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Found 7 results

  1. MEDVED0510

    SGp - Security Group

    Доброго времени суток, Товарищ! Security Group ведёт набор в свои ряды, дабы не дать всякой дряни мародёрничать! Если Ты не хочешь этого допустить, вступай в наши ряды! Мы не дадим беспредела! Мы принимаем как опытных бойцов, так и начинающих, будем учить. Главной задачей клана являются хорошие посиделки в отряде, для совместной комфортной игры. О нас: 1. Клан "Security Group" создан для объединения людей с интересом к проекту Escape From Tarkov; 2. Мы не возносим себя на первые места в рейтинге кланов, но никто не останавливает; 3. Развитие клана строиться на основании решений п
  2. I cant login into my account in the Windows launcher because i wont get the security code send to my e-mail address Login into the website works so my Password and E-mail/Username are correct I tried resetting my Password but i cant recieve anny E-mails from Battlestate Games I checked for Spam Filters on my E-mail and added "[email protected]" as Friends so the E-mail cant get marked as Spam My Mailbox isnt full i can recieve anny other E-Mails
  3. Amigos, tomamos los máximos recaudos para garantizar la seguridad de sus datos. No obstante, queremos recordarles que deben tomar medidas adicionales para proteger sus cuentas de posibles intrusiones. Si un intruso obtiene las credenciales de tu cuenta no podrá ingresar al juego con las mismas (esto requiere un ID del dispositivo el cual llegará a tu correo electrónico). La seguridad de su cuenta personal de correo es unicamente su responsabilidad. ¡Importante! Vale la pena siempre recordarles tener habilitado el doble factor de autenticación en tu correo. Para restaurar el acceso a
  4. littlemAng0

    my account get hacker, pls help

    My EFT account get hacked and all my roubles and my stuffs & boxes are gone now. What can I do? I didn't give my account to anyone, pls help me. The one who hacked my account also delete the dialog history between ragman, I don know who just take it. I played tarkov at a hub serval times, maybe those cause this one.
  5. Hey there. I had a concern about the security of the account and was wondering if anyone had similar issues. I purchased the standard edition of the game this past weekend and have been enjoying it so far. I purchased it on my credit card which I have through bank of america and when I made the purchase, the bank made me authorize it because it was outside of the United states. I authorized it through the bank and have had no issues since then. Just today, I got 2 international charges on the same card. One was a charge to a phone provider in Canada and the other was to some French education c
  6. Hello all. I'm looking at gathering a small group of active and motivated EFT players into my discord group. White Knight Security. Saviors of Tarkov. Requirements for consideration: Working Microphone. 18 + only. Know when to shut up. (Radio silence in operations, giving common courtesy to those still alive after dead. I don't need a play by play of your every move or weapon modification.) Chill and Relaxed out of game, in game Raid seriousness and strive for success. No negative Nancy's. If you go in already admitting defeat you've already
  7. Kyznetsov

    Security and Tracnsactions

    Hi all, Just registered (and paid) for beta so will be playing soon. My main worry about all new games nowadays is how new developing games can get destroyed by cheats. Are there going to be paid microtransactions in this game? How is the security for the game? And are you going to be taking a very active, aggressive stance against cheaters? I hope you do Wouldn't want new titles to go the same way as PUBG
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