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  1. Hello I am a new player to EFT and I'm having issues with getting good games on Customs as a scav. A few weeks ago I would have 35-25 minutes to scrounge and then GTFO. Now I'm finding that every game on customs I come into I have 15-9 min which sometimes isn't long enough to even run directly to an extract if players or raiders shoot you. I've found it extremely frustrating and just need some extra time. I'm new and I tend to take a little longer to loot, listen, and fight players and scavs so if anyone has any tips I'd love to hear them thank you for your time.
  2. DanExert

    Scav Dropshots and Physics

    Due to Scavs having less reaction time implemented this patch (11.7), they now have the ability to fire accurate shots during the animation process. What this has resulted in is Scavs being able to hit you whilst they are going through the prone, crouch and even slide animations. Additionally, they are able to headshot you from impossible angles, for example Reshala's crew are currently able to hit you in the head whilst prone, from distances less than 2m (no exaggeration) - no human IRL, or even human players in game are able to pull off this impressive feat of body flexibility especiall
  3. kanariewietje

    7mm buckshot..

    So here we go again... What is the deal with superscavs and their 7mm buckshot pellets?? I seriously have no clue what is happening with the programming of these scavs. Scavs with .366 ap, 7.62PS and 5.49 PS i can handle. Sure once in a while you die because of a lucky shot. But never EVER have i died faster (and in an unreasonable way) to any other scav than those armed with shotguns equipped with 7MM buckshot. Their accuracy is beyond retarded, not only are they able to identify in a single millisecond what type of armour you are wearing, but in the same
  4. We All know shotgun scavs are broken, The last shotgun buff was a joke. The past 3 days have been such a bad experience for me in TARKOV. Ive never been 1 shot so many times from shotgun scavs. It dose not matter how geared you are, How far you are, How fast you are. THEY AIM LOCK THE SMALLEST HIT BOXES With INHUMAN reaction times. Its actually trash game play. I actually will do my best too just avoid them because THEY ARE BROKEN. I watch HOURS of gameplay. Im not the only one getting 1 Shot by this broken Mechanic. FIX IT. Like I actually fear them at this point. THE BOSSES ARE EASIER.
  5. Now I will start this with a message to the moderators, I am unsure if this will be part of the Karma system, if so please lock the thread thanks ❤️ TL;DR: I would like to be able to see my SCAVs Skills similar to my PMC page. -------------- Honestly, this is just a simple addition I think, and I do not know why I like it so much; but I do run scav a lot while I wait for my friends to get online. I would love to be able to just check my SCAV's skills as they are carried over in like a hidden second player page that is only viewable inside a SCAV run. I have a couple thoughts on
  6. wescat96

    Overpowered Scavs

    I don't know who thought it was a good idea to remove map boarders and add invisible scavs that just murder you in one shot through class 6 armor. It's really... reaaallly fuck1ng annoying, especially when you aren't even past the "signs" that are suppose to mark their kill area. Like whoever designed this needs to go back to school or something.
  7. MoRioPL

    Broken bots

    Recent update made bots shoot from much too far and much too accurately. They are going full auto from 150m and hit you with almost every bullet. My recent 5 lives i got killed by bot that 1 tap me from 50 m away.
  8. About a week ago there was a 36mb patch in the launcher and ever since I've been playing on this patch Scavs have been absolute monsters. I don't know if it's just me but these Scavs literally NEVER miss your head... About 2 weeks ago I had no issues with Scavs and killed them as normal (if they feel like dying) but now I am terrified of Scavs and it's ridiculous, I'm now more afraid of some hobo with a shotgun than fully kitted out PMC's just because of the much more intense aimbot Scavs have after this patch. I could be wrong and the Scavs haven't been changed... But I've just been hell
  9. Since Raiders will now kill AI scavs (on Reserve) I don't think it makes much sense that scavs will try to kill you when you are playing as a player scav if you kill a raider. They should only become aggravated if you kill other scavs or other player scavs. This will also encourage more and better use of AI scavs and use them to team up with to kill raiders
  10. As someone whose played Escape From Tarkov for a couple years, it feels like the maps are devoid of action , there are no scavs and the main action is people hard holding corners cause they sprinted to the loot areas and hold it. There is no scavs to make people stop and open fire on them , the matches feel silent. its as if i PIVIT on my feet everyone in 30 metre radius hears me and sprints to me because theres only rain sounds and ambient noices going on . ( Alot of people are using silencers ) I no we've all complained about the scav's but now that there gone. WE DONT KNOW WHAT WE HAD
  11. IMerlinI

    Is this working as intendend?

    So before you start harrasing me about this notorious topic - SCAVS, know that I don't think they should take 4 mosin bullets to the chest without armor, before dying and then 1 tapping you from ridicilous ranges with god aim. So I went in with a mosin, that's packing LPS GHZ rounds, I come across 2 scavs. I start shooting them, they just wont die, I counted 4 confirmed hits to the chest before he died. I went to loot him and he had no armor/helmet/armored rig. My question is, is this supposed to be like this? I don't think that when people say that LPS one taps thorugh
  12. I found it super easy, that if you are doing a run scav, and you dont kill other scavs, you are getting out with huge loot !!!! But other idiots here, that are doing SCAV runs, kill/ shot other scavs, which immidately make them targets. IF YOU ARE DOING SCAVS RUN - DONT KILL SCAVS !!!
  13. Kolner

    Scav behaviour

    Hey there... After watching new scav mechanism of hunting hatchlings (or what it was) I thought - Hey, it would be cool if scavs act more realistically. What if they act more as group in hunting PMC, and not only hatchlings, but all players. Imagine this - every piece of gear have some value... this value says how potentially you are dangerous. If there is one scav, he have some level of courage. If your value of danger is higher than scavs courage, he will try to avoid you, sit silently in corner or try escape.... but if there is more scavs and there courage level in total is higher then
  14. Hello, on several occasions I've been killed by scavs without provoking them despite playing as a scav instead of a PMC. Is there a reason for this? I thought that scavs were supposed to be friendly toward player scavs...
  15. parkstranger14

    scav raiders!

