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Found 117 results

  1. Buenas! En este ultimo tiempo empece a notar que jugar desde Latino-américa es cada vez mas difícil (rosando lo frustrarte). Antes podíamos modificar los archivos del juego para cambiar el limite de ping para la selección del servidor (Se que va en contra del TOS, igualmente se puede hacer vía killping o parecido dirigido al launcher sin interferir con los archivos del juego), entiendo que hay jugadores que se quejaron de ver los modelos de otros jugadores haciendo saltos pese a que su ping era bajo y que afectaba a la experiencia de juego y por eso lo limitan. Los servidores de Brasil ya tiene pocas instancias y se queda buscando espacio disponible (Matching...), y en las que te deja entrar tenes mas posibilidad que en el resto de los servers de que la instancia se caiga, evidentemente el servicio es de peor calidad en Brasil. La opción que queda es ir a Miami o parecido con 150 de ping, con el handicap que eso implica. Antes por lo menos se podía elegir servers con mayor ping pero con menor cantidad de gente jugando para compensar ese handicap. La única forma de ganar un mano a mano es tener una clara ventaja y no siempre se puede pese a que uno lo intente, el factor contextual es muy grande en Tarkov. En un momento me emocione al ver que tenían pensado a futuro poner servidores en Argentina para ayudar con esta situación. Alguien conoce si esta planeada alguna mejora o expansión o cambio de servicio en los servidores actuales de Brasil? Alguien conoce alguna otra forma de poder jugar mejor? Gracias!
  2. SlimJimBim


    So since the time I've gotten this game to right now (about .8 to .12) I have an on and off issue with server stability. In .12, every other game i'm playing I get disconnected from with a "server connection lost" pop up. I know I'm not the only person with this issue, and it is NOT my internet. This is such an infuriating problem and I have lost so much gear to this stupid issue that is NEVER fixed or even ATTEMPTED to be solved. It seems as though BSG would rather add new guns than fix everlasting problems I'm sure they're well aware of. It's gotten to where I'm giving up on this game because it pisses me off and kicks me while I'm down, and it ISNT MY FAULT. Why won't they fix the servers? Why?? They've had so much time to do it but never have tried and it's blood-boiling
  3. On every map I play except factory, I get complete desync. That's what I imagine it is. I seem to be frozen in time as all the other players and scavs run in one place, don't react to me shooting them, or allow me to take their gear if they're already dead. If I don't immediately head to an extract, I end up dying all of sudden eventually, since players who are ACTUALLY in sync can easily shoot me dead. This problem has only recently begun and the game is unplayable, help me please. It's not fair that I have to pay 70$+ for a game that doesn't work. I know its still in beta or whatever but I've looked online and there seems to be very few people with the same problem. If anyone knows a solution please help a guy who's starting to feel like he wasted 70$+ out.
  4. germanwarrior

    Server Connection Lost

    Alright im not here to cutie about the state of the Servers but what i can in no way,shape or form understand is why there isnt a fail safe?? Seriously whitin this week alone i lost 7-10 Kits each worth about 500-700k. Friend gets sniped,i kill the sniper and am super happy because of the crazy loot he has but then server connection lost. I try to reconnect (first time it ever happend that i even had the option) but get stuck on wating for session start. 5 minutes later i close the game to retry and it says i left the game and went awol. Similar things have happened so many times now. Im just your average joe so loosing that kind of gear really hurts,cant even imagine how it is to someone who already has an empty stash. Jus tthe last raid i was doing a lenghty Quest killed a decently kitted player and then Server Connection Lost. Back to menu,lost everything and can go do my Quest again. Seriously,why wont you just let us reconnect? Or why if the server fuckes up just count it as extract or at the very least reset it to before your Raid. Just dosnt get in my head. I dont even want to play anymore because i never know if ill make it out or loose everything to bs...
  5. Massiner

    Shutdown the servers PLEASE!!!!!

