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Found 13 results

  1. JohnDevelopsUK

    Secure Container Changes Idea

    I've often pondered this but never really voiced it until today on a thread about FIR changes. It made me think once again about how the secure containers are a bit of safety in a game that otherwise has little. They definately play an important role beyond progression and game price points. It is nice to know my medicals and ammo/keys are going to be safe, and for that reason is a necessity for us all for sure. However, it has never truely sat right with me that the container is back with me instantly when i die. I certainly do not think it should be lootable (obviously) and should most certainly remain yours but I wonder how peoples approach to raids may change if you had to wait for insurance return to get it back again. It would give more relevance to the smaller boxes as you progress and earn bigger ones. It would provide another money sink and ecconomy around the purchase and potential seeding of alpha containers. Make the choice to use your secure container more strategic. Maybe you automatically get a new alpha if you die and they are not on the market. This isnt exactly a well thought out idea, more of a reoccuring thought but I am curious if anyone shares a similar idea or if it's a direction BSG have ever thought of going.
  2. So here is a system that I dreamt of that would fix the "I want to die as quick as possible" hatchling problem but still be somewhat forgiving to new and veteran players alike. ---------------------------- Important Details: 1). Insured items in the secure container return instantly on death. 2). Insured items in the secure container remain insured after returning (do not need to pay again). 3). Items that cannot be insured but fall into the food/water or medical use category return instantly in secure containers. 4). Uninsured items (aka loot) in the secure container, do not return to the player's inventory after death, but are still unlootable and hidden to other players. 5). If in a future PMC raid, you spawn onto the same map, a death container will be on the ground visible only to you, the original owner, where you died previously. You can loot this death container to regain any valuable uninsured items or acquired loot and attempt extraction again. 6). Multiple death bags can exist on a raid location simultaneously. Death bags do not de-spawn if you extract without attempting recovery. ---------------------------- Optional Fluff: a). Raid maps sold by the Therapist will mark the locations of your prior death secure containers with a small red X. (This would give some unique functionality to them) b). Some limit to the number of secure containers that can be recoverable at once is needed (like 15 to 30), but still reasonable so that players can recover loot without feeling overly pressured. c). If you don't want to deal with the system, Fence will have a services tab that you can pay an exorbitant fee to instantly recover a container. This screen would let you view what items might be expiring if the death bag limit is reached and abandon containers that you do not wish to recover ever. The more time that passes, the cheaper the cost gets to recover an old container. (this also serves as a safeguard against glitched containers that might be stuck in a tree/desynced, etc) d). One of the intelligence center upgrades might allow for scavenger runs to recover your prior PMC death secure containers. (but remember, scavs do not have secure containers themselves, if you die as a scav after picking it up, the loot is fair game for other players) ---------------------------- The goal of this system is to force players to have to extract with loot. A hatchling might find a graphics card, and while he could keep recovering it and stuffing it back into a gamma container after death, but dying over and over again to inch your death bag closer to the extract across multiple raids is a very inefficient way to play--never mind the fact that extract and spawn locations change per raid. At the same time, this system tries to preserve a lot of the current functionality of the secure container. If you have a SICC case or factory key, just insure it one time and it'll behave as it does currently. If you find a red rebel ice pick mid-raid, you can still stash it away for safe keeping. You just might have to plan a second or third raid if things go wrong or pay Fence two weeks later and eat only half the profit. Thoughts?
  3. Here's a short thought exercise put as a questionnaire! Can answer out-loud or treat these as rhetorical. Enjoy! ------------------ If CSGO players discovered a way to plant the bomb without being near one of the plant sites, would that be good or bad for the gamemode? Good ( ) Bad ( ) If Portal players discovered a way to bypass puzzles and simply walk into the "end level" elevators, would that be good or bad for the gamemode? Good ( ) Bad ( ) If the cast of the movie The Raid: Redemption found out they could simply jump out of the side-windows to the building they were trapped in and safely "escape" the predicament (let's say a random magical giant bird caught them and carried them home), would that be good or bad for the intent and plot of the movie? Good ( ) Bad ( ) -------------------- Similar to