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Found 93 results

  1. Saksida


    Scavs need alot of work. They are too inconsistent. One time the scav just stands infront of you like a retard, while you take your time and put a bullet in his head; other times it feels like youre facing terminator. Their aim needs to be worked on aswell. They rarely miss. Even through walls. It seems like once they lock on to you, you're dead. The only tactic that seems to work against scavs, is to keep peeking the corner for a split second and prefire at them (so they get stuned/dazed by the bullets and they cant lock on to you and one shot you). They really don't feel like they belong in the game. They feel like they came from Dark Souls, and not Tarkov. I'm sure i'm not the only one that has a problem with them. And i'm sure i'm not the only one willing to help. Do you need testers? do you need suggestion? Atleast listen to the streamers like Kotton or Anton. Maybe make a team that will work exclusively on scavs untill they're done right, since scavs make half the game. I am more than willing to spend hours testing scavs and other things for you guys, since you're making an awesome game. Perhaps you could make a test game like DOTA 2, where they put updates before they release them, so the players can test them, and give feedback. A small map with some commands for spawning weapons and scavs would be more than enough, and i honestly think it would speed up the "fine tuning" of the game mechanics.
  2. FPSTristen

    Player scavs

    So...The idea of allowing a player to go in as a non-pmc and gain gear without losing anything is awesome, but...if a player SCAV attacks another player SCAV, why do all the other scavs come and shoot you when you kill him? I don't know how many times I have died because I defended myself from other players. I personally find it annoying, am I stupid/really salty? or do others feel the same?
  3. DanExert

    Scav Dropshots and Physics

    Due to Scavs having less reaction time implemented this patch (11.7), they now have the ability to fire accurate shots during the animation process. What this has resulted in is Scavs being able to hit you whilst they are going through the prone, crouch and even slide animations. Additionally, they are able to headshot you from impossible angles, for example Reshala's crew are currently able to hit you in the head whilst prone, from distances less than 2m (no exaggeration) - no human IRL, or even human players in game are able to pull off this impressive feat of body flexibility especially considering they have a weapon, body armour, helmet and backpack. Killa will also regularly one tap you whilst sliding into position, an impressive manoeuvre even by John Wick's standards! Considering he has heavy armour and unlimited magazines of Igolnik, this just makes the death feel cheap as opposed to difficult. What I propose is to code into the AI logic, the inability to fire their weapon during the animation process. Secondly, to reduce AI accuracy whilst moving, especially Sniper Scavs who are able to land accurate shots from 50-100m whilst strafing. These suggestions are not meant to make the AI easier to deal with, but to make the PvE experience more natural, more believable and less cheap. The Scavs are a meme right now, and in many situations are far better at killing you than other human players
  4. mktady16616

    glitch encountered

    got killed by a scav using TOZ 106 shooting through a garage door in custom map( garage near the big red commend office ), is it personal or someone else encounter the glitch as well ?
  5. dylanmcmonster

    scavs/pmc's pushing down your weapon

    I think that is a huge problem. If I don't have a helmet on (spawn in as a scav) a hatchling can show up, sprint to me and starts swinging like mad. Its kinda unfair that i can't shoot my gun because it's pointed ether to the sky or into the floor. If I'm using a semi-auto shotgun and dump all my shell's into the floor and roof (as they push my gun ether up or down, making cqc useless while they get to swing like mad) because they sprinted up on me from around a corner, How is it fair that i cant fight back? can you just take away the guns collision detection for just player characters/AI ? i understand why its there for walls and stuff, but other than that i should be able to shove my shotgun in some's gut or face and mag dump without any issues imo.
  6. Pozer57

    Scavs are nuts right now

    Am i the only one who thinks the scavs are too nuts right now. I keep getting my stomach blacked from the first shot from the first scav i see. Just 2 minutes ago i was sneaking up for a better shot and the scav 180 mosin face shotted me before i could even get a shot off? Like i definitely think they should have been buffed since last patch, but these normie scavs are harder to fight than the lab raiders were last patch. Thoughts?
  7. tDANKEY

