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Found 31 results

  1. BandCampBully

    Will this ever be fixed?

    Soo its been a issue for over a year now... it was said to be looked at but never was, i will bring point to the issue again because it feel its a big one for alot of us. Rendering 1/4 and 1/6x scopes unuseable because of the 1x zoom sensativity is so ridiculously slowed that u cant even track someone without having 4 mouse mats.... please fix
  2. My favorite scope in the game for long range so far is the Elcan, because i feel like it has the best reticle. I see that there is an option for a top rail on this scope to run a backup sight. I tried i think every rail and scope adapter I could find but to no avail. Does anyone know what mount goes on top?
  3. Hello I know it was suggested before, but it is long ago. I would love if I switch modes of attachments like scopes and optics or Lasers, Flashlights if I could do it only for the active Scope. (Alt+rightclick) For Example when using Thermal and PK-06 or PK-06 and any Optic with variable zoom. If i find a Laser devise and add it to my gun witch already has one or more, ofthen the new device wont be in same mode as the others. Can we have them synchronized to same mode or set individually by rightclicking or so? What do you think?
  4. Game version: Бета версия. Testing distance: 255 meters. FOV: 25. Graphics settings: Resolution - 2560х1440. Reshade. Textures - high(affect sights marks). SSAO, HDR. Anything else on low or turned off. Prices indicated for traders with maximum authority level(♕, 4, 5,crown, royal). Price coefficient stated (in brackets after price) compared to Belomo PK-06 (as most popular scope), $ prices converted to ₽ prices as 1 per 95. Scopes mounted to AK-74N, on "Tactica Tula 10000 mount", or rifle receiver scope mount. Belomo PK-06, Skier I, ₽3900 (1.0). VOMZ Pilad P1X42 "WEAVER", Skier I, ₽4900 (1.3). OKP-7, Skier II, ₽9600 (2.5). Cobra EKP-8-18, Prapor II, ₽9700 (2.5). Cobra EKP-8-02, Prapor I, ₽9700 (2.5). Aimpoint Micro T-1, Peacekeeper I, $123 (3). Leupold DeltaPoint Reflex Sight, Peacekeeper III, $136 (3.3). OKP-7 dovetail, Skier III, ₽14400 (3.7). Walther MRS, Skier III / Peacekeeper II, ₽19000 / $201 (4.9). Burris FastFire 3, Skier II / Peacekeeper I, ₽19500 / $205 (5). Eotech 553, Skier III, ₽24000 (6.2). Eotech XPS3-0, Skier ♕ / Peacekeeper II , $274 / $254 (6.2). Eotech XPS3-2, Peacekeeper I, $265 (6.5). Leupold Mark 4 HAMR 4x24mm DeltaPoint, Peacekeeper ♕, $316 (7.7). ELCAN SpecterDR 1x/4x, Peacekeeper III, $389 (9.5). Sig BRAVO4 4x30, Peacekeeper ♕, $519 (12.6). March Tactical 3-24x42 FFP, Skier ♕/Peacekeeper ♕, ₽64200 / $678 (16.5). Hensoldt FF 3-12x56, Skier II, 71000 (18.2). Zenit-Belomo PSO 1М2-1 4х24, Prapor II, Two cans of condensed milk (priceless). Images as imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/4eUf8 List of scopes: Belomo PK-06, Skier I, ₽3900 (1.0). ВОМЗ Пилад P1X42 "WEAVER", Skier I, ₽4900 (1.3). OKP-7, Skier II, ₽9600 (2.5). Cobra EKP-8-18, Prapor II, ₽9700 (2.5). Cobra EKP-8-02, Prapor I, ₽9700 (2.5). Aimpoint Micro T-1, Peacekeeper I, $123 (3). Leupold DeltaPoint Reflex Sight, Peacekeeper III, $136 (3.3). OKP-7 dovetail, Skier III, ₽14400 (3.7). Walther MRS, Skier III / Peacekeeper II, ₽19000 / $201 (4.9). Burris FastFire 3, Skier II / Peacekeeper I, ₽19500 / $205 (5). Eotech 553, Skier III, ₽24000 (6.2). Eotech XPS3-0, Skier ♕ / Peacekeeper II , $274 / $254 (6.2). Eotech XPS3-2, Peacekeeper I, $265 (6.5). Leupold Mark 4 HAMR 4x24mm DeltaPoint, Peacekeeper ♕, $316 (7.7). ELCAN SpecterDR 1x/4x, Peacekeeper III, $389 (9.5). Sig BRAVO4 4x30, Peacekeeper ♕, $519 (12.6). March Tactical 3-24x42 FFP, Skier ♕/Peacekeeper ♕, ₽64200 / $678 (16.5). Hensoldt FF 3-12x56, Skier II, 71000 (18.2). Zenit-Belomo PSO 1М2-1 4х24, Prapor II, Two cans of condensed milk (priceless). Original Russian topic (Русскоязычная тема):
  5. Range on a scope atm is on page up and page down. That's fine. What Id like to see is it on wheel up and wheel down WHEN Zomed in with scope. Less one of my hands must travel to center of my keyboard to hit the buttons
  6. Daggy86

