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  1. Yesterday I bought this game and was able to play a good two rounds. But ever since then, I simply couldn't play. Every time I join a raid, after 10-30 seconds, I get kicked from the server with an error saying "Server Connection Closed due to Poor Connection Quality." The thing is: My ping for the closest servers to me is around 120-150ms. I didn't have that issue for my first two games, but after that I did. Checking the internet, it seems this issue existed for the past few years. The only solutions I found were related to players that are connecting via German ISPs, which I'm not. Can anyone help me?
  2. Buenas! En este ultimo tiempo empece a notar que jugar desde Latino-américa es cada vez mas difícil (rosando lo frustrarte). Antes podíamos modificar los archivos del juego para cambiar el limite de ping para la selección del servidor (Se que va en contra del TOS, igualmente se puede hacer vía killping o parecido dirigido al launcher sin interferir con los archivos del juego), entiendo que hay jugadores que se quejaron de ver los modelos de otros jugadores haciendo saltos pese a que su ping era bajo y que afectaba a la experiencia de juego y por eso lo limitan. Los servidores de Brasil ya tiene pocas instancias y se queda buscando espacio disponible (Matching...), y en las que te deja entrar tenes mas posibilidad que en el resto de los servers de que la instancia se caiga, evidentemente el servicio es de peor calidad en Brasil. La opción que queda es ir a Miami o parecido con 150 de ping, con el handicap que eso implica. Antes por lo menos se podía elegir servers con mayor ping pero con menor cantidad de gente jugando para compensar ese handicap. La única forma de ganar un mano a mano es tener una clara ventaja y no siempre se puede pese a que uno lo intente, el factor contextual es muy grande en Tarkov. En un momento me emocione al ver que tenían pensado a futuro poner servidores en Argentina para ayudar con esta situación. Alguien conoce si esta planeada alguna mejora o expansión o cambio de servicio en los servidores actuales de Brasil? Alguien conoce alguna otra forma de poder jugar mejor? Gracias!
  3. SlimJimBim


    So since the time I've gotten this game to right now (about .8 to .12) I have an on and off issue with server stability. In .12, every other game i'm playing I get disconnected from with a "server connection lost" pop up. I know I'm not the only person with this issue, and it is NOT my internet. This is such an infuriating problem and I have lost so much gear to this stupid issue that is NEVER fixed or even ATTEMPTED to be solved. It seems as though BSG would rather add new guns than fix everlasting problems I'm sure they're well aware of. It's gotten to where I'm giving up on this game because it pisses me off and kicks me while I'm down, and it ISNT MY FAULT. Why won't they fix the servers? Why?? They've had so much time to do it but never have tried and it's blood-boiling
  4. Casuldit

    Limitación de ms (ping)

    Hola buenas, me sucede lo siguiente y supongo que a varios más les sucede. Soy de Chile, yo antes solía jugar en servidores Norteamericanos debido a velocidad para encontrar partida, esto era hasta que se me empezó a desconectar de los servidores con el mensaje: "Desconexión por servidor de mala calidad", por lo que tengo entendido, esto se debe a que se le colocó un mínimo de ms para poder jugar (150 ms), yo solía jugar bastante bien a 180 ms, no tenía ningún problema, no sé si a alguien le sucede lo mismo, si no es así, ruego por una solución, pero en caso de que les suceda, sería agradable que me apoyen para que nos vuelvan a dejar jugar con 180 ms jajaja. Gracias gente.
  5. Thewingsfrito

    Tomando Disconnect constantemente

    Eu estou tendo problemas de conexão nesse jogo geralmente chego a cair uma vez por partida esta ficando chato já. Respostas: Não tenho ocilação de ping. Tenho vpn paga, mas n deveria ser obrigado a pagar vpn pra se jogar um jogo que eu paguei caro. E não não resolve vpn. Não tenho problema com nenhum outro jogo. Online. Minha internet é de 400. Copel. Foz do Iguaçu. Alguém poderia me ajudar?
  6. For too long now have we witnessed the argument of “there’s so many cheaters” countered by “I’ve only seen 2 in 173902 raids!” Enough. The population of cheaters is directly tied to region and server selection. I can say with 100% certainty, after testing this thoroughly since November 2017. Playing on different EU, US and OCE servers over the years (I’m EU) it is absolutely possible to find a well-populated server you can rely on. Unfortunately I cannot post my ‘safe servers’ here without risk of exposing them to the absolute turdlords with dissatisfying lives who cheat in video games. SOLUTION: If you are experiencing cheaters in “every raid”, test different servers - as in, specific servers. You can do this via the launcher; most people have EU auto, US auto/West/East perhaps or similar, but you can CHANGE this and select individual servers to test. Give it a try, find servers you are comfortable on and remember there is no 100% solution here except waiting on BSG to continue to develop anti-cheat measures. We are testers, this is your opportunity to improve the game for yourself and your friends at least on a local level. Happy testing, and I sincerely hope this works out for all who read this.
  7. That's just a shame there is like half a second of desync between my actions and the server. Thats. A. Shame.
  8. DreadedMetal