    Factory Scav War Horde

    Scav War on Factory with horde enabled HAS to be the most intense experience in Tarkov, for your computer and you. Until Raiders at Labs finally get fixed to work in Scav War and spawns with horde are increased there is no better way to see these kinds of body stacks in confined areas, and when body stacks get THIS high, especially in the stairwells of the stairwells, you can't identify dead from living Scavs (See pic 4, pompom hat right above my shotgun). -Personal recommendation: Play easy, since you're going to be getting 10fps anywhere that a Scav will be, chances are if you don't drop them quickly them you're gonna lose a leg before you get your next frame.
  8. Okay. This was my setup. I got insta dinked. Bullet buypassed my armour. Come around the corner & bang. DEAD. Don't give me the get good. I'm pretty freaking good at this game. Especially solo. Nowwww... I wasn't killed by anything. The rest follows. Idk how i'm even dead. He went prone, mid air shot 1 bullet that one tapped me through a down visor & i'm dead. Can you please make it so these stupid scavs DON'T DO THAT!!! Simple. Don't let them go prone.. Somehow...
  9. Chonka000

    Scavs V. Community

    I've been playing since Alpha on and off, but with its optimization update of 0.85 I have finally been able to play a lot more however scavs, I have noticed take many rounds to put down for example, I shot a Scav twice with a suppressed Tokarev in the head and he just laughed it off and killed myself. My question is that whenever I shoot at scavs the damage dealt to the seems like its reduced when compared to players I don't know this is I just know that it seem's ridiculous how much it takes to drop a Scav
  10. stealththor

    so scavs are a little op still?

    https://plays.tv/video/5c0c782c8e10d4151b/please-just-dieeeee not sure what happened but freaked me out lol
  11. IzSumTingWong

    Scav vs Scav Players

    I'd love to point out something firstly before i ask this. I come up to a guy at customs, i've got a mosin & lite gear. I see another player scav, i don't shoot him. We both engaged by a player, i give him a wave. Do the friendly & talk scav. All sweet, runs over to me whilst getting shot by the player & then kills me, as he is shooting me. He gets killed too. Moral of this. Why is the more scav vs scav player action then actually player running into player half the time.. Why don't you guys put a system in place that forces scavs & scavs together (Because without VOIP, it's hard to talk with someone. So we just pop em ) Or just everytime we killed a scav. Take 500k off our pmc. Pretty sure that would stop it
  12. Theses new scavs have taken out the entire fun of the game, looting and killing players. If I wanted to fight against Overpowered, Laser sighted AI that I couldn't manage to defeat I would jump on any Single player game and put the difficulty upto extreme, tie one hand behind my back and play the game with my toes. I have been playing Tarkov for about 1 year now with pretty good success and have been playing Hardcore shooters for years over 4000+ hours in Arma 3, 3k of them in survival mods like Day Z. But I just can't get a hold on these Scavs, no matter how much re-positioning or sneak tactics applied, if you don't land that first perfect head shot at 100m+ its game over. Their first shot hits you every time, without fail usually breaking a limb, applying the pain fuzz and then proceed to either nade or push you, without any fear. I am not a salty player I love the hardcore aspect, the rush you get in a good firefight and when you get tapped in the head well, Gear is Gear go find more. So this isn't one of "those" posts. Now as far as I understand Scavs are meant to be Armed Civilians, Looters, Not Ex SAS agents with Bionic eyes with a 4x magnification and thermal imaging ? The only trained Goons are Scav boss and his Hexagonal Table of minions, Who are easy to kill than regular scavs atm, just FYI It is easier to kill 2-3 geared players atm than to kill a Scav or two. I was just at the SE spawn of Interchange for the 3rd time and couldn't even get to the ramp, Scavs in Bushes with Thermal vision. Tiny cracks in cars, Peakholes so to speak lit up from 50-100m with shots slipping straight through them, most the guns are iron sighted so WTF There BSG? Scav Nerf should have been one of the hot fixes. Other than a few BSG fanboys who would defend you even if you told them to jump off a bridge I feel I can speak for a large majority of players to say enough is enough with these Scavs. I love the new mechanics and way of thinking the AI have, It makes them less of potatoes, But their aim, decision making speed, vision, ability to eat bullets is just far overdone. It is almost as if you didn't test these bots against a collection of player levels? If these Scavs are here to stay I will be very dissapointed with the Battle state team, along with the majority of the players in the community I am in. You are cutting your own throats so to speak by not listening to your community, I wont be sticking around if this is where the game is headed. You have a new patch, an opportunity now to hold onto a hyped player base, listen to your community.
  13. Hi - I made a thing. Critical feedback appreciated.
  14. JordanCassese