    Scope bug on 153 shotgun

  7. encat

    Scopes & FOV zoom

    Been having great fun with this great game so far! One of the things I'm feeling is a bit wonky though is the amount your FOV zooms in when using a scope. Things get ridiculous when you're aiming down scopes in tarkov. While iron sights also increase your character's FOV - it's much more subtle. If the goal was to cover the screen with the scope - one suggestion is to bring the scope closer to the eyes instead of zooming in on it! I really love how Tarkov does differentiate the magnification that's visible when looking through the scope vs outside of it! Lots of games just have the entire view zoomed in (rest blacked out). What do you other guys think? Is only bothering me? x)
  8. Spectator6

    Choice of Reticle

    EFT currently provides for custom-tailored firearms, thanks to its robust weapon modifications. Why not go one step further and allow users to choose their scope reticles too? Maybe give specifications to the player base and allow the community to make them for you, ready to import into the game? Just as an internal testing team is no match for thousands of online beta testers currently putting the game through its paces, perhaps allowing the player base to contribute some sort of "sight picture" files to the devs could allow for tons of tons of relatively "simple" content to be added into the game? Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Note the multitude of varieties in sight picture and coloring that is offered to the buyer, all for a single model of scope: https://www.trijicon.com/na_en/products/product2.php?id=AccuPoint&mid=1-6x24 Thoughts? Improvements?
  9. Tower21

    Optics observations. 10.8

    So I went ahead and worked on something, mostly for myself but I figured I'd share. This is a quick comparison between all the "mil-scale" reticles in the game as well as optics. Theoretically, if all the reticles were set to the correct magnification my rifle's point of impacts shift would all read the same Mil size, this is not the case. So, unfortunately, this means not all Mil- scales are correct, so calling corrections for your friend using a different optic will not be so smooth, nor would figuring out lead or drop on various optics. I went ahead and added a bit on how to read the reticles as well since it seems a great many folks are confused by this. For those magically inclined I've added a simple "Ratio" For comparing magnification (the larger the number the more zoom it has), and a Mil ratio to compare the size of mils. If you know you hold 3 mils for a runner with X scope, you can translate it to Y scope using the "cross multiply and divide by the third" method. Note the mark 4 and the march are not identical. PSA, There is no longer a 25 mil point of impact shift between the x7 and x35 on the night force. I really wish we could get some love for the old optics if possible. The hensoldt, for example, should be able to use the 34MM NF rings, as it is also a 34mm tube ( see the ZF3-12 X 56 IRL)
  10. Austindj3

    SKS Scope Mount

    I’d love to see the Matador SKS scope mount for both of the SKS’s in the game, that way you wouldn’t need to have an OP SKS to use scopes on it because the mount replaces the rear site. I’d suggest it would be purchasable at Mechanic 2ll or 3ll, with the chance of finding them in crates too. I have one of these on my SKS and it works great.
  11. Lolsteelz

    Scope Lag issues

    Hey guys, I know players have had issues with scopes dramatically drop their FPS and it's a problem I use to have in earlier versions of the game. For awhile, it got A LOT better to the point where I didn't lose a really noticeable amount of frames when using 4x scopes or anything of the type. . But for some reason, here more recently(with the update that released the new Interchange map) I've gotten a HUGE problem with any type of zoomed scope(Not red dots, EOTechs, ect.). Whenever I have any zoomed scope equipped I lag dramatically. This lag occurs even when not scoping AND when scoping in(becomes worse). Just with the weapon with the scope being in my hands this lag happens. I haven't seen anyone else post about an issue like this one. Has this been a problem others have been having that I just haven't seen? This has REALLY hurt the my enjoyment of this game because I'm forced to have to use only red dot like scopes. And being a play that typically enjoys going into raids with full gear along with a M4/AK with a HAMR/Red-Dot or something of the such this issue has been a huge thorn in my side. . FPS goes from a normal 60-70, to 40 with a scoped weapon in my hands AND 20 FPS when scoped in Is this a problem other players have been having? If so, are there any fixes or things I can do that will help this? I miss using scopes =[.
  12. saibot0

