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Found 8 results

  1. On the lowest sens setting, the sensitivity is still too high for my liking. I feel it should be possible to have WAAAAY lower sensitivity. I believe my preference is about half of what I am allowed to select in Tarkov. For example in CS:GO i can easily set the sense i would like to have by writing what i want in console. what have What do you think about the sensitivity? I use a G700s with 400 DPI. I used to play a year ago with no issues at all with this exact same setup.
  2. 66casper66

    Sensitivty Slider / Turning Rate.

    Hello 66casper66 here goes by name GodzillaC99 ingame. I have always been a guy who like to have my same sensitivity in every game i play, as i want to have my muscle memory kept when switching between games. However in "Escape from Tarkov" the sensitivty slider have been ever since i started some few years ago bugged. First and foremost it jumps numbers, for example if you want to switch from "0.2" to 0.21" it sometimes just jumps from "0.2 till 0.22" i have tried to lower my DPI on my mouse to 100 and even then it jumps numbers so its defiently not my mouse at fault. Same problem occurs for my friends aswell! A simple fix for this would be if you could mark the "Box" where you see what sensitivity you have and be able to type in it exactly what numbers you want, otherwise fix the problem occuring with the mouse sensitivity jumping numbers when draging the slider. --Another topic that i want to discuss is aswell is the sensitivity overall. I have read on reddit that some users have already discussed this some years ago but with no progress so id like to that it up again. The discussion was about "Turning speed on gear", however the point they got to was that the developers want the games to feels realistic so u cant turn around super fast with high amount of gear thats why "Turning speed on gear" exists. However its so simple to get around this mechanic by just a simple DPI button press or just changing it in the menu to higher sensitivity as soon as you equip gear, but its really annoying for players like me who really values muscle memory to always change the sensitivity in the menu by using a "Tarkov gear sensitivity site who calculates it to be correct" My suggestion would be instead to change "Turning speed on gear" To affect instead the characters turn rate, for example how fast ur weapons comes to the front of your screen again. If you would then switch to extreme high DPI/Sensitivity and spin around ur weapon would take sometime before it becomes usefull. I really look forward to response by any developers what their thoughts is about this. Best regards GodzillaC99
  3. My entire life, i've been a low sens player (like unusually low) and i've always found a way to find the right sensitivity whether through in game settings/value or through the config files. For example in Rainbow six siege i use the ingame sliders as they go low enough to accommodate for my taste. In CS:GO the slider doesnt go low enough so i use the console "`" to change the sensitivity value via the command "Sensitivity 0.3737" In Tarkov My Hipfire sens has always been 0.1833 and my Aiming sens has always been 0.0939 and i would change these values through the config files both in C:\Users\username\Documents\Escape from Tarkov\shared.ini and C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Battlestate Games\Escape from Tarkov\Settings\control.ini as seen in the photos below But with the most recent patch 12.11.5 released on Oct/11/21 it seems that any sensitivity values below 0.1, which is the lowest u can go in the ingame slider, is considered/taken as 0.1 so my hipfire sensitivity is the exact same as it was before the patch was released as the value isn't below 0.1 (it is 0.1833) but my ads sensitivity which usually is 0.0939 is 0.1 in game even though the value in the config files are 0.0939. Ik this doesnt sound like a big deal for the majority of people, but this simple sensitivty change is a 90 degree diffrence in game and majorly screws me over to the point the game is unplayable for me. I'm by no means boycotting the game and neither am i asking for per sight/optic sensitivty. I just ask for someone to please either revert the change or add a method to get a sensitivity lower than 0.1 with at least 4 decimal places that is accurate, whether in-game, throught the console or through the game files. Please, Thank you. And no i cant lower my mouse dpi any more than what it currently is at, its already as low as it goes and changing the mouse sensitivity through windows messes with inventory sensitivity and i'd like to have the ability to move my curser when looting.
  4. Lets take those separate topics one at a time... First off, about the sensitivity. Most of you know this, equipping heavier and chunkier gear makes your character slower, less ergonomic. That is all fine by my opinion. The problem is, it also affects your mouse sensitivity, which is number one way to mess up your muscle memory. Game design should never mess with the mouse input! General stats inside the game are fine to change, such as ergonomics and movement speed, but sensitivity? This is a very shoddy way to "balance" different gear options, plus, it's very easy to cheat that system, just change your sens. It is a cherished thing that is expected to be set to the players custom and then stay there. Now, about the helmet volumes. I feel like the helmet balancing is a bit shoddy aswell. Ear covering helmets reduce your overall volume, but keep gunshots at the same level. It makes the audios dynamic range a lot deeper, perhaps the best way to explain siz. Now, just having the helmet turning the volume of most sounds down is quite odd, and it's not very realistic in a game that hopes to achieve that. Just pure volume shouldnt be messed with in game design, especially if the effects of those downsides are very easy to cheat, just increase your volume. You want to give certain helmets an awareness penalty? A lot more interesting downside would be to actually muffle the sounds, make them soggier, not just outright quieter. I am certain there is a way to balance the helmets out that way. I would really like to see gear balanced finer. Essential FPS preferences should not be interfered by your gear customs. But lets not get out on the wrong foot here, i dont hate this game. I want to do my part on helping the developers improve it and make the players enjoy it more. I would also love to hear what you guys think. Thanks!
  5. Sorry if I'm in the wrong forum but I couldn't find a feedback thread. I'm having some issues with the way mouse sensitivity is set up and handled in this game: The current sens slider system does not allow me to set the sensitivity I am used to because it isn't fine enough. I had to reduce my DPI forcing me to have a different sensitivity in the menus than I'm used to. I wish there was a 3rd or even 4th decimal place at least in the mouse sensitivity. I cannot just enter a sensitivity number in the controls menu. Everything has to be done with the slider and that jumps 2 decimal points at least. AND THIS IS THE BIGGEST ISSUE: Putting on armor & helmets SCREWS WITH YOUR SENSITIVITY. Now from what I've gathered this is supposed to be a feature but I have to say it is a pretty horrible one. I've been playing all kinds of shooters for 20 years competitively and otherwise and have never seen this done. Everyone who was ever good in a shooter will tell you that you do not change someone's sensitivity willy nilly. Please find some other way to balance armor. This is especially annoying considering some people's mice will just let them circumvent this because their drivers are able to set DPI steps in the single digit range (i.e. Logitech) and there is no possible way to prevent them from doing this. Winning competitive games should be about skill and tactics, not dumb luck because the other person's muscle memory is thrown out of wack. Otherwise I feel I must say that I enjoy the game so far and really wish it to succeed. If however especially the third issue does not get fixed/changed, I'm afraid I cannot recommend this game or even play it seriously.
  6. MIkeKillson

