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Found 12 results

  1. DilligsonHD

    Fleamarket selling

    It would be nice if the game would ask you ,if you really want to sell the ITEM with this amount. Because I had this many times that I sold the wrong item for the wrong amount and to prevent that I would suggest that.
  2. BallzDeep69

    Just sell it already.

    Just sell your title to a american company so we actually can get these issues fixed like dsync and bullets not registering. Nikita i know you dont wanna work on this game it shows you would rather work on the first game you were making here is your chance just sell the game rights.
  3. Are we able to post images and art we create that are based on or inspired by Escape From Tarkov to RedBubble (or other print on demand sites)? I have some pieces I would like to post to my RedBubble store, but have not done so because I don't know if you guys would allow it. Thanks for taking the time to read this and respond.
  4. So after selling 1 500 dollars as a pack on the fleemarket i lost ~550k roubles without buying or selling anything. I think its bugged, and have already posted a bug report, if someone wants to test it out and confirm that would be greatly appreciated.
  5. How it works actually: When I trade with an NPC I need to select buy or sell option first, after then I can buy or sell stuffs only. How should it work: - Interact any NPC trader - If I want to sell i just simply right click one of my own items – The sell option should be selected automatically - If I want to buy, I just simply right click one of the trader items – The buy option should be selected automatically. - If I already in the „sell” mode and there is one or more items in the trading window and I want to buying instead of selling stuffs, then I just simply right click one of the traders item, the trading window should be reset and „buy” mode should be selected. Vice- versa. (Why right click? It is UX friendly because double left click should open the selected item info window)
  6. I didnt like the game so far, can I ask a refund or sell to anyone?

    Key Bar for sale

    WTS KeyBar 400k Docs Case 100k
  8. _Insanity_1

    selling epsilon case

    who want the buy a epsilon case a stash case 2*4. bid here
  9. Hohman

    Selling Marked Key

    Selling Marked room key to BestOffer
  10. Erik_Jager

    Best trader for each item?

    I got the game 3 days ago and despite struggling, I find it really fun! However I haven't found any guides on which items one should trade and to who to trade it with. For example, which trader is the best for selling ammo to? Which trader is the best for selling my weapons to? Which one is best to sell mags, optics, etc to? So far I'm selling weapons, mags and ammo to Peacekeeper, food to therapist, scrap to Prapor and ammo to Skier. But I would really appreciate it if any of you more experienced players could help me out on this subject. I also have a trouble with deciding which ammo types I should keep and which I should sell straight away.
  11. Suggestion: Sell directly from Scav inventory after Scav run. This would be extremely to those looking to make cash, after a Scav run you have the option to sell your inventory to the traders before deciding whether to transfer any of the loot to your stash or ditch it. i feel like this fits the lore of the scav, since this is what i imagine "scavengers" to be doing is looting Tarkov to sell items and make cash - after all isn't this what a scavenger does?
  12. DerPlusmacher

    How much copys did you sold?

    hi guys !!! I just want to now if there are any counts how much copys of the game you did sale? Its a interesting thing for me. And sometimes you have to wait so long for matching a game, i´m wondering if its because there are too less players or if its because of the server right now. Sorry for my bad english !!!
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