    Scavs are BROKEN

    What the hell did you guys do with the scavs... I am getting one tapped by Saigas from 55+ meters but when they are up close and all in my face they miss every single shot. Also I am experiencing incorrect hit counts on my death screen. I don't know if theres some sort of desync going around but there have been multiple instances where I unload a 20 round SKS mag into a scav and he will end up shotgunning me and killing me, yet on my death screen, my hitcounts are always incorrect. If I am point blank shooting at a scav, and empty my 20 round magazine into a scav... my hit count should not be FIVE... I don't know whats going on but I am convinced shotgun scavs are actually broken. I don't know if this is a known issue. All I can say is that a year into this game and patch days are still introducing more bugs than the previous. I have had the game for an entire year... and the scavs are still being changed every. single. ducking. patch. I don't know how to code or how to make video games but just fix them already like how hard can it be. PS. dont tell me I'm probably lagging because I have my ping up on my screen so I can tell when I am lagging or not. 30 ping is more than enough to tell when the game is being fucky or if it's my connection. I ALSO understand that this game is still EARLY ACCESS and I should "READ WHAT I PAY FOR" but come on it's been a YEAR and bugs like this are still active today... I just wanna play the game like everyone else but it's hard when the devs keep making it worse.
  15. Ghostlypolecat

    Scav question

    When you play as a scav, do bot scavs try to kill you?
  16. Graaicko

    AI/Scav's OP again.

    So I'm sort of not sure about this patch. Was wondering if they did any graphical upgrades because I am now getting fps drops, even while playing on low settings. There is ALOT of lag and desync. I found that scavs desync then one tap people. Dont know what they did but the game is not running smoothly perhaps its just that the servers are constantly overloaded, but the dev's should expect alot of incoming playings and adapt to this. It's very stange every player/ai I confront desyncs for that half a second and completely screws up my concentration. then the ai/player suddenly onetaps me... I hope very much that they fix this or atleast maintain it. The scavs themselves are cool. I like how they con now hunt you down. Give you a bit of a run for your money. I just don't like the fact at all that they can 'lock on' to a certain part of your body and be able to one tap you through a door panel.
  17. CRAZZY1

    Scavs With Guitars

    So this is not a thing that shold be focused on right away but i would like to see scavs that play guitars or sit in chairs and stuff around the map would make the atmosphere look really alive and realistic so when the devs have free time maybe consider adding a guitar for example that scavs can use thanks for reading.
  18. Hey guys how's everything going? Old problem something new bit inspired on the old M&B games, scav on scav is an old problem with no solution yet. So I came up with this idea, not really finished and wanting some opinions and suggestions also. The thing goes along this lines: You can interact with other AI/Player scavs (mostly for AI scavs) in some sort of trade. IE: you spawn with an AVS, a shotgun, a couple of shells and no backpack, but it's important to get a backpack to loot something. Normally as backpacks don't spawn (I think) you would try to kill a player or a scav with a backpack and loot it, but let's say you loot another shotgun or a pistol from some crate or player and you go to a scav with the backpack and try to trade them your weapon or meds or whatever you have for that backpack. For balancing and relism-ish, every item would have a value (maybe tied to fence) and every sacv would value it slightly differently depending o some factors IE: if the scav is injured he will value more meds, if he has a VEPR and no Rig he will value rigs more, and that way. Also if you kill scavs they will be more reluctant to trade with you and value less your things, and at some point they won't trade with you or even try to kill you right off the bat, on the other hand if you don't hurt them or even give them meds when they are injured that will help with your reputation, same way as if you leave some things with your scav after a raid. Wanting to hear your suggestions, and thank you for reading. Stay cheeki brothers!!
  19. HappyCamper

    Roaming scav gangs

    No idea if this has been suggested before... but here it goes anyway. Roaming scav gangs Shoreline for example could use a group (or groups) of scavs that roams around at random. Lets say they visit all the "high value" locations (harbour, powerstation, radar, villa, resort, etc.) in a random pattern. This would make the map a lot more exciting without adding a lot of scavs to the map, thus not generating a big hit on performance compared to adding a group of scavs to every location. This could be applied to any map besides factory I guess. Add ideas guys, not hate :p
  20. Jolt

    So i have this idea....

