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Found 5 results

  1. Searching for a item in trades is something that i would think and many others would just assume will be added down the line but what about filtering for attachments for weapons like right clicking on the weapon from your inventory and clicking "filter attachments" or something like that. Unlike you guys not all of us are weapon experts. PS. I thought of this while having a broken computer so I haven't played in a while and won't be able to for at-least 3 more weeks.
  2. It would be nice if you could right click an item in your inventory and have an option to "buy more", that will take you directly to the vendor selling it with the item selected. Maybe even if you right click on a mod slot on a weapon it should give you the option to "find at vendor" that will take you to the relevant mods compatible with the slot. Also at the suppliers a little search box would be handy that searches for tags or description and then short list only the search results. For example if I search "MP5" it would bring up the rifle, ammo, mods related to it etc.
  3. I've seen multiple threads shut down due to redundancy. A lot of the time, I will plug the keywords into the search bar with no results. If you could, please link to the original thread before shutting the redundant thread down.
  4. Hi, konnte den Fehler noch nicht reproduzieren, aber ungefähr so ists passiert: Ich hatte Schaden an den Beinen, durch den Stacheldraht vor der Tür (kleinerer Dorm, 2 Stock) Nach auswählen der Durchsuchen Option öffnete sich ganz normal das Fenster zum suchen. Als ich dann aber auf den Tab *Health gewechselt habe, hört man auf zu durchsuchen. Daher habe ich erneut auf search geklickt. Dann habe ich ein Medipack auf das linke Bein gezogen. Auf einmal verdoppelte sich das Loot Menü. Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob der Bug nach Schritt 3 oder 4 aufgetreten ist. Wenn ich Items aus dem Loot entfernt oder hinzugefügt habe, änderte sich der Zustand in beiden Fenstern. happy escaping!!
  5. Getting an item out of a backpack is way too quick. A good game is about making tactical decisions that have a real effect on outcomes. It should take longer to put away to or retrieve an item from your backpack than just stuffing an item into a pocket or vest pouch. Alternatively, accessing the backpack should take a bit of time. Once the bag is opened the time to use or retrieve an item could take a normal amount of time to even be relatively quick and easy. You could even go so far as to have a full, stuffed-to-the-brim backpack take longer to use than a mostly empty one. In conclusion, using an item from pants pockets or vest pouches should be considerably faster than from a backpack.