    Not sure why, but if you are working on the servers why you have them running was in interchange died while i was reconnecting to the server for the fourth time.... I was the last of my team of 4 to die while they were also trying to reconnect.... Can we just shutdown servers for a day or 2 to fix them, then come back to a working server.
  6. Ripoli

    Server Wipe Fragen

    Hey Freunde, habe mir vor kurzem EFT gegönnt, jetzt wäre es für mich sehr Hilfreich in Erfahrung zu bringen wie genau der Server Wipe abläuft. Daher hätte ich da mal ein paar Fragen: 1. Behält man irgendetwas nach einem Wipe? z. B sein Geld, seinen Fortschritt, seinen Bunkerfortschritt? Wenn man z.B sein Geld behält wäre es ja klug vorher alles zu verkaufen, daher frage ich. Gibt es irgendwelche Tricks wie einem der Wipe nicht so hart trifft oder ist prinzipiell alles weg? 2. Sind die kostenlosen Start Items auch alle weg?
  7. doveth

    Lost in time

    I accidentally came across the sickest game breaking glitch. I spawned into customs doing a scav run and right off the bat I heard something similar to non-stop machine gun fire (I thought it was some boss because I am a newbie) and ran to it to rat some loot, on my way there I saw some scavs standing around, decided to leave them alone because they weren't opening fire on me. As I was getting closer to the epicenter of now 10 minutes worth of continuous fire, I saw a highly geared player standing still, thinking he went AFK I shot him in the head, his character reacted by doing the headshot head-bob animation, but not dropping dead. After a solid 10 bullet magazine to the head I deciphered that something is not right, I came over to look and there was another geared guy with an AK that seemed to be making the "continuous machine fire" noise. around them they were about 2 bodies and a person with a knife running and stabbing without moving at all (I promptly tried to shoot all of them but again, the characters did some head-bobbing animation but didnt die) then proceeded to loot the bodies. I was able to loot some trashy gear like starting (presumably the loot the geared guys didnt take in the real time dimension of this server) but some good gear that they probably took kept going back on the body as soon as I would take it. Thinking that this is an interesting glitch and I would like to see what happens if I extract (yes the timer was working and no I wasnt lagging, my ping was regularly updating and it was in the green 30-40ish). After turning off my sound (I was still hearing the gunfire) I started running to my extraction point and about 30 seconds later I just dropped dead (not sure why, maybe I was shot in the other dimension of the server) and in the end menu I got 200xp for shooting players. Did anything similar happen to anyone else or did my scav have some time controlling powers?
  8. Hello, since a few weeks the EU servers are complete garbage, I get kicked out of games "server connection lost" and die instantly and lose all my gear, a few days ago again, but I could rejoin to just get kicked after 1 min play time, I tried to reconnect 8 times and got kicked 8 times, lost my stuff again... but insured. Today I got my insured weapon back, I joined a game, full geared (for my standarts) got teleported through the map and back, thought its just a bug and walked towards my destination, I shot a scav 3 times in the head but he didnt die and didnt move(bullet holes in his head), so I thought again it may be a bug and walked again to just get damaged by NOTHING??? by an invisible enemy! no shots, no steps, NOTHING really NOTHING, got my arm fractured, while I was laying on the ground and healing my self up, I got damaged again and then died, without any sound. Then I saw in the post-death screen that I got killed by "Oleg Lapa" a scav I guess. Its no fun to play like this! Its since a few weeks like this and I am pissed ! I get no answer by the support. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? Here is my Internet connection (tested right after I died) and a video showing how I died ( ye I breath very heavily its because I ran through my home to get my phone ^^) :
  9. Mikjall

    Can't find any matches.

    Both solo & duo, I simply cannot get into a raid. I've tried both scav AND PMC... I've had about 3 games total, but i'll be waiting maybe 10 minutes before finding anything, IF I find anything. Is this simply because the wipe happened and the servers are bogged down? I'm using Australian servers, if that helps.
  10. iiZ0mBiE

    server connection lost

    Hey everyone, I Have a problem where i cant get into raids neither as a scav or PMC the loading take more than 5 minutes its always stuck on matching or awating session to start. it rarely puts me in a raid and most of the time it show a message "Server Connection lost" Any idea why this happen and how to fix it ?
  11. King427

    Server Disconnect 2019

    Every time i go into a raid im either immediately black screened with server connection lost or im able to play for 3 mins. Then get disconnected anyway have had this issue for the last 2 weeks and nothing has fixed it. What ive tried- Internet, On every other program and game i have no issue and im playing at my best local speed so i know its not that. Firewall, I have tried playing with literally no protection but the same occurs no matter what i have also tried deleting and downloading the entire game and launcher numerous time to no prevail.... I would really like any advice or people with the same problem to let me know thanks a bunch you guys
  12. MugenOG