    -So i noticed a lot of people complaining about scav on scav violence. Of course there are lots of members with great suggestions like Klean, Deadly, Kotton, etc, but what if a 3rd faction arose and it was like a mercenary or survivor/civilian. -Give SCAVs a reward system based on PMC kills and it's negatively effected by killing other scavs to promote team work. Basically the higher your PMC kills the better the random loot you start with. -Then if you want to play risk free off your PMC they also have the 3rd option of a character with no allegiance. I think they should be much like how the scavs are now with random loot spawn on them and no reason to serve anyone but the PMC who controls them. Basically you can look at it as someone the PMC highered to fetch them something, they could be considered couriers or runners. -My favorite part of this idea is to set up a system where you can order any item for a hefty price, after a time those items will be found by your couriers and then you have a limited time to try and manually control them out of a raid with those ordered items. So it's high risk high reward but if you die you lose all that great stuff and all that money you put into it. I think it's fair because you are at a massive disadvantage with SCAVs and PMCs wanting to hunt you down because they know you have good stuff. A distinct look should be made for these couriers, like having a red flag flying from their back packs or something of that sort. -Thanks for reading this out i really appreciate it! Plz give me your constructive ideas and who knows, maybe we could see some of this implemented in the game!
  21. I don't know what the problem is but now scavs are complete bullet sponges, i unloaded a 20 rounds of BP 5.45 rounds from a 74U before he hit the ground. I checked to see if he was wearing any armor and low and behold he only had a kiver helmet. I don't know if this is from desync or if the scavs are just gods now,it was bad enough that scavs insta killed you but now this? . . . I've experienced this issue only after Patch 0.8 was dropped and it has happened pretty occasionally now (I have not noticed this issue with PMC's... yet.)
  22. borkatapz4

    Scav on scav agression

    I think killing "bad" scav should not make the bot scavs agressive towards you . What do you think ?
  23. Protodead

    Offline mode differences....

    People say playing the game online is exactly the same as in offline mode. It is not. I believe it should be the same... Check it out. If you are in an offline raid, and you get a blacked out leg, you TAKE NO DAMAGE while sprinting.... We know this is not how it works in online. People say scavs act differently, and they do. In offline mode the scavs will still throw grenades at you, whereas in online mode, the grenads have been removed from their inventories per Nikita. Why is it this way?!?! And what else is different between the two... I'm guessing a hell of a lot, and that doesn't do us the players a whole lot of good if there are differences....
  24. TheTruSergei

