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Found 17 results

  1. Woodsen_Moosen

    Official Trading Thread

    Hello Escapers! Due to a large number of topics being created for the purpose of trading/selling, I am creating this thread as a Go To for trading. Please feel free to post any trade offers or requests. Also, keep in mind that what you are trading/requesting may have already been requested or up for trade, so make sure to look! Traders and requesters, once your quota has been filled please edit your post to reflect so, to keep others informed. Please refrain from requesting/offering anything that is currently "on the market." Also, only use in-game currency/items for trade. *NOTICE* If your name is on here, and your order is complete (be it selling or buying) please send me a direct message so that I can remove you! *END NOTICE* POPULAR ITEMS: Car Batteries Buying - Skemba(x4) Selling - n000b(x1), SA-AT(x5), F4D3D(x1) Documents Case Buying - Twerkenstein(x1), alex8xela(x1), F4D3D(x1), PlayerN03(x1), Km4n(x1), FenrirInu(x1), TrasherGER(x1), Kustohm(x1), epicdenver(x1), hunter bob(x1), SA-AT(x2), RushnBorsh(x1), zeroyalviper(x1), Furball(x1), TIGERSANDY(x1), gabytzu520(x1), roccale(x1), Wildfire(x1), AZmodann(x1), AddMeGamers(x3), zeroyalviper(x1), Death_Deliver(x1), akito1233(x1) Selling - Factory Key Buying - r3leaser(x1), ciuxy(x1), Stikyzz(x1), thetrixd(x1), PlayerN03(x1), Mari166z(x1), sYs(x1), LewisMogz452(x1), orangechevy(x1), goatskers(x1), mrhankey1020(x1), epicdenver(x1), SmokingSlim(x1), Joey_Stalin(x1), SA-AT(x1), DaniSans(x2), TIGERSANDY(x1), gabytzu520(x1), bigslappy(x1), Shad0w0p(x1), ALPHANHAN(x1), Exoskeleton1(x1), Jaiseman12341(x1) Selling - roccale(x1), kubaryz(x2), Sivrisnake(x2), Shad0W0lf(x1), F4D3D(x1), chickenprisms(x2), Tr4wnet(x1), og_azza(x1) Filter Buying - PlayerN03(x?), shibby(x?), RestlessSgt(x?), Death_Deliver(x?) Selling - n000b(x2), F4D3D(x4), Shad0W0lf(x2) GM Counter Buying - Twerkenstein(x?), OM3R-1923(x2), PlayerN03(x?), goatskers(x1), Workz(x1), novarecon(x?), RestlessSgt(x?), chickenprism (x?) Selling - Gold Chain Buying - Khai_SR(x2), PlayerN03(x?), Strokovich(x?), Newtailz(x?), AZmodann(x?), chickenprism (x?), Death_Deliver(x?) Selling - n000b(x1), Jeresmov(x?) M4 LVOA-C Handguard Buying - ivantherussian(x1), Deceiver(x1), Joey_Stalin(x1), SA-AT(x1), F4D3D(x1) Selling - M4 Monster Silencer Buying - Selling - SA-AT(x1) Pistol Case Buying - Selling - SA-AT(x2), Sivrisnake(x4), F4D3D(x1), chickenprism(x1), ALPHANHAN(x1) Rechargeable Batteries Buying - Skemba(x6), novarecon(x?) Selling - SA-AT(x7), Shad0W0lf(x5), ALPHANHAN(x2) Wallet Buying - FatTonySpecial(x?), Palmoz(x1), ZlaKrv(x?), Wildfire(x1) Selling - afcapatrick12(x1), BBounce187(x2), SA-AT(x2), F4D3D(x2) #NOTE - This topic is just a temporary solution until the in-game trading system is active. Once it is active, we will see if this topic is still needed.
  2. So i have just unlocked the flea market and i understand that in the last update a change was made, in which only items that have been found in a raid can be sold on the flea market. This stops people from buying items and then re'selling them for a profit. But i have noticed that a large amount of the items that i have in my inventory can't be sold on the flea market. But all of the times with the exception of my starter content has been found and collected in raids. After running a few tests I found that the only items I could sell on the Flea Market are items that I have successfully extracted with. But say i die but i managed to put a graphics card into my case, is it by design that i'm then unable to sell the graphics card on the Flea Market, even though it came from a raid? because that seems to be the case at the moment. If that is the case, whats the purpose behind it, in my eyes it just incentivises people to hack, hackers will most lightly win 95% of the fights they get into meaning they will always extract with the best gear, which then they have the ability to sell Flea market for a bigger profit.
  3. TheLoudBird