    No Nikita its not my ducking hardware. no Nikappa its not my ducking internet first a stupid amount of late spawns starting this week.(SSD with plenty of extra space, must be poo i7 7700k and 1080 causing the late spawns) game won't stay connected to servers for more than.. i'd say 5 minutes max. auto server selection or selecting a few servers at 30 or so ping, doesn't ducking matter. the best part? BSG refuse to admit this is an issue and go on to sucking some streamer dick cheese and adding in new slugs that no one will ever use along with a new mosin 2.0. what a Joke but hey at least if i decide to hatchling run, ill just get dc'd naturally so that can be useful
  13. Good day EFT Forum. Today I would like to create this thread to hopefully find out from EFT Development team if South Africa has enough players for us to get our own servers? I would like to ask all South African players to please comment below so we can let EFT Dev team know we are here, we are many and we support them! We love your game but find it very difficult to play sometimes due to our poor internet connection to EU servers we average 200ms to 250ms and we have to deal with alot of desync and lag. We would love to hear from you. EFT South Africa Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1903773619853151/
  14. Patsukki

    Server lost connection

    What is now up with this continuous server lost connection? I don't even know any more how much gear i have lost because of it! Its really frustrating, but i still wan't to play! All this bug/lags/freezing and losing connections happened after 0.12 patch. If you know whats up and why its doing it, pleace tell us even if you don't have fix for it.
  15. Mein Problem besteht darin das die Verbindungen mit den Spiele Servern nur nach dem das Spiel versucht die Beute zu laden nicht mehr herstellt werden kann. Der momentane stand ist das ich alles versucht habe von Ich deaktiviere meine Windows Firewall bis hin zu ich lasse jede .exe Datei von Battle State Games einzeln in meiner Firewall zu. Desweiteren habe ich auch schon mehre male die Server Regionen gewechselt trotzdem ist keine Lösung in Sicht teilweise kann ich mal ohne einen Verbindungsabbruch eine Map betreten das ist aber nur kurzfristig der fall. Im Anhang sind Logs von meiner Letzten Verbindung zu den Spiele Servern dort wird dieser Hinweis aufgelistet: 2019-10-11 23:12:45.384 +02:00||Error|Default|NetworkGame.StopCoroutine error:Serververbindung verloren| 2019-10-11 23:12:45.525 +02:00||Error|Default|System.OperationCanceledException: The operation was canceled.| 2019-10-11 23:12:46.445 +02:00||Error|Default|Game stopped error:Serververbindung verloren| 2019-10-11 23:13:44.261 +02:00||Error|backend|<--- Error! URL: https://prod.escapefromtarkov.com/client/mail/dialog/list, error text: Unable to complete SSL connection | 2019-10-11 23:13:44.261 +02:00||Error|backend|<--- Error! URL: https://prod.escapefromtarkov.com/client/friend/list, error text: Unable to complete SSL connection | Nun da ich alles Probiert habe habe ich auch versucht diese Datei oder das Programm mit "SSL-Verbindung" zu finden ich gehe davon aus es handelt sich um eine IP Verschlüsselung die nicht richtig vom Server verwertet wird ich würde nun zu gern wissen ob mir jemand die Lösung dazu bringen kann. Ich würde mich jeden falls freuen wenn jemand mir bei diesem Problem weiter helfen könnte. Desweiteren falls mehr Informationen gewünscht sind oder gebraucht werden könnt ihr mich gerne darüber anfragen ich werde diese dann hinzufügen falls dies zur Lösung beiträgt. Wichtig ich habe bereits alles was mit der Windows Firewall in Verbindung steht ausprobiert doch falls jemand dazu noch eine Bessere Lösung hat würde mich das auch noch freuen. Auch kann ich noch erwähnen das die Verbindung meistens nur dann unterbringt nach dem Daten und Map geladen sind meistens ist es der fall das nur beim "Lade Beute" die Verbindung zum Server dann plötzlich weg ist. 2019.10.11_21-05-19_0.11.7.4174 errors.log 2019.10.11_21-05-19_0.11.7.4174 traces.log
  16. Schwarze_Sonne

    Servidor de Suramérica

    Buenas gente. ¿Alguno sabe cuando vamos a tener un servidor decente para suramérica? Ya estoy harto de regalar loot en los servidores de EEUU y en sur américa el único mapa que funciona correctamente es Customs, el resto de los mapas se queda en "Matching" todo el tiempo en cualquier horario que intente.

    Servidores latinnoamerica?

    Hola gente! quizas esta pregunta sea reiterada... pero queria consulta si se sabe de alguna fecha o si realmente añadiran servidores para latinoamerica, yo soy de argentina y juego con un ping alto la verdad. Simplemente queria saber eso gracias.
  18. Picachu187

    Cannot pick a different server?