    Individual Scope sensitivity

    Nikita I know you guys are crazy busy with .12 and dealing with ass hat hackers etc but please can you guys look into adding a individual scope sensitivity adjuster instead of what we have now , I know i'm not the only one that cant use some scopes because they move so slow or other that seems to go sonic speed so a fix like this would be greatly helpful or a scope overhaul all together idk what it would really take .. thanks
  7. Please add a third option for mouse sensitivity. Right now we have normal and 'aiming'. For me, I keep these both the same to keep it consistent, I don't like having a lower sensitivity when iron sighting, or using red dots/holos. Whenever I use a Scope, because my sensitivity remains the same, it is extremely high and to make a normal movement requires the tiniest movement on my mouse. It is very uncomfortable. Even if I did lower the 'aiming' sensitivity some what, it would still not be lower enough to compensate for scopes. Most other FPS games will have a ratio for scoping.
  8. Hey, I think it would be nice to have individual sliders for 1x 2x 4x 8x and more zoom, right now when you have a pistol it will not be the same sens as a rifle whit iron sights. however it will be the same if you take the iron sights of the rifle, it should just be the same wite iron sights on. or have a sens slider for pistol aswell. if that happened then the sens could be the same for pistol and any 1x optics on rifles, if the player chose to do so. I also noticed that when you put the white scope PSO 1M2-1 on a rifle and have MPR45 backup mount on the front, the sens will be that of the 4x scope and it does not switch to the 1x sens when you switch to look thru the optic on the backup mount. the scopes Bravo4 4X30 scope, Leupold Mark 4 HAMR 4X24mm delta point hybrid assault scope, and ELCAN SpectorDR 1x/4x , all have 4x zoom but it's not the same slower sens as the PSO 1M2-1 they have the same sens as the 1X optics / iron sights, the ELCAN SpectorDR 1x/4x has a 1x zoom and its nice that its the same as the iron sights when you are on the 1x zoom. but when you switch you would think it would switch to the sens of the PSO 1M2-1 4x but it does not it stays on the 1x sens. it would be nice if I could make the 4x slower or faster if I preferred that, it could all stay how it is as default but just add sliders for each x amount of zoom , and also a pistol slider so that I can have it the same sense as the rifles whit iron sights, or a sens that's higher or even lower than my rifle sens
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