    Scope Lag

    I have a descent rig with a 1070 and an i5-7500 with 16 gigs of ram. I can't even aim with pso, hammer, bravo, specterdr and so on because of the optical lag. when you scope it seems as if u render everything in the scope and the things around it and it gets really annoying to not be able to aim with long range scopes on the only maps u need them, factory i can easily do it ofc, woods aswell, but then the rest i jump down to 40-50 fps like the Optical Scope March Tactical 3-24x42 FFP is useless, if i aim that on shoreline with my sv98 i drop down so hard. At the resort for example i dont mind using a pso to look down the hallway but guess what you can do with 22 fps. nothing. absolutely nothing. So my question is how are you gonna fix this and when. cuz every patch you add new insane scopes like the hensoldt last patch and now a new scope from mechanic and it's completely un usable in the current state unless you got a fricking 1080ti 32 gb ram and such. Why even add it before you can use them?
  13. Hi EFT Team, most of the scopes in the game are basically unusable for me because of the black ring around the viewable area. It's most noticeable on the BRAVO. The IR scope, the HAMR, and the 4x (pubg 4x scope forget name) are working fine but it appears all other scopes have this issue. Im uploading some images of the elcan and the bravo so you can see, Any help to fix this would be much appreciated!! Thank you
  14. Hi, All is in the title : I can't find the key to switch between white mode and black mode. Can somebody tell me what is default key and what is the corresponding action in the key configuration menu in game ? Thanks
  15. JoshTwar

    Scope Zoom Toggle Issue

    Hi guys , When I play the game i hold shift to aim not toggle , but this gives me issues zooming or changing reticle. Does anyone know a fix to this ?
  16. titanhunters

    Having a dubble sighted scope

    When you throw a granade, the scopes reset to the 4x scopes and that ruined a firefight for me cuz I set the scope on the small redot ontop but then I threw a nade and when the guy came close I ZOOMED IN 4x on him and missed because of it... FIX
  17. Zelock14

    Vortex Spitfire 3x Prism Scope

    Since you guys are already warmed up to Vortex Optics I figured this would be a good entry level piece of glass. This would be perfect for someone looking for a mid-range scope. As of now we only have the option of 1x and 4x+ optics, a 3x like this would bridge that gap nicely.
  18. PotatoPotata

    ELCAN Scope Bug

    I guess you know the bug with ELCAN scope that happened when you were aiming with optic and switched to the top iron sight while aiming. It made scope much smaller on the screen, the magnification was still 4x tho. My suggestion is - make that bug into a feature. Of course not mandatory but with a switch in-game menu like "open eyes optic" and only up to 4x. I am quite sure that there are some people that enjoyed this "bug". I noticed that additional awareness coming with scope taking up less space on screen greatly increased my kill ratio (we played 2 man group both with bugged elcan and both of us had 7 raids win strike with geared players in raid). Having the possibility to remain aware of my close surrounding while searching for threat in the treeline has saved me 3 times(3of7raids) I noticed guys coming out of bushes 50m away from my position at the side of the screen while sniping with the optic. The bugged scope also has better image quality (same resolution but smaller area on the screen). Normal ELCAN is a little bit pixelated. Now - I know there will be a lot of people [[that don't use optics cuz they are to afraid to pay 400 usd in game currency to buy one]], that will start to scream that making this bug a feature is UNREALISTIC BARBARIC AND OP OF COURSE. BUT! It isn't. Let me destroy your dreams now - experienced sharpshooters use both eyes, with 1x scopes most of the time. And there is a good chunk of them that use 4x optic with both eyes open as well. It's not unrealistic it's a little bit hard to get used to, but it's very viable - just like diving with no mask and open eyes. (if you don't believe me then google it you will find people that can confirm) Now the "OP" part. Emm. Hehe. I must kinda agree but I still want that feature to be considered so I will try to prove myself wrong here... Bugged optic takes up about 1/6 of the screen. While not bugged it takes up about 5/6. You trade magnified area for awareness. Then there is the second thing - if you didn't tried bugged ELCAN in close combat you won't be able to get the idea but... When you have normal screen around small 4x elcan screen, you can notice player standing 30 m away on your right, your reflex will make you anticipate the angle and turn weapon in direction of enemy but the line where side of 4x area meets the 1x area creates a kind of effect that causes your anticipation to be inaccurate. In effect, you will end up missing initial shots(if you start firing immediately) or you will notice the enemy "insight" of scope an make quick correction losing a little bit of time. The solution is switching to backup sight but it also takes time and it's not the most intuitive thing to do in the 1-2 seconds of time that you have left when you notice the guy. The last part is that I believe this "event" is caused by a combination of optic camera position and iron sight FoV. If I'm not mistaken, it means that size of scope on a screen can be increased (from the bugged version) from 1/6 to 2/6 or 3/6 - still adding a little bit of awareness to the player. Conclusion This is a realistic feature that trained marksman use (PMC that put their life at stake every day should have this figured out for sure) After asking around friends who own tarkov I anticipate that some people will be extremely happy with this It won't impact player that like current state of game if you make it switchable It's not OP it's just a "trade" as I explained It might encourage players that play solo to mount optic on their guns making their game more interesting and making their killers reward more I believe its super easy to make (it occurred as a bug by itself, after all. We don't need this right away it's just a nice addition for later) Plase, join the discussion below. Respectfully Your's Potato Potata
  19. nboaram