    Request for Oceanic server(Australia)

    Without friends locally to play with its borderline impossible to find a team with a decent ping. i either join a game with a steady 350 ping then get kicked repeatedly, until i give up and press "leave match" and forfeit all my gear, or go in with just under 350 and get stuck lagging so much im dead before i hear a gunshot. i've completed speed tests on my net (attached below) and they are decent enough for me to believe that it isn't my internet. the best server available too me is still sitting at 169 ping but one in a game i join through looking for group i receive the 350 issue if there is something else i can do to fix this please inform me Edit: i am running a wired connection
  9. I would like to know when the devs are gonna fix that, cuz these problems came right after the last wipe, before was everything normal, its almost impossible to play atm
  10. I was played EFT clearly until yesterday. but today I tried play as scav in Customs, "Server connection lost" always appear when trying to enter. reconnect was nothing. It causes same error message and I couldn't join raid. Is my EFT game file has fully crashed? or Is this a problem with the servers not trying to fix?
  11. HK,Seoul,Japan ping suddenly jumping to 250++ and SG server gain 60 ping higher than usual which is 20 to 30, this happens since the beginning of this wipe does this only happens to me? because i have to queue with at least 3 asian server checked out to get a match, selecting only 1 server would result in 15 minutes ++ matching time i have the impression that the update somehow broke the server or the server is flooded with new players
  12. Hello, I am experiencing an error when trying to connect to any game. When attempting to connect, I make it past loading the map, and then when the matchmaking transitions to "Connecting to Server (time, usually 1:17 or 1:18), the game will disconnect me from matchmaking and give me a "Server Connection Lost" error. Afterwards, I can rejoin the game or "Leave". When attempting to rejoin the game, the same error will occur regardless of how long the game has been going on for. I am able to play offline games. I was able to join 2 games on Monday. Otherwise, the issue has persisted every other game. I have attempted the following fixes to fix this problem, none of them seem to work: Selecting certain servers instead of Auto on the launcher Joining different maps Joining as Player/Scav Joining Solo/With a group Joining at different times of day Any suggestions or fixes?
  13. Bom dia, nas ultimas semanas venho tendo muitas perdas de conexões no servidor de são paulo. O jogo fica constantemente me desconectando, já fiz o teste em outros servidores e atualmente estou jogando no de miami com 150 de ping pois está impossível jogar no servidor brasileiro. Não só a mim mas como meus amigos estão com o mesmo problema e usamos provedores de internet diferentes, alguém poderia me explicar se isso virá a ser resolvido? Morri no meio de várias raids já justamente por ser constantemente desconectado....
  14. PinkyPuppet

    Verbindung zum server verloren.

    Guten Morgen, Ich hab seit einiger Zeit mal wieder angefangen zu spielen und habe nun seit ca. 2 Wochen durchgänig das Problem, dass ich mich mit keinem server verbinden kann oder nach 10 Secunden ruasgeschmissen werde auch nach mehrmaligem erneuten verbinden. Ich habe alle gänigen Tricks versucht das Probleme zu lösen und habe keine Idee mehr was noch zu tun ist. Ich bin um jede hilfe dankbar um das Problem Methodisch zu lösen. Noch ein Paar andere informationen: Internetprovider: Unetymedia/ Vodafon 200mb/s Keine geänderte Pc Hardware bevor das Problem auftrat Edit: Kein Dual Stack
  15. Hey guys, I've heard a lot of people complaining about either the servers or the actual high ping kick system. The problem is that sometimes, you could just get few moments where you don't have a great connection and you will ket kicked. The problem is that more often than not these are just some really short moments that last for 10 t0 30 seconds. So my proposal is the following, Why not increasing the time before you will get kicked from 10 to maybe 30 seconds or even 1 minute. That way people who used to abuse the ping system still wouldn't be able to do that and people who have a shitty connection would be able to play. Sorry for my english btw but I think that you get the point and I'd be happy to discuss why it could be done or not
  16. DivineShawn

