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Found 292 results

  1. AppleGod0320

    Died by a bug?

    So, While I was playing on a run of shoreline, I was running to exile after getting some loot. while I was extracting, I saw a scav and killed him. Not a second later, I was running and died. Confused, I look at who killed me. It was the scav who I shot and killed. It said I was killed by a headshot, but I had already killed him. I have the kill to prove it. I'm really confused. I feel cheated out of a ton of gear. I also have heard of this bug before, I don't know if BSG compensates people for it or what, but this is upsetting. I hope it's patched soon. Also picture of the gear I had below.
  2. I was on an Online match, not offline first of all. I played a match on woods, circled around the mountain side, evading a ton of players trading shots. I found a dead player with a press vest, green helmet and an Adar. I looted his tag, weapon, and gear. His dog tag even said he was killed by a scav with an sv 98. I went all the way to extraction, and once I got to the loot transfer menu, all of it was gone. The weapon, vest, backpack, tag, and other things I looted out of a chest. My NVIDIA shadow play has a two minute replay, which only allowed to me record the extraction and loot window. I am just posting this to see whats going on with this issue? Just noticed the T bag has the items I looted but not the scav back I put it in raid. This is a very strange bug.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgr5aikRVdU&feature=youtu.be
  3. Anju

    Scav Language

    So, My friends and I find it hilarious when the Scavs talk, shout, scream in pain, but we don't know what they are actually saying? Is anyone able to translate some of the scav dialog for me, is it just mumbo jumbo or the Russian Language???
  4. Talosch

    Zu wenig Scavs

    Hallo zusammen, kommt es mir nur so vor oder sind die Scavs von der Anzahl deutlich zurückgegangen? Gerade in Woods ist es zum Beispiel nicht mehr möglich die Quests mit den 15 Kills zu machen. War mittlerweile seit dem Reset mindestens 20 mal auf der Map und bin erst in den letzten Minuten wieder rausgegangen, die Scav Hauptpunkte wie Scavhouse auch gecampt, aber tatsächlich bisher nur zwei Scavs auf der Map gesehen. Wie soll man solche Quests nur lösen, die Karte wird vergrössert und die Scavs spawnen so gut wie gar nicht mehr. Habe auch schon andere Server getestet, da hatte ich zumindest die zwei Scavs gesehen. Schüsse hört man auch nur am Anfang wo sich die PMCs gegenseitig finden, die restliche Zeit vielleicht mit viel Glück mal zwei Schüsse von anderen zu hören. Da muss dringend etwas geändert werden, alleine beim Scavhouse waren damals 3-5 Scavs gespawnt, seit dem Reset dort nicht einen einzigen gesehen.

    Spawn Killing in Factory

    Does anyone else have a problem with getting insta-killed right when you spawn in on Factory? This has happened more than 75% of the time. As you can see in the image, I was killed in less than 1 second from starting the round. How can I reach the devs about this? Is there anyway to avoid this?
  6. I get the cooldown timer for playing as a scav, loading someone up with a random kit letting them leave the server has to be rate-limited somehow. As someone who is just getting into the game (and enjoying it very much), I lean towards playing as a scav to learn the maps without putting my gear at risk. I also die. A lot. If the scav cooldown timer only activated after I successfully extracted, I think the goal of slowing down scav access to players would be achieved without the negatives of the current implementation that prevent players from entering the game in a lower-risk state.
  7. ThiccGman

    scav's untied

    we get rewarded for a pmc and scav working together and extracting through the scav+pmc extract. so any and every scav run you do, i have a proposal. we all work together. scav and pmc coming together to get some sicc loot from fence. if you are cool and willing to work together we will be rewarded. my suggestion to extract with a friendly would need some kind of time and sign. i would have to say at around the 10min mark (10 minuets leaft in match) try and make your way to the extract ( pmc+scav) the scav player should try and hide around the extraction zone and fire off a couple round every so often to signal there is a friendly scav ready to extract with a friendly pmc. the shots to signal should be (1) 2sec wait (1) 2sec wait (2 shots) 2 sec wait. i wish you all the best of luck extracting with scavs can give you some damn good loot from fence
  8. ScarletNini

