers would need to remove player scav spawns withing raider locations or easy shot at from said locations). Player raiders should be kicked if they attempt to leave the assigned area and ideally if possible AI resumes control if they attempt to leave (this would probably not be easy/possible so instant death if you roam too far? Potential heavy scav karma loss for abandoning post and remove player raider access for X time limit) After 3.0 fence rep scav raider should have no cooldown. This would be for the crowd who hates storage, gear gathering, crafting and all the other tarkov systems but love the gameplay itself. They could focus on giving AI defences life creating a much greater challenge for all EFT players. There should be limits such as 1 player raider per map or at least per raider group. 3+ Player Raiders in Customs Dorms sounds like something I wouldn't wish on someone I hate. Also once you get past 5.0 Fence Rep or potentially higher you should be able to order other AI raiders and boss to follow or stop allowing you to create defensive positions created by a human mind. Combat AI takes over but they all won't be in neutral dumb position. Bonus points for additional orders added such as a command to attack or hold location that works during combat so you can camp or order a raider charge once you get high rep I want your opinions people. Love it or hate it I want to know cause this sounds like a blast IMO and my friends love it as well. I expect salt and yet I am waiting for mines/claymores and god I want tripewires or door mounted booby traps and methods to detect/disable and destroy so lets discuss Player Raiders
  20. WasabiLassabe

    Scav Karma Ruins Scavs

    Can we all agree that scav karma system is broken at best and utterly unplayable at worst? I have recently hopped back onto Tarkov and have found that playing scav with this new system is unplayable and shouldn’t have been released in its current state to the main servers. I have not had a single round of scav extract safely if I’ve run into another player scav. The system seems to punish the players that follow it and reward the players that don’t. 3 games I’ve even been wounded by player scavs. Left bleeding out or limping with blacked limbs and I can’t retaliate because that would ruin my karma and get me killed. It plays exactly the same as before where player scavs kill each other except now it punishes friendly scavs for defending themselves.
  21. Problem: 1. Intentionally hostile Scavs have advantage over friendly Scavs because: They know they are going to kill friendly-Scav The know friendly Scav will not shot first until he got shot They know friendly Scav is not a threat until attacked You just need to kill 1 PMC to mitigate killing 5 friendly Scavs Friendly Scavs start with better equipment, but most time without helmets so they are juicy targets and easy prey for point blank headshot 2. Starting from karma below -1.0 AI Scavs easily know this player-Scav is hostile and attack on sight, but there is no way for other friendly player-Scav identify hostile player-Scav. 3. Regardless of penalties and bonuses there always will be hostile Scavs killing everyone on sight, but it sucks for friendly Scavs to not have a clue even for most notorious Scav-killers with the lowest possible reputation unless there is an AI Scav around. Possible solution: Add Special Armbands and Proximity Audio Queue for hostile Scav: at karma below -2.0 Special Armband is added as mandatory part of Scav equipment at karma below -4.0 Proximity Audio Queue with 100m* radius is added at karma below -5.0 Proximity Audio Queue radius increased to 200m* at karma below -6.0 Proximity Audio Queue radius increased to 300m* *radius is a subject to change Clarifications: Special Armbands - an unique armband that cannot be deleted/removed/looted/replaced and which is distinct from any other armband in the game. For example: white armband with red skull or red and black vertical stripes etc. Friendly-Scavs will still have to identify whether approaching Scav is wearing that Special Armband or not, but if they noticed that armband - they know that is a hostile Scav with low karma and can be shot on sight without penalty. Proximity Audio Queue - small easy-to-miss unique sound played for other player-scavs when they have hostile Scav with low karma within radius: Sound something like wood chime bells or something similar - very distinct to other sounds and very easy to miss also should be very quiet and easy to miss when you run or if there is a gunfight close or even if you just not attentive enough to sound. Like sound that someone ADSing close with a handgun. should NOT be directional - it just gives a ahead warning that hostile Scav is close without providing any actual explicit advantage should NOT be affected by distance, headsets, skills - it is only to get warning that very low karma Scav is within 300m but can be closer that 100m Expected effect: These changes will not give friendly Scavs any explicit advantage over hostile Scavs but will provide more fair ground to defend yourself and identify hostile Scavs without need to wait to be shot at first. Also it is not immersive-breaking and will still require friendly-Scav to be careful and do visual confirmation of Special Armband presence. Note: Maybe this is not the best solution, but I feel like it is better to share not perfect suggestion that nothing at all. There is definitely a problem with current karma implementation and giving any explicit advantages or immersive-breaking visual markers is not an option, but there is a noticeable advantage even -7 karma Scav have over friendly-Scavs which makes difference in starting equipment meaningless. Also it is pointless to try to eliminate hostile Scavs - they have all right to exist if they choose so. If anyone have any better ideas - please share them too.
  22. oLordOfMoney

