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Found 19 results

  1. Game version: Бета версия. Testing distance: 255 meters. FOV: 25. Graphics settings: Resolution - 2560х1440. Reshade. Textures - high(affect sights marks). SSAO, HDR. Anything else on low or turned off. Prices indicated for traders with maximum authority level(♕, 4, 5,crown, royal). Price coefficient stated (in brackets after price) compared to Belomo PK-06 (as most popular scope), $ prices converted to ₽ prices as 1 per 95. Scopes mounted to AK-74N, on "Tactica Tula 10000 mount", or rifle receiver scope mount. Belomo PK-06, Skier I, ₽3900 (1.0).
  2. Please! Do a quick overhaul of the Zeroing-System. It doesn´t have to be extremely complicated, just let us zero our weapons ourself instead of using the standart-ammo as fixed increment/basis. Like, as simple as: A range of 0 to 400 Starting at 0 for point blank! Increment of 10 or 20 If you don´t wanna change it at all, PLEASE, atleast put all optics to 0 as standart and not 25/50/... That we can also effectively use faster bullets then the standart-ammo. Like atm, the 7N37 is effectively unuseable with most optics, since the bullet is ~double speed as p
  3. Ethernel


    So hi, new topic about the thermals scopes (oh boy...) First, i understand that thermals were or (are at some point unbalanced)(i play a lot with thermal snipers) So thermals need a big rework because they are "NOT REALISTIC" -Limited distance are f*k up, dumb and not realistic ! -The colors, too bright and not precise ! unplayable at night just f*k up Overall : They are not realistic, look really bad, unbalanced ! UNREALISTIC
  4. Picture in picture scopes are really demanding atleast for my PC. When I look through a scope I get a big FPS drop. I think the best solution would be to add option in the game settings for zoomed scopes instead of picture in picture scopes. Thank you.
  5. BandCampBully

    Its been to long bsg....

    So im sure everyone knows this, because its been a problem FOREVER but its somehow just swept under the rug after a year of waiting for it to be fixed so i will expose it again: when using any 1/4 or 1/6x variable zoom optic the 4x or 6x performs amazing no issues. On the other hand the 1x variable on ALL SCOPES that have zoom levels is highly slowed down on ur sensativity making it EXTREMELY unuseable when trying to aim at someone moving. Its ridiculous already fix the sens on the 1x so we can enjoy scopes!!!!!!!
  6. MIkeKillson

    Individual Scope sensitivity

    Nikita I know you guys are crazy busy with .12 and dealing with ass hat hackers etc but please can you guys look into adding a individual scope sensitivity adjuster instead of what we have now , I know i'm not the only one that cant use some scopes because they move so slow or other that seems to go sonic speed so a fix like this would be greatly helpful or a scope overhaul all together idk what it would really take .. thanks
  7. I have searched the forums, but couldn't find anything on this, so my apologies if there is a forum somewhere which i have missed. I am here to figure out what will happen with the black ring in scopes with zoom for players who use a FOV of 50. Note: I do not own any of the images below, i am only using them to demonstrate my point. How i my view through scopes looks as i cant increase my FOV: How i would like mine to hopefully look at some stage: Is this a 'feature' or is it an 'issue?' Is there any way around this without changing my FO
  8. BoltActionHero

    ATN X-sights

    I kinda wanna see how these could be implemented in game. Thoughts?
  9. StanIsLoveM8

    FPS drope with scopes argument

    Hi! I've read some Topics on Forum about FPS drop Scope issue and I don't think it's just Unity Engine problem, I think it is a design issue. I've used Unity Engine casually and I think I know what is the problem. So in many games like "Call of Duty" or "Battlefield" when you use scope I believe it's simply change in FOV but in EFT it works differently cousing a massive drop in FPS. I believe that in EFT aiming is made by making other "camera" in a scope so the game is rendered twice becouse you got "eyes" of a player and a scope rendered at the same time. I understand how chan
  10. The purpose of this thread is to discuss optics in EFT, particularly their in game representation and fidelity. At this juncture (Closed Beta 0.79) the lack of variable magnification to variables like the Hensoldt, Leupold MkIV and March is annoying. It is particularly annoying because of the very high magnification of the scopes currently portrayed, with the Hensoldt 3-12x being the most usable. This is exacerbated by the inability to create a stable firing position using either a rest or a bipod. Hopefully we will get variable magnification sooner rather than later and with generally l
  11. titanhunters

    Having a dubble sighted scope

    When you throw a granade, the scopes reset to the 4x scopes and that ruined a firefight for me cuz I set the scope on the small redot ontop but then I threw a nade and when the guy came close I ZOOMED IN 4x on him and missed because of it... FIX
  12. MrMarshallMan3

    Minor Animation Suggestions

    One of subtle animations I adored from the Battlefield series is that when sniping, after firing your shot you can keep holding down left-click to stop your character from loading the next shot of a bolt-action rifle. This way you can follow your shot to make adjustments for your next one. Even if this is an animation unlocked by leveling up your sniper skill or reload skill, it would be REALLY useful and I feel a lot of people would agree!
  13. GrandWizardDog

    Pixelated scopes?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone is able to help me as when I first used a scope I changed the FOV to get rid of the black ring around the reticle and now that that is fixed when looking through the scope the game is quite pixelated. I have been dealing with this for quite a while and can't seem to find a fix online. it cant be because of my graphics settings as they are all mostly maxed out
  14. Ok so i have discovered a manger issue for me personally and im sure its effecting others. I cant see the red optics in the scopes at all! I'm colour blind and my primary colour loss is red... so with the scopes I cant see the dot. I have aimed it against every surface possible and unless its on a light none flare object/ texture I can just about make it out. I have also tried every graphic setting going to see if it help, but unfortunately not... Can accommodations be made to the sights? Make the red dot, lines/optics stand out more or introduce the green dot variants? T
  15. I know it's realistic and all but the game already runs poorly and if you use magnifying scopes only the area in the scope gets magnified so the game renders 2 times almost halving FPS If you add an option to black out the area around the scope you lose peripheral vision as a trade-off but you don't get an FPS drop.
  16. liontamer32

    Shooting Range

    I think we should be able to test out each weapon and scope we have in our stash to see what our preference is in a closed situation where we cannot be killed
  17. Hi all, I collected screens of scopes and sights. Unfortunately I am unable to link the pictures with the full versions directly, so please use the links below, in case you need the full screen (1920x1040) resolution. Scopes with zoom: Fullscreen link: http://www.bombrats.com/eft-scopes/eft-scopes-01/ Sights without zoom: Fullscreen link: http://www.bombrats.com/eft-scopes/eft-scopes-02/ Also I am working to create a list of all scopes and sights similar to the following images: Bravo Scope with FF3 RDS for close combat
  18. Hi all, I started to do some screens to easily compare the scopes and optics in EFT. Please let me know, if you find this useful (links lead to more screens, but I think this is enough to decide). or is this one more useful? http://www.bombrats.com/eft-scopes/
  19. cptfavela2

    Option for scopes

    So what if we could choose between the actual way the scopes function (dual rendering) or something like BF4 or arma 3 where the outside of the scope is also zoomed and doesnt need to render 2 things and lose FPS?
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