    Confused long time gamer

    Hello, me and my husband has played this game for a long time, close to 13,000 hours. We would never say we have met a proper confusing moment until today, we were scavs, i was in white knight and a pmc randomly killed and then my husband same time at cafeteria at pawn. We arent the types to ever complain about anyone or anything but this wasnt normal. Like i can understand if somehow server did a weird thing but this happened same time at two different locations on map. I just wanted to share this in not blame But to be on watch cause it was weird Flickers in air and dead my husband explained, we arent on same internet connection. We both died by UN--beggy
  9. In the 12.8 patch notes it said that we would spawn later in the game on Reserve - but I'm still spawning at 35, sometimes even 40 minutes left in the round - and immediately getting sniped from White Knight when I spawn in the field with the bunkers before I can even move. I understand that geared PMCs can be present at any point during the raid but I'm getting like shafted by early game spawns - once I even spawned in front of black knight standing in the open - almost instant top of the head by PMC sitting on dome - and same exact spawn a few matches later - I spawned in front of the garage doors to Black Knight - got shot instantly from third floor of white knight, the weapons room.
  10. Ever since the last big patch the spawn times have been very notably changed. As a reference since I play Reserve almost exclusively recently, I will use that as a guideline. Before the patch, I regularly spawned in at around 41 minutes, 35 minutes, occasionally 30 minutes. I never spawned under that time unless there was sync or server issues. However, post-patch, my regular spawn time is around 25 minutes. In fact, I haven't gotten a 41 minute spawn yet that I've noticed. I have gotten a few 35s, but they are few and far between. The reason for my post tonight is I got a new one. No sync or connection issues, very smoothly load-in at 8 minutes and 30 seconds on the dot. I spawned near the meds building and couldn't believe the timer. This is not a realistic timer for someone to have time to play with after having waited anywhere between 3-5 minutes (on a good search) to have it go back to a cooldown of 10-15 minutes if you've upgraded your intelligence server. I can at least understand 25 minutes as it's enough to get scavenge, maybe get some kills on late-game PMCs, or get some raider loot. But 8 and a half minutes doesn't give you even enough time to clear one dorm building full sprint checking the big containers and then get to exfil with a comfortable amount of time left, let alone be cautious enough to not get taken out by aforementioned PMCs or raiders.
  11. Seriously I've lost count of how many runs i've seen where a player scav had grenades Not grenades he looted, but grenades he spawned in with Stop this This is a big dumb decision to be giving player scavs grenades
  12. As a player scav, when you encounter a scav boss, It's common knowledge they will agro on you. What I'm curious about is if you damage/kill the boss will other regular scavs agro on you too or will they be chill? I'm asking because as a scav I got jumped by killa and it felt like some other, non-player scav was just watching me fill his boss with lead. (killa killed me so I'm not sure how the scav would've responded)
  13. Doctorwue

    Ki Scavs Befehle geben

    Servus an alle, Ich hab irgendwo gelsesen oder gehört, dass man die Ki Scavs per Handzeichen auffordern kann, einem zu folgen. Ist das schon im Spiel oder nicht?
  14. Pop_a_Op

    Lost loot?

    While returning from a scav run, the servers shut down due to maintenance for new update. In the instance that my loot had not been transferred over to my pmc. Will that loot be lost? :( I had a full gen4, 3 beefy ak's, and a full backpack full of stuff... sad day...
  15. I just got out of a good scav run. I scared someone away from a body that they killed. I looted it and made it out with amazing gear... Every item i got from the PMC that i didn't kill is not marked as found in raid. I can not sell any of those items on the flea market. I don't understand, i found them in raid. I didn't kill the PMC but i did scare the guy away that did, why do those items loose "found in raid status" just because i didn't get the kill. PLEASE FIX THIS IF IT IS NOT INTENTIONAL! I just lost out of a lot of money not being able to sell the items on the flea market.
  16. XoNUKEx740oX

    Killed through the wall Customs

    Scav killed me through a wall by gas station, i want my loot back! I have video Proof of it.
  17. shouse

    Your best scav run.