    Hi I want to know why I cannot select any of the servers available and only allowed to use automatic select. Does the high latency block me from selecting those servers? 179 is the best ping in South Africa and I cannot even select that server so I want to know if this is a launcher error or is it limited to latency? Regards
  19. So I have played quite a few games, some of which ended up getting ruined by loading into the map, then attempting to contact the server, just to find out I am unable to finish the connection. Now, I'm not 100% sure this can be done, but if my game found out that I could not access the server BEFORE loading in my character, wouldn't I be able to keep the gear that I was taking in with me, and then just move onto a different match? Again, I'm not sure if thats possible, so correct me if I'm wrong, but it would be nice to have some kind of failsafe in cases where I'm not trying to leave the map but can't even load in and therefore sacrifice all my gear to the vultures.
  20. For too long now have we witnessed the argument of “there’s so many cheaters” countered by “I’ve only seen 2 in 173902 raids!” Enough. The population of cheaters is directly tied to region and server selection. I can say with 100% certainty, after testing this thoroughly since November 2017. Playing on different EU, US and OCE servers over the years (I’m EU) it is absolutely possible to find a well-populated server you can rely on. Unfortunately I cannot post my ‘safe servers’ here without risk of exposing them to the absolute turdlords with dissatisfying lives who cheat in video games. SOLUTION: If you are experiencing cheaters in “every raid”, test different servers - as in, specific servers. You can do this via the launcher; most people have EU auto, US auto/West/East perhaps or similar, but you can CHANGE this and select individual servers to test. Give it a try, find servers you are comfortable on and remember there is no 100% solution here except waiting on BSG to continue to develop anti-cheat measures. We are testers, this is your opportunity to improve the game for yourself and your friends at least on a local level. Happy testing, and I sincerely hope this works out for all who read this.
  21. I know you guys were working hard to update the game and to prepare the new 0.12 version. But, we have a problem with the South America's servers: We can't find a match. I live in brazil (sorry if i have a bad english, by the way) and i would love to play in a 12 ping server that's located right next to my state. But, every time i try to connect (any map, any hour) i need to wait more than 10 minutes to realize that i will not be able to play. I've been playing at the Miami's server, but there's desync and 150+ ping, what makes impossible to kill someone face to face before they take me down cause their bullets reach me first. The brazilian tarkov community isn't small, we have enough players to fill the servers and play anytime. But, it seems to have so few rooms to join, making a lot of players to wait till any match ends. I've never been through this in a U.S server. So, i just want to ask if there's any short-term plans to a S.A servers fix or if there will be another server. Whats up? Also, thanks to all the tarkov developers for being very communicative with the community!
  22. I like the wipe. When the game is finished we should have some ' wipe servers' and 'non wipe servers' existing parallel, with characters for each. The leveling speed on the 'wipe servers' should be faster an match the time till next wipe. The leveling speed on the 'non wipe servers' should be much slower. After a wipe players are equal again the economy is fresh and all that. No max level boredom, no need to develop something for endgame. I like the race for fast leveling, gear, money and survival. It is like after a fallout or some similar event the fastest to react in a proper manner will rule the wasteland. With the ' wipe servers' there could be events and competitions with prices. Those prices could be added to the ' non wipe servers' character. Equipment or cosmetic stuff, I don't know. Anyone with me or has ideas?
  23. Lutschpuppe

    Server Problem

    Hi, Ich habe folgendes Problem: Fast jedesmal wenn das Spiel geladen ist bemerke ich, dass ich nicht Schiessen, looten oder die Map gar verlassen kann alles steht... Alt F4 Relogg bringt nicht. von 10 Spielen konnte ich 2 Spielen Das Spiel ansich läuft gut, liegt an den Servern. Antiviren ausgestellt, ausnahmen hinzugefügt usw.... liegt es am IP4 DS Lite Tunnel ? würde mich 5 Euro im Monat kosten das umzustellen... Schon 42 Euro fürs Spiel was nicht geht ausgegeben. liegt ja nicht an mir das die eine Veraltete Technik mieten.
  24. YannTheSwan

    Unable to change server

    When trying to configure game servers list for matching, I'm unable to click any of the options. They also all time out after about 5 seconds. Right now my setting is "Use automatic server selection (USA)", which is fine, but I want to try and optimize my server list to try and get lower ping.
  25. TigerLiker

    Probleme mit den Servern ?

    Hi lieber Escaper, Ich habe derweil das Problem das ich nich ins Spiel reinkomme es wird mir folgendes Angzeigt: Würde mich Freuen wen wer weiterhelfen kann Grüße Justin ^^
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