    Scope Pictures Broken?

    So this is from a post which claims the Bravo has a sight picture like this. This is my sight picture with the Bravo. and my friends do not suffer from this issue. IS there a way of fixing this? because this is the same for me for all the western scopes and it makes running sniper rifles impossible...
  20. I've just come across something that I think is a bug or it's just behaving unintended. It's about the scope called ELCAN SpecterDR 1x/4x. It seems to cover your entire screen on one occasion and then doesn't on the other. I'll write down step by step what I mean. >Zooming in with scope first time, huge appearance on screen >Switching to secondary iron sights on top >Switching back to the scope, and it's much smaller and further off your face (which I highly prefer) >Switching to another gun, and back to the previous one to rest the "bug" >Repeat all steps above and it happens again Is that some sort of FOV bug?
  21. Yarbay

    New Thermal Scopes

    I found some interesting Thermal scopes which one is you favourite ? https://www.x20.org/product/clip-on-flir/
  22. Hallo zusammen, erstmal echt geiles Game so stelle ich mir ein Ego-Shooter vor und das mit den Loot-Funktionen und dem ganzen Verkauf ist da noch so ne art Dreingabe. So genug geschwärmt eigentliche Frage: Wie kann ich mein Scope/Visir wechseln wenn ich unten beispiel für Langschüsse ein Zoom-Scope habe und oben drüber ein Rot punkt? Ich habe mich schon selber informiert und weis das es eigentlich mit links Ctrl bzw Strg und rechte Maustaste gehen sollte aber bei mir passiert da einfach nichts habe auch schon die taste anders belegt aber geht immer noch nicht. Vorschläge Hilfe Irgendwer? ^^ Danke im voraus = )
  23. Hello, Escapers, We now present to you, screenshots and gif of a new upcoming thermal scope Reap IR. It will cost about 1,000,000 ingame roubles and it will have limited working distance. Time to take down your enemies with a superior tactical scope. They can run but they can't hide. Who was expecting this scope? Were you surprised? Enjoy! Gif Polish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Polish emissary @TheWay! Portuguese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Portuguese emissary @dimittri4gc! Dutch translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Dutch Emissary @iGoodLifeNL Chinese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Hong Kong Emissary @Hazel!
  24. EntwicklunG

    Visier wechseln?

    Guten Abend Deutsche EFT-Community, wollte mal nachfragen wie man zwischen zwei Scopes auf einer Waffe rumswitchen kann. Würde mich über eine zeitnahe Antwort freuen. Ich glaub es gab doch auch einen Post wo jede einzelne Aktion aufgezählt wurde oder - also welche Taste macht was (Standart Tastatureinstellung). Wär super wenn mir das jemand verlinken könnte. P. S. Wünsche jedem frohe Weinachten und jetzt Marsch in die Raids! Mfg
  25. Please add a third option for mouse sensitivity. Right now we have normal and 'aiming'. For me, I keep these both the same to keep it consistent, I don't like having a lower sensitivity when iron sighting, or using red dots/holos. Whenever I use a Scope, because my sensitivity remains the same, it is extremely high and to make a normal movement requires the tiniest movement on my mouse. It is very uncomfortable. Even if I did lower the 'aiming' sensitivity some what, it would still not be lower enough to compensate for scopes. Most other FPS games will have a ratio for scoping.
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