    I am curious guys, what was your best scav run you ever had? I had one yesterday before I went to sleep I was like ´´ah let me do 1 more run´´. Lets say it was worth it. Poor fella tho.
  18. So I love this game and have been playing for awhile now. Ive recently been grinding for a led x for the hideout upgrade but after about a week ive come up empty handed. My friend who is a god at tarkov has recently been playing rust and doesnt want to play tarkov again till the next wipe and said hed give me an ledx, as well as a bunch of loot cause hes not playing anymore. So heres where it gets super interesting, we bot load into a night factory raid, i have nothing and hes got a full kit and a gamma full of sick case, keys, ledx and whatnot. i load in and he gets stuck on the session start screen. After restarting the game 4 times and a pc restart he is unable to join the raid. I eventually die and as soon as i do he also gets the death message, saying he was killed by a scav. Supper annoying but he hasnt played in awhile and maybe the game is in beta still right? XD So we tried again and the same thing happened. stuck on the awaiting session start screen, as soon as i die he also dies. Ok now im getting confused and frustrated. so we both go in to separate factory raids. we both get in immediately with no problem, except something strange happens. Scavs rush us, as soon as we spawn. I spawned next to the 3 story, opposite gate extract and 3 scaves SPRINTED into my spawn room and gunned me down. I made no noise and didnt shoot to attract them. Ok so that was weird but we both got in so maybe the problem is fixed and i can finally just get my ledx. We tried factory again together and wouldn't you know.... i spawned in right away and he was stuck in the awaiting session start screen. again scavs rushed me and killed me and as soon as i died my buddy also got the you were killed screen. So my question is this, is giving stuff to friends impossible now? does BSG have some shadow ban type system where if you go in to a raid with a poo ton worth of rubles does it flag, and try everything it can to make sure you die?? I know BSG has a hard on for Real money transfers right now, is this part of that? pls help
  19. Scav sub-factions, AKA Scav gangs The objective of this idea is to achieve Scav teamwork between strangers and also maintain the dog-eats-dogs behavior of scavs. This introduces 3 scav gangs from Escape from Tarkov's lore. Zhilnov | Pashutin | Grizzle Zhilnov: Petty criminals, anarchists and thugs. Wearing typical leather jackets and dirt bike jackets. Pashutin: Former security guards, former Police and Blue-collar workers. Wearing industrial site uniforms and heavy duty work clothing. Grizzle: Psychopaths, drug addicts and sadists. Wearing ponchos and large trench coats. How it works When going into a raid as a scav you will randomly be assigned to a Scav gang. Zhilnov, Pashutin or Grizzle. Your scav will be dressed in the clothing unique to that gang. When doing a group raid, all players in the group will be on the same scav faction. Killing other Scavs from your faction decreases your Scav's Karma level and extracting from raids without killing player scavs from your own faction will increase your Scav's karma ('Run-throughs' will count). Killing PMCs will increase a player-scav's karma more. You can kill player-Scavs from other gangs without affecting your karma level as well as killing AI Scavs. AI scavs are factionless. Killing other player scavs from your faction in self-defense will not lower your karma. (That player from your faction must shoot and hit you first). Losing too much karma will cause you to spawn as a factionless scav in the future just like the AI scavs which means other player-scavs will see you as a betrayer and can kill you without negatively affecting their karma. Scav karma - Benefits and Punishments The Scav Karma levels below give a brief description of the benefits and punishments of each karma level. All loadouts are chance based. E.g A Scav with a karma of 7 will still have a chance of spawning with poorer loadouts but the probability is smaller. They will have 0% chance of spawning with level 8+ loadouts until that karma level is reached. Players with poor scav karma can have their karma passively return to Neutral overtime by taking a break from scav runs. If a player cannot restore their karma through their actions in-raid by killing PMCs then they can simply just take a break from scav runs and they will be neutral again over time. If a player has a good karma level then it does not passively return to Neutral when not playing. Karma levels 0. Renegade - Your scav is now factionless, you no longer spawn as a gang member. 1. Infamous - Very poor loadouds. Makarov 2. Menace - Worse loadouts. Mosin Obrez 3. Dishonorable - Poorer loadouts. AK varients without dust covers or stocks 4. Rogue - Poor loadouts. Toz and pump-action shotguns 5. Neutral (This is the starting karma level) - Average loadouts. 6. Comrade - Spawn with painkillers and medkits. 7. Honorable - Spawn with level 2 or 3 body armor. 8. Saint - Can command AI scavs and have a chance of spawning with a grenade 9. Famous - Better loadouts. Spawn with level 4 body armour. 10. Paragon - You have a chance of spawning with a suppressor for your loadout, whatever it may be. The Karma levels below give examples give a little more detail of what kind of weapons you can spawn with based on your karma level, they not limited to these weapons. Bad weapon loadouts 0 Renegade. AKM/VPO 1 Infamous. Makarov 2 Menace. Mosin Obrez 3 Dishonorable. AK variants (no dust cover/stock) 4 Rogue. Toz Neutral weapon loadouts 5 Neutral. Standard Mosin, Saiga 9, P226, Grach, Glock 17, MP-153, Saiga 12. Good loadouts 6 Comrade. Stock AK variants with 10 round mags 7 Honorable. ADAR with 10 round mags 8 Saint. Spawn with a grenade. 9 Famous. Stock AK/ADAR with 30 round mags 10 Paragon. SA-58 AUS and Vepr Hunter Affect on AI scavs In order for this whole idea to work with AI scavs. AI scav behavior would have to be changed so that AI scavs do not react agressivley to combat between different player-scav gangs. The AI scavs should only react and engage a player-scav if they shoot an AI scav. AI would have to be programmed to take cover when Scav gangs are fighting, so its as if they don't want to get involved in what seems to them to be a turf war otherwise they will just wander obliviously into the middle of a firefight. PLEASE LEAVE SOME CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM/FEEDBACK!
  20. So I went to bed at around 12am and woke up today at 11am got on collected some drops which is the mess that hasn't been sorted and I checked my bags and found my Lucky Scav Junkboxes were both gone. Those were in the 4x4 slots of the bags, one in the Mech bag and the other case was in the Berkut, labelled oink. I definitely have not sold them and I doubt I brought them in on a raid as I didn't go on a raid yesterday after seeing them in my stash. also did not sell it as you can see in the screenshot I attached. I had a lot of barter items and I am really sad to see it gone.
  21. Mr_Daemon_