the above questions, in my view, the secure-container-meta debate is not about the loot or what weapon a player chooses to take in. In my view, that's all fair game and players can approach it however they want. Instead, it's in how the secure-container-meta allows players to skirt around the central dilemma the Raid gameplay mode is meant to offer to the player: Getting in is easy. It's getting out alive that's the hard part. -------------------- The fact of the matter is that BSG is well aware they did not foresee the monkey wrench that secure containers would throw into EFT's gameplay loop (ie jump out of the side-windows). Hopefully they're well on their way to implementing some changes we can test in the next wipe. I'm confident that, together as a community, through trial-and-error and open discourse, we can come up with solutions and approaches that make the game deeper and more rewarding for everyone. Whatever things we try, I'm sure we can all agree... The quicker we can get the cast of The Raid: Redemption to quit jumping out of the windows and actually fight or sneak through the building, the quicker we'll have one helluva great movie on our hands
  4. Just a suggestion if secure containers were changed so you could nolonger place items into them during a raid, only use the items from them such as keys. Secure containers are suppose to accomplish two things in the game. Protect any small high value gear you bring into a raid from being stolen. Secure any small high value gear you find on the raid so you gain something even if you die. The latter allows a steady base stream of income from raids so players don't go bankrupt and takes the edge off dying, allowing the player feel like they've left with something after a death. Scavs also function as a source of income but it is not steady or consistant due to RNG and the success rate of scav runs. Gameplay concerns So Nikita said in a podcase recently "We thought about it. For me personally I think that every item must be disallowed from being put into the Secure Containers during the raid -- like only pull out, not put in. For me it is the perfect concept of EFT" He made a more recent post on reddit and clarified he doesn't currently have plans to do this, he wants to take a look at how loot and scavs spawn first. It got me thinking, if the secure container is changed, how do we retain its second function? and how can they compensate players that bought the higher level additons of the game with the intention of getting a better secure container for looting? Steady stream of income Lets move the steady base stream of income to a new system, the hideout has added a scav case to the game, now this is currently a high tier hideout asset that takes a lot of work to make, but there's no reason it can't start at a lower tier and have scaling upgrades, the hideout could start with it at level one with a trash tier loot table, You spend 100 roubles and earn random items worth between 400- 800 roubles at for example. It could have the option to go for 2 hour, 6 hour or 12 hour scav raids, each one increasing the number of items gathered by +1 per 2 hours. This would also act as a login reward of sorts, players loggin to get their scavanged loot. I need to make this clear, At a minimum, doing raids should net you twenty times the income of the scav case for your time invested. This is not in any way suppose to be a main source of income, it is a baseline to avoid bankruptcy and another resource sink. Each upgrade increases the quality of the loot table a small amount and unlocks higher tier payment options. Game addition compensation Players that bought higher tier versions of the game could get lvl 1-3 scav case for free as compensation for the removal of using the secure container for loot. Takes the edge off dying I don't have a solution of how this could be retained but I'm not sure it matters, after you've gotten to grips with the game loss of gear becomes normal, the core asset you leave a game with after dying is experence points and game experence anyway. Have any thoughts or questions on the proposed idea's? What do people think?
  5. After listening to Nikita and other talk about ways to counter hatchlings -- most recently in yesterday's stream -- it made me wonder... Is it possible one of the main drivers of hatchlings has to do not with gear fear, not with players being "down and out" on their luck, but instead as an "answer" to one of the game's primary incentive structures? Currently, a player knows that if he finds a certain key, he is essentially "set for life" * * Yes, some keys now have durability with a set number of uses, but let's set that aside for now Knowing the RNG nature of EFT's loot spawns, a player may reason to himself that even it takes 10-15 tries, the "reward" of eventually getting the item far outweighs the nuisance. So what do these players do? Grab a hatchet and... Sprint to loot spawn 1, pocket the item if present Sprint to loot spawn 2, pocket the item if present Sprint to loot spawn 3, pocket the item if present etc etc If they get killed a long the way, then so what? They'll just rinse and repeat and try again. For them, dying is merely the "cost of doing business" in this way and they are not put off by it at all. And this is because they know that, no matter how much they die in