    Flea Market "Found In Raid"

    So I have been playing Tarkov for a long time and love the game, BUT for the love of god can we please get rid of this dumb found in raid only poo I dont know how many times I will successfully leave a fking Raid WITH THE ITEM get out to sell it cause it is worth a lot of money only for the flea market to tell me I didnt find it in a raid that I just got out of! Really issing me off an making me not wanna play with this dumbass set up for the flea market. I tried to add a picture showing this but I had an Item case, attack 2 pack and a mosin. no not the gun or the bag is worth much but I can sell the item case I just found that is really fuckin stupid
  4. Bornagain


    I'm tired of min/maxing the stuff in my inventory. players like me need a fast sell option, so we can play the game and not the market. look at the economy of crossout. people put up buy orders and sell orders. it would benefit everybody, especially the resellers would love it. I have made an example for you to look at. what do you think?
  5. kamcos


    Hi guys I'm now to this forum and i have a question if somebody can sell me keybar . Flea market and Auctions are implemented yet and i want to collect all the keys for shoreline but i can't find them no more in markered room on the customs i was farming about a week . It always was some hachet guy or empty room (2 times i found toz inside). Can somebody help me with that ? My nick name is kamcos
  6. PooperMcPoop

    Trading Factory Key

    I have an extra factory key. I want to trade for a keybar OBO
  7. Hohman

    Selling Marked Key

    Selling Marked room key to BestOffer
  8. DMiz_Klutch_Jr

    marked key cheap

    selling a marked key for 250k roubles i got 2
  9. DMiz_Klutch_Jr

    marked key low price

    selling a marked key for 400k roubles
  10. Hey everyone, couldn't find anything similar in thr forum search but what do you guys think of this? Things in my equipment I can live with not being sold but if I walk into a trader with my backpack I should be able to sell some of the items inside of it. I'm sure this isn't that big of a deal for the EOD edition people but as a person with standard size stash this would be great.
  11. So I was splitting a stack to sell a few extra rounds I had earlier and noticed an interesting error. The initial stack was 22x 12ga Slug rounds, selling for $4, when I split the stack, I was no longer able to split it again, and the price of the original stack didn't update despite there only being 1 round left in the stack. So I was able to sell a single round for $4. Initial Stack: Stacks After Split: Both Stacks after a Vendor Refresh: It appears as though the prices of an individual inventory slot won't update unless the vendor gets refreshed, this could potentially be abused by a really patient player to farm any type of currency. Easiest potential fix: Don't allow stack splitting in player inventory while shopping. Another potential fix: Update prices whenever an inventory is modified in anyway.
  12. DMiz_Klutch_Jr

    selling 2 document bags

    i have 2 docs bags for sale 1mil roubles 5k us
  13. DMiz_Klutch_Jr

    selling fort armor

    selling fort armor for 7 gold chains or 750 u.s dollars the heath on them are 64.6 and above
  14. DMiz_Klutch_Jr

    selling fort armor

    selling fort armor for around 7 gold chains or 750 u.s. dollars i got 4
  15. LaCiKa

    Factory Key on sell

    Selling Factory Key for Gamma Case , $10k or 400.000 rubbels.
  16. Unless I'm looking at the system wrong, I'm selling to the traders (all of them) and the money I need to make/spend with them to get to the next level isn't changing. It does when I buy from them but not sell, I would have thought this was just how the game works but I've been hearing of people getting the loyalty level up by selling? What am I doing wrong? Or a bug? Sorry if this has been asked/answered before, I've never actually used a forum for anything.
  17. lemonkelly

    Players Market

    So the Player's Market coming to us, as I have been hearing about, they need to make this in the the maps itself.. What I am getting at is, the Player Trader say put up a Shotgun for sale on a safe screen with any cost they wish on selling with a picture with it (not in a raid). Once the item is put in the box/crate it will go into the map. This is where it gets tricky we have to get to that box/crate within a week after buying the item. Now this will be placed on the map at any random seven or ten locations. Now I have bought the item now what do I do now? Well you can carry on playing the game as normal is to escape with this item I bought off the auction;. Note, you will have to buy a key from the trader this will called the PM-Key (players market key). What can only work four times. So watch out you might wear the key. And will have to get it fixed from normal trader to fix it. This will be happen for Seller (picks up the cash) Buyer (picking up the item) Note back- The seller and buyer names WILL BE HIDDEN This is a risky way to pick up the item you bought or your cash from the location, but what box/crate is it in? There is a high chance of losing it all or getting out with your goods. The crates will be scatted across the map(s). res res
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