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Found 4 results

  1. tomi12810

    night time factory scavs

    shoud they make scavs on night time factory wear night visions? Becouse there is no way they can shoot like that without a flashlight. i just got headshoted by a scav from the other end of the factory becouse he had no flashlight and i could not see him from soo far away even my nvg doesnt reach as far as he can see with his bear eyes
  2. REPOST ON THE CORRECT FORUM CAUSE I'M STUPID AND POSTED IN OFF TOPIC OOPS P.S. I know I sound like a little cutie in this post, and am typing like a troglodyte but I was just really pissed off and still think there are important parts in the rant, also the interchange clip I was wearing class 4 armor, if the scav whether player or not had spawned in with worse ammo, maybe even just ps, my helmet likely would've saved my life. Also these 3 videos are just a few of my experiences, which I was able to actually properly save and record, there are many more shitty happenings that I haven't recorded
  3. Alzey

    Scav AI broken?

    This might be the wrong section on the forums but how come sometimes the scavs cant hit you with a whole mag but 2min ago (hence why I am making this post) A scav hits me two times straight in the head through a bush when I can't see him, I know it is still in beta but I looked around on the forums and this has been an issue for over two years. Why I made this post was out of sheer anger / frustration since I just lost gear I have farmed to get.
  4. XxLuciferxX

    Scav timers

    So, Scav's more to the point player scavs, Why is it player scavs and normal to be precise can spawn with mill grade weapons and ammo? m61 ammo and giving player scavs m61 is a joke surly? 2 and a half minutes into a game i spawned vepr hunter, m61, run over to the nearest fight, 2 shot the dude in fort, np, kill his mate to, out i go fully loaded, same thing happens a million times a day, player scav timer needs increasing, weapons need nerfing, or Player scavs need removing entirely. Rant over Thoughts?
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