the process, the "reward" that comes from finally getting that key, will "set them up for life" for the remainder of the EFT wipe. Rather than gear up and fight for survival, their main objective is to play EFT as some sort of giant meta-lottery game where all they care about is amassing money and stash value. What if this sense of "permanence" is actually the heart of the matter? Right now, experienced players know that once they have a certain set of keys, from that point on, they've pretty much "arrived" in the game. A lot of the "mystery/exploration" of the game is removed because they now have access to the game's best loot pools with virtually NO risk of ever losing that access. From that point on, they can farm those areas over and over and over. Is it possible, then, that shifting the game away from "set for life" mechanics and toward "scavenging" mechanics could "fix" the hatchling issue and make the gameplay loop more rewarding? What might this look like? Maybe keys are no longer extractable and no longer secure-container-able (stick with me, hear me out!), but instead must be scavenged in-raid each and every time, and every key for the map is guaranteed to spawn in somewhere... So you want to get into Dorm room XYZ? Cool! First you gotta find the key. It could be in one of the dorm's front offices and/or in the pockets of one of the nearby roaming scavs, etc. This could also give more of a sense of progression and flow to each raid. "Okay, if we want to hit up room XYZ, first we gotta find the key. John, you clear out this wing, Bobby, you and I will go check this wing. Depending on what we find, we'll meet up here and plan our next route." This sense of a "dynamic" objective, where one action stair-steps into another, may lead to some really interesting raids and firefights between groups/solo's/etc. Maybe keys remain extractable but all have durability settings with limited uses... Realistic? Ehh, not really. But it might be a decent counter to the one-and-done mentality currently in the game. What else? The other "hidden" possibility with hatchlings is that it caters to a wholly different gameplay loop for experienced players as well In my experience, even veteran players play recklessly and overspend their budgets every single run, knowing that if they do go broke, all they have to do is complete a few "money runs" to make things right again. Learn from mistakes? Pshh, not really! Worry about dying? Nahh, no thanks! If they can always "get it back" in no time, then why worry about it? I'm speaking from experience here because I've played with a guys who do this every wipe. They're already level 40+ and know the game inside and out. And part of the reason they are so high level is because they do exactly what I describe above. Best armor, best guns, best ammo, all the time. Which means they win a good number of their firefights. And in those instances where they do lose, well guess what? They've got SO MUCH money on hand it's no problem to re-kit again, OR! if they are running low on cash, they use their "permanent" piggy bank of keys to hatchet run their stash back up to millions and millions. In their minds, they've "earned" this luxury because they've farmed for the keys over the course of dozens of hatchet runs over and over and over. Now I don't know about you, and I can't speak for others, but to me, this also runs against Nikita's vision for the "True Tarkov Experience". I understand, also, Nikita's worry about "losing" players who become too discouraged to keep playing. But for every "casual" player that EFT may loses from the True Tarkov Experience, what if it "gains" that many and more who are attracted to EFT's vision and scope? ----- Thoughts? Suggestions? Improvements? Thanks for reading! ----- PS: Everyone I play with is eagerly awaiting Nikita's True Tarkov Experience and, even though we're all adults with families and jobs, etc we welcome the more hardcore elements of the game with open arms. I know it's controversial, but we all 100% support secure-container restrictions -- and even removing them altogether. But that's just our take on it, no bully please
  6. Hello devs and EFT gamers, We ran a Facebook poll on the English speaking group "Escape from Tarkov - Gamers" to determine the community attitude on possible changes to the secure container. BSG has suggested that community attitude is important in guiding how secure containers will work permanently. Our closed Facebook group consists of more than 11,000 gamers that are highly representative of the wider EFT community. 2 options were provided. The poll began October 17th and ran through October 23. 392 players responded. 68.3% of respondents preferred no changes to the secure container. 31.7% preferred the container to work as it did in the recent event (nothing added to container in-raid). With this sample size, the margin of error was +/- 5% with a 95% confidence interval that the respondents are representative of the EFT community. This margin demonstrates a 95% likelihood that between 63.3% and 73.3% prefer secure containers remain unchanged (group link provided below--members can view the poll) https://www.facebook.com/groups/EscapefromTarkovGamers/?multi_permalinks=1164513910425138&notif_id=1571858083342926&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic
  7. DARK3063