    Server connection lost

    I am constantly getting a black screen and quickly after a message saying "server connection lost". this has been happening to me all day and I have never experienced this till today. I've lost quite a bit of good gear to this bug/server issue, please fix this sometime soon I would like to at least be able to get into a game and die to lose gear rather than lose my gear to an error/bug. Am I the only one that has this issue? I have 1 GIG internet with an ethernet cord, my point is I shouldn't have connection issues this badly. I usually get like 20-30 ping per game.
  17. Escape from Tarkov Servers can be put into two groups even if you deliberately, specifically set which servers you want: Flawless: The game runs perfectly in a great server with good ping and all of the players run fine. Absolute dog poo: These servers are sometimes easy to identify but sometimes are not at all. Sometimes, a server with 50-100 ping boots you constantly for "server connection lost" or stutters. Other times, you load into a game with 80% goddamn packet loss and every single scav is a bulletproof monstrosity and players can shoot your "afterimage" and kill you . The weighting is about 70/30 and I'm confident you all can figure out which is the most probable. Why? Who knows. But it might be funny to see your friends rubber banding or players surviving 6 shots to the back of the skull once. Once. After the first time it gets old losing your gear to something that is absolutely out of your control.
  18. King427

    Server Disconnect 2019

    Every time i go into a raid im either immediately black screened with server connection lost or im able to play for 3 mins. Then get disconnected anyway have had this issue for the last 2 weeks and nothing has fixed it. What ive tried- Internet, On every other program and game i have no issue and im playing at my best local speed so i know its not that. Firewall, I have tried playing with literally no protection but the same occurs no matter what i have also tried deleting and downloading the entire game and launcher numerous time to no prevail.... I would really like any advice or people with the same problem to let me know thanks a bunch you guys
  19. This game is both the best thing to play and the worst pile of poo I've ever played. One day it's great with solid ping, no problems and great gunfights. The next it's hackers, "Server Connection Lost" loops (Wtf?) or sometimes the shitty trash servers you connect to just happen to be above 150 ping and you get kicked constantly. I try really hard to like this game but it keeps giving me reasons to come back here and complain because of absolutely stupid poo I can't control at all that make me lose gear. And it ALWAYS just so happens to take place WHEN I HAVE THE QUEST ITEMS I NEED. duck this game, it's awful. Fix the garbage poo servers and their random unavoidable, no reason game-breaking bugs.
  20. pulse780

    Middle Eastern/ Indian servers

    I have seen posts going back two years putting in requests and suggesting new servers for the middle east or india. I live in the middle east and the lowest ping that I can get is about 110 ms. I would have no problem as im sure also other players that are located in the middle east could agree with me that even an indian server would make a world of difference in gameplay. It would limit de-syncing, kicking, etc. I understand the pandemic could have taken a toll on the development and progression of this game but surely something could be done about this. I believe that its time that BSG finally looked into opening a middle eastern or indian server. Dubai is a great host as they host servers for games such as CSGO without any issues in lag.
  21. ManHunter329

    server crashing in middle of raids

    so while me and a couple of friends were playing on shoreline and the server crashed while we were in the middle of the raid we got lucky and were able to reconnect\ to the server about 10 to 15 mins later but what would happen to your gear if the server stayed down we also knew the server crashed because we had a random player scav join us and he dced also
  22. Fresh Install, Cleared Cache, AV exclusion Set, Firewall open. Game is unplayable - either does not connect to session or drops with connection lost. Manually set lowest ping to no avail please correct ping tolerance
  23. Chunkee-Monkee

    Middle east servers

    is it possible to get an approximation on when when and if the middle eastern servers come out? i hate playing 130 ping because its almost impossible to have a good fight with that and things like desync.
  24. rafaelgreick

    Server SP com ping alto

    De 2 dias pra cá meu ping no Server SP ficou injogavel (ping 200+) Não consigo jogar com meus amigos por tomar DC todo jogo. Minha internet está normal. Em outros jogos tenho ping 5-10ms. Tentei usar o exit lag. (la mostra ping 13ms) porem no server BR sempre sou kickado por ping alto. Testei no servidor Miami e jogo com 130ms. Porem agora nao consigo nem voltar pro Servidor BR, pelo ping alto nao consigo selecionar.
  25. Hallo an alle, ich weiß ja nicht ob ihr das kennt aber ich habe in den letzten Monat so viele Server Probleme gehabt wie noch nie zuvor in meinen 1000 Stunden Spielzeit. natürlich sind 1000 Stunden nicht viel aber warum hab ich in den letzten 50 Stunden erst solche Probleme, ich kann nicht mehr einen raid vernünftig spielen ohne ein Bund Haare zu verlieren weil ich jedes Mal raus gekickt werde, top Internet Leitung, Ping von 15-40 , gewechselt zwischen den verschiedenen Servern, nichts bringt irgendwie etwas, Identität geprüft, Cache geleert, ich weiß einfach nicht was ich noch machen soll... falls jemand noch ein paar Tips für mich hat wäre ich wirklich glücklich wenIhr sie mit mir und eventuell anderen teilen könntet
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