    Continuation of Scav Karma

    I like the idea. Its a slight move forward and something is always better than nothing. I understand toxic people who just love to shoot on sight and would see this game as yet another brainless shooter game - however the friendly scav was in my mind even before I bought this game, based on the articles on the internet. I attended in real life "staged survival" both prepared as a corporate event in urban and also by "green brains - aka military" in remote woods and there were similarities ie. you dont shoot people on sight, you avoid contact, you have a group of women/kids/VIPs or injured and really work your way through as much silently as possible to a point of exfil. Cooperation, communication, squad movement, breaks. Nobody was really running around and gunning everyone on sight. Even that stupid airsoft thing some of us were armed could be heard for quite a distance and could threaten the entire operation. Now to the continuation: 1) Scav karma should be deducted couple moments after a scav player aggresor hurts a scav whatever way. (gun, grenade, etc.) by -0.2 and all AI should consider aggresor as hostile for the duration of current raid. 2) Aggresor scav karma should be deducted if the agressor overcome a victim by -0.5 3) Scav karma of the aggresor cannot be improved by any means for current raid and at least next ten raids after a kill of friendly scav, I call it a testing period. And this should increment 5-10 times if the agressor kils yet another friendly scav in a "testing period". Evil doers could be somehow marked, but I think Nikita mentioned that yesterday. 4) Scav karma should consider a perimeter around friendly scav which is pretty much mentioned in every post on this forum. 5) If the aggresor is defeated or the friendly scav manage tu run away, he would receive a "survival boost" or a "bonus". Think about it as the adrenaline if you survive such encounter. I certainly experienced that in real life. 6) if friendly scavs manages to "not kill" any agressor and leave a raid without hurting any friendly scav, he will receive +0.1 karma I dont think that all people will really respect karma and stop doing scav shooting scavs on sight. But at least it would improve and build foundation for playing scavs and enjoying all that emotions that comes when you challenge a PMCs. At the same time, I imagine there could be a single map where the "scav war" event would be running 24/7 without affecting scav karma. Maybe the lighthouse?
  23. I was just playing a raid as a Scav on Reserve. I thought - since Raiders no longer give negative reputation when shooting them - that I would try killing some. I came across 4 Raiders, but for some reason, they were friendly towards my Scav (shouldn't they be hostile?). Anyways, so I kill the first one of them, but immediately after I do that, a normal Scav (AI) starts shooting me in reaction to me killing the Raider (even though they're not supposed to be on the same faction). What really bothers me though is not the fact that the Raider and Scav was "on the same team", or that the Raiders were "friendly" towards me. It's that when I got hit by the AI Scav, and then killed it (the AI hit me before I hit it), I got a negative reputation gain for killing it in self-defense. Why is that? I mean, I know why it is (the AI thought I had killed a friendly AI and the other AI around retaliated, as they see me as the aggressor), but is it an oversight or a correct implementation? (P.S. Killing Raiders does not grant positive reputation or negative reputation. It currently seems to be a "neutral" act.)
  24. Hello battlestate, I don't know if the player scavs are anonymised for some reason but hear me out: I think it would be super nice if you could know if the scavs u murdered are computer or player. Someone might get mad for not meeting a single human scav, but thats systematic problem and does not really matter. I am not asking for player names, thats too much, but just a simple icon next to "SCAV", YOU CAN CHECK THE ATTACHMENTS IN THIS TOPIC FOR EXAMPLE I MADE. ORIGNAL.PNG/MY_SUGGESTION.PNG
  25. Born_2_Die

    Wann greifen Scavs an?

    Nabend, wann genau greifen mich Scav Bots an? Klar wenn ich sie angreife, aber was zählt bereits als angreifen? Reicht es, wenn ich neben sie schieße oder muss ich direkt treffen? Wen ich treffen muss, reicht dann bereits 1 Schuss aus oder muss ich eine bestimmte Anzahl an HP Schaden machen? Ich versteh das System dahinter nicht so, habe grade aus versehen einen Scav angeschossen, der hat mich aber erstmal ignoriert und mich dann nach 4 Sek angegriffen und gekillt...
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