    Post apocalyptic camping ahead.

    This feature is going to make players ignore quests, and prioritize hunting each other. Camping will increase by 200%. The mag box is now 100% useless. Hatchling runs will increase by 200% because any area worth something is now going to be camped 24/7. Absolutely no one is going to go after the keys anymore with a single piece of loot on them. The player population will drop by 36% within the first month, because the players that can't "get good" are just going to rage quit because it's going to feel like their getting bullied by the players that already completed the quests. I predict the companies total revenue will drop by about 56% after this bad image will stain the game forever just like how in rust people don't like playing it anymore, because they know they're going to get gang-raped by a clan of 30. This change is going to be very ducking bad for the longevity of the game. And when I mean camping I don't mean fully gear buff dudes camping the zone. I mean a bunch of ducking assholes that might as well be considered lesser beings than bunch of scavs, laying in bushes with scoped mosins, and sks's. I predict post-apocalyptic levels of game ruining camping, that will turn your streaming tarkov experience into a Mosin run hell hole. I suggest this change to secure containers be held back until a solution that doesn't involve crippling the game is found. Welcome to Space Mexico.
  8. romulo_cardoso

    Secure Container Use Delay

    Just a simple suggestion that would help both players trying to get specific items and who want's to complete quests also making the game more challenging. If you put an item in the container or use an item from it there would be a 10 seconds timer (to unlock the box, take the item and lock it again). That would make, for example, people stop riskying their lifes to get a Ledex and some naked hatched boy just took it right into his container, you can kill him but you lost the item and probably will be killed staying in the center of the map. Also, it would be interesting have to wait the same time to open doors by a key inside your container (as a penalty), i really get sad when i kill someone opening a door and find no key in his pockets, i think i'm not the only one. Please. Coment and fill this idea with yours. Sorry my bad english, i'm writting this very fast and don't have a google translate to help me out right now. See'ya in tarkov!
  9. Dark_Alfred

    Kappa Secure Container (How to Get?)

    Hey, by chance did anyone already get their hands on a kappa secure container and can share with us how to get it ? Or has any informations 'bout it except that its 3x4 ?
  10. BEFORE THE MATCH... -Keys, maps, and quest items can only be placed into your container. (This would solve hatchlings hiding pistols or weapons and dragging them for use in the match). This would also apply to all hidden bandages, ammunition, attachments, drinks/food, etc. The item placed in your special container is LOCKED when the match begins... DURING THE MATCH... -If you have a container with 9 boxes for example... 1 box in your container has a keybar. You can still use this keybar with keys to open doors. THIS KEYBAR IS LOCKED in box 1 of your gamma container because that's where you placed it BEFORE the match started. If you find any item DURING the match, it can be placed into the special container (boxes 2-9) and moved around freely in your container or back to use when needed BUT... there is a 10 second cool-down when dragging an item TO and FROM this special container during the match. AFTER THE MATCH... -All items placed in the special container can be moved. If a player leaves an item NOT ALLOWED INTO A MATCH (weapon, armor, meds, etc.) in the container... either a new match CANNOT be started OR another idea is that this item will preoccupy that spot and not allowed for use in the next match and will remain in the container. That's a developer choice... CURRENCY... *The hardest decision is currency. Personally, I wouldn't allow currency to be brought into a match because that can be used on woods for example to escape. As far as finding currency DURING the match is INSANELY difficult to come to an agreement on. This is coming from someone who is fair and bought the Edge of Darkness pack... OPTIONS: 1) Currency CANNOT be placed into special containers 2) Currency CAN be placed into special containers once they are found in a match but for every 1/10 of the total stack, 10 seconds is added to the move. example: 10,000 roubles takes 10 seconds to move to your special container. 100,000 roubles takes 60 seconds to move to your special container. 3) Currency can be placed into special containers but at a 1/4 stack limit example: 25,000 roubles can only be allowed into your special container. As for American dollars and euros, a player won't find that many in a match in the current state of the game and move time can be adjusted accordingly... Done. Someone hire me.
  11. If no one can drop for me, then I will go for the container mentioned below. The Epsilon container is a 2x4 portable container, obtainable by completing the Prapor quest The Punisher - Part 6. ^ This is what I will be going for right off the bat otherwise, I just wanted people to know it's possible to get a large container by simply playing the game. I was worried it was going to be an issue and I'd be stuck with 2x2 forever. Just in case no one wants to/can be bothered to drop me a Gamma... Is anyone looking for a group to complete the prapor quests on server restart? Hope this post is allowed, if not just delete it and accept my apology.
  12. BlackBloodWolf

    secure contaner

    hey i wanted to know if the gamma/alpha contaners need to be insured i have been doing it but i don't want to wast money
  13. From what I've been hearing about the Secure Containers, they'll hold onto your stuff even if you die, and be returned to you after death. My question is, What's the point of insuring them if that's the case? As it stands right now, It's only wasting a solid 15k rubles I could have used on something else. Do items in the box go missing if the box isn't insured?
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