    A bunch of suggestions for development

    Just a bunch of things that I highly recommend for the game's longterm development to improve gameplay and to fix clearly broken things in the game. ALot of this has probably been mentioned before me but I wanted to compile everything on my mind into one large post. Some of it may not necessarily be viable in the current build, I have no access to the code or the knowledge of how skilled the dev coding team is, but these are things I know exist in other games, including at least one game on the unity engine that I know about. Many of the things that I mention shouldn't be difficult to do, such as everything I mention about scavs. This kind of stuff is all based on other games who's AI is leagues above what I see in tarkov in it's current state. - Add a "TRAITOR" penalty for SCAVs that kill other SCAVs. The penalty is simple, if you kill 1 scav your cooldown for scav is 150% of normal (30mins instead of 20mins) and if you kill more than one scav it is 200% (40mins) This only applies if you kill scavs as a scav, and then manage to escape. It'll represent your scav having to escape and you need to now hire a new scav to go do runs for you because the old scav will never be able to go back without all scavs being hostile to him. - TRAITOR penalty in addition to penalizing cooldown time also changes your status from SCAV to PMC, meaning if another player scav kills you, he doesn't get scavs to aggro on him. Currently if a player scav gets attacked by another player scav, and he kills him in self defense, he will still get all other scavs to aggro on him regardless. Makes no sense, especially if the scavs are already aggressive towards the TRAITOR scav. - Add proper scav leveling, scav has better skills or gear because of exp gained. (No current noticeable reason for scavs to earn exp?? ? ) or transfer earned exp to player ? - Add the ability to give your scav items from stash, risky but realistic, if he works for you, you should be able to give him stuff. Perhaps limit it to low level items (Shotguns, PACA armor, etc.) - Change the gear and overall skill level of AI scavs to better represent their appearance. Fully kitted scav with body armor, backpack, chest rig and SKS should be more accurate than the light kit scav with only a pistol. - Make scavs aim only at chest, no more randomly blowing out your legs or instant headshots from long ranges. This is realistic, nobody trains IRL to cap headshots like people do in video games. In real life anyone who trains with a gun of any type other than maybe a sniper rifle will train to shoot center mass (chest.) - Lower scav accuracy at long ranges (50m+) all across the board. These guys are CIVILIANS, not PMCs or SOLDIERS so they should not be terminators ever, even if they are skilled. Right now I still encounter scavs that have accuracy FAR BETTER than players in the game, meaning the AI accuracy level has been coded to be better than a player. the only players I have seen replicate such impossible aim and spotting skills has been hackers using ESP/aimbot to spot your prone, unmoving body through trees and foliage to headshot you with a pistol from 100+ meters. - Buff helmets across the board. Seriously, people wear helmets for a reason IRL, they aren't made of tin foil. Your helmets are tin foil, that maybe magically stop a gun once in a blue moon. - Make the face hitbox the same size as your face, sections of helmets are useless due to face hitbox being too big. - Change scav coding so that scavs either A. are limited to the amount of ammo (number of bullets) in their inventory. Or B. Use the actual weapon in their inventory. Currently scav AI is clearly coded to use an AI weapon rather than the weapon they are holding. This may be what is also causing the accuracy problem as their guns seem to have zero recoil when scavs use them. This also means that scavs will run out of ammo instead of being able to fire their gun forever. - Add scavs yelling about being out of ammo, have them run away or switch to knife and charge the PMCs. - Add melee scavs (Civilians with bats/etc who couldn't get a gun.) Because I know that guns in russia are not as common as in the US so many scavs would not have ready access to Saiga-12s. - Add more dangerous scavs in specific areas of maps (such as a military checkpoint) that have military grade equipment from looting military areas. - Set scav spawning to specific waves, no more infinite scav spawning. (Factory for example has infinite scav spawns.) - Increase numbers of scav spawns on certain maps (Interchange is sometimes devoid of scavs. I've done runs through the entire mall and only found maybe 3 scavs.) - NERF FORT ARMOR BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH ARMOR THAT IS THAT STRONG - Increase price on armor piercing rounds due to a very clear reason why people would want that. Simple capitalism at work. The traders are running a business to profit. AP ammo of any kind (other than useless pistol ammo, looking at you makarov) should be more expensive accordingly. PMCs are going to want armor piercing ammo a TON to fight other PMCs so it's in high demand and very hard to get ahold of due to that high demand. - Create an in game economy. Currently already can be seen with Fence except fence is just where everyone sells their junk basically. Make trader inventory to sell limited, meaning that all items now have a greater value and MUCH greater value to lose. Will force people to not act stupid in the game anymore, and will make SURVIVAL more important in the game. After a certain point in the game currently you kinda lose the "gear fear" and stop trying to conserve anything because you can replace it from the traders instantly and just roll out again in seconds. Good number of people are now playing the game like it's call of duty instead of like it's EFT because dying and losing all your gear means nothing when you can just replace it easy. Can't replace it if the trader runs out of stock. Traders currently have infinite stock of everything because they somehow have infinite money and their own private weapons factory where they manufacture all the guns they sell to you. - In game economy also encourages everyone to