    First I'm not the best player and I have no shame saying it= but time and time again I just get one tapped by these guys from so far and take it I just had a raid where I killed some people and got looted out real excited well first I had picked up a better helm with face shield and lvl 4 armor (full) and as soon as I step out on reserves near man hole extract, I cant I have bag on -_- both my arms get instant blacked from a sks scav from all the way from the other side and quarter health I mean instant I some how kill the 2 scavs by the grace of god but I heal and run to cliff decent I have p
  16. I don't know what the problem is but now scavs are complete bullet sponges, i unloaded a 20 rounds of BP 5.45 rounds from a 74U before he hit the ground. I checked to see if he was wearing any armor and low and behold he only had a kiver helmet. I don't know if this is from desync or if the scavs are just gods now,it was bad enough that scavs insta killed you but now this? . . . I've experienced this issue only after Patch 0.8 was dropped and it has happened pretty occasionally now (I have not noticed this issue with PMC's... yet.)
  17. I'm a long time player here, and since this last big patch, scavs dish out too many first time headshots, and have aimbot-like accuracy. Their vision is also insane now, as they can spot you from a very great distance, even in bushes (sometimes through walls/partitions too). I like a challenge form the AI, but it should not be able to one tap me the first time I peek an angle on it, or have its first shot be a death-headshot, over and over. Especially when it's a different angle than when they last saw me. I understand this happening once in awhile, but that's not why I'm taking the time
  18. NewDawnApproves

    New Idea For Player Scav's

    Hey guys was just talking with some friends I play with about this scenario, let me know your thoughts down below. So I assume the role of player scavs is to use teamwork to kill and loot PMC players and just in general work together so everyone can get a good scav run in. I would say 75% of my Scav runs consist of another player scav walking around like a bot and whoever notices the other person is real first gets the kill. I mean I've done it as well walked around like an AI and saw 2 player scavs looting and they didnt pay me any mind so i kept walking up behind them and executed both
  19. Makinson95

    Vepr Hunter

    please remove M61's from Vepr hunters that scavs use, no point using any kind of armour when they can demolish everything up to fort, was wearing zhuk armour and was 2 tapped in the thorax from a vepr hunter that a scav was using, i suggest having them spawn with M80's
  20. Hi, I reported this 5 times since September 2018. There was a time before that when everything was working fine. Today was the last time I reported this and I was advised to write a forum topic as a suggestion. For example Factory at night time: As soon as you are spotted and engaged by a single AI scav every other scav on the map knows exactly where you are and can see you through walls. They are also trying to shoot you through walls. Sometimes successfully. Before you are spotted everything is working fine. You can sneak past them in total darkness of the factory map as long a
  21. Lord-Tryhard


    Scavs need alot of work. They are too inconsistent. One time the scav just stands infront of you like a retard, while you take your time and put a bullet in his head; other times it feels like youre facing terminator. Their aim needs to be worked on aswell. They rarely miss. Even through walls. It seems like once they lock on to you, you're dead. The only tactic that seems to work against scavs, is to keep peeking the corner for a split second and prefire at them (so they get stuned/dazed by the bullets and they cant lock on to you and one shot you). They really don't feel like they belon
  22. FPSTristen

    Player scavs

    So...The idea of allowing a player to go in as a non-pmc and gain gear without losing anything is awesome, but...if a player SCAV attacks another player SCAV, why do all the other scavs come and shoot you when you kill him? I don't know how many times I have died because I defended myself from other players. I personally find it annoying, am I stupid/really salty? or do others feel the same?
  23. mktady16616

    glitch encountered

    got killed by a scav using TOZ 106 shooting through a garage door in custom map( garage near the big red commend office ), is it personal or someone else encounter the glitch as well ?
  24. dylanmcmonster

    scavs/pmc's pushing down your weapon

    I think that is a huge problem. If I don't have a helmet on (spawn in as a scav) a hatchling can show up, sprint to me and starts swinging like mad. Its kinda unfair that i can't shoot my gun because it's pointed ether to the sky or into the floor. If I'm using a semi-auto shotgun and dump all my shell's into the floor and roof (as they push my gun ether up or down, making cqc useless while they get to swing like mad) because they sprinted up on me from around a corner, How is it fair that i cant fight back? can you just take away the guns collision detection for just player characters/AI ? i
  25. Am i the only one who thinks the scavs are too nuts right now. I keep getting my stomach blacked from the first shot from the first scav i see. Just 2 minutes ago i was sneaking up for a better shot and the scav 180 mosin face shotted me before i could even get a shot off? Like i definitely think they should have been buffed since last patch, but these normie scavs are harder to fight than the lab raiders were last patch. Thoughts?
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