    UK Player Looking For Group / Duo

    Hi everyone, I am a UK based player I have played loads of FPS shooters in the past but this is my first venture into Tarkov and to be honest I am loving it that's why I forked out for the Edge of Darkness bundle! I am looking for people to run with or a solid duos partner i play mainly from about 8-8:30pm GMT until 12:00-02:00 most weekdays but definitely Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday. I am 32 and play mostly for fun but I am a bit of a completion fiend too :-) find me on Discord @Tinker_Gaming#3477
  22. eatos1290

    scavs killen scavs

    hi zusammen, keine ahnung obs diese themen schon gibt bin neu hier aber es muss doch irgendwas gemacht werden zum thema scav runde starten und von irgendwelchen andern scav playern immer wieder niedergeschossen zuwerden nur weil man selber abwartet und nichts macht ... das is so wiederlich ... und macht so langsam echt kein spass oder wie findet ihr das. hab irgendwas von nem karma system gehört aber ob das was bringt keine ahnung die leute die als scav andere scavs niederschiessen sollten echt LANGE timebans für scav-runs bekommen denn das macht echt soviel spielspass kaputt. mfg Eatos


    I don't know if it is just me, but why has it happend 3 times now spawning in as a scav just too get capped in the head within 9 seconds of a match? This is just my opinion it shouldn't give you a 30 min cool down because I didn't get the chance too even move 2 feet. we started a 4 man SCAV on factory and within 9 seconds I was dead. The screen was not even done clearing the black facade thing it does when you load in! Its really R E A L L Y annoying that you go in and try to make money just to get punished due to predictable spawns. as well as a 30 min cool down even though you didn't get too move your SCAV 2 feet And there is no "get good" in this situation when you cant even control the character yet and you are already dead. any suggestions? or comments?
  24. Is it normal that the last 4 to 5 game i did on factory was unplayable. what i mean is that im doing my 3 kill pistol quest but cant get my last kill since i keep getting rush by 10 scav NPC as soon as im in the game and no matter where i run they always come ramming speed while i only have a pistol. is it just that im rlly unlucky or am i having a bug
  25. Hi, I just play as a scav in customs. There were only two extraction points, admin gate and trailer park workers shack. I run to the trailers point following the map from the wiki and i was there but was not working. I was in the corner like the map shows but nothing, I run to the other point and lucky me i could extract but i want to know if the trailer point works or not, you coul put like a circle on the flor or some kind of indication or press a button to start extraction or something to indicate you are in the right place or to make it easy to see. Thank you, good game
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