sell to traders a bunch, to replenish items. Items in high demand cost alot to buy and should also earn you alot of $$$. This would add a new element to "Gear runs" in the game. Going in, grabbing up a bunch of gear in high demand, escaping, and selling it to rake in that dough that you'd then need to get gear. - Modify and add quests that aren't the most generic RPG quests I've ever seen, please. (Go get this item, kill 10 of these guys, etc) Either that or just remove it completely and in addition to the in game economy in the game, have "IN DEMAND" quests that happen when a trader comes low on stock. These quests could offer bonus rewards for bringing the trader new stock, such as money and items for your character. - Add additional things to do in the game to increase options and replayability. The repetition in the game is going to make people leave if there's nothing to do, and alot of end game people have nothing to do but make up their own challenges and do PvP. - PvE gamemode with some kind of penalty (50-25% exp for example.) - Add penalty for killing PMCs of the same team as you (TRAITOR cooldown equivalent for PMCs.) such as some traders hating you because you killed fellow PMCs of your own group. - Add a method of taking all those computer parts you can get (CPU, RAM, etc) and combining them to make your own computer. Using the computer you could then gain access to specific traders that you CLEARLY could not access otherwise (such as Mechanic who only buys with digital currency [bitcoin] on high items) and possibly add other things for the computer to offer. - Add user generated tasks for people to complete. You can complete them using the computer and this will add more replayability to the game (Example: I need a suppressor for my AKM, will pay 25k roubles.) Once you have the item/s that the player wants, you can HANDOVER the items for the mentioned reward, provided your scav is alive to transport them for you. - Add an ability to hire people to support your missions, such as additional scavs, delivery men, etc to offer bonuses. Trainers could for example make your scavs better skilled so they will do better in a raid. - Add better descriptions and effects for all skills across the board. Currently with the exception of strength and endurance there is not any particularly noticeable differences in leveling in the game with any other skills. As of currently, the RPG elements in the game are 100% useless, and nobody seeks to level anything other than the aforementioned str and end skills. - Add the ability to only squad with people from the same PMC as you in a new "operation" mode. - Remove the time limit that makes no sense to be in the game. Unrealistic, your character doesn't "go missing" or "die" in real life because you were inside a factory for more than 30 minutes. - Prevent scavs from seeing through objects and being able to see perfectly at night. Scavs should be virtually blind at night when not looking at something with a flashlight. - Modify all quests that can currently be completed by literally just buying the items from another trader. Defeats purpose of the mission entirely. - Remove dumb quests (go look at water in this one room on dorms to get instant moneys) - Add a bounty system to allow players to hunt down notorious bad players, this can help combat griefing, hacking, etc in game, as well as offering significant rewards for trying to fight high level players. - Add a less serious mode like old school contract wars, will allow respawns with your gear in raid, but you cannot loot bodies, gain exp, or escape with items. - add the ability to have assets from your respective PMC deployed to help you (AI PMCs? Mortars? etc) - Change the traders system so that selling items to them no longer ranks up the "spending" tiers for leveling the trader up. Currently unsure if an exploit in the game's design or if it was deliberately made like that. Makes leveling the peacekeeper trader easy and extremely lucrative (you have thousands of dollars to spend at tier 2 peacekeeper. - Change the AVS chest rig to a plate carrier/rig hybrid in the update where you add the armor plates. It is now capable of being inserted with armor plates and can offer armor protection. The IRL rig is a plate carrier not a rig. Make it so that only soft armor can be worn beneath the rig (PACA) due to large armor like UNTAR and FORT not being able to fit. - Add pouches that can be placed on body armor that has MOLLE weaves, as visible on FORT and UNTAR - Add american grenades (M86) - 1911 or other form of .45 pistol please. please. - reduce price of all SMGs to %50-75 of current price to increase their viability. Serves no point to roll with a MP5 if you can roll with a vepr that does more damage, more range, more AP damage, etc. - add story/lore based missions that are faction specific. USEC still needs to destroy evidence and help protect terragroup stuff. BEAR still needs to gain intel on terragroup. Might be a survival game, but the survival element is gone for alot of players already when they are going in over and over again for missions. - Make your stash an actual location that you can visit. - Make traders an actual visit-able location if they are in tarkov, if not, the aforementioned computer should be needed to have access to them. Traders on site can have a shooting range that'll allow you to practice or test weapons before you buy it. - Add a way of playing offline that's separate from the online multiplayer mode. Be it a singleplayer story or just having a separate singleplayer stash for playing singleplayer, it'll offer more for practicing.
  25. nipsoffury


    This is a joke. Scavs are WAY too powerful in the current state of the game. Their detection range is broken, as well as their accuracy. It doesn't even fit the lore of the game. Scavs are just douchebags realistically not a trained military force. While I do not believe a hatchling should be able to mow down scavs I also do not believe a scav would be able to touch a fully geared trained PMC. it really ruins the game when you die to a scav who spawns in the middle of nowhere and one taps you with a toz. Please fix before I stop playing.
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